No Dominion

No Dominion Joe Pitt s life sucks He hasn t had a case or a job in God knows how long and his stashes are running on empty What stashes The only ones that count to a guy like Joe blood and money The money he uses
  • Title: No Dominion
  • Author: Charlie Huston
  • ISBN: 9780345478252
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • No Dominion
    Joe Pitt s life sucks He hasn t had a case or a job in God knows how long and his stashes are running on empty What stashes The only ones that count to a guy like Joe blood and money The money he uses to buy blood the blood he drinks Hey, buddy, it s that or your neck you want to choose The only way to lay his hands on both is to take a gig with the local Vampyre CJoe Pitt s life sucks He hasn t had a case or a job in God knows how long and his stashes are running on empty What stashes The only ones that count to a guy like Joe blood and money The money he uses to buy blood the blood he drinks Hey, buddy, it s that or your neck you want to choose The only way to lay his hands on both is to take a gig with the local Vampyre Clan See, something new is on the streets, a new high, a high so strong it can send a Vampyre spazzing through Joe s local watering hole Till Joe sends him through a plate glass window, that is So it s time for Joe to gut up and swallow that pride and follow the leads wherever they go It won t be long before he s slapping stoolies, getting sapped, and being taken for a ride above 110th Street Someone s pulling Joe s strings, and now he s riding the A train, looking to find who it is He s gonna cut them when he finds them the strings and the hands that hold them.
    No Dominion By Charlie Huston,
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    Charlie Huston is an American author of Noircrime fiction However, according to a recent interview with Paradigm, he prefers to be classified as a writer of Pulp, due to how he writes.


  • This was the book that sealed the deal If New York detective noir with a vampire twist is the kind of description that piques your interest, I strongly recommend this book It s completely unlike most UF, nary a sparkle or wolf to be found, and owes most of its atmosphere to the Sam Spade tradition of the cold hearted loner trying to retain some thin shred of his ideals The plot appears to be a relatively straightforward investigation but has a whiz bang reveal that floored me When I realized wha [...]

  • If I ever get reincarnated as a fictional character, I do not want to end up in a Charlie Huston novel Joe Pitt is a good example In this second installment of the Joe Pitt Casebook, much like the first, Joe goes to a New York hell and back gets beat up, burned up, tortured, passed around evil vampire clans like a ping pong ball and, unlike any other private investigator, still never gets to have sex with his girl Joe is a vampire too and rather low on the social register Yet what makes Joe Pitt [...]

  • Joe Pitt gets mixed up in a nasty double cross and, as usual, he s on the losing end of itThere is a new drug going around the Island of Manhattan and it s causing havoc among the newly converted Seems that this drug is the only way for a Vampyre to get high, or at least feel the high they did before the Vyrus Terry Bird, head of The Society, asks Joe to look into it and find out where it s coming from and who s dealing it This mission leads Joe on a journey Uptown which means he has to cross th [...]

  • Oh, Joe You have a totally unenviable life I m not sure I know another fictional character that gets abused as badly as you.These books are gritty, full of twists and turns, and just plain fun I know what you re saying I m sick and tired of vampires Well, tough And, he s not that type of vampire The vampire aspect is just part of the scenery The real fun is the plotting and the characters in this pulp noir story Get past your vampire prejudice and just enjoy the ride

  • The second installment from Huston featuring vampire tough guy and gun for hire, Joe Pitt This series was still on an upward trend with NO DOMINION Very good.

  • Charlie Huston has another series of books a trilogy which consists of Caught Stealing, Six Bad Things, and A Dangerous Man Go read those they re pretty terrific This is the second in his series about a loner noirish vampire sort of P.I who navigates amongst various clan factions of vampires who have territories in Manhattan, and it s got a Lower East Side attitude in spades, and not much else There was an initial build out of a mythos in the first book, but now in the second book, he has to spe [...]

  • Got Blood Joe Pitt is the classic pulp fiction tough guy Part private investigator, part leg breaker, all renegade Joe Pitt is also a vampyre Welcome to Charlie Huston s contemporary New York, a city where by night the undead walk among us, holed up in darkened Manhattan apartments by day But But Houston s Dracula is about as similar to Bram Stoker and Transylvanian and bats as blood is similar to Kool Aid Huston s blood lusting wraiths of Manhattan are victims of an AIDS like Vyrus , aligned in [...]

  • If you asked me last night when I read the last 60 some pages in one or two sittings I would have said this was an awesome book and had lots of great urban noir style that The Dresden Files can only dream of Even as late as this morning I was recommending this book as a great addition to the growing vampire spelled vampyre in this book for no good reason at all collection But right now, I don t remember much of it.So, yeah, we have our Joe Pitt cooler than thou vampire PI without any work invest [...]

  • 2 5 2 stars CThis started out really good Edgey with a film noir feel Kind of like The Maltese Falcon with vampyres and thugs instead of Bogart and dames Then it dragged and there were big detours to fill in back story and then the really tough guys came into the scene and I just about keeled over from testosterone poisoning so I had to call it a day The narrator was really good, Scott Brick.

  • Second in the urban fantasy series, Joe Pitt, a new kind of paranormal crime fiction Yup, the name says it all gritty, pulp noir about a 17 year old runaway who gets infected with the Vyrus turning him into a vampire Spending the first 30 years, few for a vampire that is, learning the ropes and how to survive in his new unlife Joe decides to go it alone, as a rogue living a precarious life on the fringe of various clans territories Tolerated for his fairness.The StoryIt s been rough in the month [...]

