Carter's Big Break

Carter s Big Break After surviving freshman year just barely Carter is craving his summer break Unfortunately when he and his girlfriend Abby part ways it looks as though summer just might break him Things start t
  • Title: Carter's Big Break
  • Author: Brent Crawford
  • ISBN: 9781423112433
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Carter's Big Break
    After surviving freshman year just barely , Carter is craving his summer break Unfortunately, when he and his girlfriend, Abby, part ways, it looks as though summer just might break him Things start to look up when he s unexpectedly cast in an independent film opposite the world s biggest tween sensation, Hilary Idaho With Hollywood knocking on his door, Carter getAfter surviving freshman year just barely , Carter is craving his summer break Unfortunately, when he and his girlfriend, Abby, part ways, it looks as though summer just might break him Things start to look up when he s unexpectedly cast in an independent film opposite the world s biggest tween sensation, Hilary Idaho With Hollywood knocking on his door, Carter gets a taste of the good life But as the film spirals out of control, he begins to fear that he s not the somebody he thinks he is and the nobody he s sure he always has been Find out if Carter goes Hollywood or Hollywood goes Carter.
    Carter's Big Break By Brent Crawford,
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  • After spending his freshman year figuring out who he was, Will Carter is ready for a restful summer with his girlfriend, Abby.But when their drama teacher reveals that local author and celebrity is coming back to town to film an independent film version of his best selling novel and that he believes Carter and Abby are the perfec actors for the lead roles, suddenly Carter s life can t get any better.Unfortunately, Carter can t get out of his own way fast enough, quickly alienating Abby during a [...]

  • I really wanted to rate this three stars I really did But that wasn t even because I thought the story deserved it it was because I loved the first book so much, it pains me to rate this so low.Okay, I m being melodramatic But Carter, what happened You had such a fun and rocking freshman year, all leading to a boring and uneventful summer And people might try to argue with me on that one, but think about it What really happened in this book He gets the lead for a movie He rehearses He hangs out [...]

  • Carter s Big break is a realistic fiction with some comedy and romance involved Brent Crawford does a great job on expressing the teens feeling and emotions toward the auditions, which makes the reader fall into the story.After the first year of freshman year, carter was awarded with summer break He wanted his summer vacation to be special and memorable especially with his girlfriend, Abby, And thing start to look really good when he was unexpectedly casted for an independent film with world s b [...]

  • Carter Finally Gets It was probably my favorite book of all time So when I found out there was a sequel I absolutely had to read it And for as good as The 1st book was, I knew the 2nd one wouldn t be able to do it justice And I was right I still had a few laughs and I still liked the book but it couldn t live up to the sky high expectations set by Carter Finally Gets It.

  • While I enjoyed this book, it didn t match the excitement and humor of Crawford s first book I felt it was predictable and cliquish, but I will still recommend it to my middle schoolers because I know they aren t as critical as I am and reading is reading, right

  • Dont feel like saying something Dramtic build up, pretentious narration mixed with humor one extra star for the last part Now shoo.

  • 2nd book of Carter This summer he gets offered a movie role along side Hillary Idaho celebrity teen He wants to be good for the role, so he works hard at putting himself into the mindset of the character The writer loves Carter and when Carter improvises or makes a mistake, the writer finds it amazing The downside is Hillary is not what he expected She has major mood swings and then he smells alcohol on her breathe Next she overdoses on pills and is taken to the hospital While Hillary is spirali [...]

  • Why I picked it up It s on the list for a YALSA challenge I m doing.This book starts on the last day of Carter s freshman year He and his girlfriend Abby find out that a movie is going to be filmed in their town that summer and the writer director, who grew up in their town, wants the local kids to audition But the producers want the stars of their Kidz Channel, including just out of rehab Hillary Idaho Apparently this is a sequel to Carter Finally Gets It, though I have not read it.This book re [...]

