Hunting Julian

Hunting Julian As an Advocate for his colony Julian Sawyer travels to Earth to bring back the Chosen women who possess energy potent enough to help revitalize his people The stunning silver clad beauty who strides
  • Title: Hunting Julian
  • Author: Jacquelyn Frank
  • ISBN: 9781420104257
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Hunting Julian
    As an Advocate for his colony, Julian Sawyer travels to Earth to bring back the Chosen women who possess energy potent enough to help revitalize his people The stunning, silver clad beauty who strides into his club one night radiates a sensual magnetism unlike any he s encountered, and Julian realizes that Asia Callahan is not just Chosen, she is his kindra his one trueAs an Advocate for his colony, Julian Sawyer travels to Earth to bring back the Chosen women who possess energy potent enough to help revitalize his people The stunning, silver clad beauty who strides into his club one night radiates a sensual magnetism unlike any he s encountered, and Julian realizes that Asia Callahan is not just Chosen, she is his kindra his one true mate.For months, Asia has tracked the beautiful and mysterious Julian across the country, convinced that he s behind the disappearance of her sister and a dozen other women She s prepared to believe he s a ruthless killer, but when she presents herself as bait, she discovers that the truth is far shocking Taken to a strange, hazardous realm she never knew existed, Asia will face the ultimate choice between abandoning the life she s always known, and forsaking a passion as dangerous as it is powerful.
    Hunting Julian By Jacquelyn Frank,
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      274 Jacquelyn Frank
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  • This is probably the most unromantic book I ve read this year There was just so much fighting between the characters and through most of the book, the heroine treated the hero like she didn t give a flying f ck about him, trampling on his feelings when the guy obviously felt a deep connection with her Not that I blame her, because being kidnapped and taken into a horrible world with very strict laws for the purpose of feeding people with her energy would have made me batty as well I understand w [...]

  • Heroine has a voice but no choice spoilers belowHonestly, this book is really offensive I ve been a romance novel reader for a while now, and the theme of kidnapping transporting someone to another world is prevalent However, the way Ms Frank deals with this theme is not ok Spoilers below i The hero admits to a mental rape of the heroine but says if he could take it back he wouldii The penalty system for women who break the laws of the world is to act as a prostitutes and breeders for the men wh [...]

  • This book is around 250 pages long Not exactly sure on the number because of the way my Sony Reader figures page count but my point is that it isn t a super long book.I only gave the book 3 stars because I got really sick and tired of Asia s attitude and inability to view herself as the type of woman who could or would even want to have a relationship Ms Frank did a great job of conveying this as an issue for Asia and I was even able to logically relate, though where all her mistrust of men and [...]

  • Hunting Julian by Jacquelyn Frank was an emotion driven paranormal romance between a human woman and a being from a different cosmic plane It had all of the writing skills Ms Frank is renowned for, but I found the story a little rushed and lacking of passion between both of the main characters.Asia Callahan is a bounty hunter who believes her baby sister has been kidnapped and possibly killed by Julian Sawyer, an attractive gigolo who was the last person to see Kenya alive as well as twelve othe [...]

  • This is the first book in the Gatherers series and is a pretty good intro into the world Beneath Fans of Kresley Cole Larissa Ione should like this series.Naturally, the female protagonist Asia has a killer body, lean yet with large breasts, needs no bra because they are firm , etc Similarly, her partner Julian is all that is gorgeous and perfect, etc As cliche as that all was, I did roll my eyes, though it is certainly nothing new to the romance genre I just happen to prefer books where the mai [...]

  • Before I start with my review of Ms Frank s HUNTING JULIAN let me say that I ve read Jacob and liked it One of my daughters read the entire series and enjoyed all of the books I am always looking for that elusive paranormal romance that will draw me in and take me away for a few hours The setting was interesting The Beneath below the Earth Most of the inhabitants looked like humans but were aliens The men needed human women for their gifts of reproduction and energy A plague had invaded their wo [...]

  • This book turned out to be different than what I originally expected I thought it was going to be similar to her other two series about demons and such But in actuality it is an entirely different concept.Julian is called a Gatherer and travels to Earth to find women who can help his colony survive The way that Frank created this whole world was pretty amazing It s beyond what I ve seen or imagined in other books The concept is different from her other books and yet similar The romance is still [...]

