Emma's Secret

Emma s Secret Paula O Neil has inherited her grandmother Emma Harte s dream for success a magnificent business empire in London shared by Paula s daughters Linnet and Tessa Yet their future is far less secure than
  • Title: Emma's Secret
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780312985738
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emma's Secret
    Paula O Neil has inherited her grandmother Emma Harte s dream for success a magnificent business empire in London shared by Paula s daughters, Linnet and Tessa Yet their future is far less secure than any woman imagines For beneath the dazzling surface, flares a rivalry and discontent that leave them vulnerable to the dreams of others.Into the fray arrives enigmatic AmerPaula O Neil has inherited her grandmother Emma Harte s dream for success a magnificent business empire in London shared by Paula s daughters, Linnet and Tessa Yet their future is far less secure than any woman imagines For beneath the dazzling surface, flares a rivalry and discontent that leave them vulnerable to the dreams of others.Into the fray arrives enigmatic American fashion designer Evan Hughes seeking employment But her interest in the Harte dynasty is a personal one Bearing a striking resemblance to the Harte lineage, Evan s arrival begins to unravel a mystery that hides in the family s shadows, and that waits to be revealed in Emma s long lost diaries.Now as the past unfolds, so emerges an extraordinary tale of money and power, passion and revenge, and survival and triumph at any price one that will irrevocably change the lives and loves of four women and shake an empire to its very foundation.
    Emma's Secret By Barbara Taylor Bradford,

    Emma s Secret A Novel Finding Emma Holmes, Steena Verified Purchase Emma s Secret continues as we discovered in Finding Emma, Megan once again sees a child who looks just like Emma and takes a photo of her as she rides on her grandfather s shoulders at a fair and sends the picture to the local police officer who dealt with their case early on in the investigation. Emma s Secret Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE Emma s Secret is vintage Barbara Taylor Bradford Emotion, drama, intrigue and passion fill the pages in a spellbinding novel which only she could write REVIEWS Hello A sweeping saga full of passion and intrigue a gripping read The Times The storyteller of substance. Emma s Secret Bradford, Barbara Taylor While she struggles with grief, her indomitability, willpower, and strength come to the fore As the pages unfurl, Paula discovers the secret Emma took to the grave to protect others, a secret whose repercussions inevitably change lives and may shake a dynasty to its very foundations Emma s Secret is vintage Barbara Taylor Bradford Emotion, drama, suspense, intrigue, Emma s Secret Finding Emma, by Steena Holmes Jan , Emma s Secret is the sequel to Finding Emma, chronicling life after her return to her family While Emma s dad,Peter, and Jack, the husband of the woman who took Emma have a voice,most of the story is told through the eyes of Megan, Emma s mother. Emma Secret RealEmmaSecret Twitter We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. Emma s Secret Emma Harte Saga by Barbara Taylor Bradford Jul , EMMA S SECRET by Barbara Taylor Bradford, Harper Collins pps chaps, parts , words A family saga and part of a series based on A Woman of Substance The author breaks almost every rule ever made for fiction and doesn t always get away with it.

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    Barbara Taylor Bradford is the author of 30 bestselling novels, including The Cavendon Women, Cavendon Hall, and The Ravenscar Dynasty She was born in Leeds, England, and from an early age, she was a voracious reader at age 12, she had already read all of Dickens and the Bront sisters By the age of twenty, she was an editor and columnist on Fleet Street She published her first novel, A Woman of Substance, in 1979, and it has become an enduring bestseller.Barbara Taylor Bradford s books are published in over 90 countries in 40 languages, with sales figures in excess of 88 million Ten of her novels have been adapted into television mini series starring actors including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Liam Neeson, Deborah Kerr and Elizabeth Hurley She has been inducted into the Writers Hall of Fame of America, and in June of 2007, Barbara was awarded an OBE Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to Literature.She lives in New York City with her husband, television producer Robert Bradford, to whom all her novels are dedicated uscmillan author barbar


  • Great saga story of three families who has been working hard all their lives to try to keep the dream of Emma Harte alive s enjoyable and intriguing also paperback

  • Great saga a continuing story of three families who work hard all their lives to keep the dream of Emma Harte alive s enjoyable and intriguing also paperback

  • I found the book very uneven, sometimes interesting but most just boring This book is part of a saga, which worried me at first whether I could understand the little details, since I haven t read the other books but the author explains everything And I really mean EVERYTHING She even repeats herself, as if the reader wouldn t remember what he she read a couple of chapters before There are too many characters and each character has a story line which makes story hard to follow at times The middle [...]

