Tears of Gold

Tears of Gold Haunted by the memory of her aristocratic father s desertion of his mistress and children Mara O Flynn grew up despising men She sought her livelihood in the theater where as a beautiful actress s
  • Title: Tears of Gold
  • Author: Laurie McBain
  • ISBN: 9780380414758
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tears of Gold
    Haunted by the memory of her aristocratic father s desertion of his mistress and children, Mara O Flynn grew up despising men She sought her livelihood in the theater, where, as a beautiful actress, she found vengeance in enchanting and discarding suitors, teasing them with subtle promises of ecstasy only to reject them with an air of finely tuned cruelty It was an amusiHaunted by the memory of her aristocratic father s desertion of his mistress and children, Mara O Flynn grew up despising men She sought her livelihood in the theater, where, as a beautiful actress, she found vengeance in enchanting and discarding suitors, teasing them with subtle promises of ecstasy only to reject them with an air of finely tuned cruelty It was an amusing sportuntil the young Lord Julian half mad with desire shot himself Then Mara, with her brother Brendan and his small son Paddy, departed for America Brendan hoped to strike it rich in the California hillsMara wanted only to forget young Julian s desperate act She had no idea that Julian s uncle, Nicholas Chantale, was in pursuit Dashing, reckless and rich, Nicholas Chantale had vowed revenge on the temptress who brought his nephew to such an extreme Nicholas desired one thing to win the affection of this evil beauty and then spurn her Unsuspecting, Mara found herself in love, her long suppressed passions awakened for the first time a man whose seductive allure concealed the hate in his heart
    Tears of Gold By Laurie McBain,
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    Laurie McBain was born on October 15, 1949 She was always passionate about art and history, and her father encouraged her and helped her write her first historical romance At twenty six, Laurie became a publishing phenomenon with her first historical romance Her first novels Devil s Desire and Moonstruck Madness each sold over a million copies She was one of the pioners of the new romance style with Kathleen E Woodiwiss But, after the death of her father, she decided to retire from the publishing world in 1985, with only seven romances written.


  • Marah and Brendan O Flynn started life as the pampered albeit illegitimate children of an Irish lord, only for things to turn rough when he decides to dump his mistress for a younger model Their mother returns to the career she knew, the stage, and her children carry on that tradition after her death but it s a hard life and the pains of childhood betrayal have left bitter scars and Marah eases the pain by leading on wealthy young men just to spurn them like her father did to her mother Her late [...]

  • Irish Heroine Finds Love in America from Old California Ranchos to San Francisco to New OrleansSet in 1848 prologue and the early 1850s, this is the story of Mara O Flynn and her brother Brendan, who live with the stigma of being bastards of an Irish nobleman father who left them to survive on their own Both Mara and Brendan, like their mother before them, are actors Mara s mother died in poverty after her wealthy lover cast her aside, and Mara will never forget it She has no desire to follow in [...]

  • Mara O Flynn has lived a hard life She and her brother Brendan lead a hard scrabble existence as actors, one step ahead of their creditors and constantly wondering where their next meal is coming from Filling out their family unit is Brendan s son Paddy his mother has long deserted Brendan and Paddy to seek her fame and fortune and their long suffering servant companion Jamie Mara s mother was a famous stage actress who became the mistress of an Irish nobleman Mara and Brendan had the best of ev [...]

  • This is one of the old fashioned epic romances that span several years 4 5 and continents.As the book opens, 18 yr old actress Mara O Flynn cruelly spurns a young English nobleman who claims to love her and wants to set her up as his mistress He gives her expensive jewels and clothes including a locket with her miniature in it and she laughs in his face When her maid returns the expensive gifts, she overhears a shot and is under the impression that the young man has killed himself over Mara Actu [...]

  • I bought my very first romance for twenty five cents at a flea market, Devils Desire by Laurie McBain and have loved them romances ever since A few years ago I picked up Moonstruck Madness and was a little bereft at how it wasn t Devils Desire but still good A few days ago I picked up my third McBain read, Tears of Gold, hoping for that reconnection with her books I had felt with the first and though I found it it was different this time could be I ve aged a bit since I created this ultra romanc [...]

  • Tears of Gold deserves to be rediscovered This is not the typical historical romance of the 70 s where the heroine gets raped or abused by the hero Mara and Nicholas, the main characters, have great chemistry she is sassy and he, a typical Fabio look a like guy, has a big heart Anyway, after reading the last page, I feel sad I really need a sequel.

  • SETTING Louisana California, 1850TIMESPAN A year or soBODICE RIPPER NoPART OF SERIES NoRAPE NoThis didn t live up to my expectations in any way Mara, 20, and her older brother Brendan, 26, involved themselves in an odd charade that didn t make much sense to me When the hero, Nicholas, 35ish, discovered it, his reaction should have been explosive than it was This wasn t much of a love story The main couple didn t meet until over 100 pages in They didn t spend too much time together until about t [...]

  • I see many readers loved this book I didnt really care for it, though Too much background information and the characters didnt really meet each other until about 100 pages in By then my interest had strayed.

