Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can The fear of getting caught is half the fun Lowly art gallery assistant Caesar Romano is freely out of the closet Now he d just like to get out of his Nana s guest room Everything his reputation and hi
  • Title: Catch Me If You Can
  • Author: L.B. Gregg
  • ISBN: 9781605049502
  • Page: 433
  • Format: ebook
  • Catch Me If You Can
    The fear of getting caught is half the fun Lowly art gallery assistant Caesar Romano is freely out of the closet Now he d just like to get out of his Nana s guest room Everything his reputation and his financial freedom is riding on the success of tonight s gallery opening If only he could shake free of the past so easily.A mysterious gatecrasher, Dan Green, looks likThe fear of getting caught is half the fun.Lowly art gallery assistant Caesar Romano is freely out of the closet Now he d just like to get out of his Nana s guest room Everything his reputation and his financial freedom is riding on the success of tonight s gallery opening If only he could shake free of the past so easily.A mysterious gatecrasher, Dan Green, looks like a promising addition to his pending new life until Caesar s ex shows up and suddenly the opening disintegrates into a half naked dance melee When the glitter settles, a missing sculpture of Justin Timberlake has Caesar up to his eyebrows in extortion, intrigue and a wild sexual adventure underneath, inside, and on top of a variety of furnishings.As the cast of suspects piles up, so do the questions Like who s really blackmailing whom And what does a stolen paint by numbers clown matter when Dan is so outrageously capable of blowing Caesar s resistance to smithereens This book contains graphic language, sex, lies, intrigue, clowns, kleptomania, anal sex, oral sex, mutual masturbation, bad driving, good cooking, and the missing head of a Justin Timberlake statue Not for the sour of disposition.
    Catch Me If You Can By L.B. Gregg,
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    LB Gregg Lisabea writes fun, fast paced contemporary male male romances for a variety of publishers including Riptide, Samhain, and Carina Press Her wildly successful Men of Smithfield books feature hot, hunky men looking for love in small town New England Find information about LB, The Men of Smithfield, and her fun series Romano and Albright at lbgregg You can also friend LB on Facebook facebook lbegg.1 Like her author page on.fb 216EIiFOr follow her on Instagram instagram lbegg


  • snappy and fun, but irksome in the way all of gregg s books irk memano s prissiness and hysteria make for a fun voice, but not, you know, all the timebright s a cipher aside from being hot and bossy, i see no reason to caree mystery is slight but pleasant when you re reading a caper, you hardly want to do any heavy lifting to keep track of things, so i appreciated thatstly what kept this from being a total success for me were the characters, who seemed, nearly all of them i m serious incredibly [...]

  • 3.5 starsOutrageous insanity And, I thoroughly enjoyed it After a semi annoying start Why do people in books NOT call the cops when something bad happens It s my pet peeve , this book really picked up for me It s funny asinine, really and just so over the top that I couldn t help but be entertained Caesar is a hoot and I love that he s just a good, good guy despite all the lunatics in his life And I m obsessed with his maybe they re in the mob Italian family But, for me, the real draw to this bo [...]

  • I enjoyed this one way than I thought I would It was funny, sexy and a bit mysterious It was also quite silly, but that was just what I needed right now.Ceasar is an Italian gay man, who works at an art gallery an is living with his granny He needs a new job that will pay , so he can afford a place on his own He works his ass off to impress the right peopleybe he worked a bit too hard to impress, because things turn to shit pretty fast Dan is a PI I really liked the guy He was funny and very op [...]

  • Without question this is LB Gregg s strongest book to date Admittedly, this comedy is one of the trickiest things out there to write without fail it s going to leave some readers cold but for shrewd observations, clever characterizations, and great one liners Gregg can t be beat.She s never glib or facile The books have genuine heart.

  • This was really great romantic suspense from L.B Gregg, who now cements her status as a solid 3.5 4 star author for me First of all, I loved the heat level of this book For some reason, in the two other L.B Gregg books that I read, the sex was just not that hot for me However, in this book, the chemistry between Caesar and Dan was electric and I was so into them as a couple I could have used even sex but I m pervy like that Another thing I loved was the humor God, I love when an author can make [...]

