Love Attack, Volume 1

Love Attack Volume Chiemi Yusa s high school record is far from perfect She s already been suspended twice for fighting and she s not even half way through her first year In danger of getting expelled for starting yet
  • Title: Love Attack, Volume 1
  • Author: Shizuru Seino
  • ISBN: 9781427802941
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love Attack, Volume 1
    Chiemi Yusa s high school record is far from perfect She s already been suspended twice for fighting, and she s not even half way through her first year In danger of getting expelled for starting yet another brawl, her teacher approaches her with an unexpected offer get her classmate Akifumi Deranged Devil Hirata, the nastiest fighter in the whole school, to clean upChiemi Yusa s high school record is far from perfect She s already been suspended twice for fighting, and she s not even half way through her first year In danger of getting expelled for starting yet another brawl, her teacher approaches her with an unexpected offer get her classmate Akifumi Deranged Devil Hirata, the nastiest fighter in the whole school, to clean up his act, and her record will officially be cleared Reluctantly she accepts, and immediately goes on the attack But as she s waiting for him to retaliate, she discovers that he has in store for her than just a fight From the creator of Girl Got Game and Heaven comes a rollicking brawl of a good time as the roughest guy and girl in school get themselves into trouble and find themselves in love.
    Love Attack, Volume 1 By Shizuru Seino,
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  • I really liked this I liked this way than I probably should have haha It s funny, corky, and oddly, full of action I esp love the leading couple They are adorable

  • I loved this it had me laughing This story is about Chiemi Yusa who is always getting in trouble for fighting Her teacher gives her an option that if she can get her classmate Akifumi Hirata to come to school and clean up his act she will wipe Chiemi records clean She accepts and immediately goes after Hirata with a flying kick to get him to stop fighting There where many things that made me laugh I loved Hirata little brother when Hirata was carrying him home from school.

  • Halfway into the book, the story and main characters were interesting but it seemed like the characters got together a little early And it s only the first volume Anyway, still liked it though Reminds me of another manga called Oresama Teacher Good start.

  • 3.5 stars.Someone on twitter recommended this to me and I can see why It s absolutely hilarious The first volume centres on Chiemi, a high school student who is in danger of being expelled due to her violent tendencies and fluctuating grades As an ultimatum, her teacher states that she can remain in school if she can reform fellow student Hirata Akifune, a delinquent and frequent non attender.The first book mainly involves Chiemi leaping out of windows to stop Hirata from doing things that will [...]

  • This is my type of manga Or one of my favorite types It s light and fluffy and it s made me laugh way than once The ship is hilarious but not very complicated at all They seriously got together in the first volume after all I can t help but love this though, as the comedic properties it has defeats it all Have I ever mentioned I m a sucker for comedy So even though it s not the most complex ship with all the hardships like I usually like it s got the comedy that I ve always been looking for in [...]

  • see full review Katie s CornerToday I have an action romantic comedy for you A big stress on the action word It s a completed series, however, on mangafox there are only 2 chapters left to be uploaded I ve been waiting for them for than 6 month, when I found it just recently completely translated and uploaded on the a Russian website The ending is somehow not ending, and I got why, because there is a sequel, which I cannot find anywhere However, there s a bonus as to what happened, as the auth [...]

  • Have you ever heard someone say Love can be a real battle field Well, Love Attack takes that phase to the extreme in a hilarous way With the kick but characters the story comes to life The hint of comedy puts this story in a crazy spin of amazement The setting just sets the whole story up for laughs.To start things off the characters give the story a splash of life The characters in this story are wild and make plans on a drop of a dime The main two character are very crazy and voilent The girl [...]

  • Actual rating, 3.5 stars for Love Attack vol 1PlotlineOh my god this manga is right up my alley Where else can you find two protagonists with anger management issues, who both like to solve things with their fists so than talking, who fall in love with each other Chiemi s teacher threatens to have her expelled from school for fighting However, the teacher knows that she is starting fights because she is trying to force people to stop bully and harassing other people She beating the crap out of [...]

