Innocent In years after the events of the earlier book former lawyer Rusty Sabich now a Kindle County Ill chief appellate judge is again suspected of murdering a woman close to him His wife Barba
  • Title: Innocent
  • Author: Scott Turow
  • ISBN: 9780446562423
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Innocent
    In 2008, 22 years after the events of the earlier book, former lawyer Rusty Sabich, now a Kindle County, Ill chief appellate judge, is again suspected of murdering a woman close to him His wife, Barbara, has died in her bed of what appear to be natural causes, yet Rusty comes under scrutiny from his old nemesis, acting prosecuting attorney Tommy Molto, who unsuccessfullIn 2008, 22 years after the events of the earlier book, former lawyer Rusty Sabich, now a Kindle County, Ill chief appellate judge, is again suspected of murdering a woman close to him His wife, Barbara, has died in her bed of what appear to be natural causes, yet Rusty comes under scrutiny from his old nemesis, acting prosecuting attorney Tommy Molto, who unsuccessfully prosecuted him for killing his mistress decades earlier Tommy s chief deputy, Jim Brand, is suspicious because Rusty chose to keep Barbara s death a secret, even from their son, Nat, for almost an entire day, which could have allowed traces of poison to disappear Rusty s candidacy for a higher court in an imminent election his recent clandestine affair with his attractive law clerk, Anna Vostic and a breach of judicial ethics complicate matters further.
    Innocent By Scott Turow,

    Innocent Definition of Innocent by Merriam Webster b a nave, inexperienced, or unsophisticated person a political innocent during a great land boom in which immense fortunes were made and innocents like himself fleeced. Innocent Definition of Innocent at Dictionary Innocent definition, free from moral wrong without sin pure innocent children See . Innocent TV Mini Series Jan , With Lee Ingleby, Daniel Ryan, Adrian Rawlins, Hermione Norris David Collins fights to rebuild his shattered life, when, after spending seven years in a high security prison, his conviction for the murder of his wife is overturned. Innocent definition of innocent by The Free Dictionary Not guilty of a specific crime or offense legally blameless was innocent of all charges.

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    Scott Turow is the author of ten bestselling works of fiction, including IDENTICAL, INNOCENT, PRESUMED INNOCENT, and THE BURDEN OF PROOF, and two nonfiction books, including ONE L, about his experience as a law student His books have been translated into than forty languages, sold than thirty million copies worldwide, and have been adapted into movies and television projects He has frequently contributed essays and op ed pieces to publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic.


  • Scott Turow s Presumed Innocent has always been one of my favorite books, and I still think that it s the best legal thriller I ve ever read I ve also enjoyed the novels that Turow has written since Presumed Innocent, but I approached this sequel with reservations I wasn t sure why Turow would resurrect these characters and attempt to write a sequel to a virtually perfect book Why not leave well enough alone In the end, I wish he would have That is not to say that I didn t enjoy Innocent it s ge [...]

  • I used to love Turow s legal thrillers but either my taste has changed or Turow s writing has I just got bored Of course, it doesn t help that I ve got seven or eight other books sitting on the bedside table and I m thinking about the trip I m about to leave onDid Turow s characters spend so much time in his earlier books staring into their navels and thinking about themselves The lead character here gets all of his chapters written in the first person, and he has an incredibly dull inner monolo [...]

  • At some point we re all going to have to agree on a statute of limitation on spoilers When is it fair game to give away an ending Because Presumed Innocent was published in 1988 and a pretty popular movie version with Harrison Ford came out in 1990 It s almost impossible to summarize the sequel Innocent without giving at least some of the first one away On the other hand, you ve had 20 years to read the book or see the movie Don t blame me for your laziness.So in the interest of going spoiler fr [...]

  • Rarely is a sequel equal to the original Innocent takes place 20 years after Presumed Innocent and, while it can be read alone, is much better if you read Presumed Innocent first.Scott Turow pulls off the difficult task of telling the story from various viewpoints in the present tense In addition to a good mystery, he captures the issues, physical and mental, of those of us passing sixty.

  • Do you ever wonder why you pick up a book I had put Innocent on my list when it was first published I had really liked Presumed Innocent when I read it in the 80 s The I thought about it the reluctant I became to read this sequel I think I worried it would ruin my love of the first Did I really care what happened to Rusty Sabich Cheez, that was twenty years ago As fate would have it while visiting our library, there was the audiobook, staring me smack in the face and I needed something to list [...]

