Greek Street, Volume 1: Blood Calls for Blood

Greek Street Volume Blood Calls for Blood Greek Street is Peter Milligan s Davide Gianfelice s re imagining of the brutal and visceral tragedies that graced the Theater of Dionysus in Ancient Greece Greek Street is an updating of many of the
  • Title: Greek Street, Volume 1: Blood Calls for Blood
  • Author: Peter Milligan Davide Gianfelice
  • ISBN: 9781401225735
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • Greek Street, Volume 1: Blood Calls for Blood
    Greek Street is Peter Milligan s Davide Gianfelice s re imagining of the brutal and visceral tragedies that graced the Theater of Dionysus in Ancient Greece Greek Street is an updating of many of the famous Greek dramas Oedipus Rex, The Orestia, etc and epic poems Iliad, Odyssey into a gritty modern day London The opening arc follows runaway Eddie who unknowingGreek Street is Peter Milligan s Davide Gianfelice s re imagining of the brutal and visceral tragedies that graced the Theater of Dionysus in Ancient Greece Greek Street is an updating of many of the famous Greek dramas Oedipus Rex, The Orestia, etc and epic poems Iliad, Odyssey into a gritty modern day London The opening arc follows runaway Eddie who unknowingly sleeps with his own mother and than accidentally kills her He s seeks shelter on London s Greek Street a seedy neighborhood filled with strip joints, dive bars, gangsters and all form of vice From there he meets a young girl Sandy, cursed with visionary powers that no one believes is real GS is a sexy blend of crime, supernatural and soap opera all using characters and plots that are simultaneously familiar yet brand new.Collecting Greek Street 1 5
    Greek Street, Volume 1: Blood Calls for Blood By Peter Milligan Davide Gianfelice,
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    Peter Milligan is a British writer, best known for his work on X Force X Statix, the X Men, the Vertigo series Human Target He is also a scriptwriter.He has been writing comics for some time and he has somewhat of a reputation for writing material that is highly outlandish, bizarre and or absurd.His highest profile projects to date include a run on X Men, and his X Force revamp that relaunched as X Statix.Many of Milligan s best works have been from DC Vertigo These include The Extremist 4 issues with artist Ted McKeever The Minx 8 issues with artist Sean Phillips Face Prestige one shot with artist Duncan Fegredo The Eaters Prestige one shot with artist Dean Ormston Vertigo Pop London 4 issues with artist Philip Bond Enigma 8 issues with artist Duncan Fegredo and Girl 3 issues with artist Duncan Fegredo.Series Human Target Greek Street X Force X Statix


  • Do you think that if the Greek tragedies had a stripper in various states of undress giving you a recap between acts people would read or go see them I probably would.This one s a hot mess which includes a number of Ancient Greek literary characters updated and naked for the discerning comic reader.The main plot centers on Eddie, who s standing in for Oedipus, as he stumbles right into the whole thing with his mother Yeah, it happens GAAAAH The Ick factor thing aside the highlight is a nude zom [...]

  • Peter Milligan brings Greek Tragedy and a serious ick factor to the gritty streets of London The Good Milligan did a pretty good job of updating these stories, unfortunately, he does so WAY too graphically.The Bad The art is very hit and miss For every detailed character, there s another with squiggles for a face.The Ugly How graphically the Oedipus story is told I don t need to see a dude and his mom yelling at each other in the nude once they figure out they are related This book has a serious [...]

  • Starts out feeling a littlerced the Greek story overtones aren t just tones, but pretty clear retellings of key plot points This works IF you re going to retell the stories, but it seemed like Milligan wanted to take this up a notch, see the effect of the Greek tragedies play out in a modern era, not just rehash the same old stories that bored me when I was in high school.Not to say that Milligan lost me I m still reading but it was touch go for the first chapter As it evolves the story feels n [...]

  • Those old stories aren t through with us No matter how many different names or masks we might wear they re just not finished with us yet These words, spoken by a stripper that works on Greek Street, could not prove true than for Peter Milligan s latest ongoing series and contribution to the Vertigo line of DC Comics mature readers titles.The series first collection of stories, entitled, Blood Calls for Blood, which stages the classical narratives of Greek tragedy against a stage somewhere betwe [...]

