My Name Is Memory

My Name Is Memory Daniel has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl Life after life crossing continents and dynasties he and Sophia despite her changing name and form have been drawn together and he remem
  • Title: My Name Is Memory
  • Author: Ann Brashares
  • ISBN: 9781594487583
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • My Name Is Memory
    Daniel has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl Life after life, crossing continents and dynasties, he and Sophia despite her changing name and form have been drawn together and he remembers it all Daniel has the memory , the ability to recall past lives and recognize souls of those he s previously known It is a gift and a curse For all the times thatDaniel has spent centuries falling in love with the same girl Life after life, crossing continents and dynasties, he and Sophia despite her changing name and form have been drawn together and he remembers it all Daniel has the memory , the ability to recall past lives and recognize souls of those he s previously known It is a gift and a curse For all the times that he and Sophia have been drawn together throughout history, they have also been torn painfully, fatally, apart A love always too short.Interwoven through Sophia and Daniel s unfolding present day relationship are glimpses of their expansive history together From 552 Asia Minor to 1918 England and 1972 Virginia, the two souls share a long and sometimes torturous path of seeking each other time and time again But just when young Sophia now Lucy in the present finally begins to awaken to the secret of their shared past, to understand the true reason for the strength of their attraction, the mysterious force that has always torn them apart reappears Ultimately, they must come to understand what stands in the way of their love if they are ever to spend a lifetime together.
    My Name Is Memory By Ann Brashares,
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    Ann Brashares grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with three brothers and attended a Quaker school in the D.C area called Sidwell Friends She studied Philosophy at Barnard College, part of Columbia University in New York City Expecting to continue studying philosophy in graduate school, Ann took a year off after college to work as an editor, hoping to save money for school Loving her job, she never went to graduate school, and instead, remained in New York City and worked as an editor for many years Ann made the transition from editor to full time writer with her first novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Ann and her husband live with their three children in New York.


  • Tonight I lost my book throwing virginity Sure, I ve been tempted to chuck something across the room before, but have never actually done it until now.Maybe the book didn t make it all the way across the room, but it was thrust off my lap with a certain amount of ferocity Why, you ask Because no book should EVER have the ending that I was just subjected to My Name Is Memory should have been a 5 star book It was beautifully written, and I was captivated by the journey of one man traveling through [...]

  • Love who you love while you have them That s all you can do Let them go when you must If you know how to love, you ll never run out Love demands everything, they say, but my love demands only this that no matter what happens or how long it takes, you ll keep faith in me, you ll remember who we are, and you ll never feel despair You have been with me from the very first life You are my first memory every time, the single thread in all of my lives It s you who makes me a person.

  • Brashares took a fantastic and intriguing idea and ruined it Here are the ways this story is pathetic Brashares has the freedom to put her characters in any time period, location, and situation, yet she never gives Daniel and Lucy a convincing love story There s absolutely no substance or reason to their attraction Such as their first encounter A simple view of this girl, and Daniel is ready to spend miserable lifetime after miserable lifetime being, well, miserable because he can t be with a gi [...]

  • Oh, I sure hope this is part of some kind of series because I was totally in love with this book until the end And the end sooooo irritated me that I literally threw the book down I don t do that I love books I love great stories And I loved this story it s such a unique look at how a relationship functions Main character Daniel, a dude who can remember his past lives In love with Sophia Charlotte Lucy, who cannot remember her past lives Struggle he needs her to remember him Trouble Joachim, for [...]

  • Audiobook Oh this was trip Writing an abbreviated review will be a challenge here for me Logically speaking I shouldn t have like this book.but I did Sense 8 , the T.V Series which I LOVE , meets Life after Life , by Kate Atkinson, which I didn t love In Life After Life , Ursula died so many times ongoing endless repetition deaths was often like nails on a chalkboard irritating In My Name Is Memory , Daniel has died many times also but he travels through centuries and around the worldd we travel [...]

