A Kiss to Kill

A Kiss to Kill Revenge Eight months ago Dr Gina Cappozi and CIA black ops commando Captain Gregg van Halen were lovers until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal Left in the hands of terrorists and to do the unspe
  • Title: A Kiss to Kill
  • Author: Nina Bruhns
  • ISBN: 9780425233832
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Kiss to Kill
    Revenge Eight months ago, Dr Gina Cappozi and CIA black ops commando Captain Gregg van Halen were lovers until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal Left in the hands of terrorists and to do the unspeakable or die, Gina vowed to kill the man she once loved.Danger She knows that Gregg lives in the shadow world of violence and darkness She knows that he s watching her eveRevenge Eight months ago, Dr Gina Cappozi and CIA black ops commando Captain Gregg van Halen were lovers until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal Left in the hands of terrorists and to do the unspeakable or die, Gina vowed to kill the man she once loved.Danger She knows that Gregg lives in the shadow world of violence and darkness She knows that he s watching her every move What she doesn t know is that Gregg isn t the only one following her or that he still cherishes her.Sex When Gina s burning need for revenge leads her back to the one place she can easily lure Gregg his bed she rediscovers another, irresistible need Now, with the threat of enemies at every turn, Gina and Gregg realize that the power of betrayal and revenge is nothing compared to the power of love.
    A Kiss to Kill By Nina Bruhns,
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    New York Times and USA Today best selling author Nina Bruhns is an avid world traveler and adventurer with two graduate degrees in archaeology all great fodder for her stories, giving them broad dimension, vivid settings and characters that are out of the ordinary In addition to hitting both the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists, her novels have earned two RITA nominations, and won numerous other awards, including three prestigious Daphne du Maurier Awards of Excellence for Overall Best Mystery Suspense Novel of the Year, five Dorothy Parker Awards, several RT BookClub Awards and a National Readers Choice Award A native of Canada, Nina grew up in California and currently resides in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.


  • Don t trust anyone Finally we know who this mysterious traitor was In this third installment, the story focused on an investigation of the connection between the dead bodies and the terrorists malicious plan In comparison with the previous books, there weren t as many action scenes as expected here But anyway, I had an adrenaline rush when all hell broke loose near the end of the book So much went on that I felt like my heart would jump out of my chest.It s not hard to feel satisfied by the conc [...]

  • 3 1 2 starsBased on the previous books in the series, I had no doubt that suspension of disbelief was a must if I wanted to enjoy this read As expected, this book had several eye rolling moments, but I was braced for them so I had fun with all the OTT action It was exciting and entertaining, so I won t complain about it As I mentioned before, I like the suspense part of this series Ms Bruhns has the knack for writing thrilling action scenes, there s no question about it.Unfortunately, it was the [...]

  • 5 stars Romantic SuspenseWOW I loved, loved, loved it What a fantastic, thrilling conclusion to an AWESOME series If you like steamy, action packed military romantic suspense and authors like Suzanne Brockmann, Marliss Melton, Catherine Mann, and Stephanie Tyler only with smokin hot sex and haven t yet read this series, then what on earth are you waiting for Big 5 stars This series must be read in order Shoot to ThrillIf Looks Could ChillA Kiss to Kill

  • 4.5 5 starsWhat a great conclusion to the Passion for Danger trilogy This book, the third in the Passion for Danger trilogy is, in my humble opinion, the best of the bunch This story focuses heavily on CIA black ops agent, Gregg Van Halen no relation, as he quickly pointed out in book 1 and Gina Cappozi, a scientist who has been working to develop a way to inoculate children through a nasal inhalation device, as opposed to injections Because of her work with new ways to dispense drugs, chemical [...]

  • Opening Line They were using her as bait Oh I liked this one and I agree with others that this is the best of the Passion For Danger trilogy Its like Bruhns finally got the formula right here with each character getting just the right amount of page time, an exciting but not over the top storyline and the perfect balance of action suspense to romance It could also be said though that I ve gotten used to her style and didn t expect to read exclusively about just one couple I actually enjoyed the [...]

  • A great finish to the series and I am gonna miss those guys I wasn t overly impressed with the first book but things definitely changed from the second There are loads of excellent reviews out there and I am feeling a little lazy but just wanted to quickly add one thing Like the second we followed 3 different couples in the story and I did feel that the book was a bit crowded and would have been better if each couple or maybe 2 couple s at a time had got their own book I understand that would ha [...]

