Collected Ghost Stories

Collected Ghost Stories M R James is widely regarded as the father of the modern ghost story and his tales have influenced horror writers from H P Lovecraft to Stephen King First published in the early s they have neve
  • Title: Collected Ghost Stories
  • Author: M.R. James
  • ISBN: 9781853268397
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Collected Ghost Stories
    M R James is widely regarded as the father of the modern ghost story, and his tales have influenced horror writers from H P Lovecraft to Stephen King First published in the early 1900s, they have never been out of print, and are recognized as classics of the genre This collection contains some of his most chilling tales, including A View from a Hill, Rats, A School SM R James is widely regarded as the father of the modern ghost story, and his tales have influenced horror writers from H P Lovecraft to Stephen King First published in the early 1900s, they have never been out of print, and are recognized as classics of the genre This collection contains some of his most chilling tales, including A View from a Hill, Rats, A School Story, The Ash Tree, and The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance Read by BAFTA and Emmy award winning actor Derek Jacobi, and with haunting and evocative music, these tales cannot fail to send a shiver down your spine.
    Collected Ghost Stories By M.R. James,

    Collected Ghost Stories Oxford World s Classics James This volume collects all of MR James ghost stories except for A Night In King s College Chapel, and The Fenstanton Witch, as well as Monty s unfinished ghost stories all of which are found in one complete volume, in A PLEASING TERROR The Complete Supernatural Writings To conclude, this Collected Ghost Stories of M.R James is a handsome edition which is bound to please loyal fans and Collected Ghost Stories Tales of Mystery the Jul , By way of diversion, over a period of time he wrote thirty four of what are acknowledged to be the best ghost stories ever written The passing of time does not lessen their popularity or their ability to chill, and our edition of Collected Ghost Stories remains the best selling book in the series. Collected Ghost Stories by M.R James Collected Ghost Stories M R James is widely regarded as the father of the modern ghost story, and his tales have influenced horror writers from H P Lovecraft to Stephen King First published in the early s, they have never been out of print, and are recognized as classics of the genre. Collected Ghost Stories Collected Ghost Stories by M R James, Darryl Jones Sep , This edition presents all of James s published ghost stories, including the unforgettable Oh, Whistle and I ll Come to You, My Lad and Casting the Runes , and an appendix of James s writings on the ghost story. Collected Ghost Stories by Mary E Wilkins Freeman Collected Ghost Stories by Mary E Wilkins Freeman helps you keep track of books you want to read Start by marking Collected Ghost Stories as Want to Read Want to Read saving Want to Read Currently Reading Read Other editions.

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    Montague Rhodes James, who used the publication name M.R James, was a noted British mediaeval scholar provost of King s College, Cambridge 1905 18 of Eton College 1918 36 He s best remembered for his ghost stories which are widely regarded as among the finest in English literature One of James most important achievements was to redefine the ghost story for the new century by dispensing with many of the formal Gothic trappings of his predecessors, replacing them with realistic contemporary settings.


  • Montague Rhodes James brings the classic British understatement to the field of horror stories and makes them terrifying beyond imagination His writing is without any frills there is very little by the way of atmosphere building and the stories themselves seem to be an odd form of reportage By going against convention, M R James creates a nightmare world which is frightening than that of any of his traditional contemporaries He is helped in this by his encyclopaedic knowledge of Church History [...]

  • M R James is considered the master of the Victorian ghost story and this collection contains most of his short stories I liked it, but be warned, modern readers who have gotten their scares from likes of Steven King will probably be disappointed James is a subtle and understated writer and his stories are masterpieces of tone and atmosphere, but usually bloodless, with a lot left to the reader s imagination Take, for example, this excerpt from The Treasure of Abbott Thomas Well, I felt to the ri [...]

  • Since it was his birthday recently, I decided to re read the ghost stories of M.R James, and I learned a few things First, that I had not, apparently, read all the stories in this volume previously, like I thought I had, because there were some I didn t remember Second, that even among the stories I had read there were parts that I had forgotten And third, that M.R James is King Shit of Space Cat Mountain even amazing than I had remembered.Widely regarded as maybe the best ghost story writer of [...]

  • M.R James can be difficult for the modern reader, but his stories are worth the effort for the atmosphere alone Whistle and I ll Come to you My Lad is probably my favorite, and I m far from alone This creepy story involves old ruins, a found whistle with a strange inscription, and an unused bed that is suddenly no longer empty An Episode of Cathedral History Is what a vampire story shoudl be This one does not glitter Stephen King once wrote that James ghosts were harmless I wonder if he d forgot [...]