  • My Name is Memory is a love story unlike any I have ever known Ann Brashares unravels her tale a bit at a time and toys with her audience much like a cat bats a ball of yarn We are tossed to and fro throughout the ages clinging to the memories of Daniel a soul who is both blessed and cursed with the incredbile ability to remember all of his many lives as he is reincarnated over centuries.Daniel s stories pull us into the ancient worlds of Northern Africa and Crete, to the not so distant past of [...]

  • GAAAR Are you kidding me I m still expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out of my closet to declare I ve been punk d.This could have easily been a 5 star book if not for the ending I ve never been so dissatisfied Yes, I still give it 4 stars because it was brilliantly written, romantic, emotionally gripping I loved the characters and the overall story that was told here.n, up until like the last two pages Seriously Would it have hurt Brashares to add, I don t know, thirty pages to clear things up I [...]

  • OH MY GOD.This book was EVERYTHING and .It has left my brain stunned at it s utter genious, which is why this review probably wont be very coherent, but who am I kidding there is no way I could caption this brilliance that is this book anyway.So I wont say much I will just say this From the very first pages I was encaptured by this book loving the writing, and intrigued by the story And as the story moved along, spinning pieces together, I just fell in love with it Madly Deeply THE CHARACTERS Fe [...]

  • This is a great book that I enjoyed reading a lot At first I was taken aback by the similarities with Fallen storyline and names , not in the sense that they copied on each other, but in the sense what are the odds to use the same names So I ve been doing some research on the names yes, I am that geeky and haven t found anything relevant so I m still very curious about it if anyone has an explanation there is nothing like a mystery to keep you up at night I so don t believe in coincidences I fin [...]

  • What a disappointing companion this book makes A frightening familiarity hit as I read from page to page, and I realized it reminds me of Twilight I don t enjoy tossing Stephenie Meyer s name around every time the topic of poor writing surfaces, but her ability is among the most prominently weak that I ve encountered in a crazy spectrum of good and bad writing Truly, I am surprised Lucy did not convince herself that Daniel is a vampire, but thank the universe that Lucy has a brain Or maybe half [...]

  • Daniel has the ability to remember each of his past lives as he reincarnates into the next With each new life, he seeks to find a young woman he is haunted by from his first life, Sophia However, Sophia, in her reincarnation, doesn t always remember him Until Lucy.I listened to this as an audiobook with the most top notch narration I ve ever heard This book is a complicated story, made so by the transitions back and forth between the present day and past lives Two narrators were used, which help [...]

  • My complete review updated As I said in my previous review of this book, I didn t like the story I felt depressed, tired and alone the entire time that I was reading it I don t know if it was because of how the story goes or it was just because I am a shallow person who couldn t appreciate this kind of plot Either way, I m still entitled to my own opinion, so here goes my review 1 At first I got attracted by this book because of its cover There was something mysterious with the theme, the color [...]

  • My Name Is Memory isn t bad I liked its originality, its way of connecting various centuries together and its creativity, but I think the romance really took over the story to the point where there was hardy a story left to tell.

  • Very interesting and well written book When I first saw the blurb, I was not interested in reading the whole thing reincarnation, Daniel, Lucy it reminded me of another book I did not like so much , but then my friend said some good things about it and I decided to give it a try anyway I was pleasantly surprised.Characters are nicely developed and likable Daniel is really great He talks about love so much and still sounds like a man, he is not pathetic or too dramatic like many other male charac [...]

  • I m not sure I loved the ending, but sometimes those kinds of endings are what make a book stick with you I really enjoyed this whole story

  • At first I wasn t sure if I would read it all the first chapter, while definitely compelling, is pretty intense with the depth of romance and the soul mate connection thing and I wasn t sure if it was a too hard core love story for my tasteHowever, it swiftly moves along in chapters that not only alternate in POV, but also in time periods including ancient settings and exotic and varied locations around the world While a lot of these chapters recounted the love and history between Daniel and Sop [...]