  • This review is 1 long, and 2 may contain spoilers, although I have done my best to avoid them I initially liked this book I did I liked it a lot it s tremendously funny, and the characters are extremely well drawn But it also gnawed at me, and I spent most of the book trying to justify what struck me as borderline transphobic content until I reached the climax of the mystery, and it went from borderline to blatantly transphobic.I have no problem with portraying anyone, transgender henceforth tra [...]

  • 3,3 stars.My last books were good, but challenging, and it is why I looked for something totally different I was ready for something light, fast paced, hilarious I was ready for fun and sexy And who can deliver it IMMEDIATELY, without having to spend much time on searching for it L.B Gregg If you haven t yet read anything by this author, you should I enjoyed her Men of Smithfield seriesand I became a fan of her writing The first book of Romano and Albright serieswas a good thing too, though I st [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book I loved Caesar I loved his voice and his attitude The badass gay Italian who currently lives with his Nana gets himself stuck right in the middle of the chaos always seconds away from a total freak out Then enters Dan At 1st I thought he was going to be a huge asshole, but turns out I was way off He was funny and a little goofy and reckless for a PI And he s totally sweet on Caesar Those two were so HOT together The things they found themselves doing while hiding out [...]

  • 2.5 Stars shakes head, sputters a little incomprehensibly, makes a face that says I m thinking entirely too hard and yet, probably not enough I m not even entirely sure what I just read It was like a rom com mystery novel Sort of I don t know It was zany And bizarre But kinda in a good way I mean, it had a million characters, a convoluted plot and a messy, somewhat comical resolution It sorta felt like I was reading the script for an episode of I Love Lucy if Lucy and Ethel had been two gay men [...]

  • This was lovely It s my second book by LB Gregg the other one being How I Met Your Father and it s safe to say I m becoming a fan of her writing.

  • Catch Me If You Can is a fun, fast paced ride that had me smiling, laughing, and running to keep up Running to catch up with Caesar Romano.Caesar is a hilarious, quick witted, feisty ball of energy A man that can probably get in trouble just rolling out of bed Haha He had me in stitches Slipping, flailing, and falling into secrets, mystery, and trouble But my favorite part of this story was how Ms Gregg seemed to infuse the whole story every single page with Caesar s energy Do you talk with your [...]

  • I triple loved this bookIt was funny and charming It s narrated in the POV of Ceasar Romano GREAT FRIGGING NAME an Italian boy from Brooklyn working at an art gallery in the city He s doing his thing, making a livingmming with his GrannyCe s voice is humourous and witty, he drops fantastic one liners and keeps you laughing or at least grinning The mistery was something, a bit loopy but intereting nonetheless His friends are great and his family Joey, Vito, Tino, Paulie, Rocco I loved it And the [...]

  • Loved this ProsThe book is VERY funny For example We re just discussing it now Mr Potters Lullaby the new television show the actor stars in About that name Nana shuddered and said in all innocence, I hate to be a prude, but it does sound unseemly I nodded Yeah, Like story hour for pedophiles Plot, pacing, verbiage, etc All the standard elements are there and well done The characterization was very well done I could picture each person and they were all different I fell in love with these charac [...]

  • I started this book with a lot of enthusiasm I loved the main character a feisty Italian gay man who works as an assistant at an art gallery who becomes the center of a mystery involving ridiculous stolen art a bust of Justin Timberlake, of all things and clown kleptomania and a closeted children s show actor who looks like an oompa loompa and a sexy gay private investigator with secrets of his own It seemed like my kind of story The writing was sharp and quick with a lot of humor, the character [...]

  • When angst and Alphas rule these days, laugh out loud books are a rare treat.Ceasar works at a gallery plagued by thefts and his friends are being blackmailed For an underpaid gallery assistant who is living with his nana, without much of a professional or romantic future, Ceasar is instinctively a good person he commits himself to do what he can to retrieve stolen paintings, money, videos and art works that are bedeviling the gallery, his friends, his past lover and himself.Early on, sliding th [...]