  • Montague Rhodes James 1862 1936 was a distinguished mediaevalist scholar who during his lifetime published many works of academic significance However, two generations on, he is best remembered, and deservedly so, as the master of the ghost story He started writing tales in this form as an entertainment for his friends and colleagues, beginning in 1893 with Canon Alberic s Scrapbook A tradition was subsequently acquired of reading a new ghostly tale to his chums each Christmas the darkest period [...]

  • I somehow prefer Victorian horror and ghost stories to anything modern, even though there are some modern horror authors that I like In the oldie books, they didn t think they had to be clever or gory in order to induce the creeps The stories in this book are chilling and frightening, merely by the existence of the supernatural and the deliberate erasing out of the gore My favourite has to be The Mezzotint, a story about a creepy painting that comes to life Another one is The Diary of Mr Poyntne [...]

  • M.R James wrote antiquarian scary stories and was a huge influence on H.P Lovecraft I d previously read one of his stories in an anthology so I figured in the spirit of the cold and dark days of winter being a perfect time for scary stories, I decided to read a set of his complete ghost stories Below are some snippet reviews of each story.Canon Alberic s Scrap Book A scholar spends time with a skittish overseer in a dilapidated cathedral photographing the interior He acts a bit too cavalierly an [...]

  • These stories took me back to my childhood, holidays at the beach in old houses, howling winds and the crashing of the waves at night Four children whiling away the evening hours reading ghost stories from books borrowed from the local library A childhood filled with the fairies and talking animals and tales of adventuring children garnered from the works of English authors who dominated our childish world view at that time.These ghost stories of M R James are the stuff of children s nightmares [...]

  • A timeless collection of England s greatest ever ghost story writer MR James.Often read at Christmas but great to read at anytime of the year, this collection of short often very unsettling ghost stories are easy to read and digest quickly but leave an indelible impression in your mind and imagination.There are too many to mention here but my three personal favourites are The Ash Tree, The Tractate Middoth and one of MR James most famous ghost stories, Oh Whistle and I ll come to you my Lad.Clas [...]

  • My tenth or eleventh read of this book No longer physically terrifies me I can remember lying in bed with the light on, paralysed with fear, too terrified to read on but unable to stop reading but still remorseless and brilliant An Evening s Entertainment stands out this time around it s overlooked compared to some of the stories, with a obvious sexual undertone that is unusual for James.

  • My view of this author changed considerably in the course of my reading of this collection I embarked on it as a follow up to the magnificent Tales of Hoffmann, and, at first, by comparison, it seemed distinctly lightweight, though engaging and fun to read I became and intrigued by these stories as I went along, though They re deceptively simple, and M R himself quite determinedly played down their importance in his few critical remarks on them The stories do not make any very exalted claim Th [...]

  • I acquired an early love of ghost stories In mentioning the work of M R James a recent contributor to my Ana the Imp blog reminded me just how much I love them, how much I love his work in particular Montague Rhodes James, to give him his full name, was actually a specialist in medieval manuscripts and the provost of King s College, Cambridge and then of Eton But he is best remembered for his delicious tales of the supernatural.I say ghost stories but he really crosses boundaries, touching on le [...]

  • I had hoped that I would be scared I really like to scare myself and laugh about it When I saw the Orphanage, I couldn t open the bathroom door because I was frozen wondering what was on the other side After watching Alien at home in the dark, my husband kidded me that they had just landed in our backyard as a roll of thunder broke out I couldn t move And I loved it But these are Victorian stories and I guess I ve never really been scared by a story They are written in a Victorian fashion, so I [...]

  • Assigned this book for a class on Freud s Uncanny and Horror Literature, and had a tough time presenting James in such a way that the students got beyond his reasonable facade and into deeper, weirder territory Yes, James is a master of understatement although I wonder if this isn t just a function of the narrative layers and frames he s so fond of employing but he uses this light touch to investigate some deeper strain of desire All of these academics, desperate to uncover previously buried sec [...]

  • There are classics that deserve no separate review apart from mere stating of the fact that these stories have been shaping the contours of horror fiction for the past century, and since 1931 when these stories were brought out together, except 3 stories that were later collected they have remained continuously in print However, this book was special in the sense that the stories often mention certain details that require gentle ministrations in the shape of annotations explanations for Latin ch [...]