  • Years ago I read A Woman of Substance, Bradford s first book about Emma Harte It was basically a romance novel, but I knew that when I started it It told the story of an unusual woman who pulled herself up from nothing to found a wealthy department store chain in Great Britain.The first book was interesting because of the changes in the characters lives and their loves, etc This book is about the lives of Emma s grandchildren, who are hard workers and decent people despite having lived in great [...]

  • EMMA S SECRET by Barbara Taylor Bradford, Harper Collins 506 pps 47 chaps, 3 parts 172,000 words.A family saga and part of a series based on A Woman of Substance The author breaks almost every rule ever made for fiction and doesn t always get away with it Some of her dialogue is banal and stilted, there are long passages of tedious description of clothes and d cor, viewpoint changes frequently and without notice and the complex relationships are not helped by the use of similar names for several [...]

  • A continuation of the Emma Harte A Woman of Substance series Book 4A little confusing at 1st to remember the characters since I read the first book about 8 years ago There is a nice family tree in the front for reference Loved it family and history Story goes between 2001 and back to 1940 s war time London to reveal the secret Emma kept Evan Hughes travels to England after her grandmother Glynnis tells on her deathbed to go see Emma Harte Emma has been dead 30 years, but Evan is given a job in t [...]

  • Another 1 book from the clearance shelf I guess this is part of a series It stands alone which is good, but nothing really made me want to hunt down the other books.

  • Illl of the cousins in a relationship It s really kind of disturbing This book was the worst of the four It seemed to be thrown together The middle section about the war talked way to much about Winston Churchill The end was wrapped up really quickly.It also bothered me how often the author used the word murmured To me that means someone is saying something almost under their breath But she wasn t using it that way so it was a really weird reading experience.

  • So boring I didn t finish the the last few pages because I Just didn t care any Too many characters to keep track of, too much explaining The main story, I think, was a who s the daddy kind of mystery, except it was like who s the grandpa I haven t read the other books in the series, but I think I ve got the gist yawn

  • I ended up skipping around a lot in this book I loved The Cavendon series so I wanted to read of her work But this book has convinced me that these books are not for me.

  • Captivating, loved the story and the characters Sad to read that last page, until I found out that there are 3 books to this family

  • Emma s Secret Barbara Taylor Bradford My own Book purhased.What did I think I had many thoughts, especially since BTB is or was a favorite author This book is so fragmented that to make some sense of the plot, you had to read the first book and the following ones of the saga I sense the author was trying to have it read as a stand alone but it didn t work Emma Harte is one of the modern day heroines One of the joys and faults of the book is the Interlude We return to Emma and Blackie and clans d [...]

  • I believe I Mooched this book, once I got into the series I finished it last night This is the fourth book in the Harte saga, and it was just as good as the rest of the series This book begins to focus on the fourth generation of Hartes, Kallinskis, and O Neills Emma s great granddaughter, Linnet, daughter of Paula, has begun to work at Harte s, and the beginning of the book focuses on her It follows the great grands as they attempt to continue Emma s legacy in the business world at the beginnin [...]

  • I read A Woman of Substance years ago and recall enjoying it, so when I came across this book at a used book sale I grabbed it I didn t realize this was the 4th book in the series I would have been completely lost without the 3 clans family trees at the front of the book, glad it was there.While I did enjoy this story, especially the fashion retrospective, I did find it very repetitive and inconsistent For example, there are multiple references to how hard the members of the clans work, however, [...]

  • A long and involved plot in a continuation of previous novels Ms Bradford has written Would make a great movie in the form of a 1940 Loretta Young story It seemed to drag a little in the beginning, but the second half of the book picked up speed and you were enticed all along to find out what happens next Linnet, Tessa Paula daughters and mother are caught up in a large extended family drama Evan comes from the U.S and the drama quickens The three clans the Harte, O Neill and Kalinski families h [...]

  • I put historical, in part because it did have a flashback section, but this book confused me for the longest part too in reference to this supposed secret Yes, there was one, but it wasn t completely revealed until towards the end Before that, it was like, ok, suspense What happened to it Intregue Where is it Not the worst book I ve read, but I still wouldn t read it again I DO however want to find the accompanying books as it seems it s actually a series and I do want to find out what s going t [...]

