Nightspell Sent by her father the king of Raellia who is trying to forge an empire out of warring tribes Darri arrives in Ghostland and discovers that her sister whom she planned to rescue may not want to l
  • Title: Nightspell
  • Author: Leah Cypess
  • ISBN: 9780061957031
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nightspell
    Sent by her father, the king of Raellia, who is trying to forge an empire out of warring tribes, Darri arrives in Ghostland and discovers that her sister, whom she planned to rescue, may not want to leave this land where the dead mingle freely with the living.
    Nightspell By Leah Cypess,

    Nightspell Mistwood, by Leah Cypess May , Nightspell is an alluring spellbinding fantasy with a fantastic twist The story s strong characters, and unique world, Ghostland, make Nightspell the perfect companion novel to Leah Cypess s debut novel, Mistwood The story centers on Darri who s traveling with her brother, Prince Varis, to rescue their youngest sister Callie. Nightspell Books NIGHTSPELL is a ghost story rich with betrayal, royalty, murder, magic, politics and nonstop suspense Definitely a page turner that is hard to put down Leah Cypress vividly introduces the reader to Ghostland, which is quite literally a spooky kingdom. Nightspell by Leah Cypess, Paperback Barnes Noble May , Nightspell is a great entry into fantasy as it reads like European royal historical fiction Even students who do not typically like fantasy will enjoy this title, and the connections to the alliance building betrothals and hostile takeovers could be linked to the social studies curriculum. Nightspell Ashes of Creation Wiki Nightspell Rogue primary archetype combined with Mage secondary is a Nightspell class. Nightspell Cypess, Leah Books May , NIGHTSPELL is a ghost story rich with betrayal, royalty, murder, magic, politics and nonstop suspense Definitely a page turner that is hard to put down Leah Cypress vividly introduces the reader to Ghostland, which is quite literally a spooky kingdom. Nightspell Collection CND For the Media Careers Creative Nail Design, Inc All Rights Reserved.

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    I wrote my first story in first grade The narrator was an ice cream cone in the process of being eaten In fourth grade, I wrote my first book, about a girl who gets shipwrecked on a desert island with her faithful and heroic dog a rip off of both The Black Stallion and all the Lassie movies, very impressive.However, I took a few detours along the way to becoming a full time writer After selling my first story Temple of Stone while in high school, I gave in to my mother s importuning to be practical and majored in biology at Brooklyn College I then went to Columbia Law School and practiced law for almost two years at Debevoise Plimpton LLP, a large law firm in New York City I kept writing and submitting in my spare time, and finally, a mere 15 years after my first short story acceptance, I am going to be a published novelist I am very excited about this I live in Brookline, Massachusetts right outside of Boston with my husband Aaron, a researcher and doctor at the Joslin Diabetes Center, and our two daughters.


  • This book took me eight days to finish Which for someone who reads most books in 1 3 days, says a few things 1 It wasn t a book that enthralled me, one that I couldn t put down I didn t have to know what was going to happen next.2 It was interesting enough to finish If I m bored with a book, I don t finish it I enjoyed Cyress first book, Mistwood, than Nightspell She is an amazing world builder, as apparent in both books I also find her very original There are a lot of ghost books out right now [...]

  • This is not going to be a review, because I read this years ago, and I can t remember anything besides the pointless last part.

  • Originally posted here.So I m usually not a fan of ghost stories but I made an exception with Nightspell because of its intriguing premise Besides, even if the Ghostland setting is a bit creepy, it wasn t really scary I m a big scaredy cat when it comes to ghosts, I don t even watch horror films I didn t have to worry about that in this book Darri travels to Ghostland, a country where every murdered person comes back as a ghost to avenge his or her death, only then could they move on Unfortunate [...]

  • Ok I m sorry, I just thought this book was so stupid It seems a little harsh to give it 1 star but I can t think of anything I liked about it First of all, this book is about a place called Ghostland where the dead live among the living, it should be eerie and creepy and suspenseful it was none of those things, I felt nothing as I read this book It reminded me of the movie Casper starring Bill Pullman.This is a stand alone companion novel to Mistwood, the linking character being Prince Rokan s s [...]

  • This book was interesting enough that I finished the whole thing, but the problem I had with both this book and Mistwood was that there was much too much critical information that was just left for the reader to infer Both books focus very heavily on court intrigue and characters seems to betray each other and change sides endlessly Now, I love court intrigue books, but I kept feeling like the book thought I was stupid for not understanding what was going on A bit context would have really help [...]

