The Civil War: An Illustrated History

The Civil War An Illustrated History The Civil War defined us as what we are it opened us to being what we became good bad thingsIt was the crossroads of our being it was a hell of a crossroads the suffering the enormous tragedy of th
  • Title: The Civil War: An Illustrated History
  • Author: Geoffrey C. Ward Ken Burns Ric Burns
  • ISBN: 9780394562858
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Civil War: An Illustrated History
    The Civil War defined us as what we are it opened us to being what we became, good bad thingsIt was the crossroads of our being, it was a hell of a crossroads the suffering, the enormous tragedy of the whole thing Shelby Foote When the illustrated edition of The Civil War was published, The NY Time hailed it as a treasure for the eye mind The Civil War defined us as what we are it opened us to being what we became, good bad thingsIt was the crossroads of our being, it was a hell of a crossroads the suffering, the enormous tragedy of the whole thing Shelby Foote When the illustrated edition of The Civil War was published, The NY Time hailed it as a treasure for the eye mind Ward s history interweaves the author s narrative with the voices of those who lived thru the cataclysmic trial of nationhood not just Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass Robert E Lee, but genteel Southern ladies escaped slaves, cavalry officers common foot soldiers who fought in Yankee blue Rebel gray The Civil War also includes essays by historians of the era Don E Fehrenbacher, on the war s origins Barbara J Fields, on the freeing of slaves Shelby Foote, on the soldiers commanders James M McPherson, on the political dimensions C Vann Woodward, assessing the America that emerged from the war s ashes.Introduction The crossroads of our being1861 A house divided Why the war came Don E Fehrenbacher1862 Forever freeWho freeds the slaves Barbara J Fields1863 The universe of battleMen at war an interview with Shelby Foote1864 Most hallowed groundWar politics James M McPherson1865 The better angels of our natureWhat the war made us C Vann Woodward
    The Civil War: An Illustrated History By Geoffrey C. Ward Ken Burns Ric Burns,

    Civil War Causes, Dates Battles HISTORY Oct , Civil War Causes of the Civil War In the mid th century, while the United States was experiencing an era of tremendous growth, Outbreak of the Civil War Even as Lincoln took office in March , Confederate forces threatened the The Civil War in Virginia George B McClellan American Civil War American Civil War Causes, Definition, History, Facts Aug , American Civil War, four year war fought between the United States and Southern states that seceded to form the Confederate States of America It arose out of disputes over slavery and states rights When antislavery candidate Abraham Lincoln was elected president , the Southern states seceded. The American Civil War Facts, Events and Information A Brief Overview of the American Civil War American The American Civil War was the largest and most destructive conflict in the Western world between the end of the Napoleonic Wars in and the onset of World War I in The Civil War started because of uncompromising differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. Home The Civil War PBS The Civil War Aired September , at p.m Check local listings The Civil War, the award winning film produced and directed by Ken Burns, was rebroadcast as a newly restored, high History of the American Civil War The US American Civil War was the greatest war in American history million fought , paid the ultimate price for freedom And a war for freedom it was The desire for freedom traveled deeper than the color of skin and farther than the borders of any state. Causes Of The Civil War History Detectives PBS A common explanation is that the Civil War was fought over the moral issue of slavery In fact, it was the economics of slavery and political control of that system that was central to the Major Causes of the American Civil War Learnodo Newtonic Abraham Lincoln

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    Geoffrey Champion Ward is an author and screenwriter of various documentary presentations of American history He graduated from Oberlin College in 1962.He was an editor of American Heritage magazine early in his career He wrote the television mini series The Civil War with its director Ken Burns and has collaborated with Burns on every documentary he has made since, including Jazz and Baseball This work won him five Emmy Awards The most recent Burns Ward collaboration, The War, premiered on PBS in September 2007 In addition he co wrote The West, of which Ken Burns was an executive producer, with fellow historian Dayton Duncan.


  • You may have purchased this book when Ken Burns classic and genre defining documentary was broadcast And you may have relegated this book to your coffee table because it is a big, heavy volume But please, get it off the table, sit comfortably, put it in your lap and read it It has hundreds of pictures, many liner notes and loads of insightful essays so the actual text is not terribly long In fact, despite is daunting size the actual history of the war can only really be a summary If you want a d [...]

  • Fantastic This and Battle Cry of Freedom are the best books I have read about the Civil War This one will satisfy the part of you that wants visuals , with lots of great old photos.

  • Only two hours and excerpted from the PBS documentary series After listening to an hour, I found the series on Netflix and started watching Still finished up the audio book, though, because it s interesting.

  • This was a great book, I also watched the series on PBS and to hear first hand the words from diaries,letters and the memories of the people still able to remember the events of the civil war was being there It is like they are speaking right to you from beyond this earthly realm The loyalty and faith great leaders on both sides inspired in their men who would follow them unconditionally stand up for their beliefs was inspiring At times no food, odds against them,when it looked like a [...]

  • This was the series that really made a name for Burns, and the coffee table book holds up as well lavishly illustrated with photos, maps, etc and liberally mixing history and personal stories, similar to Burns documentary style This is not the definitive written work on the Civil War, but it is an enjoyable work on its own merits.

  • This book gives a good overview of the Civil War era, touching on political, military, economic, and social developments Purely an introduction, though each battle is described in only a few pages and none of the events are truly flushed out, so reading is necessary to get a deeper understanding.

  • Well, Ken Burns is one of my heroes He is amazing I love this book, and haven t finished it yet, but of course I fully intend to The losses sustained in these battles were immense I mean, some towns lost all of their men

  • This was a great book to read if want to learn about the American Civil War, I ve also watched the series on PBS in my U.S history in my junior year of high school To hear and read first hand the entries from diaries and letters from the people still able to remember the events of the civil war was an amazing way to be somerset in the story.

