Better To Rest

Better To Rest Just when his personal life starts to heat up Liam Campbell must put it on holdter the grisly discovery of a dismembered hand leads him to a crashed World War II Army plane frozen precariously in a g
  • Title: Better To Rest
  • Author: Dana Stabenow
  • ISBN: 9780451209603
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Better To Rest
    Just when his personal life starts to heat up, Liam Campbell must put it on holdter the grisly discovery of a dismembered hand leads him to a crashed World War II Army plane frozen precariously in a glacier Stretching back than sixty years, the case will pit Liam against his Air Force colonel father, whose very presence makes Liam question what secrets the glaciJust when his personal life starts to heat up, Liam Campbell must put it on holdter the grisly discovery of a dismembered hand leads him to a crashed World War II Army plane frozen precariously in a glacier Stretching back than sixty years, the case will pit Liam against his Air Force colonel father, whose very presence makes Liam question what secrets the glacier holds and who exactly was on that ill fated flight
    Better To Rest By Dana Stabenow,
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    Dana Stabenow was born in Anchorage and raised on 75 foot fish tender in the Gulf of Alaska She knew there was a warmer, drier job out there somewhere.


  • This review covers all four Liam Campbell mystery books.What do you get when you mix one sexy Alaskan state trooper, one sassy pilot love interest, lots of cool details about Alaskan history and culture, juicy plot lines, juicy sex scenes, complex relationships, and a little touch of the paranormal The Liam Campbell mystery series I read all four books back to back and inhaled them like a greasy cheeseburger at Bill s diner I think Stabenow has done a fabulous job balancing the storyline and cha [...]

  • First time reading Dana S and was confused by all the characters at first Recommend reading the series in order this is no 3 Liam series Good plot Moves along well but couldn t figure out who was the spy

  • This one took me a while to get into Seemed like it was a little to related to the last book she wrote and the characters roles in that BUT it turned out it was of no importance I finaly just gave up on trying to remember the who is who and figured that if they were important, I would hear about them again I was right That worked I also felt like she dropped the ball is resolving the spy angle unless I missed something, which I thought was the reason for the journal entries throughout the book A [...]

  • I ve now read two Dana Stabenows and I liked them both a lot She seems to specialize in a funky mixture of traditional private eye mystery, Alaskan history and culture and a lot of interpersonal conflict I know absolutely nothing about Alaska, so the picture she paints Alaska is apparently a lot like Balti in the 80s and 90s, except worse and with nature, plus you have to fly everywhere is really eye opening and interesting.

  • Another Liam Campbell mystery, combined with romance and history What better Set in a small Alaska town, the discovery of a DC 3 C 47 embedded in a glacier sets ripples throughout the town One glitch if the son of the C 47 copilot who perished in 1941 was coming up for Senate confirmation as a four star general, he d be 71 years old at the 2003 publish dateo old for active service The mystery is topped off with a couple of romances and it s all a good story.

  • The last in the series I put off reading it because I loved the characters, the Alaskan setting, the romance, the mystery, and I didn t want it to end Now that it haswasn t my favorite in the series, but was excellent I love this author I m going to read of her books Loved Liam and Wy s interactions and love story Bill and Moses are rather interesting characters, too My mind could get involved with the story and away from reality Perfect

  • This is an interesting book I listened to it on tape The story spans 60 years from WWII to the present An Air Force plane from the big war is discovered in a glacier in Alaska A severed hand clutching a gold coin is found in the wreckage State trooper Liam Campbell is looking into the mystery when an elderly woman in town is murdered How these two events are related is a good story War stories and family dynamics make for a satisfying mystery.

  • I was so happy this last one of the four books came out on Kindle, snatched it up and started immediately and finished in one day I am so glad Liam and Wy finally got their act together and the opening chapter is absolutely hilarious Thanks to Dana Stabenow for the Liam Campbell series which I have enjoyed immensely.

  • I found Better to Rest somewhat predictable, and I am not a fan of the trend toward inserting a historic narrative in small bits throughout the novel, but Stabenow remains one of my favorite mystery writers Her characterization of life in the Alaskan bush is always entertaining, and I have come to know her characters as if they were my friends.

  • Liam Campbell is in a small Alaskan town with winter coming on Town drunks found a severed arm with a gold coin clasped in the hand This led to a world war II plane being found and uncovered family secrets which led to two deaths Liam s girlfriend, Wy Chouinard, is the pilot flying him back forth to crime scenes Good, fast mystery Easy to read I rate this a 4.6.

  • Better to Rest by Dana Stabenow is the 4th book of the Liam Campbell mystery series, set in the contemporary Alaska bush Liam is an Alaska State Trooper He formerly served in Anchorage, but was demoted and sent to the bush after an error with a case He s recently been reinstated and offered his old job back, but he hesitates, due to his love affair with Wy, a bush pilot They live together, but are currently not on speaking terms, each too afraid to discuss their choices for the future.Eccentric [...]

  • Great StorytellerDana Stabenow is a great storyteller with a feel for the beauty and chill of Alaska s Bush In this the fourth and last of the Liam Campbell series, state trooper Liam questions a sexy 74 year old grandmother about the possible origin of a newly revealed World War II bomber discovered in a glacier The next thing he hears, she s been murdered Then her daughter is killed As Liam investigates, he needs the help of the woman he loves, the pilot Wy Their tangled feelings reflect the p [...]

  • This woman can really write I ve read this book before, but Dana Stabelow is an author That I enjoy reading again and again.