  • It s terribly confusing that this is supposedly book 2 in the Mistwood series, because I came in with the expectation that I would recognize some characters or at least some elements of the fictional world on which it was based It would be less misleading if it were labeled a standalone As it was, I had to force myself to go back and read the excruciatingly bad book 1, and thus now have relegated myself to finish two thoroughly terrible books that are completely unrelated And now I m extra grouc [...]

  • Four years ago, Callie was forced to leave her home and family as part of an arranged marriage to the prince of Ghostland, despite being too young to marry at the time Still she remained in Ghostland essentially as a hostage to ensure a tenuous peace between their two countries.From the day Callie was sent away, Darri vowed to rescue her beloved younger sister Finally Darri gets her chance when she and her subtly cunning brother Varis travel to Ghostland to deal with the dangerous inhabitants th [...]

  • I liked Mistwood better.Many of the problems for me originated from the fact that I didn t like any of the characters All of them had their own agendas that counteracted each other, and all of them refused to compromise with one another This made for a very frustrating experience, especially when plans that actually made sense were foiled by the idiotic ones.There is an abundance of info dumping sections that really destroyed the mood for me None of the characters figured out much until they we [...]

  • Eh I enjoyed reading this book it was certainly good entertainment but I m not sure if I would recommend it It s a little slow, and I only stuck it out because the premise that of a land where murder victims always come back as ghosts and live among the living was so enthralling The characters with one exception were run of the mill epic fantasy stock, and the plot wasn t particularly complex, but the idea that the living and the dead lived together with hardly any real distinction between the t [...]

  • When I reviewed Mistwood by Leah Cypess last year, I talked about was how refreshing it was to read a young adult book that wasn t focused solely on a romantic plot This was also one of my favorite things about Mistwood s companion novel, Nightspell, which I was lucky enough to get my hands on last week it comes out tomorrow I should really stop saying lucky, since I almost always find books in the bookstore before their release, so I am probably not special Alas.I love the plots in the Mistwood [...]

  • A place where the dead are both as solid as the living and as shadowy as ghosts that is where Darri and her brother Varis are riding Darri s purpose for coming to Ghostland is simple to save her sister Callie, who s been trapped in that ghastly place since she was a child We re not sure what is driving Varis he is all strategy in his stoic, detached way What we do know is that he strives unwaveringly to do the will of his father, the king, and what s in the best interest of their country on the [...]

  • Two royal siblings from a Mongol Hun like culture, each sibling with their own agenda, visit the ghostfilled kingdom to which their youngest sister was sent as a treaty bride It is a different concept, not cookie cutter fantasy or is it supposed to be YA at all It is concept, creepy but in a good way I really liked this.It is a sequel of sorts to Mistwood, but different in tone Mistwood was a sort of a fantasy mystery, where plot turned on psychological twists Nightspell is as well a fantasy mys [...]

  • This is that rarity an idea driven YA fantasy And it s a big idea big enough to fill all 300 pages, and, unfortunately, big enough to leave very little space for characters or worldbuilding or anything else What if the murdered dead came back as ghosts Not just one exceptional protagonist or antagonist, but all of them How would this affect society, as the centuries passed and ghosts piled up on ghosts, filling every hall to the rafters If you knew your afterlife would look just like your life t [...]

  • This was of a two and a half stars read.The ending was such a disappointing waste of time I feel as if the whole book was rather a waste Why bother going through all of that anyway They didn t accomplish anything Replacing one evil with another and leaving things in such a tangled way is just sad I guess I really just don t buy the whole argument that they exist and aren t really dead That existence shouldn t just be taken from them Yeah, dead is dead And sorry but the author took such pains to [...]

  • NIGHTSPELL is terrific Leah Cypess created a fascinating surprising world Ghostland where the dead walk around like the living, so much so that it s hard to tell who is alive and who is dead That is until Leah does an amazing job of describing these ghosts their smells, their decaying bodies, their special abilities like shifting their shapes into something grotesque In Ghostland the dead and the living move around side by side, but it isn t all good The dead want respect, power, and some will d [...]

  • Probably the dumbest book I ve read in a long time If I could compare this book to something, it would be a food that leaves a bad taste in your mouth I wasted quite a bit of time finishing it, considering the fact that I would either fall asleep or find something interesting to do like clip my nails.Please read this and spare yourself.I didn t care about any of the characters The only slightly interesting one was Varis The pacing dragged and was boring because the characters were acting stupid [...]

  • Eh I MUCH preferred the first one Mistwood Although this was interesting and refreshing, there was no romance and I still don t quite understand what happened at the end.Did Callie Make It Guess well never know And that, is so damn frustrating.

  • This had a lot of potential but just didn t live up to it More romance and growth for the characters would have helped.

