The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances

The Heart Mender A Story of Second Chances In the classic storytelling style of The Noticer and The Traveler s Gift New York Times best selling author Andy Andrews now delivers an adventure set sharply against the warm waters and white sands
  • Title: The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances
  • Author: Andy Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780785231035
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances
    In the classic storytelling style of The Noticer and The Traveler s Gift, New York Times best selling author Andy Andrews now delivers an adventure set sharply against the warm waters and white sands of the Gulf of Mexico in WWII America.Saddened and unable to abandon her resentment toward the Nazi war machine that took her husband s life, the young and attractive Helen MaIn the classic storytelling style of The Noticer and The Traveler s Gift, New York Times best selling author Andy Andrews now delivers an adventure set sharply against the warm waters and white sands of the Gulf of Mexico in WWII America.Saddened and unable to abandon her resentment toward the Nazi war machine that took her husband s life, the young and attractive Helen Mason is living a bitter, lonely existence Betrayed and left for dead, German U boat officer Lt Josef Landermann washes ashore in a sleepy town along the northern gulf coast, looking to Helen for survival.The Heart Mender is a story of life, loss, and reconciliation, reminding us of the power of forgiveness and the universal healing experience of letting go.
    The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances By Andy Andrews,
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    Hailed by a New York Times writer as a modern day Will Rogers who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America Spoken at the request of four different U.S Presidents Every single minute a book by Andy Andrews is sold somewhere in the world New York Times Bestselling Author of The Noticer and The Traveler s GiftSource andyandrews


  • I really, really loved this story, it was incredible A beautiful book of friendship, love, and forgiveness And the author did an incredible job at narrating the book

  • Read this book You will not regret it I loved it from the very first word to the very end It s beautiful and inspiring Worth every minute of your time I am for sure going to be reading of Andy s books after this one.

  • The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews presents two compelling and engaging stories The first story, which consists of parts 1 and 3 of the book, tells the story of Andrews discovery of World War II German U Boat artifacts in his Gulf Coast yard and his own personal journey to uncover the origins of how these items got into his yard The second story details the ramification of a chance encounter between Josef a German submariner who becomes separated from his German U Boat while patrolling the Gulf of [...]

  • I started this book by Andy Andrews on my 46th birthday My friend took me to lunch and I asked her to swing by the library to pick it up I read the subtitle to her A Story of the One Principle That Frees the Human Spirit Do tell I responded with sarcasm While that statement is a tall glass of water, it delivers a thirst quenching story of forgiveness Andrews writes, Where is it written that for one person to forgive another, the offender has to approve it, accept it, or even know about it Not to [...]

  • 3.5 stars.Historical Fiction is a genre I have always enjoyed and I ve come to enjoy WWI WWII HF a lot This was a story that was different then the run of the mill type WWII fiction stories I always appreciate that and the author s creativity This was kind of a sweet story, but that isn t such a bad thing when dealing with the ugliness of war There were some things glossed over with this book, but I think the author stayed focused on the story he was unfolding without clouding the big picture So [...]

  • I m pretty sure this is going down as one of my favorite books I absolutely loved it Andrews weaves a story of finding German WWII artifacts buried in a can on his ocean front property and Josef and Helen s journey to find peace and forgiveness Andrews offers photos of buttons, a couple of photographs, a ring, and a medal he found digging up the roots to an old tree He then seeks to find the story for these items being deposited on the beach.What he discovers is really quite shocking German U bo [...]

  • WOW I loved this book so much I seriously had no idea if I was going to like it I saw it at our library used book sale shelf, and decided to give it a try You can t beat 0.50 for a hardback It was so good It took me a little while to get into it, and the writing seemed a little slow but the story was amazing Also, there seemed to be telling than showing, but it didn t really bother me at all It was just hard to wade through some of it But the ending was just ahh I can t say any or I will spoil [...]

  • I listened to this book and really enjoyed the authors voice as he narrated I loved the story about second chances and the love story of it all However the romance was a bit lacking I loved the forgiveness in this book and the two sides it came from Very interesting story about subs in U.S Waters War is so crazy and unpredictable.

  • I actually listened to this book and really enjoyed it I LOVED the author s reading voice It made it all the enjoyable hearing this story A sad story but yet endearing.

  • The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews tells the story of two broken lives on opposite sides of enemy lines during the second world war in 1942 During this time German subs or u boats are in the Gulf of Mexico to sink U.S vessels and also carry goods and fuel It was interesting reading about this part of US history that I hadn t heard about before.A woman who was widowed due to the war discovers a wounded German soldier on the beach one night These two lives are thrust together by circumstances, and t [...]

  • At first it took a bit to get into the story, a fairly good romance and WW2 themed story based upon real events located in Alabama It was fun to hear the names of towns that I have been to and especially Robertsdale where my sister lives Of course the location helped with my enjoyment of the book I did feel that the book itself had a very clear storyboard from beginning, the middle of the book was the most intriguing and then the slow decline to the end, a little too predictable for me I think i [...]

  • Absolutely powerful book on forgiveness I have read so many books about WWII and this was another perspective of that time period I have a growing collection of WWII books about 150d those are not counting all the ones on my kindle I keep reading trying to understand the why s of Hitler s Germany Not all Germans were NazisI would love to meet Josef and Helen in person Andy Andrewsyou told this tale in a very moving way It truly has taught me about the power of forgiveness

  • C H E E S E, that spells The Heart Mender This story could have been so much better, one of those based on a true story novels But instead it s a self help book with a theme that s crammed down your throat and with possibly the worst dialogue I ve ever read.