  • Joe Pitt returns for his second adventure, and author Huston continues to build his hard boiled Manhattan vampire mythos This time Joe is on the hunt for the origins of a volatile drug derived from the vampire Vyrus and the trail points uptown to Harlem As a rogue who refuses to ally with any of the battling vampire clans, Joe runs the gauntlet as he crosses town on the A train Huston does a great job of continuing to develop the antagonisms and history between the clans he introduced in the fir [...]

  • I d like to start this review with an exhortation to the horror tinged detective novel written in the first person buying public Drop that crappy Laurell K Hamilton book and get on the Charlie Huston train With ALREADY DEAD, Huston took his already keen noir skills into the supernatural realm, populating Manhattan with a patchwork of rival vampyre clans and doing away with quotation marks altogether His protagonist undead sad sack private eye Joe Pitt was introduced with macabre magnificence, an [...]

  • The first one didn t quite do it for me I thought it was a good story, good ideas, good characters, but I didn t connect to the series in the way I like to, and so I had this book sitting in my room for weeks Finally, nothing else to read, sit down with this and am down for the count This book right here is where Huston really introduces us to Pitt and the world he lives in, and this is where I fell in love with it The story line is compelling, the action was gritty and drawing and the character [...]

  • This book is the 2nd in the series Originally I picked up the 1st book because it looked like most of my current junk reading vampires, etc.This is not junk reading.The series is very dark it would be accurate to describe it as noir And, its very well written Think Dashiell Hammett mixed with a little bit of sad love The protagonist s love life really sums it up His girlfriend isn t big into touching him at all, because she is HIV He doesn t want to touch his girlfriend too much because he doesn [...]

  • Typical of the Joe Pitt series A good, indulgent, fast read about a fictonal NYC where the vampire underground is making trouble for itself again If you are into vampire noir manhattancentric books, you ll enjoy this The prose is tight, the characters just believable enough The references to very real bars and shops in and around downtown nyc make it especially enjoyable if you get the references i can t wait for the next one Half the Blood in Brooklyn I can t wait to see what holes Pitt ends up [...]

  • A standard noir thriller with some gang turf stuff and a typical down and out detective with a chip on his shoulder The twist is that everyone is a vampire Well, kind of The protagonist and mains are all dependent on human blood for survival, healing factor, and kind of a high It actually made me think about the possibility of a noir detective book starring a heroin addict might be interesting Part of the reason I think of this is that the plot is driven by a drug running operation that our hero [...]

  • I really like this book, I really suspense book and how other characters are dealing with problems and show h0w they overcome them Joe the main character was abused a lot and had a lot in his mind but always had something nice to say about people and never really liked arguing or fighting The only thing I disliked about this book was that it was a really slow book, it took a while to lead to the conflict of the story and would ve like to seen the problem in the beginning of the story

  • I really love the voice of the Joe Pitt He s a strong character and a vivid narrator He does keep causing trouble for himself though, and I keep wanting to tell him to shut his smart mouth He also gets beat up an excessive amount and in increasingly gruesome manners I enjoy the world he describes but I could live without some of the graphic descriptions.

  • This series, man It s dark and gritty, gruesome and utterly awful I d never, ever recommend it to anyone Like, ever.But oh, man do I love it Reading this series has been like hiding in a closet with a bag full of Taco Bell and Chinese takeout I m going to regret it, I m going to love every moment, and I m not going to talk about it in the morning.

  • I can t tell if this book is a 5 star, that includes topics I just don t get or don t like, or if it s a 4 star that has a couple of finer points than don t jive with me Guess I ll keep trying to figure it out as I read of the series Regardless, of which it is, I devoured this book, so my sensibilities aside, it is well worth reading.

  • If you can get past the absolutely cringe inducing attempts at African American Vernacular, it s an enjoyable read.

  • Things start to heat up as Huston introduces clans and the city begins to get fleshed out further Joe also has depth added as his don t take shit from no one personality expands.

  • PROTAGONIST Joe Pitt, vampireSETTING New York CitySERIES 2 of 2RATING 3.75How do you like your vampires Do you want them swishing around in long black capes with bad hairdos Do you want the fangs to be long and menacing, or do you prefer a discreet dentation George Hamilton or Tom Cruise If any of these are your preference, then you are going to be out of luck when you read NO DOMINION by Charlie Huston His vampires act and look very much like normal people There s no one going around salivatin [...]

  • Sin dominio es la continuaci n de ya estamos muertos, una novela de cine negro, con Joe Pitt un antiguo punk, con algunos amigos y muchos mas enemigos de los que el quisiera como nuestro antih roe de esta trepidante serie de libros Ahora enfrascado en descubrir de que va eso que haya una droga que pone a los vampiros hasta arriba, cosa que no le importa demasiado sino es por que anda mas bien justo de efectivo y de lo otro que guarda en esa nevera, bueno y que acaba de tener que sacar a uno de e [...]

  • Pretty much a carbon copy of the first novel Sure some of the surface details were different but what it boils down to is this Something happens, joe begins to investigate, Joe gets injured time and again as he gets pulled between all the big players until eventually Joe gets the answers he needs and he uses those answers to get in a position where one of the big players can help him On top of this there is his girlfriend who he of course has some trouble with in the beginning of the novel but m [...]

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