The Lays of Beleriand

The Lays of Beleriand This is the third volume of the History of Middle earth which comprises here tofore unpublished manuscripts that were written over a period of many years before Tolkien s Simlarillion was published V
  • Title: The Lays of Beleriand
  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Christopher Tolkien
  • ISBN: 9780395394298
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Lays of Beleriand
    This is the third volume of the History of Middle earth, which comprises here tofore unpublished manuscripts that were written over a period of many years before Tolkien s Simlarillion was published Volumes 1 and 2 were the Book of Lost Tales, Part One and The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two Together, these volumes encompass an extraordinarily extensive body of material ornThis is the third volume of the History of Middle earth, which comprises here tofore unpublished manuscripts that were written over a period of many years before Tolkien s Simlarillion was published Volumes 1 and 2 were the Book of Lost Tales, Part One and The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two Together, these volumes encompass an extraordinarily extensive body of material ornamenting and buttressing what must be the most fully realized world ever to spring from a single author s imagination I write alliterative verse with pleasure, wrote J.R.R Tolkien in 1955, though I have published little beyond the fragments in The Lord of the Rings, except The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth The first of the poems in The Lays of Beleriand is the previously unpublished Lay of the Children of Hurin, his early but most sustained work in the ancient English meter, intended to narrate on a grand scale the tragedy of Turin Turambar It was account of the killing by Turin of his friend Beleg, as well as a unique description of the great redoubt of Nargothrond The Lay of the Children of Hurin was supplanted by the Lay of Leithian, Release from Bondage , in which another major legend of the Elder Days received poetic form, in this case in rhyme The chief source of the short prose tale of Beren and Luthien is The Silmarillion This, too, was not completed, but the whole Quest of the Silmaril is told, and the poem breaks off only after the e
    The Lays of Beleriand By J.R.R. Tolkien Christopher Tolkien,

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    John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, CBE, was an English writer, poet, WWI veteran a First Lieutenant in the Lancashire Fusiliers, British Army , philologist, and university professor, best known as the author of the high fantasy classic works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.Tolkien was Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo Saxon at Oxford from 1925 to 1945, and Merton Professor of English language and literature from 1945 to 1959 He was a close friend of C.S Lewis.Christopher Tolkien published a series of works based on his father s extensive notes and unpublished manuscripts, including The Silmarillion These, together with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, form a connected body of tales, poems, fictional histories, invented languages, and literary essays about an imagined world called Arda, and Middle earth within it Between 1951 and 1955, Tolkien applied the word legendarium to the larger part of these writings While many other authors had published works of fantasy before Tolkien, the great success of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings led directly to a popular resurgence of the genre This has caused Tolkien to be popularly identified as the father of modern fantasy literature or precisely, high fantasy Tolkien s writings have inspired many other works of fantasy and have had a lasting effect on the entire field.In 2008, The Times ranked him sixth on a list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945 Forbes ranked him the 5th top earning dead celebrity in 2009.Religious influencesJ.R.R Tolkien, was born in South Africa in 1892, but his family moved to Britain when he was about 3 years old When Tolkien was 8 years old, his mother converted to Catholicism, and he remained a Catholic throughout his life In his last interview, two years before his death, he unhesitatingly testified, I m a devout Roman Catholic Tolkien married his childhood sweetheart, Edith, and they had four children He wrote them letters each year as if from Santa Claus, and a selection of these was published in 1976 as The Father Christmas Letters One of Tolkien s sons became a Catholic priest Tolkien was an advisor for the translation of the Jerusalem Bible Tolkien once described The Lord of the Rings to his friend Robert Murray, an English Jesuit priest, as a fundamentally religious and Catholic work, unconsciously so at first, but consciously in the revision There are many theological themes underlying the narrative including the battle of good versus evil, the triumph of humility over pride, and the activity of grace In addition the saga includes themes which incorporate death and immortality, mercy and pity, resurrection, salvation, repentance, self sacrifice, free will, justice, fellowship, authority and healing In addition The Lord s Prayer And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil was reportedly present in Tolkien s mind as he described Frodo s struggles against the power of the One Ring.


  • 3 3.5 stars_The Lays of Beleriand_ is a book that I ve had on my bookshelf for many, many years and quite frankly never thought I d get to I think I probably got my copy around the time it was first published when I was but a wee sprat simply because it was by Tolkien and certainly at that time the likelihood that I would read a book comprised primarily of two long narrative poems accompanied by copious editorial apparatus was, to say the least, unlikely As time went on and I got older I still n [...]

  • I don t completely agree with the synopsis of this book on this website It is certainly a treasure trove of lore , but I was never aware that Turin was looking for his father, and the dark destiny of Turin and Beleg is quite an understatement But, The Lay of Leithian does have a hero I nearly gave this book 4 stars, but decided on 5, for what could have been than what is actually in the book It s not LOTR, by any means, but it could have rivaled it if Tolkien had ever written an expanded prose [...]