  • Because there are altogether thirty one stories in this collection, all with different characters and playing at different times, I can t give you a quick introduction to what it s all about What I can do, is tell you the premise of one of the stories that I thought was the scariest Lost Hearts.An eleven year old boy, recently orphaned, arrives at a country house in the year 1811 He is to live with his rich old cousin, who is a learned recluse, specialised in pagan religions from the first centu [...]

  • M.R James is one of those kinda guys you can just picture at a bar, telling the wildest story imaginable, complete with It was thiiis big alongside arm gestures and hyperboles in excess Although what s funny, is how un hyperbole ish his stories actually are In fact they re understated almost, quiet and full of nerdy guys wandering around ancient ruins and museums and churches strolling along as innocents, until things get crazy Similar to Lovecraft, and certainly in what I would call the Holy Qu [...]

  • I find James s tales deeply compelling, yet at times unsatisfying He is unmatched in my experience at providing atmosphere and setting a stage With most of the works included here I was quickly drawn into a delicious world of Victorian academics and antiquaries afield in remote, small towns along lonely seashores or about routine pursuits all of which were overhung by exquisite melancholy and an expectation of the strange or the perilous Too often, however, the denouement proved awkward or disap [...]

  • I was introduced to M.R James after reading the Wordsworth Book Of Horror Stories a 1000 plus page compilation of all the greatest horror tales written between the eighteenth and twentieth century It contained many obscure treasures by authors all over England, Europe and America I recall there being an Aussie in there as well Of course, the book was slow going at times But overall, I found it thrillingly scary and enchanting to read It single handedly started my love, not just for pre 1900 horr [...]

  • Born in 1862, M R James was a Victorian with a love of ghost stories Many of the tales in this collection were meant to be read aloud a Christmas or New Year gatherings it shows in their conversational tone There are 33 stories in over 400 pages with 48 pages of notes I ve never before seen endnotes in fiction, but I found them helpful The author makes many references to places and events in England that an American would likely not understand, and the many colloquialisms of the time sometimes b [...]

  • I often take Montague on holiday with me He doesn t take up much room and he doesn t eat all the Baby Bells I m talking about Montague Rhodes James my favourite writer of ghost stories This time Montague is telling me the stories that didn t get printed in his four haunting anthologies I prefer the individual publications to the doorstop collection here It s pretty evident why these six stories didn t make it into the original publications 1 The Uncommon Prayer Book 2 A Neighbour s Landmark 3 Ra [...]

  • Utterly superb, especially so when read aloud M.R James language is as precise and economical as his plots He clearly knew exactly what to leave of the page and up to the imagination of his reader listener These are absolutely first class performance pieces Economical horror is, I believe, the applicable and appropriate term The 1968 BBC adaptation for TV by Jonathan Miller of Oh, Whistle, And I ll Come To You, My Lad is almost as good as James text The nearest modern tale I ve since found to ap [...]

  • Though they are only about a hundred years old, and clearly influenced many later works, these stories are strange to my sensibilities because, while they re all ghost stories, it does not feel as though M.R James is attempting to actually instill fear with these tales More often than not, the narrative is as a story within a story by a character that is alive and well, often undercutting any suspense as to the story s outcome, and always making the tale removed and therefore less visceral Also [...]

  • M.R James writes like an old English scholar upper class and antiquated I have been gradually making my way through this collection of stories over the last 18 months and I should probably not have spread them so thinly I was able to enjoy the stories when I read a few in quick succession and got used to his style.Some of the stories were quite chilling such as The Ash Tree and Rats Others were extremely subtle and complex with multi layered narratives and requiring the reader to make deduction [...]

  • this is one of my favourite books i re read it quite often it is a wonderful combination of comfort and discomfort of meals, and beds in country inns, leisurely pursuits pursued by fuddled englishmen and then they find the inside of dark corners where unspeakable horrors hide, where unmade beds whistle up into frightening formless forms, and many an academic that has one last glass before he succumbs to the madness sometimes his simply saying simple words aloud damning hime fates, they swirl all [...]

  • I already reviewed Ghosts Stories of an Antiquary , and this is pretty much the same, but , as it includes those stories, and all the rest he published throughout his life GSOAA is probably rounder as a book because it contains the best stories, in my opinion, but I love all of them Very very very good.

  • What can you say M.R James reinvigorated, consolidated and almost simultaneously exhausted the possibilities of the English ghost story He is its undisputed master The tales are donnish, subtle, rich in foreshadowing and suggestion The language is refined and precise Start here.

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