  • This fell short for me, starting with the first retold story in the issue which is of Oedipus and his mother In the original, the mother never knew her son He was taken given away as a baby When he grew up, he defeated her husband and took her as his own wife, neither of them having any way of knowing who the other was In this new version, Eddie s mom gives him over to the state when he s already 5 years old FIVE When they meet again, he s about 18 or 20 I used to know this kid when he was 5, an [...]

  • This is a great start to a new series I am going to def be picking up These are old stories, some would say perhaps even some the roots of of the stories we still write today It s a re imagining of sorts of the greek myths, setting them in a modern day setting with all the sin and decadence that is truly behind them.This is not for kids, by any stretch of the imagination Vol 1 starts off with Greek Street, the introduction to some of our players, and with the chorus as strippers the whole thing [...]

  • Greek mythology as a soap opera among the down out and rich corrupt of contemporary London I read the entire volume because I wanted to see how the myths would be reinterpreted, but approximately 75% of the women in the book are strippers, there are a lot of bare breasts above improbable waists, the exposition is painful, and there s not a single likable character I m not sure why Actual Furies and visions are brought in when other things like the monster Daedalus keeps in a maze is the secret t [...]

  • Greek Street seems like an interesting concept, moving ancient Greek stories into modern day London However that s where the best part ends While the idea has tonnes of potential, putting these myths into a modern London crime setting, the writing is severely lacking One, the author wants to have his cake and eat it While there s the new, re imagined characters, the old myths and Greek plays still exist To me it seemed like Star Wars characters, living in a world where the know the stories but n [...]

  • It is so painfully obvious that this book had an all male creative team Ew It s like 30% plot, 70% naked women That s it That s all this book is about.

  • At first it was hard to follow through with the story because of the flow, and also I forgot what I learned in Greek mythology I was able to follow through with the story, I m continuing with the second volume.

  • I m a big fan of classical myth and legend told in modern settings at least when it s done well and doesn t become a complete farce Greek street is pretty obvious in its retelling of some wonderful Greek stories Olimpya is a strip club, Eddie fucks his mother, Menon lusts for power and Medea rises from the dead in bloody outrage These tragedies are awesome in their classical form and carry over well to a gritty London based underworld of dirt and depravity.The art is a mix between completely ins [...]

  • Peter Milligan has always been a graphic literature star for me based on the genius of his and Chris Bachalo s SHADE THE CHANGING MAN I don t think either creator has ever been as strong since, but Milligan can always be depended on for creativity In GREEK STREET he transports Classical Greek tragedy to modern day London The conceit is clever Milligan s ALWAYS clever the House of Atreus has morphed into the House of Lords Oedipus is a lost kid who unfortunately meets his mom in a five bar and th [...]

  • Peter Milligan can be a wildly inconsistent writer loved his work on X Force, but hated his X Men, for example , and I hadn t really read any positive reviews of this, so I honestly didn t hold out much hope for it That said, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised When one tosses out the concept of Greek tragedies taking place in modern day England, the first concepts that jump into my my mind are cliches about trying to update the Greek pantheon of Gods into modern day business men, or figu [...]

  • I was picking this up monthly and, for whatever reason, dropped it with issue 7, I think Then recently, I grabbed the first collected edition at my local library thinking, I m going to give this book another chance , and found myself really enjoying the heck out of it the second time around I m still not overly familiar with the Greek tragedies that the stories and characters are based on, but the stories in the first 5 or 6 issues were compelling enough for me to ignore that fact Add to that th [...]

  • I feel guilty for liking this so much.It s full of naked women But also pretty naked men But also lots of dead hooker shots But also the dead hooker is a rampaging Medea figure so it s oddly empowering.Lots of POCs, lots of diversity, lots of queerness and kinkiness It s essentially exactly what it s marketing itself as what would happen if Greek Mythology got a modern reboot It s cracked out ugly as sin full of taboos and uncomfortable sexuality and predatory abusebut that s exactly what Greek [...]

  • Greek Streetis a tale of modern urban grit with parallels in Greek mythology I have to admit, I need to brush up on my mythology to fully appreciate the story The tale is full of mobs, strippers, and violence SO if that s your scene, the book is to be enjoyed I found identifying and remembering the characters confusing at first The book quickly jumps from scene to scene Some of it is pretty clever though For instance, how do you get the Oedipus character to have sex with his mother You make it s [...]

