The Empathic Civilization: The Race To Global Consciousness In A World In Crisis

The Empathic Civilization The Race To Global Consciousness In A World In Crisis In this sweeping new interpretation of the history of civilization bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin looks at the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and is l
  • Title: The Empathic Civilization: The Race To Global Consciousness In A World In Crisis
  • Author: Jeremy Rifkin
  • ISBN: 9780745641454
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Empathic Civilization: The Race To Global Consciousness In A World In Crisis
    In this sweeping new interpretation of the history of civilization, bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin looks at the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and is likely to determine our fate as a species Today we face unparalleled challenges in an energy intensive and interconnected world that will demand an unprecedented level of mutuIn this sweeping new interpretation of the history of civilization, bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin looks at the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and is likely to determine our fate as a species Today we face unparalleled challenges in an energy intensive and interconnected world that will demand an unprecedented level of mutual understanding among diverse peoples and nations Do we have the capacity and collective will to come together in a way that will enable us to cope with the great challenges of our time In this remarkable book Jeremy Rifkin tells the dramatic story of the extension of human empathy from the rise of the first great theological civilizations, to the ideological age that dominated the 18th and 19th centuries, the psychological era that characterized much of the 20th century and the emerging dramaturgical period of the 21st century The result is a new social tapestry The Empathic Civilization woven from a wide range of fields Rifkin argues that at the very core of the human story is the paradoxical relationship between empathy and entropy At various times in history new energy regimes have converged with new communication revolutions, creating ever complex societies that heightened empathic sensitivity and expanded human consciousness But these increasingly complicated milieus require extensive energy use and speed us toward resource depletion The irony is that our growing empathic awareness has been made possible by an ever greater consumption of the Earth s resources, resulting in a dramatic deterioration of the health of the planet If we are to avert a catastrophic destruction of the Earth s ecosystems, the collapse of the global economy and the possible extinction of the human race, we will need to change human consciousness itself and in less than a generation Rifkin challenges us to address what may be the most important question facing humanity today Can we achieve global empathy in time to avoid the collapse of civilization and save the planet One of the most popular social thinkers of our time, Jeremy Rifkin is the bestselling author of The European Dream, The Hydrogen Economy The End of Work, The Biotech Century, and The Age of Access He is the president of the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, D.C.
    The Empathic Civilization: The Race To Global Consciousness In A World In Crisis By Jeremy Rifkin,
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  • It took me a couple of months to go through this book some 600 pages with rather tight reasoning threads all the way through But in the end, I find this to be a truly remarkable work, worth every minute of my time In a nutshell, it s a game changer for the whole of the human species Okay, so let me try to summarize this Hard fact 1The whole of our civilization at this time with a few exceptions relies on fossil fuel oil, coal, gas for about everything we do, everything we have consumer goods, tr [...]

  • This is an enormous book, covering the entire psychological history of our civilization, positing an argument for the direction we are now headed, what he calls biosphere consciousness He makes this case by showing that every paradigm shift in the history of our culture was caused by a simultaneoous revolution in communications technology and energy regime, and with it always came an increased sense of individualism, which in turn led to an increased sense of empathy He argues that we are on the [...]

  • The message Rifkin has to tell is one of the most important in our social and cultural history, and the only aspect keeping me from giving the book a solid five stars is the slight caveat attached to any Rifkin books, which is related to the way he tells a story Rifkin is a pop scientist and culturalist, hence his work won t go as deep as, say, Steven Pinker s The Better Angels of Our Nature or Peter Turchin s War and Peace and War The advantage to taking the 30,000 foot approach as Rifkin does [...]

  • Rifkin is a brilliant guy, who portrays his ideas in a very clean and enjoyable writing style The majority of this book is a retelling of human history with the focus being on how our consciousness has grown and been shaped by certain events He ends with some great ideas on how we are and how we can continue to improve society while ensuring the safety of the planet we reside on I enjoyed every page of this book, and I caught myself wondering a few times how much better the world might be if thi [...]

  • Despite being sometimes overwritten, Rifkin s latest contribution to what I like to call cosmopolitan theory starting now has changed how I see things I m not necessarily converted to all his theories or his barely suppressed optimism, but two experiences, one directly related to reading The Empathic Civilization and one indirectly related show how this paradigm shifter shifted mine just a wee bit.1 Rifkin makes a strong case for an idea I had never considered before, but which rang true as if I [...]