  • I started out really enjoying this book However, the last 1 4 of the book ruined it for me Brashares made it too long of a process of Lucy and Daniel finally meeting up again the near misses and being miserable without each other for so long was just not necessary THEN she brings in the whole section of the brotherwhich I found fascinating when he was just returning into Daniel s life as a villain and thought the whole triangle relationship storyline from the beginning was intriguingbut she lost [...]

  • Do you believe in reincarnation This book is for those that believe When I started reading this book, I had the inexplicable feeling deja vu Hey, this is something what I was thinking What the hell am I was in my Walk lives This is a beautiful story about two souls who are seeking for centuries and can not seem to find He was her one accidentally killed, but her time so loved that a thousand and a half years looking for and died for it.At present, they have finally found it, recognized it, only [...]

  • Que livro t o lindo Uma hist ria de amor e esperan a que nos aquece o cora o e nos faz sonhar com um amor eterno como o de Daniel e Lucy Adorei

  • DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF Very rarely do I not finish a book, but so far this is a the second book this year I HATE THIS BOOK For so many different reasons First off, this shit is fucking weird I ve read books about people with past lives before, but this was just WAY TOO WEIRD Weird It was just weird Within the first 20 pages of the book, the male character, Daniel, grabs Lucy and refuses to let her go, even though she s clearly distressed and asks him to let her go SEVERAL TIMES Her dress even rips [...]

  • Daniel has been looking for the same girl for centuries He first saw her in 541 AD Since then, he has come across her in several of their future lives He remembers her she doesn t In their current lives, Daniel and the girl, Lucy, attend the same high school She is smitten by him but they do not get a chance to talk until prom night, when an incident at school puts the two of them in the same room That night when they kiss, Lucy is frightened both by the images that come to her mind and by Danie [...]

  • Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.I read quite a lot of romance, and I do like most of them, but occasionally I find one that can easily outclass the rest My Name is Memory is in huge contention for the most romantic book I have ever laid hands on.The story of Daniel is one that is both fascinating and unnerving I found the concept of reincarnation common enough, but to carry the memory of it all both a gift and a curse to our hero is a fresh albeit as intriguing twist to the idea The complexit [...]

  • What does it feel knowing the things that happened in your previous life being reincarnated with Memory What will you do to continue living like an ordinary human Would you consider that having the Memory is a way of redoing things that you regret before Or would you regret on living with your Memory again Would you do the same things you did before just to be sure that you re still the same person in your first life Would you still search for someone who became your anchor in your past lives Th [...]

  • I read Fallen by Lauren Kate, then I read this one later that week The similarities are striking First, there is the unrequited love thing going where Daniel same name and everything loves Lucy in fallen, it was Luce for thousands of years He remembers, she doesn t That in itself is interesting Luckily, the similarities end there, as I really did not like Fallen, if I could have given it negative stars I would have However, I would give My Name is Memory 4 There were a few notable differences, a [...]

  • This could have been, could have been one of the best love stories I ve read This is includes Pride and Prejudice, which I hold in high regard as far as love fiction is concerned I say could have been, not is, because of the conclusion to Daniel and Lucy s story Thinking back, I should have expected a story that had two souls who were deeply connected yet never truly came together, to end this way I was hoping for a resolution A journey to the completion of their struggle to be together, finally [...]

  • One of the best books I ve ever read I was apprehensive at first from reading reviews of how slow the book started, but don t believe them I was drawn into the story from page 1 and by a few chapters in I was so engrossed in the story I found myself reading at stop lights The story was original while still giving a wave to the likes of Time Traveler s Wife For the most part, this story kept me guessing to the very end.While reading I found holes and had lots of questions but Brashares story tell [...]

  • I COULD STOP READING.I couldn t put it down It was really that good This is the kind of book you want to burn throw out of the window after you finished reading A no brainer, no a no questions asked hands down 5 star rating Please believe him Keep your heart open to him He can make you happy He has always loved you, and you once loved him with all your heart.

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