  • Kick ass book from a kick ass series Once I started reading this one, I did not want to put it down I just wanted to sit there until I finished I was totally and absolutely hooked into it from the very start.Series Note This series MUST be read in order.Summary Geneticist Gina Cappozi s life has been a roller coaster for the past year First her best friend disappears, then she meets a mysterious sexy guy and starts a blazing affair with himen he betrays her or so she believes and she s captured [...]

  • Another page turner Book 3 in the Passion for Danger series picked up right were 1 and 2 left off so be sure to read this series in order because the back stories and build up are in the earlier books In the first book, Shoot to Thrill, we got a few splashes of Gina Cappazi and Gregg van Halen s tale Oh my In the second book, If Looks Could Chill, their saga further developed with some intense scenes that involved abduction, torture and biological weapons In book 3 this one , Gina and Gregg beco [...]

  • I was going to give this book a 4 stars but the ending was so good that I had to add an extra 1 2 so a Kiss To Kill gets a 4 1 2 stars from me.I really liked most of this book but parts I flat out loved Once again the action was really good, the characters were great and the heat was there I really liked that I had NO idea who the bad guy s where until the end It had me guessing as to who it was through the whole story.The problem I had with this series is that every hero was afraid to commit to [...]

  • WOW WOW WOW Couldn t ask for a better finish to this series This book was written well, characters and their stories completed to satisfaction, and an all around amazing and suspenseful story I m ready to read the entire series again If you haven t read this series, give yourself a big treat and get the books soon

  • I enjoyed this so much than I expected to The cover is truly frightening while oddly appealing , but the story was so much fun.There was a lot going on here we could have had time with Gina and Gregg to see their relationship evolve however, Nina Bruhns can write relationships like nobody s business, and wow did I fall in love with Gregg and the others in the various pairings I think Gina was realistic, considering what she s been through After having most of the other women in this series be [...]

  • Another fun book with this big group of STORM and assorted other police people Gina is in trouble again, well, not really again, as much as still The big bad behind the whole larger plot of the previous 2 books and this one is trying to tie up the loose ends Those loose ends being Kick, Alex, and Gina, all of whom have a target on their head.Gina is still trying to come to terms with Gregg s betrayal, when he pops back in her life and things become even complicated The team quickly comes togeth [...]

  • I loved this series What I don t love is that this is the end I want This book and series had everything I love in a romantic suspense This is fast paced, gritty, emotional, sexy, action packed story Captain Gregg van Halen is an intense, emotionally scared, hardened black op committed to clearing his name and to save his past lover Gina from their enemies Alex Zane and Rebel have a conclusion to their story after many twists and turns Usually due to Alex s problems Another alpha working throug [...]

  • 3.5 stars Once again lots of stories going on There is a theme in each relationship though Man and woman come together violently Man says no I can t there are too many issues Woman feels hurt and tries to distance herself but can t stop humping the sexy bod of said man Man comes to senses and everyone lives happily ever after I found it kind of annoying that the women constantly pant after the men with little or no diginity.Anyway, still an entertaining enough read I wouldn t mind a story about [...]

  • This series was amazing There are 3 different relationships happening Gina Gregg, Wade Sarah and Rebel Alex.Rebel and Alex were my favorite, BUT I was so tired of Language That I didn t even want to read their part any It just became so stupid I mean really NO S Sherlock I get the woman doesn t say bad words enough already I hated her by the end, so my review lost a star.Could have been a 5 star book, but the above statement was OVERKILL Other than that Awesome book I am surprised there are not [...]

  • A Kiss To Kill is the third and final book in the Passion For Danger series The continuing cast of characters from books 1 and 2 Shoot To Thrill, and If Looks Could Chill , including Gregg and Gina, Alex and Rebel, Kick, Quinn, and Marc, race the clock to discover who the government traitor is who is helping al Sayika wreak terror on the countryd why Sizzling romance and high adventure are the order of the day

  • Just what I need, another author to add to my favorites lists and another series to add to my TBB list But I ve already done the deed after reading A Kiss to Kill This is my first book in Ms Bruhns Passion for Danger series, and I loved every darned word of it I want Now.Gina Capozzi is finally recovered from her torturous ordeal at the hands of terrorists, and how she s as angry as can be and is out for the blood of her former lover, rogue CIA operative Greg Van Halen He s the one who betrayed [...]

