Torn Apart: The True Story of a Childhood Lost

Torn Apart The True Story of a Childhood Lost Cory Friedman was an ordinary fun loving little boy But one fateful March morning in the course of Cory s life changed dramatically It started with an irresistible urge to shake his head before
  • Title: Torn Apart: The True Story of a Childhood Lost
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780099522843
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Torn Apart: The True Story of a Childhood Lost
    Cory Friedman was an ordinary fun loving little boy But one fateful March morning in 1989, the course of Cory s life changed dramatically It started with an irresistible urge to shake his head before long, overtaken by physical urges, tics and compulsions, his body became a volatile, explosive and unpredictable force.Cory had developed a rare combination of Tourette s sCory Friedman was an ordinary fun loving little boy But one fateful March morning in 1989, the course of Cory s life changed dramatically It started with an irresistible urge to shake his head before long, overtaken by physical urges, tics and compulsions, his body became a volatile, explosive and unpredictable force.Cory had developed a rare combination of Tourette s syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder and other neurological conditions The life he knew had been torn apart and his family were left watching him suffer Desperate to help and hopeful of a cure, they embarked on a fifteen year struggle which took them beyond breaking point.
    Torn Apart: The True Story of a Childhood Lost By James Patterson,
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  • Corey Friedman was only five years old when he began to show signs of a rare condition of Tourette s syndrome As his condition worsened over the years, Corey develops other disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder Reading about Corey and his family s day to day struggles will break your heart What an amazing and really inspiring read Torn Apart was an incredibly moving and heart wrenching story and one in which I HIGHLY recommend.

  • WOW Gobsmacked, blown away Just MOVED.This is a non fiction work from the effortlessly readable James Patterson The story is of his friends son who had diabiltating sydrome.Its 00.29 here in the Uk but i HAD to get this out now while it was fresh in my mind.I am so moved and inspired by Cory and hia hardship

  • Torn Apart is written by Hal Friedman in collaboration with his friend James Patterson, telling the story of Hal s son Cory This is the emotional true story told through Cory s eyes of his battle with one of the most complex cases of Tourette s syndrome, anxiety disorder OCD that doctors have seen Cory was an ordinary boy until shortly before his fifth birthday, when motor tics, vocal tics, compulsions and obsessions turned his body into a puppet on a string Sophia and Hal take a gut wrenching j [...]

  • This is an extremely moving story of a family s fight for their son This young boy over the years has to endure extreme hardship just to make it through the days and nights of his life from age 5 onwards Very moving.

  • This, at times, harrowing true life account is of one family s continual struggle through their daily lives Soon after infancy, Cory develops the symptoms of tourettes syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder simultaneously The suffering and ridicule he endures because of this bring him to the depths of despair many times over during his growing years Ultimately it is the love, compassion and understanding of his parents that carry him through the dark times of continual misdiagnosis and havin [...]

  • This piece of nonfiction really made me feel how difficult it must have been for this kid from the time he was six all the way up to high school It also showed how at a loss his doctors were at treating his disorders I found it interesting that he only started to really undergo a change when he was in the wilderness not taking all the medicine he had grown so accustomed to I use to work at a wilderness camp similar to the one mentioned in this book so I found it enlightening that the camp was th [...]

  • Like everyone else s reviews say, this was an incredibly moving, heartwrenching story to read, all the so because it s real It was absolutely a page turner I couldn t put it down Sometimes I found the writing too dramatic the plain bare facts were incredible enough alone and the pace of the writing was almost too fast and episodic at times, zipping past important events with the bare minimum of detail and jumping here and there with loose ends and sudden shifts all over the place But by the tim [...]

  • This book was very eye opening Cory s struggle to live a life that he had no choice to live, his gut wrenching challenges, his remarkable obstacles he tackled I just wanted to reach through the book and give him a big hug several times I also wanted to hug his mom Being a mom is the toughest and best job ever, especially when you have a child that requires extra love and attention They are all worth it though

  • I don t read a lot of Non Fiction, but I would recommend this book to anyone It is a heartbreaking, however inspiring story of a young boy who develops a rare combination of Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and other neurological conditions True discounts of the pain he experiences and how he triumphs in the end.

  • Wow great read I have worked with children with Tourettes however, I did not realse it could be this severe Very sad though and to me the school were not always that supportive, hope things have changed in the last few years Well worth the read.

  • I got this figured out from the first couple of chapters If medicine makes you feel worse, isn t it reasonable to give it up I myself used to be a frequent visitor to hospital for some years and went through quite a similar procedure of changing doctors and pills in vain The good thing about me was that my condition wasn t that serious and had nothing to do with neuropathology.So, when conventional medicine proves useless, Cory gets saved by his inner strength I wish there hadn t been a spoiler [...]

  • Cory Friedman an exceptionally bright boy, starts showing signs of a rare form of Tourette s syndrome coupled with OCD and an anxiety disorder, at the tender age of 5 It is a truly powerful story of a boy hero who, with the support of his angel mother and his god sent father, through all the trials and tribulations of this heart breaking disease, becomes a success It is a powerful story that shares a journey of hope, discovery and love.