  • A very cluttered almost to the point of sloppiness novel with some not so subtle hints of characters to their Greek origins I ll give you one guess who Eddie represents in this story , and yet no one notices the similarities between what s going on now and how it mirrors these ancient Greek tales because they are set up in this story, there are Greek plays referenced and one character actually goes to Greece I found all the stories packed together very dense and confusing You have to be a really [...]

  • There is only few stories cruel than clasic greek tragedies Cruel and also great Peter Milligan is one of many writers who came back to these ancient massacres And he did it great.He choose some fragment of those and put them to modern London Specifically to Soho, Greek Street The main hero is a young man named Eddie, who is similar to the ill fated Oedipus of course even with that Oh I f d my mom stuff He entwine to conspiracy including gangsters, murder and aristocrats And also something wick [...]

  • I ve always liked Milligan, but I have to say that this is not one of his better works I can see what he s trying to achieve, reweaving stories of Greek myth and theatre into a modern setting, and the idea is a fine one I just don t think it comes together as well as it could the characters seem chosen or less at random, their connections arbitrary than anything else and the general sordidness of the tale seems shock for shock s sake than in service of anything In fairness to Milligan, the bo [...]

  • Greek Street vol 1 Blood Calls for Blood Vertigo, 2010 siirt kreikkalaiset tragediat ja muinaistarut nykyp iv n Lontooseen, Sohon punaisten lyhtyjen alueelle Konsepti ei sin ns ole uusi ajatelkaapa vaikka Rick Riordanin nuortenkirjasarjaa mutta lopputulos on kaikkea muuta kuin siloiteltu ja lapsille sopiva Perinteiselle kreikkalaiselle murhen ytelm lle uskollisesti tarinavyyhteen on sekoitettu niin v kivaltaa, seksi , perheen sis isi ongelmia, murhia, insesti ja kauhua Ainakin ensimm isen osan p [...]

  • This graphic novel is than it appears at first glance It is mature, gritty reading for adults, but it is also an interesting retelling and merging of tragedies from Greek mythology with life on a modern day dangerous British street, full of gangs and strippers, sex and murder The author does a good job of using the lesser known characters of Greek mythology such as the Fates, Oedipus, Cassandra, Medea, and Daedalus, rather than just trying to recreate the stories of the better known Gods and Go [...]

  • A reasonably interesting and dramatic opening The concept here is rather old redo old Greek tragedies in a contemporary setting and build a unified supernatural thriller out of them The most obvious point here is that the tragedies of old are every bit as effective now as they were during the ancient times What remains to be seen is weather they will be utilized in a way that will make this series stand on its own.

  • This was just bad, all of the storylines feel forced, and the characters feel unreal and unlikeable Davide Gianfelice goes for mature, not clear, look with his art, which at times also feels forced, and just does not work for me.If you are on the fence about this one, just skip it.

  • This is not very good a bit too violent for my taste, but the worse problem is the lack of understanding of Greek tragedy, characters, and themes You can t just tack some Greek names on modern characters, give each one a single incidental attribute of the original, and call it a successful adaption I was hoping for slightly deeper wrestlings with the issues of fate and free will, betrayal and loyalty, etc These are what make the Greek stuff great and are certainly still relevant today.

  • I wish the allusions were a tad subtle the character names in particular are a bit cheesy That said, this volume picked up for me a little over halfway through, and even though I d pretty much decided not to read the next volume, I m intrigued in spite of myself Especially since I do like the Cassandra character Sandy , and the next volume seems to feature her prominently.

  • Quite the whirlwind of a first issue So many character introductions and deaths some awkward dialogue and I m not really sure who the protagonist is suppose to be, none of the characters seem to really be that good Some odd supernatural stuff that seemed a bit random than interesting but I might read to see what happens.

  • Really cool take on Greek mythology It celebrates how utterly fucked up the mythology is How bloody and terrible it is But it also doesn t feel shackled from them It s very much its own story And the art was really grittymetimes too much When a character is supposed to be gorgeous, they re angular and weird Maybe that s the point

  • Greek Mythology London should be awesome, right I don t know, I wanted to like Greek Street, but it s just not my thing I was thinking WTF while I was reading the book I d suggest passing on it.

  • Couldn t get into it, the Greek plot may develop over time but the cast of characters and the setting doesn t interest me I get why someone green lit it, I m sure the pitch was great, but I didn t make it too far into it before deciding it wasn t for me.

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