  • Okay this book was stinky I didn t like Asia much at all She whined and complained the whole book Even though Julian tried to let her know he had no choice but to kidnap her and that she was saving people, even after they had sex and she saw all these peopled healed she just let them sick all over again because she didn t wanted people to tell her what to do Is she like 13 And then the sex healing thing, totally absurd and I m willing to believe almost anything with the PNR books If she has an o [...]

  • The worldbuilding is quite interesting and original, even if some things made me wince, like the sentence for women who break the law But I didn t really care about the characters Okay, I understand the irritation of the heroine in front of her abduction and the reasons behind it, and the fact that her sister was gone without warning But I think she is for too long narrow minded and resentful without wanting to really understand what is happening around her And she repeats the same arguments ove [...]

  • Aaargh Ugh The book was good It didn t have elements of greatness or anything, but it was good, enjoyable reading, with a fast and entertaining plot Here s the problem, and the reason for the frustration Asia The heroine Anybody read the Brothers of Destiny Remember Kelly Aaargh By the end of the book I absolutely hated Kelly I mean Asia At one point Julian got fed up and let her have it Don t think I wasn t cheering my ass off I was actully hoping he d give her a good and I mean good slap while [...]

  • Set in an alternate parallel universe, Hunting Julian could have been a very good novel The worldbuilding was very Frank ish, which for those who haven t read anything by her yet means absolutely brilliant I love what she comes up with Demons who aren t demons at all, Shadowdwellers or in this case aliens, who need emotions to live, but can t produce enough on their own without weakening themselves Julian is one of the guys who travel to earth and search for women who have enough energy But the [...]

  • As a huge fan of this author s Nightwalker and Shadowwalker series, I was beyond excited to discover that there was a new series coming out I love the language use, characters, worldbuilding, and details from those books, so I figured I would get of the same in this new series While there are plenty of elements here that are definitely unique, overall I felt the finished product of the book lacked a little of the panache of the other two sets of novels.First though, I will give props to this au [...]

  • This book is a signature Frank novel in that the construction of the story and world in which it is set in is unique and clever Imagine a place that exists along side of our world in which strong emotional feelings can be harvested and used as fuel for a humanoid species Sexual release or rage can be used as energy for an entire village if it can be harvested correctly and this is what our main character, Julian, does He is a Gatherer.There is a lot to like in this story Julian is a selfless mal [...]

  • I picked this up on a whim out of my TBR pile I m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn t a sci fi novel featuring aliens from a different plane of existence Despite my lukewarm feelings about the premise in the beginning, I admit the story sucked me in the I read I enjoyed the world building Frank s description of Beneath and the creatures that inhabit it were well done I also enjoyed Julian Though it was hard to take his actions in the beginning, I think Frank did a fairly credible job o [...]

  • No Spoiler Here.I am giving this book a 5 star with mixed emotions Jacquelyn Frank created a world non like any I have read about in my past It was a cross between Monsters Inc Disney movie and any Dr Seuss book you pick up At times I almost wished the book was illustrated so I could compare my minds picture to the picture the authors wanted us to create I wanted to love the main characters in this book.but at times I almost hated Asia The author wanted to create a character that was slighty dam [...]

  • I really like Jackie Frank as an author and world builder, but not this book I found this book to be reprehensible Stealing women from earth to be basically sexual energy to feed thousands, just doesn t sit well with me Basically the Hero Julian, seeks powerful energetic women from earth and convinces them in their dreams to come with him, or else he kidnaps them as is the case of the Heroine Asia I found the plot to be just gross If women step out of line, they are thrown into a colony where th [...]

  • I didn t really care for the beginning of yet another series from Ms Frank Mostly I wish she would concentrate on bringing us a continuation of the series that she s already worked on I didn t feel as though this series had nearly the richness that the other two do, mainly because of lack of history content It spent to much time proving that the heroine was a feminist independent but willing to succumb to her baser needs at any given time And the hero, while being noble and blah blah blah, lacke [...]

  • I was very drawn to this book for some reason, so I decided to go ahead and pick it up I initial read the first 2 chapters, but then had to go to sleep Then last night before bed, I picked it back up Needless to say, I stayed up way too late and finished it I don t normally read books with aliens, because I associate them with space, which I don t care to read about That being said, there are aliens in this book, but the world the author has built is really fantasy than sci fi These aren t spac [...]

