Bad Blood

Bad Blood The newest Blood Coven novel accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire and the leader of the
  • Title: Bad Blood
  • Author: Mari Mancusi
  • ISBN: 9780425232644
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bad Blood
    The newest Blood Coven novel accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven And when the Coven decides that Magnus needs a mate to be his co ruler, Sunny s humanity puts her out of the running The Coven s chosen candidate is Jane Joh The newest Blood Coven novel accompanied by edgy repackages of the rest of the series Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven And when the Coven decides that Magnus needs a mate to be his co ruler, Sunny s humanity puts her out of the running The Coven s chosen candidate is Jane Johnson, a magna cum laude graduate of Oxford University who just happens to look like a vampiric supermodel Sunny is suspicious of a Rhodes Scholar who can t answer the most basic poli sci questions, but Magnus brushes it off as petty jealousy Still, when the Blood Coven goes to Las Vegas for a vampire convention, Sunny and her twin sister Rayne secretly tag along And Sunny s not going home before she learns the truth about Jane Because not everything stays in Vegas especially bad blood.
    Bad Blood By Mari Mancusi,

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    Mari Mancusi used to wish she could become a vampire back in high school But she ended up in another blood sucking profession journalism instead Today she works as a freelance TV producer and author of books for teens and adults When not writing about creatures of the night, Mari enjoys traveling, cooking, goth clubbing, watching cheesy horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure videogames A graduate of Boston University and a two time Emmy Award winner, she lives in Austin , Texas with her husband Jacob, daughter Avalon and their dog Mesquite You can find Mari online at marimancusi or bloodcovenvampires.


  • Okay now the series is starting to get way better I m glad I stuck with it but it s kind of sad that it took it to get better by the fourth book At least for me Please don t hate me view spoiler I am finally starting to like Sunny and It also helps that Magnus is her boyfriend and a vampire He makes me think of Magnus the warlock in The Mortal Instruments but that s just by his name alone I m not complaining one bit people.So their relationship is pretty complicated because she is a human and [...]

  • It is not easy being a seventeen years old high school student especially having a boyfriend who is a thousand years old vampire Complicating matters for Magnus the vampire head of the Blood Coven and human Sunny McDonald is she does not want to convert while his followers demand he accept a blood mate to co rule humans are forbidden While he conceals his destiny from her, she learns all about it from Rhodes Scholar Oxford University magna cum laude Jane Johnson, the coven s chosen one Sunny has [...]

  • If you were wanting Sunny in this book YOU GOT IT.This addition to the Blood Coven Vampires series follows Sunny but don t worry, Rayne is still kicking This time around, Magnus has to get a blood mate and guess what It s not Sunny Sunny, who s madly in love with Magnus, and her trusty sister Rayne have to work hard to try to get Magnus back to Sunny and away from this blood mate Will they do it I guess you ll have to read to find outI really loved this book, it helps that Sunny is my favourite [...]

  • Bad Blood, the fourth book in Blood Coven Vampire series, is the first book I have read After reading the short prologue I felt quite caught up in past events and easily settled into this book.Sunshine Sunny McDonald and her twin sister, Rayne yes, cutesy weather names are seventeen years old and live quite the life Sunny dates the thousand year old vampire Magnus, who is the leader of a big vampire coven Sunny is a mortal, or at least now is she was mistaken for her sister in a previous book an [...]

  • This instalment in the Blood Coven series has Sunny as the narrator, like the first book I have to say, I think I prefer Rayne s narrative, because Sunny is a little whiny and a little bit childish at times Although, having said this, there were some points in the book that I really enjoyed reading, especially when Sunny was having a pillow fight with Stormy But I won t spoil who Stormy is The events in this book, are once again, completely unbelievable I don t think I really realised it until t [...]

  • I have to say, I am a little frustrated when site breaks and losing all that I ve written So let start again with my review of Bad BloodI m disappointed with myself, I ve just started into this series at book 4 The storyline isn t rocket science, so I didn t feel as though I missed out on any character development, but I can t wait to read the first three books.Sunny is so young and she is really funny with all her whining Yeah, it got annoying at times, but it adds to the story A wonderful cast [...]