  • Actually 3.75 stars After her harrowing rescue in the previous installment, Dr Gina Cappozi s brilliance is centered on one thought Vengeance against Captain Gregg van Halen, it s what she lives for By all appearances, Gina is safe, secure and resuming her life in New York while STORM operatives watch over her hoping to catch Gregg Gina vows to herself she won t take an easy breath as long as Gregg takes any Gregg s aware he s a wanted man but can t seem to stay away from Gina as he watches and [...]

  • With all the different POVs, relationships, and conspiracy theories in this story, and the whole series, you can often find yourself feeling that the love story has been pushed aside for the action and intrigue Though the novels were good I doubt I ll read them again or try any of Nina s other series I much prefer one main romance in my novels, though I have read some well done ones with secondary romances in the background This seems like she was trying to have too many couples coming together [...]

  • I dub this book the first entry into the thank God that trilogy is over category.There was so much going on Anyone who might try to pick this up on a whim, not having read the other two, would have no idea what s going on None whatsoever I liked Gina Gregg and I m glad they had a resolution Rebel and Alex just got on my nerves Wade and Sarah just seemed completely unnecessary in my opinion three stories are just too much to follow and detract from ANY of the couple having much airtime 3 stars ON [...]

  • The third book in the Passion For Danger series by Nina Bruhns Definitely need to read this series in order I loved the series and I m glad I was able to read it back to back Had I read this out of order or waited as they were published I probably wouldn t have enjoyed it as much There is a storyline that continues through all three novels The only real issue is as I said in my review for book 2, too many romances going on and the spotlight didn t stay on the main H h as I would have preferred.

  • I have really liked all three books in this trilogy My only issue is that I feel like Nina Bruhns tries to cram as many relationships as she can into each book This one felt like Rebel and Alex s book, and not Gregg and Gina s I wanted time with each couple, and the constant switching got on my nerves Each time with each couple was just enough to leave us wanting , and then it switched Still, I read this in one day, and I wish there were .

  • I really enjoyed this series I was a bit disappointed by this book only because the other 2 had led up to the conclusion in this one I think I d built up too big of a story in book 3 But still I really enjoyed this book and the entire series.

  • 4.85 Action 4.75 Emotion 4.75 Romance 4.95 Sensuous 4.5 Intrigue 5 Humor 1 Tears 2 After reading Book Two If Looks Could Chill of The Passion For Danger Trilogy, could not wait to read Book Three, A Kiss to Kill Although A Kiss To Kill was chock full of blazing action, nail biting suspense, frustrating romance and heated sensuality, it was not as intense as the previous book Having read the books back to back it was, thus, a bit of a let down Part of the problem could be that Bruhns did such a p [...]

  • 3.75 starsAn action packed suspense with a side of second chance romance Involved 2 or 3 different couples, each with their side stories along with the main plot of finding out the true villain.

  • In the previous book If Looks Could Kill side characters Gina Cappozi and captain Gregg van Halen engaged in a hot relationship until the day he betrayed her He left her to be physically and mentally tortured by terrorists for the next eight months and never looked back Now they are the main characters and Gina is out for revenge They cross paths again and realize not all is over between them Besides her planning to kill Gregg, sticking close and Gregg making sure to keep his eyes on Gina, this [...]

  • Considering how irritated I was at a few things in the first two books, I found myself pleasantly engaged with A Kiss to Kill I still think these books are marketed poorly, and don t quite match what s on the back cover, but at least the love story between Gregg and Gina was than a passing fancy this time around cough Marc and Tara All the loose ends were tied up neatly, and I felt good with where it ended It s too bad Rebel and Alex s story was competing for attention just like with Darcy and [...]

  • I was desperately looking for another author to fill in the void for Romantic Suspense when my favorite series by Roxanne St Claire, Cindy Gerard and Christy Reece came to an end.I happened to stumble on to Nina Bruhns based on pure chance, and figured what the heck.Boy am I glad I did It is very rare to read a book where an author so expertly weaves a number of different story lines aside from the main protagonist I ll admit, if you re a fan of reading only about the main 2 characters in a book [...]

  • Nina Bruhns, AM 84AuthorFrom the author Eight months ago, Dr Gina Cappozi and CIA black ops commando Captain Gregg van Halen were lovers until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal Left in the hands of terrorists and to do unspeakable things or die, Gina vowed to kill the man she once loved She knows that he lives in the shadow world of violence and darkness She knows that he s watching her every move What she doesn t know is that Gregg isn t the only one following her or that he still cherishes [...]

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