This Body of Death

This Body of Death While DI Thomas Lynley is still on compassionate leave after the murder of his wife Isabelle Ardery is brought into the Met as his temporary replacement The discovery of a body in a Stoke Newington c
  • Title: This Body of Death
  • Author: ElizabethGeorge
  • ISBN: 9780061160882
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This Body of Death
    While DI Thomas Lynley is still on compassionate leave after the murder of his wife, Isabelle Ardery is brought into the Met as his temporary replacement The discovery of a body in a Stoke Newington cemetery offers Isabelle the chance to make her mark with a high profile murder investigation Persuading Lynley back to work seems the best way to guarantee a result Lynley While DI Thomas Lynley is still on compassionate leave after the murder of his wife, Isabelle Ardery is brought into the Met as his temporary replacement The discovery of a body in a Stoke Newington cemetery offers Isabelle the chance to make her mark with a high profile murder investigation Persuading Lynley back to work seems the best way to guarantee a result Lynley s team is fiercely loyal to him and Isabelle needs them and especially Barbara Havers on side The Met is twitchy a series of PR disasters has undermined its confidence Isabelle knows that she ll be operating under the unforgiving scrutiny of the media, so is quick perhaps too quick to pin the murder on a convenient suspect The murder trail leads Lynley and Havers to the New Forest, and the eventual resolution of the case Its roots are in a long ago act of violence that has poisoned subsequent generations and its outcome is both tragic and shocking.
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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Susan Elizabeth George is an American author of mystery novels set in Great Britain Eleven of her novels, featuring her character Inspector Lynley, have been adapted for television by the BBC as The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.She was born in Warren, Ohio, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was eighteen months old She was a student of English, receiving a teaching certificate While teaching English in the public school system, she completed an advanced degree in psychology.Her first published novel was A Great Deliverance in 1988, featuring Thomas Lynley, Lord Asherton, a Scotland Yard inspector of noble birth Barbara Havers, Lynley s assistant, from a very working class background Lady Helen Clyde, Lynley s girlfriend and later wife, of noble birth as well and Lynley s friends Simon and Deborah St James.This Elizabeth George is distinct from the other author named Elizabeth George Christian author.Series Inspector Lynley


  • Having gotten sick of YA books, I ve lately been binge reading a bunch of adult mysteries Elizabeth George s Lynley series has been one of them For the most part, the books have been pretty good.Except for this book.First, there was nothing wrong with the mystery I absolutely loved the mystery and the characterization The timeline breaks were a little bit confusing, but the way all the ends tied together was absolutely brilliant As with all Lynley novels, red herrings abound The mystery was comp [...]

  • I ve enjoyed most of Elizabeth George s books However, the last two have not gone well for me I couldn t even pick up What Came Before He Shot Her , with it s merciless, depressing look at the very poor and very abused murder perpetrator child Careless in Red was okay, but slow.This book introduces a new candidate for superintendant, Isabelle Ardery, an alcoholic and divorced mother I didn t especially like her, and liked her even less after she and Lynley got too close for my liking I found it [...]

  • The good news If you were aghast when Elizabeth George killed off Helen Lynley, disinterested in What Came Before He Shot Her, and underwhelmed by Careless in Red, then you ll take some small comfort knowing that This Body of Death is better than the last couple of George novels Lynley is back, at least sort of he s returned to London and started to emerge from his cocoon of grief He agrees to participate in a murder investigation headed by Isabelle Ardery, not to lead the investigation, but to [...]

  • this book is endless when you figure out who the killer is, you still have like three hundred pages to go, so you tell yourself the person you figured out cannot possibly be the killer, cause how is EG going to keep the book going for another three hundred pages when we all know who the killer is well, she can and she does.even after the story ends killer taken care of, case wrapped , she is still going and going if there is one thing i fault EG is that her books are too damn long now, i have no [...]

  • Mystery fans, rejoice Elizabeth George has returned with a novel worthy of the Lynley moniker Anyone following George s Inspector Lynley series will know that This Body of Death is the third novel following the murder of Inspector Thomas Lynley s beloved wife, Helen What Came Before He Shot Her is not really of the Lynley series, since the story is all about the events that led to a young boy shooting Helen Lynley, rather than a Lynley mystery per se The delicious Lynley grieved his way through [...]

  • A disappointing continuation of the Lynley Havers series spoilers.When I first started reading Elizabeth George s Lynley mysteries, I was caught not only by the crimes and motivations of the secondary characters, but of the interesting dynamic between DI Lynley and then DC Havers Havers remains an interesting character who I want to learn about, but Lynley is becoming boring by the book His need to rescue women is becoming irritating, especially when it leads him in the direction that it does [...]