  • I love Tolkien, but I was prepared to dislike this book, the third in his History of Middle Earth series After all, I thought, there s nothing new in this one it s just a recap of the telling of the Tale of the Children of Hurin and the Lay of Leithian, about Beren and Luthien Those have already been well covered, not only in the Silmarillion and in the standalone The Children of Hurin book, but in the previous two volumes as well I m happy to say I was wrong.True, the bulk of this book is the r [...]

  • This volume, while largely a further re hash of Simarillion material, nonetheless adds a few interesting tidbits concepts to the fold, while the style of writing is a nice touch, using as some astute reviews already noted verse rather than prose to give it a funereal IMO feel.So, while I m enjoying for the most part this series thus far I m also finding it somewhat wearing on me akin to Bilbo holding the One Ring for so many years , and I find my interest in Tolkien scholarship actually beginni [...]

  • Not the earliest works of Middle Earth, but where he loses the bits of twee that were in the Book of Lost Tales.Turin done in alliterative verse, in several variants The basic bones of the story are down, but many interesting differences between here and the final version.Luthein and Beren are done in rhyming verse, and come closer to the final version It makes The Silmarillion version look terse Some repetitionbetween this and Beren and L thien.

  • All right, I haven t read this book all the way through Mainly, because a great portion of the book is the story of Turin, which is the most depressing story Tolkien ever came up with But this also includes a great deal of the tale of Beren and Luthien, told in a beautiful way.You see, the stories in here are written in leys, told in a poetic form that flows off the tongue and right into the heart It s pure genius I can get chills reading certain passages of The Ley of Leithian Fantastic The one [...]

  • We actually get the Lay of Leithian The actual poem form Yay I mean, as usual, there s way too much commentary by Christopher Tolkien, but the purpose of the book is excellently served The best of the History or Middle earth books

  • I am reminded of that old saying of law and sausages, and not wanting to see how either is made I felt that way periodically while reading this While I was interested to see how the different narratives developed, and while I did enjoy those narratives, some of the commentary was a little too detailed and abstract for me I really do not care to read endless notes on minor spelling changes, for instance and it s hard to deny that there s a lot of repetition here.As always, the sheer depth of Tolk [...]

  • Immense talent and genius of professor Tolkien emerged, once again, among this pages This time in form of epic poems Great, long and unfinished poem Lay of Leithian , written in octosyllabic couplets, so many times mentioned both in official version of The Silmarillion , as well as in The Book of Lost Tales part 12 bursts of beautiful literary expressions and reveals how the story of Beren and Luthien was step by step developed and how the plot and characters were shifted in the long period of t [...]

  • An extensive remarkable insight into the creation of Middle Earth, captured in this comprehensive volume of a series This is the third volume within the collection of books that make up the history of Middle Earth which delves into JRR Tolkien s great creation behind The Silmarillion, the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings This fascinating, detailed insight delves into the mythology of his work, through the alliterative verse tales of two of the most significant and crucial stories in Tolkien s wo [...]

  • I loved Tolkien s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but I found this book very challenging Christopher Tolkien has put together some poetic stories that his father worked on but never finished The Lay of the Children of Hurin was difficult to read because of the often odd syntax The Lay of Leithian was easier to follow because it was composed in rhyming couplets, and therefore flowed smoothly In Lethien, a man named Beren meets and falls in love with the elf king s daughter, Luthien, or Tinuviel Th [...]

  • Full review on my blog Bookish Love Affair.Truly a book for the nerds Those who are interested in following the often quite convoluted creation of two of the important tales in Tolkien s legendarium The tales of T rin son of H rin and Tin viel commonly known as the story of L thien and Beren exist in many forms and in many diffeeent books, some of which I have yet to read Christopher Tolkien does a quite good job of explaining the progress of the poems, or lays, in this book and how they devel [...]

  • It s never quite accurate to categorize Tolkien as a modern novelist He certainly did not match the trends of his time, and modern readers often struggle with his antique style, antique in the sense he is out of time by centuries Tolkien is not exactly prose writer, he s really an out of place bard, and in his poetry especially you see his true skill as an author To me The Lay of Beleriand , which includes the unfinished epic poems of the the Lay of Leithian and the Children of Hurin, is Tolkien [...]

  • Anyone who truly enjoys the works of JRR Tolkien will like this Much of the story of Beren and Luthien is told here in prose Their story is my favorite that is told in the The Silmarillion and being told in prose is beautiful This book also has some of the earlier stories such as Thingol and Melian as well as further information about the construction and changes that these stories underwent Much of the commentary can be skipped and the stories themselves enjoyed as they are.

  • At present my aim is to read all my books from cover to cover It will be a great relief when that is accomplished and I then feel at liberty to go back and dip into a book and just read the parts which I really like It will be great to revisit the History and Middle Earth series and just read all the main pieces by JRRT, and skip all the commentaries by his son, which turns pleasure into drudgery.I enjoyed both main pieces in this book I can t claim to have understood the Lay of the Children of [...]