  • I have to admit that I was a little unsure as to whether I was going to like this book I knew it had an element of comedy to it which always makes me nervous because one person s hilarity is another s tumble weed moment I also wasn t entirely sure I was going to like the main hero, Caesar Romero, although I m not entirely sure what it was about him that I didn t think I d like possibly because the name conjured up a whole host of Italian clich s In the end, I shouldn t have worried This is the f [...]

  • The Super Mini An appealling and wacky cast of characters, a fast paced mystery plot, red herrings that will keep you guessing and the author s trade mark wit and humour I can t wait to read about Caesar and Daniel, the main protags Serious, unapologetic fun Get it when it comes out You won t regret it My Tasting Why I bought it I would tell you how I got this, but then I d have to kill you Instead, I shall just revel in the fact that I ve read it before all of you neener, neener, neener Dislik [...]

  • I love off beat and quirky humor so this story was right up my alley Not to mention that Caesar is hilarious and he really knows how to get himself caught in a situation The supporting characters are all very strong and written extremely well The whole story sort of reminded me of Fawlty Towers, the British television show, in its characters, dialogue, and strange happenings.Caesar Romano is a lowly art gallery assistant who gets paid peanuts while basically running the entire show for his boss, [...]

  • I bought this book the day it came out which was, what 6, 7 months ago At that time, though, I was totally ignoring long books and only reading short ones, which is partly the reason why it took me so long to read it The other reason was because LB always makes me laugh so I was waiting for a time when I needed some cheering up And, today became that day plus, the sequel comes out in a little over a month and I m definitely gonna read that fast D I think the thing I love about LB and the reason [...]

  • I have mixed feelings about this The mystery only made me irritated, as did almost all the characters However I really liked Dan, and Dan and Ce together were great Dan s forceful sex talk was hot So it s like a 2 for the plot, and a 4 for the MCs.

  • This book is absolutely hilarious I loved it I adored Caesar and this story kept me laughing all the way through it Caesar and Dan burn up the pages Great story, I can t wait to get to 2

  • Caesar Romano is an assistant in an art gallery He is broke and lives with his nana this causes him some shame but he comes from a very close knit Italian family The book opens during a show for the artist, Jean Pappineau He creates busts of famous people out of odds and ends As the drinks start flowing, the crowd becomes drunker and rowdy Caesar hopes this means sales, but it also means work for him To complicate matters, his ex boyfriend, Shep McNamara shows up and since their relationship [...]

  • Caesar and Dan are awesome They are great together Caesar s job in an art gallery seems to require a feisty attitude that Caesar has, but he can also be so serious I loved how responsible he was, but at the same time how his rationality took a vacation now and then and he let his instincts decide I am Italian so I could totally relate to the overbearing, affectionate family, which welcomed Caesar s friends as family too and would do anything to help a family member It was so funny I liked Caesar [...]

  • What a fun story Easy 4.5 stars There s a little bit of something for everyone here There are a bunch of side characters, all of whom are suspicious of the others Everyone seems to be having something stolen from them, to be blackmailed for odd amounts of money Ceasar is super cute, sexy, funny, feisty little Italian dude who finds himself in the middle of a tornado of mystery and crime Nothing seems to be going right for him Dan is super sexy and funny PI hired by one of the characters to solve [...]

  • 2.5 StarsThis book was smartly written but, unfortunately, it just wasn t for me Maybe it was my mood maybe my expectations were off maybe my stars were misaligned I dunno but for whatever reason, I didn t really connect with these characters Caesar is sorta funny but he irked me I liked his extended family but the mystery he was enveloped in didn t get my goat I couldn t understand why he was so stressed to figure it all out It wasn t his gallery, his art, or his money So what s the beef He was [...]

  • 3.5 Stars rounded up because of how crazy and lovable Caesar is, because he made me laugh, because of the completely outrageous situations Caesar got himself into he blinks and he s in trouble ,because of Caesar s sweet tooth,because of Caesar s Nana, because of Poppy, because of the clowns, because of Caesar s Italian family even though it was stereotypical , and lastlybecause of HOT Detective Dan.This was fun

  • I like the characters less when they eat Veal and these guys ate it daily, something i don t like reading about Also Dan was a smoker something else i don t like about my heroes If it would have been the bad guys eating veal and smoking, I would have understood, them being evil and all Other than that it was a pretty good story funny and enjoyable

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