  • Really wavered on the 3 vs 4 stars I have loved Elizabeth George murder mysteries since I happened across my first book of hers years ago I think it was a coverless paperback that I got free while working at a bookstore Then a couple books ago, she did something with a character that I found pretty unforgiveable So I swore I d never read another But I did Wasn t sure I liked that one, so I didn t think I d read another But I did And here I am reading yet another one she keeps pulling me back.And [...]

  • Okay, I love Elizabeth George, but can someone tell her editor to trim at least 75 to 100 pages from her books We don t need a psyche profile for EVERY character in the book.I actually listened to this book on CD because there was no way I was going to read this tome night after night.Anyway, this was a hard one to stomach She used a very famous child murder case as a backdrop to this book James Bulgar case So there were several chapters of taped socio pathology reports that I just fast forwarde [...]

  • George begins by describing three lower class British boys, their families and lives, with the kind of precision and detail that would characterize a social worker s report of a case of childhood abuse, family dysfunction, and psychopathology After an arresting first sentence, there is a long slow wind up to the first pitch of the book, the boys encounter with a toddler, and since we have no real reason to be interested in these boys, their whining, the details of what they had for breakfast, it [...]

  • This book and several other recent Inspector Lynley novels have not not been as engrossing or enjoyable for me as Elizabeth George s earlier books were It seems as if, as time goes on, her characters become and bizarre, violent or just plain frustrating, and the stories and complicated beyond possibility stretching credulity The author also, lately, seems bent on moralizing every story includes wearying social commentary, woven through and around the central mystery Add to that her penchant [...]

  • TWENTY ONE DISCS AND ONLY THREE WEEKS TO LISTEN TO THEM OMG NORTH SUBURBAN LIBRARY SYSTEM I LOVE YOU BUT YOU RE KILLING ME.I had to hurry through this one to maybe get it back to the library on time, but it was so complex that I m sort of glad that I read it in a rush Four and a half stars Much, much better than the author s recent books What Came Before He Shot Her, Careless in Red, and I, Richard Almost as good as her A Great Deliverance Very dark, of course, and with terrific recurring charac [...]

  • I have been hooked on the Inspector Lynley books since I picked up the first one I enjoyed the characters and liked the personal stories inside the crime mysteries Careless In Red and What Came Before He Shot Her have been disappointing and ruined a good chemistry with the characters This Body of Death continued my disappointment I found it very difficult to get through the case study of three young boys kidnapping and murdering a two year old The newest character, Isabelle Ardery is totally unl [...]

  • Considering I ve read 10,000 pages of her writing, I m somewhat ambivalent about her work This book the first one I ve read in a few years reminded me why My reaction is really typical enough that this can count as a review of the whole Lynley series.It starts out slow and for 100 pages or so it can be a bit of a chore reading it the characters seldom seem promising at the start and it s too much of a procedural Then at some point I realize I m 500 pages in and eager to find out what happens to [...]

  • Excellent mystery novel Wonderful plot that kept me interested, with lots of sub plots and characters, enough to keep me wondering how it was all going to come together I m a big fan of Inspector Lynley, but I almost stopped reading the Lynley novels after his wife was tragically killed How dare Elizabeth George do that to him This book brings back Lynley into police work, under a woman inspector, working with Barbara Havers and Winston Nkata to find the murderer of a young woman found in a Lond [...]

  • Dear DS Barbara Havers,I must confess, you are the only reason I anticipate a new novel by Elizabeth George While your creatrix is arguably one of the best writers in her field, I did find all the parts without you a bit tedious Now that Helen has died, you are the only breath of fresh air knocking about these pages Sergeant Nkata shows promise, but I think it s going to take another book or so for him to come into his own I find Tommy Lynley s solemn, sad and unfailing propriety a bit tedious e [...]

  • Lynley jumps in the sack with Isabelle Ardery Really, Lynley Really With a woman you just dumped into a cold shower because she was so obliteratedly drunk I m beyond disappointed.Also not credible that Havers would put on a skirt and a blouse with a pussy bow in order to pass muster with her viraginous supervisor, rather than telling her to go eff herself.I can t figure out why George needs to abbreviate can as c n This makes her qualified to teach writing classes, apparently Go f g r e In her f [...]

  • Ah, what happened to you, Elizabeth George Her series lost me a few books back for several reasons ridiculous relationship between Lynley and Helen OMG, could she have been high maintenance Helen s death and Lynley s subsequent fall into the abyss of grief Wondering on his walking tour in the sleet and rain come on Now he s back and gets physically involved with a crazy type A alcoholic acting chief superintendent Really There s no reason nor excuse for some of these odd character side stories [...]