  • Part biology, part psychology, part history, and all philosophy, this is a book that deserves to be read slowly and digested, not raced through Rifkin takes as his thesis an idea that has been pushed by practically every new age guru for the last 100 years in fact, I wonder if Aleistar Crowley and Ayn Rand weren t a backlash against that that humanity is entering a new social paradigm based not on self interest and material gain, but on empathy and sharing Just in time, too, as the fuels that ha [...]

  • A delusional fantasy that humanity is evolving toward a higher consciousness, when any evolutionary biologist will tell you that evolution is dumb i.e it lacks a specific direction But if you want a classic example of misguided neo New Age thought, this is at least a well written one.

  • Tremendo libro Y no lo digo por las 600 p ginas que tiene Rifkin construye el relato de la historia de la humanidad, atendiendo al desarrollo de la empat a, caracter stica esencial de la naturaleza humana, seg n lo que se desprende de los estudios de la neurociencia y otras disciplinas afines Con claridad, precisi n y una serie de informaci n relevante se va desplegando la historia de las civilizaciones, relacionando aspectos como la econom a, el pensamiento, la cultura, la ciencia y la tecnolog [...]

  • At 674 pages, 57 of which are notes and index, Jeremy Rifkin s The Empathic Civilization is not a book you ll sit down and read in an afternoon or evening But if you re a person who is concerned about global or local issues, it is a book you will want to read It is packed with invaluable information and insight about steering a relatively safe course through the sometimes rough seas of our rapidly changing, interconnected world Though it took me a while to read, I find every minute spent with it [...]

  • Most books provide an escape from daily life or offer information about a specific subject Jeremy Rifkin s Empathic Civilization does both, and also has the power to fundamentally change one s entire worldview As for escape The Empathic Civilization removes readers from the specific minutiae of everyday life, encouraging them instead to focus on big, broad issues and consider themselves as part of a larger, extremely powerful whole As for information the book introduces readers to a litany of fa [...]

  • This is the book that pulls it all together Jeremy Rifkin captures the currents of history and puts our current dilemmas as a global society into perspective RIfkin s formulation of the core dialectic of the progression of human consciousness through cultural technological advances balanced by the increasing entropy which results from the increasing technological demands of our increasingly complex civilization is nothing less than genius Amazingly, Rifkin, a consultant to the United Nations and [...]

  • This is one of my favorite kinds of books, one that recasts much of what we know in an entirely new context Using the most current understanding of psychology, Rifkin interprets the history of humanity as the development of increasingly sophisticated empathic connection between people, each other, and other species, enabled by civilization s freeing of and people from preoccupation with basic survival He explains how this has come at a terrible cost the destruction of the Earth s biosphere whi [...]

  • So often we confront a world built on the seemingly foregone conclusion that humans are violent, aggressive, etc and thankfully Mr Rifkin has presented a cognizant, current and thoroughly researched refutation of this argument He builds his argument starting with the simple yet unappreciated truth that at birth we are all connected or desire and are nourished by human connection, ie empathy.If you are feeling cynical or perhaps the opposite, you are tired of defending your optimistic point of vi [...]

  • Blah.Rifkin s argument is that as cultures become complex, consume greater and greater quantities of energy and spend time exploring their world, they will bump into other cultures and novel ways of ordering life Through this exposure, the complex civilization will increase their appreciation of, and respect for, diversity.Huh My reading of the last 1000 years of Western civ would lead me to a starkly different conclusion.The flip side of Rifkin s argument that native cultures must then lack e [...]

  • A fascinating interpretation of the evolution of consciousness and empathy in humans Rifkin analyzes humanity in a refreshing and comprehensive analysis of social structures and the underpinnings of human nature This book took months to read, partially due to its sheer volume, but mostly because the ideas need to be processed meaningfully rather than blown past As an excerpted chapter, I d recommend Chapter 6 The Ancient Theological Brain and Patriarchal Economy By retelling and reshaping our ow [...]

  • Jeremy Rifkin es un investigador que se dedica a analizar el impacto de los cambios cient ficos y tecnol gicos en la sociedad Para hacerlo en este libro, toma elementos de la historia, de la psicolog a, la filosof a y otras disciplinas que ayudan a explicar algunas influencias clave para la cultura de la humanidad.Tiene un estilo extra o, que va de ser muy ameno a tedioso en cuesti n de p rrafos, pero m s all de eso, presenta conceptos interesantes, que se prestan para el debate, la discusi n y [...]