  • Story Raellian Prince Varis and Princess Darriniaka, or Darri for short, travel to their neighboring country Ghostland in order to marry off Darri to the Prince of Ghostland to form an alliance with them However, Darri has other motivations for accepting the proposal she just wants to take Callie, her younger sister who was also sent off years prior to be married off, out of Ghostland and take her back home to their plains On the other hand, Varis also has other motivations and is determined to [...]

  • The young adult genre is full of fast, easy reads And that is fine with me I like being entertained without having to think too much Sometimes though, having to do a little work to read a book is worthwhile Leah Cypess novels are not easy You aren t flipping through the pages in great suspense instead, you carefully read each page, because the little things are important You don t spend half the novel sighing over the handsome hero instead you savor complex, not always likable characters Add to [...]

  • It s a giveaway Make sure to check out Bewitched Bookworms were you can find my review of both Mistwood and Nightspell, plus enter the giveaway for a copy of each of these books The giveaway closes on July 1st, 2011.Let s indulge cutie for a moment whilst she explains the obvious.So, a story line is the A to B to C which eventually will get us to Z of a story It s everything that happens and then some, whilst a plot is the twists and turns that are thrown into the story which manipulate it or in [...]

  • 3.5 stars I did like it better than MistwoodOriginally posted here.Nightspell by Leah Cypess is a companion novel to her debut, Mistwood It can be read as a stand alone novel, the two only share one character and you don t need to know her story from the first novel to enjoy or understand this one.Despite what the synopsis may lead you to believe, Darri is really not the main character Or at least not all by herself She shares that position with both her siblings, Callie and Varis, and also with [...]

  • This review was first posted on rubysreads I love Historical Fantasy Maybe not as much as Small, but plenty, but my obsession is healthy enough When I read Mistwood last year, I was pleased with it, but also aware of a slight dissatisfaction I think it stems from the fact that, though Cypess novels and I say this based on the only two she s written do not quite make the Smidge of romance grade They have happy endings in that the conflict is resolved not, generally without some kind of loss but t [...]

  • Nightspell was an incredibly unique and alluring high fantasy novel Even though this is considered a companion novel to Mistwood, you don t have to have read it like me to comprehend what is going on I think my favorite aspect of Nightspell was the originality and world building The idea of Ghostland was so different from anything I ve read before and the characters were all complex and well developed The story opens with Darri and her brother, Varis, riding to Ghostland to rescue their younger [...]

  • Nightspell is an alluring spellbinding fantasy with a fantastic twist The story s strong characters, and unique world, Ghostland, make Nightspell the perfect companion novel to Leah Cypess s debut novel, Mistwood The story centers on Darri who s traveling with her brother, Prince Varis, to rescue their youngest sister Callie Callie was taken a few years ago and brought to the dreaded Ghostland In this land where the living and the dead live side by side, nothing is what it seems, even for Callie [...]

  • Maybe like three and a quarter stars Better than her first book in this series universe Not by a whole lot, but than enough to be an interesting read I don t know whether the author found an editor or got a different one, but the writing improved to the point that it seems to be one or the other Far showing instead of telling, the mystery was engaging and puzzling still easy to figure out, but it still unfolded far better than the last one , the characters were much three dimensional and as [...]

  • Let me just say right up front that I will read anything that Leah Cypess writes She could make the contents of Cheerios interesting This book clinched her spot in my top ten authors so I hope that she will write quickly and produce , and The characters in this book were varied and had a depth that was carried throughout the novel Darri was well drawn and a heroine who will do anything to get her sister back Her fierceness was evident in every breath The places that Cypess takes her character [...]

  • You may also read my review here mybookishways 2011 03 MY REVIEWIt s been years since Darri s sister Callie was taken to Ghostland to marry the prince and solidify a political relationship between their people Darri blames herself every day for allowing Callie to be taken away, and vows to bring her home When Darri turns 17 and her father decides to offer her as the prince s bride instead, she sees her chance to rescue Callie and bring her home for good Instead, when Darri and her brother arrive [...]

  • Interesting premise about two neighboring kingdoms that misunderstand one another, one kingdom composed of the living and the other composed of the dead This had remarkable potential for an off beat love story, or for discourse on family relationships, or even the challenges of making sense of our differences It would also have been interesting to further explore what death means In the end, I wasn t particularly impressed with the plot or the characters It always seemed like something lovely wa [...]

  • Ugh this book was okay, maybe a 1.5 I kind of liked Mistwood, so I thought that this book would be just as interesting But no No it s not The plot is confusing, thee characters are all static and basically do the same things over and over again.about halfway through the book I just wanted it to be over With less then 100 pages left, I had to stop I couldn t read any There was also the extremely disgusting part where she is describing a murder, and vividly talking about how the red blood flowed a [...]

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