  • Review also on AwesomeBookNuts This was cute and funny and endearing But not nearly as cute and funny and endearing as the first book in the series, Carter Finally Gets It The thing about the first book was that Carter was figuring things out for himself And it was hilarious And poignant and so honest Carter s Big Break was about Carter finding things out about other people Which, the way that Crawford writes, is entertaining and taught some good lessons, but it just didn t live up to the first [...]

  • This review may contain spoilers for Carter Finally Gets It, the first book in the series.Carter s looking forward to the summer after his freshman year of high school With Abby by his side and long days ahead to spend with friends, it s going to be a great summer Then his drama teacher convinces him and Abby to audition for a movie that s being made in town You would think a role in a real movie would make a great summer into a fantastic one, but it s all kind of a drag First, he and Abby break [...]

  • Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooIn CARTER FINALLY GETS IT, freshman Will Carter feels like he has truly made it He scores the lead in the school musical Guys and Dolls, and he has an incredibly hot girlfriend Yeah, his grades still stink, and his best friend, EJ, has gotten way lucky with the ladies, but life is looking pretty good.It would be nice to get a summer job as lifeguard at the local pool, but that s looking fairly iffy Right now, the only employment prospect [...]

  • Narrator Nick Podehl does it again, expertly adding just the right amount of flair to bring young Will Carter s voice to life.School may be out for the summer, but that in no way lessons Carter s adolescent struggles Life is hard for teens these days, especially when they re forced to face some very grown up situations and Carter is no exception Again a large factor to play into his troubles is sex As with most guys his age, the big question is who s getting some and who s out of luck and as far [...]

  • This sequel to Carter Finally Gets It was entertaining and made me laugh out loud a few times, although overall I don t think it was quite as strong as the first book Set the summer after Carter s freshman year of high school, the school break begins on a bad note when his girlfriend dumps him after he makes an incredibly daft comment He wants her back but isn t sure how to go about it because successfully dealing with girls is definitely not a talent he has, but a distraction quickly appears in [...]

  • Carters Big Break Carter s Big Break by Brent Crawford was published in 2010 and is about a teenage freshman named Carter who decides to audition for a movie that is going to be made in their hometown and decides to leave his friends alone for most of the summer.Carter and Abby who have been dating for a while now are in a unstable relationship that interferes with the making of the movie While in the heating sun Carter gets into many problems with the cast of the movie and almost gets removed f [...]

  • Carter s Big Break by Brent Crawford is a very funny and interesting book.Carter s Big Break has some mature content but it is not too bad.An example of a funny part is I fail tests all the time because I don t get the details right, but I get the ideas History war is good Social studies war is bad Geography wars were fought here, here and here pg 82 This part is funny because this is how I sometimes think about Social Studies Carter says lines like these a lot of times during the book Carter is [...]

  • Carter s Big Break is overall a good and well written book by Brent Crawford that was published in 2010 This novel is about a teenager named Carter, who loves drama class and is starred in an important role of a movie Although it may seem he may be living the life of a Hollywood actor, he also has difficulties in his relationship with his girlfriend Abby on the side which easily distracts him After Carter and Abby take a break from their relationship, he is introduced to a famous kid s channel a [...]

  • I loved the secend one just as much as I loved the first.This book was just as funny as the first.In this book Carter thinks about his life and whathe wants to be when he s older,and what s right and whats wrong the rocketship question is wrong Carter tries to figure out what kind of man he wants to be Am I supposed to intimidate other people C.B has all those tatoose,and so do most of the crew guys.He wears dreadlocks,a beard,and has muscles like armor.What don t I know What is so dangerous out [...]

  • I had as much fun reading this book as I did the first one Very entertaining, and even funny than the first book Crawford does a tremendous job writing this novel.Just the same as the first book, I would for sure recommend this to my friends They would find the book hilarious just as I did.Relating to this book was easy, because it seemed like all of the situations that Carter is trying to overcome are the same situations that I have heard of or been in As the first one did, this book had a dee [...]