  • Disappointing Lynley returns to the Met, but his new boss is a piece of work He, however, seems to like her well enough There is a sub plot that we really don t know why it s there except that it is based on a horrfic incident of a few years back and was too good for Ms George to resist including Wrong It had it s place and I suppose that place was to be the zinger I found it tiresome There s some interesting stuff about wild ponies and the caretaking of them, Barbara Havers is in good form Alth [...]

  • Elizabeth George s novels have grown in stature as she expanded her repertoire from English country house murders to full fledged police procedurals This tale is not in my opinion one of her best With No One As Witness is far better, both from a character and plot viewpoint.Still the tale is readable and fans will want to know how Inspector Lynley eases his way back into the world of policing Lynley is still grieving his wife Helen sad as the circumstances are, she was a vapid flibbertigibbet an [...]

  • In this sixteenth book in the Thomas Lynley series Elizabeth George tells the story of two crimes the murder of a toddler by three juvenile delinguents who are soon caught and the murder of a young woman in a London cemetery by an unknown assailant Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, still mourning the death of his wife, returns to Scotland Yard to help investigate the second crime His team is supervised by Acting Superintendent Isabelle Ardery, a divorced, pushy, alcoholic micromanager who is an [...]

  • After the disappointing Careless in Red Elizabeth George is back in character with the kind well developed, complex, can t put it down book her readers look forward to In This Body of Death Lynley is still on compassionate leave but is called back to the Met to help his temporary replacement, the ambitious Isabelle Ardery The novel begins with excerpts from a report about a murder in the 1990s Two boys snag a toddler from a shopping center, torture, and kill him Based on the case of Jamie Bolger [...]

  • After reading Careless In Red by Elizabeth George I decided to wait it out and see what would follow It has been a few years and I resumed with This Body of Death the sixteenth book in the Inspector Lynley series The good news is that Lynley has returned sort of to New Scotland Yard, Havers and the team are present, and Simon and Deborah St James are also included The downside is the added character of Isabelle Ardery, who is unlikeable for so very many different reasons George s writing is bril [...]

  • I wish every book I read could be this good I didn t want it to end and could not put it down I love this series and, unlike alot of readers, thought it was a great series twist when Helen was shot in an earlier book There were two things about the book I didn t absolutely love First, the same theme of what happens to abused children when they get older we first saw it in What Came Before He Shot Her appears again in this novel and it isn t really needed I understand that George has some kind of [...]

  • Elizabeth George s writing style is a cut above many mysteries I put her in the same category as P.D James This particular book got three stars, not four, because I found some of the characters not quite believable particularly one of the suspects who must have gone through quite a transformation not explained in the book at some point I also found a romantic connection between two characters quite unbelievable And George tiresomely repeats throughout the book that series regular Barbara Havers [...]

  • I have just finished the 692nd page I like the Inspector Lynley mysteries But, I found this one had too much violence and too much social commentary Having the saga of the 10 year old boys killing the baby interwoven thru the current story was an interesting plot device, but it stretched the horrific story out much longer than needed I guess I ll have to go back to Agatha Christie.

  • Libro piacevolmente affascinante Una giovane donna viene rinvenuta morta in un cimitero di Londra tra il ritorno al lavoro dell ispettore Lynley, indagini serrate e colpi di scena si trover il colpevole in un uomo pregiudicato dell Hampshire.

  • Inspector Thomas Lynley is back Sort of Elizabeth George s sixteenth novel revolving around the dapper Scotland Yard detective, This Body of Death, sees Tommy Lynley s return to London from his compassionate leave and his hike of the Cornish coast after the senseless murder of his wife, Lady Helen and their unborn child.After the body of an unidentified young woman is found in an overgrown cemetery in Stoke Newington in north London, Lynley, who is already home in Belgravia, is summoned back to [...]

  • I feel bad Elizabeth George is one of my favorite authors I ve always loved the interaction of Thomas Lynsey and Barbara Havers But ever since shenkilled off Helen, this series has floundered George has kept Lynsey and Havers separated, so the big draw of the series is missing In addition, the plots there are 2 just go on and on and on without any seeming interaction So, at 40% complete, I m giving it up as a lost cause and moving on to something else I just hope the series gets back on track so [...]

  • I love Inspector Lynley and his team This one kept me hanging on until Ms George gave me the clues Did this one on audio and John Lee is a great narrator.

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