  • First of all a warning that, like all the volumes of A History of Middle Earth, The Lays of Beleriand is not for the casual Tolkien fan At the least you should have read The Silmarillion before reading this installment Also this book requires another warning as suggested by the title, The Lays of Beleriand contains Lays, that is poetry So be warned, if you skip all the poems when you read Lord of the Rings then this book might not be for you.The bulk of tLoB contains two long poems The Lay of th [...]

  • This book is a great read if you re looking for stories within Tolkien s mythology This book should be read after The Silmarillion, and The Book of Lost Tales Part 2 It contains really no new stories but tells two of my personal favorites, Turin s story and Beren and Luthien s story, in poem forms They are both great but Beren s story was better in my opinion It was complete though not completely finished and was written in a rhyming verse that was easy to understand Turin a story was not even [...]

  • The poet of Middle earthBask in Middle earth poetry, back to a time when the legends were born the accounts collected in later works such asThe Silmarillion ,Unfinished Tales ,Book of Lost Tales 2andChildren of H rinare all later evolutions of the Lays here exposed with scholarly awe, and accompanied by punctual commentaries helping the reader appreciate the literary effort made in conceiving such a full and rich mythology Do not miss the chance to read them aloud

  • I like poetry, but I can only read so much of it at one time before I can t concentrate I would read a canto or so of The Lay of Leithian every night, and I really enjoyed it It flowed really beautifully and I could follow the plot line relatively well There were some amazing lines and rhymes in there, I loved it, but I wish there had been about what happened after they escaped Now I need to read the Silmarillion again so I can remember what happens

  • Okay I m cheating, as I m currently translating Christopher s commentaries in III IV But I promised myself never to regard work as non pleasure reading, and I have to admit, I actually quite like the Lay of Leithian Christopher is still overdoing it with the commentaries, but that s his style, and I think I m slowly warming up to it, actually.

  • Mostly the children of Hurin an Beren and Luthien once so I skipped most of the book, it was written earlier than the complete works on those 2 stories.

  • Undoubtedly my favourite volume of HoME, but o dear, this Ballantine paperback ed has so many misprints and such a confused and mangled typography

  • I never fully understood why people are so anxious to sniff the leftovers and garbage of famous writers, and therefore never understood Christopher Tolkien s urge to publish every unfinished project and every discarded idea of his father But yet, here it is, one of many books of Toliken s leftovers This one contains 2 versions of 2 unfinished epic poems with thematics from Silmarillion This poems, of course, precede the Silmarillion, and are filled with yet undefined concepts, rejected ideas and [...]

  • The Lays of Beleriand is the third volume in the History of Middle earth series which details the drafts and notes Tolkien made in his lifetime about the bodies of work that has become known as The Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings This volume focuses on Tolkien s attempts to write his cycle of myths as lays alliterative verse, aka a form of poetry used in Old Norse and Anglo Saxon.The main tales focused on in The Lays of Beleriand are The Children of H rin and The Tale of L thien and Beren Lay [...]

  • this third installment makes it abundantly clear that some of Tolkien s tales may well havbe then 3 4 versions, each one with different ending, character names and what not None the less It is still enjoyable to read Tolkien wrote several of his stories in poetry form Now normally I am not a fan of reading poems as their meaning is totally lost on me With JRR Tolkien I can grasp what he is saying The explanatory notes by Christopher help fill in any gaps Clearly Christopher is showing improveme [...]

  • nwhytevejournal 1693204This is the third volume of the History of Middle Earth it contains two unfinished poems tackling the two key narratives of the Silmarillion The first, a version of the tale of Turin told in alliterative blank verse, did not really appeal to me, and while I can see why Tolkien, with his background, wanted to give it a try, it s not very surprising that the effort did not come off The Lay of Leithian, however, is a different matter telling the story of Beren and Luthien in [...]

  • I had read volumes 1 2 of the History of Middle Earth many years ago I ve recently read volumes 6 through 12, leaving 3, 4, and 5 left for me in the series of edited works by Christopher Tolkien of his father s work.I really enjoyed the books on LOTR as it allowed me to see how the story developed over time.Volume 12 provided two previously unreleased stories, which were intriguing to me.Volume 3, however, has become my favorite of the series The Lays of Beleriand is comprised of two poetic ver [...]

  • The lays are lays They re written as long poems For some reason, I was not expecting that I also wasn t expecting it to be so pleasant to read I usually hate poetry It reminds me of a fanfic drabble every word chosen carefully, lots of rich details but nothing extraneous Maybe when I have the house to myself I will read them aloud I did, and it was amazing The Lay of Leithian is the familiar story of Beren and L thien The rhyming couplets are perfect for this story I prefer it over all the other [...]

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