  • spoiler alert this book was amazing i loved everything about it i would recommend this book who can have a sese of humor because this book is hilarious throughout the book carter learns that being an actor is hard between rembering your line getting your lines together an it was tough for hilary who is an actor nd eveybody thihks that she is a fake but thats not true she has problems at home and her acting is all she has to save her family from bankrupt she has a body guard and is rude to her sh [...]

  • This fair book is a sequel to a great book, so I m a little disappointed I can t heap enough praise on Carter Finally Gets It, with its fresh blend of goofy humor and honest adolescent guy I love Carter because he s a lot like guys I have known, wrestling with familiar problems My best friend could have been Carter I could have been Carter My eight year old son occasionally drops hints of Carter osity, at which I simultaneously grin and cringe In this book, Carter remains grin and cringe worthy, [...]

  • I listened to the audiobook version of this title as part of a challenge to read listen to YALSA s Best of the Best during the next three months I rarely listen to audiobooks, but I am so glad I found this one It was hilarious The warning on the case is indeed true This book is intended for immature audiences If you find teen guys annoying and or disgusting, this may not be the book for you The main character, Carter, is a high school freshman, and he and his boys are stereotypical in mind and m [...]

  • I enjoyed the first Carter book, so I was interested to see how this would pan out A few have said that this one isn t as funny as the first,and that is true, but that doesn t hurt the book in anyway Carter deals with some weird stuff here, so it s alright Carter is still a teenage boy in over his head with life and he does stupid things that he really should have learned not to do by now This is quite realistic and I think one of the better things about Crawford s character work Teenage boys ar [...]

  • I would recommend the book Carter s Big Break by Brent Crawford because some kids might be able to make self connections to events in the story Crawford says, My face is hot from riding hard, so the embarrassment shouldn t be that obvious, 41 Some students can relate to this because most of them try to cover up mistakes when they do something wrong or embarrassing Embarrassing moments can make everyone laugh at you so most kids try to cover up the situations Crawford also states I overcame a sli [...]

  • This one took me a little longer to finish than the first sounds a little strang considering the first book was actually longer But thats because i found the overall story to be a little less engaging as the first this was to do with Carter still the same main character of the book , but insteads focuses him on him drifting off to star in a hollywood movie and trying to get his head This leads to how he deals with the tension and how hes going to cope with it all which is almost kind of like th [...]

  • Carter s Big Break is for pretty much anyone that likes a good laugh and people that have a good interest in reading a good series that are funny I rate this book about a 4.5 because I thought it was a really good book and that it kept me reading and reading I think this book is better in my opinion because I think things happen and interesting in this book Overall I really like both books I can kinda see Carter being like some of my friends because some of them act like him and that my friends [...]

  • I really, really, really wanted to love this book Unfortunately, it was a major disappointment as a follow up to the seminal, Carter Finally Gets It It seemed to me like the author rushed to get this sequel to the presses, and just couldn t recapture the same magic as with the original I also find it quite annoying and transparent that he was obviously trying to write about himself with the director character While this book had some funny moments and I suppose some important lessons, I wanted [...]

  • Carter s Big Break Carter s Big Break by Brent Crawford tells the story about a young man through his way of adolescence Carter has a tough time managing the people he care about and his rising acting star Carter gets the big break of a lifetime as his town is hosting a movie audition at his high school This book is a great read Brent Crawford was able to use vivid language and give the reader a great theme, friends and family are what really matter Personally, I felt like i could relate to the [...]

  • Carter survived his freshman year, barely, and is ready to rock his first high school summer Things are going great with Abby, his fabulous girlfriend and he just found out that a hollywood movie will be filming in Merrian and his drama teacher wants him to try out for the lead role Seems like everything is going his way, but we all know this can t last long, when everything falls apart After making an insensitive suggestion to his girlfriend he is single again He gets the lead role in the movie [...]

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