  • While he may not have invented the legal thriller, Scott Turow certainly helped usher in the era of the legal thriller twenty years ago with his best seller Presumed Innocent And while Turow has revisited some of the supporting characters of Presumed Innocent in his subsequent novels, he s always avoided a direct sequel to the book that put him and the legal thriller on the map Until now.I ll have to admit I was dubious about Innocent I ve been burned too often by sequels written years later tha [...]

  • My recollection of the 1987 blockbuster Presumed Innocent was being totally thrown off guard by the resolution of that wonderful legal thriller murder mystery I loved it And now Scott Turow is back among those same Kindle County characters 20 years later in Innocent And wouldn t you know it, he had me guessing and kept surprises hidden all over again as there may or may not have been a murder, a suicide, a conspiracy, a love triangle and or a psychological chess game It s another smart plot, flu [...]

  • Disappointing The audio version has errors, e.g daughter in law instead of daughter The plot meandered, really cheating the reader with red herrings The ending had a slight twist, but Turow didn t leave well enough alone but launched into a romance train of thought ending that was dull at best.

  • just finished this one, five forty one pee em, the 29th of december 2017, friday evening, already dark, been dark for some time kindle, library loaner, good read, i liked it three stars didn t quite get what was happening, what it is, somewhere around the 1 3 mark, rusty and his computerbut that fell into place later on in the story could that have been written better or a better reader, one one or the other.

  • I know this review is too long, but it is free of spoilers.I read Scott Turow s debut novel, Presumed Innocent about ten or twelve years ago, after watching the movie on DVD I was impressed with Turow s writing I found him both intelligent and stylish At times, I wasn t too fond of the book s protagonist, Rozak K Rusty Sabich, and I was thoroughly disgusted by his wife, Barbara, but I did find Rusty a fascinating character In Presumed Innocent, Rusty seemed a little too passive for a man whose c [...]

  • Innocent is not the first Turow book you should read I know I have read all his novels about Kindle County The first book has to be Presumed Innocent since that book concerns Rusty Sabich and many of the same characters 20 years earlier Turow is a brilliant writer whose style is a joy to experience Though this book is not about happy topics It is about affairs of the heart It is about how the police and the prosecutors think about crime and their jobs It is about the dark side of growing older a [...]

  • This courtroom pyschological drama involves sixty year old Rusty Sabich, a chief judge of the appellate court, fighting to beat the homicide charge of doing in his bipolar but brilliant wife Barbara The intrigue is thickened by infidelity, evidence tampering, ambitious prosecutors, and family secrets The brisk back and forth in the courtroom scenes were the most entertaining parts for me Judge Rusty emerges as a flawed, complex man, and I was never quite sure if I liked him or not At any rate, d [...]

  • This is my sixth Scott Turow book but my first in a while I had a few Turow books on my bookshelf when I began to have problems visually tracking the lines in printed books and ultimately switch to audible books So this is my first Turow audible.I like Scott Turow a lot and I m not going to spend much time retelling the story here He is not a mystery writer with a lot of action or violence or gun powder His stories are mostly dialogs and interior conversations This book has a father and son aspe [...]

  • My initial thought when I heard that Scott Turow had written a sequel to his breakthrough novel, Presumed Innocent, was that he must have run out of new ideas or sales had dropped for his recent novels and he needed a low risk hit i.e a sequel to his most famous and successful novel The setup is similar now a district judge, Rusty Sabich is implicated in the murder of another woman with whom he shared a romantic bond in this case, his own wife Rusty has the clearest motive for murder, when the o [...]

  • Maybe this is the best way to do a sequel Wait two decades Though Linda Greenlaw s Seaworthy reviewed here last month was only a decade after Hungry Ocean, whereas Innocent is the two decade removed follow up to Turow s powerful fictional premiere Presumed Innocent both share a maturity and life worthy POV that sets them apart from the deluge of tag along stories from lesser authors Innocent is a wonderful, and better that the first, successor to Presumed Innocent Remember Harrison Ford in the m [...]

  • I remember reading Presumed Innocent twenty years ago, and I thought wow So when its sequelInnocent came out, I waited to read it Presumed Innocent was, and still is, one of the best legal thrillers I ve ever read It exuded psychological suspense and the courtroom drama still is some of the best writing I ve ever encountered.Then, around Turow s 5th novel I stopped reading Scott Turow all together I can t remember why, until I labored through Innocent Whom ever Turow s Editor is now should be fi [...]