  • I loved this book because it taught me a history lesson, it showed me true love and reasons to forgive Another title, where it became informative to details not shared to the American public and a loss of lives before we were officially in the war I was shocked when I finished chapter two A damn shame too A title for all to read and be astounded at the historical facts and a real story about a man and a woman who fell in love during a tragedy Both had lost and both had everything to gain with ea [...]

  • Andrews narrative offers insight into German U Boat activities in American waters during WWII Not much was reported on regarding the German Navy s attempt to disrupt shipping right here in our own waters, and in particular about how these U Boats were refueled and supplied with food so far from Germany Apparently there were people here in the United States who helped the German subs get food and fuel simply for the money This was done covertly under the cover of darkness.Andrews also offers insi [...]

  • This was an enjoyable book with many different parts to it There was a theme of forgiveness throughout There were interesting facts about German U boats in the Gulf of Mexico during WWII There was a historical fiction feel to it, and you re left not quite sure whether it is a true story or not I enjoyed the story a lot than the writing, and the story is definitely worth reading Familiar with the place, I stepped from my vehicle and ventured over to the edge of the driveway to look at the famous [...]

  • At the first glance of the cover of this book story, the reader can gain some insight into what they will find inside Is it a love story, a story of intrigue, a story of espionage, a war story, a story of a combination of two or These are the questions that each reader will have to decide for themselves.As I started my journey towards the story line and answers to the questions noted above, I was immediately captivated by the characters What I especially liked was the initial part of the story, [...]

  • This beautiful story takes place along the Gulf of Mexico and alternates between 1942 and current day There are two stories being told and some very important life lessons being relayed in this book The current day story involves the author, Andy Andrews and his discovery of some photos, buttons from a military uniform and some military medals all buried in his yard in Florida.He begins an investigation as to how and why these items were buried in his yard seemingly forgotten Just who was it tha [...]

  • Last night, I read the last page of The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews I was astonished by this true story I kept thinking to myself that it couldn t be true but it was If it was fiction, it would be too incredible The author lives on the coastline of where Alabama and Florida meet He went outside one day to cut down a big bayberry tree He was tried to dig up the roots and when he realized this was an impossible job, he hit his shovel on a restaurant sized can He opened the can and found some butt [...]

  • When author Andy Andrews unearthed a rusted metal container filled with Nazi artefacts he began an investigation into the past that lead to a moving story about the power of forgiveness and being able to let go.Josef Landermann s uniform leaves Helen Mason with no doubt that his near lifeless body is that of a German sailor Given that the country is in full scale commitment to WWII and as a recent widow of the war, Helen s first instinct is to leave him there to die until something changes her m [...]

  • I enjoy reading historical fiction and looked forward to reading Andy Andrews The Heart Mender The author said this book was his best work, so I was expecting a knock out story While the story had excellent potential to be a really GREAT read, I felt the book fell short Within the first couple chapters and before the main 1942 storyline even started, I knew how the story would end and which present day characters would turn out to be the 1942 couple It was just too obvious I enjoyed the story of [...]

  • This was a fascinating story of war, faith and forgiveness One of my favorites quotes History tells us that a democracy is always temporary in nature It simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government a democracy will continue to exist up until the voters discover that they can literally vote themselves gifts from the public treasury From the moment that revelation is made, the majority proceeds to vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury The final res [...]

  • 3.5 starsEven as a person fascinated with WWII history, I wasn t bowled over by this book, but I did find it to be a fairly interesting read The author says that it is a true story, and since we all know that truth is stranger than fiction, I have no reason not to believe him The romantic in me loved the love story between Josef and Helen, and the history buff found the the German U boat officer s tale interesting.The book is listed as a self help, inspirational book, not history, and there are [...]

  • 3.5 stars I didn t realize this novel was based on facts and some actual people until the very end There were German submarines right off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico A little too close for comfort.I liked that I learned interesting, little known facts, like some German submarines would approach their target and order them to quickly disembark They would blow up their ship, then provide them with water canteens and point them to the nearest landfall The human difference between Nazi s and Ger [...]

  • This book has me intrigued even today after having read it a few years ago This is a historical fiction book but it was also written as a motivational story THe author Andy Andrews writes this story as it really happened but then tries to say that it really is fiction to protect the people in the story It is a story that addresses the Uboats that would sit out in the Gulf of Mexico just off the panhandle of florida It tells the love story of one of the soldiers that is washed up onto the beach a [...]

  • This book started out really slow for me but after a couple of chapters I was hooked and absorbed into the story I really enjoyed reading and finding out what was going to happen next as the story progressed A great historical fiction that leaves me questioning it really true Very enjoyable and setting was a place I just visitedPerdido Key FL Gulf Shores AL so made it real for me.

  • What a delightful true story I was astounded that I had never heard of German U boats in the Gulf We had some Germans come ashore here, in Ponte Vedra Beach, and they were captured, and I believe killed The dose of forgiveness in the book was a little heavy, but heartfelt and certainly worthy Andrews passage about the downfall of democracies was VERY eerie, and I thought so applicable to where our country is today I was blown away by it I highly recommend this book to all

  • This novel is one of the best books I ve read recently Though categorized as fiction because, in part, of the addition of dialogue and names that were changed, the story is trued compelling Andrews passages on forgiveness Worth remembering I cannot recommend The Heart Mender highly enough

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