  • WWII wreck discovered in and daughter killedWy and Liam move forward in their relationship but not much meat in this book

  • Wyanet worried about Liam leaving, to go back to Anchorage for the promotion, unable to give him the words he wants to hear, unable to fully commit when he brings up buying a bigger bed, she puts him off and Moses tells her about her birth parents that he is her grandfather, and he fears she will hear the voices as he does she s worried about the vices and a few times she has an itch at the back of her neck that leads her to throw herself Liam to safety when part of the glacier slips and later, [...]

  • This is the 4th, and presumably final, book in the Liam Campbell series, following Nothing Gold Can Stay The story begins approximately 1 month following the close of the previous novel.Everyone but Prince is suffering from some form of PTSD following the shoot out that culminated the 3rd novel And the only reason Prince is not suffering is because she wasn t there It has been an agonizing month for Liam and Wy as Liam, at the end of the 3rd book, was promoted back to his original rank in the Al [...]

  • This series is excellent if you are an outdoors person Also try C J Box.First paragraphs, I m a vampire Of course you are, Diana Prince said I suck blood Of course you do The young woman sitting on the other side of Diana Prince s desk was thin to the point of emaciation, with sharp cheekbones emphasized by fine, black, almost certainly dyed hair sleeked into a severe knot at the back of her head Her eyebrows, eyelids and lips were painted black, and she wore a high necked, long sleeved, ankle l [...]

  • This is Dana Stabenow s 4th book in the Liam Campbell series Narrated by for the 4th time by Marguerite Gavin I can t say enough about this series I love the glimpse into the Alaskan bush, the small town feel, and how centuries pass where very little changes.This book involves another death in the small town and a mystery that may go back 60 years When hunters stumble upon a plane crash and bring back a severed hand holding a gold piece Liam must secure a scene that is unreachable by humans due [...]

  • Dana Stabenow can be trusted to deliver a good vacation from your daily routine, and I especially like the character of Liam Campbell, and his work in the rather zany environment of Newenham, Alaska Maybe that s because I was such a fan of Northern Exposure Liam is a dedicated lawman who is in love with a bush pilot, despite his terror of flying Newenham barely qualifies as a village, but things jump in this tiny population When fishing is out of season the bored populace drink too much, steal f [...]

  • I listened to this book on CD It is my first Dana Stabenow and I was only moderately impressed She clearly writes series style and while the story may be a stand alone, the books really are not There is so much of the book spent on filling in the past and the ending seems to cry out that there will be Solving the mystery is pretty good and the characters are interesting, although I must admit that I didn t much like Liam and some of his actions were downright disgraceful There is also a bit too [...]

  • I enjoy reading reviews after I have read a book Typically there is one that captures my thoughts The mystery element of this book fell flat as it felt like it was shoehorned into a book about the people in this setting The characters, with all of their traits and quirks, saved this book, making it enjoyable A lot could have been done to marry the two parts of the book together Instead, there were a lot of moments where there were great characters in pointless bland situations The plot includesa [...]

  • 4 in the Liam Campbell series.Alaska state trooper Liam Campbell is exploring an old plane crash and a new murder The discovery of a WWII era American army plane embedded in the face of a glacier raises a surprising number of questions And the murder of a feisty, elderly matriarch leads to some surprising revelations about her active life Having through a misstep in his career landed in the small fishing town of Newenham on the eastern edge of Bristol Bay, Campbell now has a chance to return to [...]

  • A WWII plane is slowly thawing from a glacier An frozen arm is retrieved from the ice and the hand is clutching a golden coin The next day a woman is murdered and Liam is sifting through family connections trying to discover who is responsible Liam wants to marry Wy and Wy has secrets she needs to divulge before she can think about marriage Liam s father Charles is in town and is very interested in the plane in the glacier Charles is also very interested in trooper Diana Prince and Liam is tryin [...]

  • I was introduced to Trooper Campbell and Wy Chouinard in the latest book in the Kate Shugack series, Restless in the Grave What a great idea to bring the characters together I found all four of the Liam Campbell books at my father in law s cabin, and brought them home I read them all in a week I just couldn t put them down, and started the next one as soon as I finished he previous one Just like the Kate Shugack books, these are full of great characters and page turning plots More, please

  • I somewhat grudgingly decided to read the Liam Campbell mysteries after reading 18 Kate Shugak books, knowing that Liam shows up in Kate 19.Now, after reading the four Liam books, I can say without hesitation that it was worth the detour The Liam Campbell mysteries are set in a different part of Alaska than the Kate books, and Liam a state trooper presents a very different set of eyes through which to view the characters and issues there.If you re a fan of the Kate Shugak books, wondering whethe [...]

  • So, what s the deal with an amputated arm clutching an old gold coin and the deaths of a lusty old lady and her lusty youngest daughter Liam s military dad shows up and wants to recover the bodies from a WWII airplane crash that the amputated arm comes from What s up with that And what s the story on Liam s main squeeze s family connections and the implications Fourth in the series and once again I m skipping around and filling in blanks or forging ahead.

  • I m of two minds about this book I loved the continued character development of Liam and Wy and the other recurring characters As always the intertwining of Alaska as than a location was spectacular Unfortunately, the resolution left me feeling unsatisfied The modern day murder was solved, but the story set in the past was never clearly finished Maybe I just missed it, in which case it should have been clearer.

  • A decent bit of brain candy Since this was the first book I ve read in the series, it took a little time to get all of the characters straight A woman named Bill that had me confused for a few pages The story was interesting, although a bit convoluted in parts and a bit to graphic both for sex and violence for my taste Reminds me of Sue Henry s stories, although I m sure it s just because of the Alaskan wilderness and the toughness of the people who live there year round.

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