  • Educational and thorough without being biased toward one side or the other I have watched the PBS documentary multiple times but hadn t read the companion book until now.

  • I m not a fan of Illustrated History but if you add Ken Burns into the mix with G C Ward then I m in very well conceived and laid out.

  • With so few yet complete diaries and accompanying images, it might be possible to believe this work to largely be propaganda That element of American history is mentioned within these pages without any analysis or commentary It is merely acknowledged as part of the territory of war in any place or time.What is remarkable about this work is the thoroughness with which it balances the many views of participants, including their changing attitudes through their own experiences The complexity of hum [...]

  • Great book The book contains 100 s of amazing pictures and personal accounts taken from letters and memoirs If you think we live in turbulent times now, take a look at Lincoln s first 6 months in office.

  • For years my sole blood brother I ve many step brothers and a step sister lived in a small house on the outskirts of Sawyer, not far from Warren Dunes State Park alongside the western shore of Lake Michigan and a long walk south from where the ancestors had built a cottage during the first world war The house had originally been purchased by his former wife, Miki, with whom he had become reconciled and with whom, indeed, he had had a daughter, without bothering to get remarried Given the connect [...]

  • This is an audio book that accompanies the PBS video series The Civil War, by Ken Burns It is abridged, so it doesn t go into as much detail as the videos, but it hits all of the high points It is read by Ken Burns, who does a fantastic job reading it I always feel that the reader adds or detracts a lot from an audio book I listened to this book and watched the PBS series simultaneously, as well as read several books on the Civil War at the same time Even though this audio book is abridged, I fo [...]

  • If I were a high school teacher of American History, I would prefer this book as the text for the students to studt the Civil War It is by no means a detailed history that delves into the politics and the battles, rather it is a concise account of both the politics and battles as well as the key politicians, key generals, and a smattering of the interesting bit players of the war For my part, having read of our Civil War in some serious detail, I found it interesting, well researched, and easy [...]

  • I was not yet ten years old when I first saw Ken Burns s monumental documentary The Civil War on PBS in the fall of 1990 I am glad I finally took the time to read the book based on that documentary Much of the book s text is based on the documentary s script Overall I enjoyed reading this book because I learned several things which I did not know before reading it While this book does not go in depth into any particular aspect of the war, I highly recommend it for anyone interested in a broad su [...]

  • As someone who has never before been able to summon the slightest interest in the civil war, I find it s helpful to have an overview of this huge subject The Civil War, largely the text to the Ken Burns documentary by that name, provides decent survey to the topic, and as well includes lots of great photographs and excerpts from personal documents letters, diaries, etc This is giving me, a former complete ignoramus on the subject, the framework of facts and generalized understanding I would reco [...]

  • Fantastic overview of the Civil War that intertwined fantastic photos, letters, songs, etc to give you a feel for the times and the feelings circulating among ordinary people of the time Half the reading time is absorbed in studying the wonderful photos This is the book adaptation of the miniseries done by Ken Burns Well worth a look if you enjoy history but aren t big on non fiction reads.

  • Like Ken Burns s PBS series, this does an excellent job in covering the breadth of The Civil War, in a relatively brief period of time At the same time, it provides plenty of the personal interest stories and character analysis for readers who like that kind of thing The pictures and graphic design of the book is excellent.

  • This is definitely one of the best, most readable, and most enjoyable books on the Civil War If you read just one book on the Civil War, this should be it I ve read it twice and enjoyed it the second time as much as the first An amazing piece of work that will be read for generations to come.

  • To me this book helped put all the pieces of the puzzle together the chronology of the battles, their unique features, the movements of the separate armies There was also a sense of the people and relationships involved No one was spared this is a warts and all narrative for both sides in this conflict over slavery.

  • Nice companion to Ken Burns excellent documentary There is some additional information included in the book but most is taken directly from the film While not a thorough account of the Civil War, it s a nice summary of major events of the war A nice volume for anyone, not just enthusiasts.

  • The Civil War was brought to life for me through this book I was completely absorbed with the writing, artifacts and photographs It was powerful, moving, fascinating and educational Greatly enhanced the PBS documentary to which this is a companion book.

  • This is the companion piece to the highly celebrated PBS miniseries made by talented filmmaker Ken Burns The book is a wonderful revisit to this series that changed the face of the documentary film technique.

  • This is a well done history of the Civil War with lots of pictures There is a great deal of detail I would have found it a little enjoyable to read with a little less detail, but if you want the whole story, it is there.

  • Magnificient book I read this from the library after watching Ken Burn s stunning Civil War documentary So happy to now own it Created by Ken Burns and the masters who created his documentary, this is top notch history plus I love all the photos it provides.

  • The companion book to Ken Burn s PBS television series I watched the series on dvd while reading Doris Kearns Goodwins Team of Rivals , and just today finished the book The book follows the PBS series closely, with slightly detail.

  • Read on a kindle with few pictures, but this still seems to be the correct edition.This is a short, easy introduction to the background and major events of the Civil War Highly recommended for people who, like me, have an interest in history but no familiarity with the Civil War.

  • My copy of this volume is an artifact a nicely illustrated coffee table book in the ebook era It covers the subject well, is physically attractive, and is very readable I m not sure how well the many illustrations, including a good selection of maps, come out in the modern ebook versions.

  • A year by year analysis of The Civil War from the build up to the secession, the battles, the peace agreement and what happened to the main players after the war There were good photographs, artwork, battle descriptions and although it lacked maps I very much enjoyed it.

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