  • Just before Cory Friedman was five years old, he developed the irresistible urge to shake his head This lead to several other violent body movements Cory felt compelled to do and unable to prevent, resulting in him hurting himself and being unable to sleep normally He was diagnosed with Tourette s and as the next 13 years passed his tics grew worse, and he also developed OCD and some anxiety None of the medicines doctors prescribed helped one might ease some symptoms but worsen others Obviously [...]

  • This is not your average James Patterson story It is a real life account, with the emphasis on the real I commend JP for his collaboration with his long time friend to give the truth of this tale a wide platform One that it wholly deserves I first purchased this book a year ago when my son was diagnosed with Tourette s and couldn t bring myself to read it Then life became really difficult in the day to day running of a family with additional needs and once I started, I couldn t put it down The i [...]

  • Torn Apart James Patterson This book was amazing I enjoyed it so much that I have passed it on to a friend at work who has said exactly the same and she is only a quarter of the way through it It tells the story of Cory and his battle with Tourettes Syndrome This is very close to my heart as I have a family member who suffers with this, so for me this was informative whilst being utterly heartbreaking It is a truthful account of emotions, difficulties, barriers and challenges It is also the stor [...]

  • What a heartbreaking book this was Written by James Patterson and Hal Friedman, the story was told in first person, by Hal s son Corey, who began suffering the effects of tourette s syndrome at the age of 5 Treated over the next 13 years with a cocktail of medications, Corey s symptoms become so severe and disruptive to both his, and his family s lives, that he finally truns to alchol to relax the constant movements he suffers At 18, Corey s life is spiralling downwards into a black abyss, until [...]

  • James Patterson s first non fiction collaboration Cory Freidman takes us through his childhood from being a healthy active 4 year who suddenly develops an overwhelming urge to shake his head continually From there we move through 13 years of hell as Cory suffers with a combination of Tourettes Syndrome, Obessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and other neurological conditions leading to depression and addiction Through extreme interventions Cory finds a way back and finds a way to live wh [...]

  • There is an aura of vicious ferocity to a mother defending her child against the hardships of life There s strength and patience in a father who understands a child s unmanageable wildness And there s love, in a child s acceptance of a sibling s unbearable actions Above all, there is pain and helplessness in a child s struggle with himself This book portrays all of them It describes, from the point of view of a child, the ordeal of having to live with Tourette syndrome, a disorder of which I had [...]

  • I so wanted to like this book but it s hard to get past Mr Patterson s annoying and simplistic style I wanted to get to know Cory, but I felt I didn t even get past the basics with him His story is heartbreaking and fascinating, but there s not much of his own personality in the book I just want to know about the car All the way through, we re told tales of Cory s very severe tics because of Tourettes, and of the many drugs he s on, some of which are the very heavy meds like Respiradol and Haldo [...]

  • This is a story about Cory and his experiences and life living with Tourette s syndrome, OCD and anxiety disorders Everything is fine until he is five, then his life turns upside down and from then onwards life is a struggle because his body does things of its own accord and no matter how hard he tries to beat the reflexes he can t His parents never give up on him and take him from doctor to doctor and from specialist to specialist to try and help him live a normal life.It is a wonderful book as [...]

  • This is the powerful, heart breaking story of Cory Freidman who, at 5 years of age, was diagnosed with Tourette s syndrome Told by Cory, the reader follows the next thirteen years of his life as he battles with depression and debilitating compulsions, visits endless doctors and takes a volatile mixture of medications which often do harm than good However, despite the horrors Cory lives with daily, his family remains strong I really admire Cory s parents who continually support, fight for and en [...]

  • An incredibly moving, heart wrenching story, all the so because this is Cory s real life story He and his family lived this and indeed, continue to live this One cannot imagine what it s like to walk a mile in Cory s shoes Or his dedicated selfless mother s or his sister s who is struggling to understand why her brother is so different Hat s off to them all for telling Cory s story, and to Cory for allowing his painful journey to be told It has certainly opened my eyes into the little known wor [...]

  • This provided a fascinating insight into something I know only a small amount about What I do know has be gained from TV shows so I was aware that Tourette s is not necessarily all about the swearing and can also include bodily tics, which is what this young lad suffered with, along with OCD and anxiety disorder Although this is written from Corys view you can t help but feel for what effect this has on the rest of his family and be impressed when his mum sticks up for him in front of the school [...]

  • I found this book really interesting as I like to read about the variety of special needs disabilities other people live with and how it affects their daily lives I read Cory s story and could feel the emotions pouring from the pages, im sure these were nothing compared to the actual emotions that Cory and his family faced The story is written through his fathers words retelling Cory s life growing up with Tourette syndrome and how that mixed with OCD and other complicated conditions was very ch [...]

  • I wasn t really interested in non fictions after this book It s a story, a real one, about Cory s lost childhood At the age of five, he was diagnosed with Tourette s syndrome Over the years, his Doctors struggled in finding a cure to overcome Cory s weird tics by taking all sorts of medicines they had in mind but nothing worked When he s 16, he decides to get rid of every medicine that made his status worse and get involved in wilderness camp all alone, and that, apparently, was his only cure 9. [...]

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