  • This book would be twice as good if it were half the size The history of humanity is entirely rewritten to retrofit one intriguing possibility, a bunch of studies and polls were tortured into proving opinions, and the dead horses just kept being beaten over and over The funny thing is I wholeheartedly agree with all the major conclusions We desperately need to reevaluate our rampant, unsustainable, hedonistic consumerism which doesn t make us happier and the best way to do that is to achieve a g [...]

  • OK, this book completely changed my outlook on life Cliche, I know Everyone must have that book that does that to them, this is mine The most important lesson of this book is also cliche, but universally and eternally profound We are all in this together This book is an admittedly lengthy treatise and the importance of that concept, and how we need to band together to face the major problems think energy and climate that now confront us.

  • A great book that kept me riveted throughout Rifkin makes a great case of empathic heritage versus religious doctrine of total depravity It is a sweeping overview of what it means to be truly human.

  • First, you need to know this book will take you months to read and it weighs a ton It is also chock full of cool learning about empathy in the world.

  • This book lays down the case that we are heading into the age of empathy and biosphere consciousness characterized by compassion, grace, and a nonjudgmental attitude toward others which will be critical to sustaining our modern age, but does not speculate as to what this would look like seek to predict the future It ends by posing the question Can we reach biosphere consciousness and global empathy in time to avert planetary collapse Here s the cartoon summary.The book is an excellent history of [...]

  • I love the idea of this book the entire history of civilization in just 616 pages Rifkin has an interesting take on the role of empathy in the development of civilization, even his prolonged sidelines are engrossing soil salinity, the French decimal calendar, Stanislavski, etc A good portion of the chapter, The Emerging Era of Distributed Capitalism, is dated turns out a lot s happened in the last decade Unfortunate that at this critical time in history, there s a sociopath in the WH who is, be [...]

  • La coscienza empatica si fonda sulla consapevolezza che gli altri, come noi, sono esseri unici e mortali Se empatizziamo con un altro perch riconosciamo la sua natura fragile e finita, la sua vulnerabilit e la sua sola e unica vita proviamo la sua solitudine esistenziale, la sua sofferenza personale e la sua lotta per esistere e svilupparsi come se fossero le nostre Il nostro abbraccio empatico il nostro modo di solidarizzare con l altro e celebrare la sua vita.

  • Rifkin s The Empathic Civilization provides a great sense of optimism and happiness in regards to the future of mankind This is a beautiful and uplifting work.

  • I hesitated to give this book 2 stars because some small parts where OK but I have to admit that at the end of the road I simply did not like it Here is why I cannot support the main argument of the book which is that our civilization is getting and empathic I would even say that it is the other way around We are slaughtering at a much larger scale and our reference frame has evolved from a relatively ecocentric one to the nearly pure anthropocentric one of today Yes our increasing knowledge g [...]

  • Absolutely one of the best books I have ever read Very well written and most important showing evolution of the civilization from antique times till today and beyond Fascinating and very well documented.

  • Rifkin proposes the hypothesis that empathy is a first order driver of human actions on par with what we consider primal instincts and he makes a very good case He goes into detail explaining how communications have evolved in a symbiotic relationship with energy revolutions, for example writing was necessitated by the need to create complex instructions for hydraulic civilizations, printing presses helped with the industrial revolution, etc As civilizations grow, they use energy which creates [...]

  • I didn t like Empathic Civilization as much as Rifkin s The End of Work The Empathic Civilizations basic thesis is that as man becomes progressively connected to both others and himself psychologically , he exerts an ever greater pressure on the environment In this sense, Rifkin shows himself to be an environmental determinist along the lines of Jared Diamond and co For those of the Buckminster Fuller school of thought the trend since the 70 s of doing with less such as myself, his central the [...]

  • Rifkin makes a detailed and lengthy over 600 pages case that worldwide we are becoming increasingly empathic able to care about the well being of others, even others whose culture and language are very different Recent surveys have shown that we are becoming accepting of interracial marriage and mixed race children, homosexuality, the disabled, etc compared to a few decades ago We re also coming to see that excess wealth beyond what we need to be comfortable does not increase our happiness.The [...]

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