  • This book was intriguing at first but by the end I was just wanting to know how Barbara Sabich died I felt like Turow was trying to put so many twists in the plot that after a while I didn t care any I just wanted the book to end.Having not read the previous book, I think I might ve been upset that Rusty Sabich wasn t convicted of murder even though he didn t kill his wife I felt like his infidelity and such didn t help Barbara s decision to overdose What was most upsetting was when Anna, who h [...]

  • Scott Turow visits his main characters Rusty and Barbara Sabich, Tommy Molto, Sandy Stern from Presumed Innocent twenty five years later in another excellent novel from our best writer of legal thrillers And he adds in new characters that enrich the landscape.I have always really enjoyed his well drawn characters, first rate prose and the quality of his storytelling This book is a double reward for long time fans like myself, as his already rich and complex characters have lived a quarter centur [...]

  • A meticulously written legal thriller that keep me flipping the pages and pay close attention to each and every details written so that I don t miss anything A superb and brilliant novel.

  • Judge Rusty Sabich sits besides his death wife for twenty four after he finds her dead before notifying anyone The judge is campaigning for for a seat on the state supreme court Two decades previously he had been tried for a murder on got off The district attorney who previously tried him as an ADA gets another crack at him Told from the perspective of multiple individuals.

  • The beauty of Presumed Innocent for me wasn t so much in the unexpected denouement although that was wonderful , but rather in Turow s ability to make me read page after page about characters I didn t really like Rusty Sabitch and his philandering ways just doesn t rank high on my list of literary characters I feel sorry for he so patently got himself into a bad situation and yet still rises above it, the ever golden boy riding the flames to success The best character in Presumed Innocent is San [...]

  • I am have not been as good at keeping up with Turow s books as I have other authors that I like I discovered this book when I was looking for another one that came out recently I did enjoy Presumed Innocent so I was eager to read this sequel 20 years later The book takes place 20 years after Presumed Innocent and it has been about 20 years since I read it as well I might have rated this one higher except that the gist of the book is Rusty Sabich having another affair and getting tried for murde [...]

  • It is 20 years after Presumed Innocent in reality as well as within the realm of this book and Rusty Sabich is again accused of murder this time of his wife by Tommy Molto Using multiple narrators including Rusty s son Nat, his lover Anna, Rusty, and Tommy, helps keeps us guessing about exactly who has done what, who knows what, and how this will play out Mr Turow does a good job of reminding us readers about the broad strokes of Presumed Innocent without it being too pendantic or bogging down w [...]

  • For me, Innocent left me flat, ho hum, slightly mystified There is so much to like here You have to accept the major contrivance, that Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto would again go toe to toe in the courtroom Okay, I ll buy in Who doesn t want to see a re match Turow s writing is so clear, so assured and compelling enough to tug you along Turow s details about the legal system are a big contributor to the overall way the book resonates But so much of the story depends on two fairly dull topics com [...]

  • return of characters in Presumed Innocent, 20ish years on Rusty is accused of murder again, this time of his wife, Barbara first half of the book is disjointed in both time and voice four different characters recount events from their own perspective and the time keeps jumping back and forth to before and after the crime once the book reached the courtroom scenes, Turow hit his stride and I was glued to the pages I had the suicide figured out long before the trial started, but Turow managed to k [...]

  • Auf diesen Titel bin ich in meinem Urlaub gesto en Da mir der Autor vollkommen unbekannt war, mir der Klappentext aber gefiel, kam er mit in die T te Die Handlung ist auf mehrere Abschnitte unterteilt Besonders der Hauptteil erinnerte mich etwas an John Grisham, da sich darin sehr viel in einem US Gerichtssaal abspielt Als Leser bekommt man einen sehr guten Eindruck ber die Abl ufe und die Herangehensweisen der Ankl ger und der Verteidiger und welche Spielchen da gespielt werden Im Gro en und ga [...]

  • I was looking forward to reading this book Thank God I picked it up from the library It actually belongs in garage sales Not only is this book so boring and dull, it s an insult to mystery readers There isn t even one character likeable When I started the book I thought it would pick up Nope It was page after page of dribble Turow did give us the gift of Nat, all grown up and studying law He s written as gorgeous and intelligent , however, he s a blubbering idiot The man sobs at every turn in th [...]

  • Given some of the reviews, I was hoping there was a little Presumed Innocent magic in this, but no It was just awful The great strength of Turow s first novel was he somehow pulled off writing in the first person from the point of view of someone who might have committed a murder, and kept it up all the way through This bounces between a lot of POVs and is just a muddled mess.

  • I didn t actually finish this book As much as I liked Presumed Innocent, I disliked this book from the day I started reading it, and decided it was a lame, unbelievable attempt to recreate a book he had already written.

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