  • It was not a bad book, but I felt it dwelt on the past I did not like reading about Emma during the wars It was boring.I liked reading Tessa s character I enjoyed that she was not perfect It made her human On the other hand, Linnet seems very fake She seems to be an embodiment of perfection And how come Paula looks like Emma and Linnet looks like Emma Its weird and unbelievable I don t like reading it Although I liked Jullian I wish to read about him.Over all not a bad book, but neither very s [...]

  • I love how Mrs Bradford writes And I have been fascinated by the British culture, speech and way of life for a long time now So reading this book was a charm for me It s made me want to look for the first book in the series Although that will be quite the feat Reading about the legacy left behind by one woman, her siblings and her close friends is, inspiring to say the least It would be my dream too, to have two other clans forever united to mine

  • The only deduction I can come up with on this particular book is that maybe it s part of a series because things did not fall into place and left me asking many questions as to who people were and where they fit in this story I m not a fan of contemporary romances in the first place which may have also left a bad taste in my mouth about this book I have no desire to read any from this author due to this book alone That alone says it all for me I was not entertained in the least.

  • After 100 pages I almost stopped reading this book There were a couple sexual references that I didn t like and a woman with an abusive husband that had a little detail than made me comfortable Once it flashes back to the 1940 s the book was much better The story overall was okay Super cheesy the good guys are so good and pure, the bad guys purely devilish And it was very predictable.

  • Earlier in the series, this is on the way to, but not quite yet suffering the same issues as Just Rewards by the same author constant name checking and relationship declaring to allow a reader to stand the chance of remembering who is who return return the premise is the finding of Emma Harte s diaries, and the appearance of Evan who looks suspiciously like Emma and attempting to find out where she sits in all things How or why this takes 650 pages, I m not entirely sure.

  • This was the 4th in the Harte series and took you back to Emma s years during World War II It was about her son Robin who got her young secretary pregnant and how the secretary married someone else from the U S and he became the father of her son The granddaughter comes back because her grandmother on her deathbed told her to see Emma for the key to her future It was a little long and not as enjoyable as the others or maybe I just read them to close together.

  • A lifting, out looking story Characters are positive and problems are at a minimum However, the emphasis on Emma, and showing her in a goddess like status, whose legacy is zealously protected by 4th generations Hart s is a bit too much.I remember the seeing the series adopted from the first Emma Hart book A woman of Substance a very long time ago The new book brought memories of the series back to me.

  • Det tog noget tid at komme igennem Emmas hemmeligheder, og jeg syntes den ender lidt bradt, og det er sm forvirende med alle de forskellige personer, men n r det er sagt s er det en rigtig god bog.Jeg har ikke kunne m rke at det er bog nummer 3 og er en del af en serie, hvilket st r p de bagerste sider, i takketalen fra forfatteren Da jeg f rst kom ind i bogen, s er den rigtig god, jeg kan rigtig godt lide, at den skifter mellem nutid og fortid.

  • I just finished this book, in the Large Print version 764 pages and loved it Someday, I hope to go to England and Ireland, Wales and Scotland In the meantime, I ll make do with these wonderful books by Ms Bradford Thank you, Ms Bradford, for making England and Wales come alive for me in the best way, besides being there physically, and introducing me to the Harte Clan.

  • Overall I liked the book, but some parts went on and on with too much detail Winston Churchill part mainly I know he did great things during WW2, but it went on a bit long for my taste in that part I still think this author s writing style is like Danielle Steele and reads in a very similar way, but honestly I like Danielle Steele s work better.

  • I know the writing is stilted, but I still love the wealth, glamour and the happy endings We ve got so many generations since Emma Harte now that it s a bit confusing, but luckily everyone s parentage is explained at regular intervals Especially in one dreary christmas special that goes on for pages.A reasonable portion is a flashback to Emma herself.

  • It s a good book.Definitely a woman substance.Very descriptive throughout the whole story,from face sculpture,hair eye colors,dress,skin complexion and texture,fashion and even furnitures.So,it basically wind up my imagination.But should get an X rating for the sexual scenes.But overall it s still good.Main reason I can t sleep lately.

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