  • Omfg I fucking love this book It was just so freaking hilarious I was in pain NOT KIDDING MY STOMACH HURT SO BAD FROM SOO MUCH LAUGHTER I remember it like it was yesterday It was a sunday and I found it from looking through the authors list of mangas they made because I was reading one of their mangas then I stumbled upon this MASTERPIECE And read it the wholeeeee day Literally Not only was the heroine strong which is what I was looking for but funny as hell.Omg I was dying, and hirata being swe [...]

  • Story 4 5The story is really hilarious It s original and refreshing and it was a welcome change from the typical shojo mangas although I enjoy those as well The only thing I have to say is that for my tastes the main characters got together too quickly I would have enjoyed a longer chase.Characters 3 5I loved Hirata He was adorable in a very badass kind of way He s got suprising depth and is the perfect example for not judging a book by it s cover On the other hand Chiemi, the heroine, was a bit [...]

  • What can I say, I love Shizuru Seino Her series Heaven was a little weird, but I love Girl Got Game and this one is off to a great start too Must have Love Attack has an atypical heroine she s a violent punk who s always starting fights When a teacher tells her she s about to be expelled, she offers a deal straighten up the school s worst fighter, Akifumi Hirata, and get your record wiped clean Chiemi is the only one who s tough enough to deal with Hirata nicknamed the Deranged Devil but what h [...]

  • I definitely recommend this manga series c Briefly saying I just liked it a lot because it was super funny, I was cracking up the entire time while reading, and the premise of it is really cute and simply Between Chiemi and Hirata, their love story is super cute and whimsical and because of each one s timidness for the other, I m smitten with them The art work is pretty well done, no one s hands or necks are too long and no one looks anatomically incorrect and also how the artist portrays all th [...]

  • The female protagonist of this book is deviant from the norm She is tough and not really girly So far this book is really funny Sometimes the artwork can be a little bit exaggerated, but overall they look hilarious I feel like this book has funny moments than romance I own a couple of volumes of this series One of the bad things about buying the books is that the books get thinner and thinner as the manga goes on I would definitely recommend this book if you liked Tail of the Moon which is also [...]

  • I love the previous series that the author drew wrote so i decided to continue reading her work and i have to say she has been improving alot and i just love her work even I really like this one because it s not those girly frilly romance comics that are really common This one is action and when there is romance, it s really cute I really enjoy the art work too because at points it can be cartoony, distorted, and very well proportioned.

  • This was so cute It s like a romantic comedy with action throwed in randomly yet it s really funny.ex I won t tolerate mugging BAM heh heh The characters we re really enjoyable, both are fighters and unpredictable at all times.And being the quote crazy person I am I found a few I liked and stuck em on here for lack of them

  • This started off as something that just looked like it was just about two teens that are shy about their relationship because they aren t use to being lovey dovey So I thought it might not have any drama but it totally did in a comic way of course Comedy makes a serious situation enjoyable to me.I personally think it was worth the read.

  • I d probably give this a 2.5 overall There were definitely some cute and funny parts, but the characters were cookie cutter Them getting together by the end of the first chapter kind of turned me off The story has potential, though, so I may go on to volume 2 I can just see it being quite repetitive.

  • Got up to volume 7 Quite cute but I sense a pattern developing in the plot so not sure if I ll read But the drawing style was nice and the faces of the characters were often hilarious Did find it odd how her hair colour is different depending on the cover within the book

  • This was a great volume It has some of the usual anime tropes, but I think I like this so much because it doesn t seem to take itself too seriously The premise is ridiculous, and it treats it as such I can t wait to continue

  • It s kind of silly and has no real depth, but entertaining The ending of this volume was pretty funny and a little surreal I ll probably read the next in the series.

  • I really liked Girl Got Game by the same author, so I figured I d give this one a shot Love it The artwork is great and it s so funny and cute with a touch of violence My perfect story .

  • Lovey art.Awesome humor.Enjoyed the story.But became very shoujoish at the end.I still recommend it to my friends

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