  • I am just having bad luck with my sci fi romance I think part of my problem is I like it when there is either a balance of romance and sci fi in the novels or even if there s bit sci fi than romance in them that s okay When it s of a straight up romance I seem to have less luck I thought the ideas here were interesting and I really wanted to like it However for one, the heroine I couldn t stand I m all for kick butt heroines and all but this was one of those where she wanted to shout from the [...]

  • I was held on end wanting to know exactly what it was that Julian was doing with all the women Then to feel the heat between him and Asia set things moving forward He was deliciously hot, seductive, and on a mission for his people Asia had no way of know that he was not of this world To subdue the attack and still help his people Julian never would have guessed that she was the one to change his life forever Or be a key to the source that could feed his people.I found her a new way of looking at [...]

  • I give this a 4.5 purely because the lead females stubborness get a tad annoying towards the end.But saying that I found this book completely gripping, the world building had me in awe and the realness of the personalities between the leads was brilliant, non of the typical, meet, greet shag all within a minute going on in this story I felt like i could relate to Asia, I would be damned pissed off too if i was kidnapped and had no way of getting homeever.Was pleasantly surprised by the differenc [...]

  • Not as good as Nightwalker or Shadow Walker series Hard time finishing book Will not buy of series.

  • I rarely rate a book lower than three stars because if it is NOT at least 3 stars or above I simply do NOT waste my time finishing it I was incredibly interested in the world Jacquelyn Frank created with the Beneath I personally believe the story would have been much better if the heroine, Asia, was simply likable, but she was a complete and utter BITCH Except for the love of her sister, Asia simply was a miserable person I kept hoping she would change but it did not happen until the story was n [...]

  • Don t know why so many people have to complain about this one It s a decent book Is it paranormal romance Not really It s Sci Fi Romance and while that is different than what Jacquelyn Frank usually writes, it s not bad I m convinced the complainers are only whining because they expected it to be PNR and it s not For a Sci Fi book, I found it to be very interesting and was hoping there d be than just 1 other book to follow this one.

  • Xe Sands did a great job of narrating this BS, but I still feel gross for having listened to it.I didn t listen to this book until months after I d purchased it, so I no longer remember why I got it I can t say what, exactly, made Hunting Julian seem like something that I d enjoy reading The blurb makes the events that take place sound very different from the way they actually unfold The fact that should have been repeated several times throughout is that Asia is not a willing visitor to Julian [...]

  • Once I discovered how good Ms Frank s books are when I began reading her second series, The Shadowdwellers, I was determined to keep up with that series and anything new she has to offer in the future She s just too good to miss, as I ve done with her debut series, The Nightwalkers She has once again left me spellbound with this newest series and in awe of her talent.Asia has been doing her own investigation on Julian Sawyer, a handsome playboy who she suspects of kidnapping and killing women, t [...]

  • More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress It s a shame we have the same tired romance trope, this time disguised as a supernatural fantasy Because really, the last thing the world needs is a yet another boring alpha male with a heart of gold and comely female desired by all and so getting into trouble all the time and needing to be rescued.There s nothing of a turn off than a woman stupid enough to get herself into trouble all the time Then just happening to have that big str [...]

  • Enjoyed HUNTING JULIAN was enjoyable I liked reading about this alternate world and all the challenges that came with it Julian Sawyer is a Gatherer for his colony His job is to find viable women who willingly leave their lives behind to fuel the alternate plane of Beneath where they are dying out Living off emotions, the colonies are in desperate need of women and thus value them as sacred When Asia tips his hand, he s forced to bring her across without her consent Asia has been hunting Julian [...]

  • Ugh I feel so disloyal saying this, but I hated this book I m a huge fan of Jacquelyn Frank, so this is very hard for me to admit, but I have to speak the truth I was so bored and annoyed with the heroine by page 100 that I had to force myself to skim the rest of the book just so I could say I finished it Oh my god, was there ever a annoying heroine than this lady Sure she got kidnapped, I get that, and yes she should absolutely be pissed off But come on How on earth is the story supposed to pr [...]

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