  • What a wonderful read Reminded me of Judith Mcnaught s or Kathleen E Woodwiss s great historical novels Mara life has left her with many reason to lose hope and despair She was born illegitimate and turned out by her father and watched her mom die too young She swore no man would control her life Nicholas is a rambling man who has promised to destroy Mara for causing sorrow to his nephew Their story is filled with an overwhelming chemistry and unwillingness to let each other go

  • I couldn t finish this This cover isn t the one that was on the book I read, and as anybody who knows me knows, covers make a huge difference to me There, that justifies the careers of many people out there Yay I was looking for a good, old fashioned romance to lose myself in for a little while This one had promise but the execution sucked The heroine doesn t even meet the hero until half way through the book, and then it stalls It just gets boring.

  • This follows the story of Mara O Flynn and her brother, Brendan, who are actors, as they gamble and con their way from England to America Then enters Nicholas Chantale, who wants revenge against the lovely Mara Not one of my favorites by Laurie McBain but still a good story One of revenge and passion I wasn t in love with the characters but the story itself was good.

  • Tears for sureit s an amazing story I captivated me with the emotional turmoil that both heroine and hero had I was going to be upset if it didn t end happily It did though had a happy ending.

  • I really wanted to like this book I liked the cover, and the premise, but the writing is so very very boring that I cannot even finish it I read about 1 3 of the book, and in this part the descriptions about cities in their time are planted in coverstations in a most awkward way I mean two pages about Orleans during the goldrush after a question like How are you It is nice to notice a writer did their research, but you don t have to shove it in my face every chapter.

  • Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cDifferent parts of mid nineteenth century America come to vivid life in this book The setting is unusually colorful and descriptive in this moving book, one filled with spunky characters and melodious dialogue The beginning is sad, as are other parts of this book, but that gives it poignancy.Mara is an interesting heroine, an Irish lass traveling with her light hearted brother, Brendan, his son, Paddy, and their maid The two Irish siblings sure know how [...]

  • Sweeping from London to the ranchos of Spanish California, gold rush San Francisco, and antebellum Louisiana, Laurie McBain s TEARS OF GOLD plunges headlong on a vivid, heart pounding story of love, adventure, deceit and mystery.Mara will never end up like her mother, the cast off mistress of a rich man Mara spurns men first until a young London suitor shoots himself after her rejection The young man s uncle, Nicholas, vows revenge on the villain who hurt his nephew.Not knowing the young man s f [...]

  • This gets 2.5 stars, and 1.5 of those stars are for the last 30 40% of the book This is TERRIBLY slow for the majority of it, and I felt like the characters NEVER SHUT UP about the scenery around them Honestly, the first third of the book should have been scrapped entirely and the second third reworked drastically The last part was good, but bore a heavy burden in holding up its predecessors I found the characters written accents grating, and would have liked to slap pretty much everyone in this [...]

  • It was hard to rate this I first read Tears of Gold around 1977 I m on my third copy I re read it repeatedly for years, though it s now been probably 10 years since my last read.It was my first historical romance beyond Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney, and I loved it I wouldn t feel the same reading it for the first time now, though Nicholas s masculinity would come off rather forced now, I think And sometimes Mara seems a bit too fictional, too strong, too brave, too beautiful.I also probably [...]

  • Irish actress Mara O Flynn is hired to impersonate a Spanish senorita because, yeah, they re practically the same thing While set in the sunny American West, there was a certain Gothic feel to the story, as Mara realizes she s not the only one at the ranch with dark secrets This part takes up a good chunk of the book, nearly the first half Then Mara leaves the Hacienda of Secrets and we never hear from these characters again.The next short section takes place in San Francisco during the Gold Rus [...]

  • Loved this book Expected only a romance with a little bit of a supporting story but WOW it was than that There was some comedy, a mystery, annoying brothers and a hero who was arrogant and out for vengeance It s super long but that really helps with creating a solid story My only gripe is that I would have loved to see the hero and heroine have a longer time together after declaring their feeling to each other Rather I felt like the last two pages were rushed If you going to bother writing suc [...]

  • I had been wanting to read this book for a while and so glad I finally did It is a very slow moving romance story but what a journey it is It is also very heartbreaking at times and I don t usually cry, but there is one part in the book that you better get the tissues out.Our herione Marah, is so strong and endures so much in her young life you can t help but fall in love with her strength and beauty, just like our hero, Nicolas And I just loved her big dreams gambling brother Brenden view spoil [...]

  • Very enjoyable romance There is some sex, but very tame by today s comparisons A nice lead pair, Nicholas not overly alpha, Mara is definitely not TSTL nor one of those damned fool headed run out into the middle of the night so someone needs to save her heroines Can t post a review until closer to new pub date late July Sorry.

  • This was perhaps my favorite historical romance.Tears of Gold is a wonderful example of what historical Romance is at its best The story goes from England, to California to New Orleans Laurie McBain brought to life extraordinary characters that were beautifully flawed for anyone who loves historical romance this story is a must read Even though its an oldie its so well written its timeless.

  • I remember reading this book in my late teens and loving it I was actually kinda scared to re read it because I really thought it wasnt going to live up to that memory So not necessary, the story sucked me back in and I loved the characters all over again Laurie McBain just writes beautifully and she hasnt disappointed me yet.

  • A masquerade where all the characters lives are intertwined Loved it Read Aisle B s review aisleb.tumblr post 7872513

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