  • So, I m not in a good mood while reading this but Mancusi s jokes never fail to make me grin Or laugh.In the fourth book of Blood Coven, which was told from Sunny s point of view, her vampire boyfriend, Magnus, has finally assigned to a blood mate, something she s very afraid of Magnus having a blood mate equals to Magnus having a wife And where s she gonna be But she smells something fishy about Jane, the blood mate Oxford graduates, miss smart ass while she actually know nothing about Oxford A [...]

  • I skimmed the last half Not because it was bad but because it bored me, which is odd Usually these books are quick and easy to get through and Sunny is my favorite twin but for some reason I just couldn t get into her character Magnus annoyed me to no end so maybe that s why I like them much when they re bickering like an old married couple then flat out fighting The end of the book ended how it should have but definitely not my favorite in the series.

  • So giving the circumstances Rayne and Sunshine have enough on their hands of this whole Vampire Coven especially now with jealousy added to the picture Jane is not who she is and it just ends up in a big investigation to find out what is going on as Sunshine takes a daring chance I can t say to much about this book since I know some of you haven t read it, I do recommend it though.

  • Im a spoiler and spoiler is just an understatement Beware PERSPECTIVE OF SUNNY BOOK 4What s a girl to do when her boyfriend suddenly needs to run off to Vegas with another girl Sunny knows that better than anyone when her vampire boyfriend and Blood Coven leader, Magnus, gets hot and steamy Sunny suspects with a girl specially picked by the Blood Coven to be his blood mate, one who s going to be turned into a vampire in a few days so she can forever rule by Magnus s side And it certainly doesn t [...]

  • Das Cover ist wie bei den vorherigen B nden sch n gestaltet An die Flederm use, die man darauf erkennen kann, habe ich mich mittlerweile schon gew hnt Trotzdem finde ich, dass die Cover nicht alle gleich ausschauen, da manche auch eine andere Farbe haben Bei , Jane, bei ist der vierte Band von Mari Mancusi aus der Blood Coven Reihe.Diese Geschichte ist aus der Sicht von Sunny geschrieben Dies ist ja eher nicht so mein Fall, weil ich Rayne lieber mag, als Sunny Sunny ist ein Charakter, der einem [...]

  • This is the fourth book in the Blood Coven series which features twin sisters Sunshine Sunny and Rayne McDonald.Sunny, as those of you who follow this series know, is the girlfriend of Magnus, Master vampire of the Blood Coven Sunny is a human, but experienced a shock of her life when she was mistakenly bitten by Magnus 5 months previously, and nearly became a vampire herself See Boys That Bite Magnus thought she was Rayne, her identical twin, who went through all the vampires pre testing to bec [...]

  • What can I possibly say about this Blood Coven book besides you need to read the whole series I originally read this book after meeting the author and buying her book at a convention Then, over the course of two days, devoted the entire series that was currently out and begged for This particular book in the series definitely tests both of the sisters, and their relationships I can t recommend this YA series enough, and my daughter loves them as well

  • I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.I was not crazy about this book to start off I did not like how jealous Sunny became nor how dismissive Magnus was of her feelings As the book progressed, I was able to get into it as always because of how much I like Sunny and Rayne The ending was fantastic and I can t wait to see what happens next

  • AMAZINGThis book was very interesting and exciting This is the 5th book in the series and I m still going strong I plan to read every book in this series and much by this author.

  • 2 19 12 2 23 12 MY TOTAL FOR THIS WEEK IS 2HOURS AND 30 MINUTESRayne and Sunny go to las vegas to see what magnus is really up to Rayne only went because of the slot machines Sunny and Raynes mom only agreed to them going to las vegas because she thinks that their spending quality time with their father David Sunny and Raynes boyfriend agreed with the mother because he thinks that it would be good to have a slayer down in las vegas Sunny thinks that Magnus s blood mate to be is evil and is tryin [...]

  • I have been waiting for the fourth book in this series for quite a while now and it was good to have a book where Sunny is the main voice again as we really haven t had her point of view since book one So its a nice change to see a story where the relationship between an immortal vampire and a mortal girl is not and they lived happily ever after but to see that they have real relationship problems and realistic homelife problems that make Sunny and Rayne seem approachable for girls readers to re [...]

  • Plot I haven t gotten back to the series for awhile, so when I saw it on the shelf, I grabbed it before anyone could take it I was absolutely glad I did because this series continues to not disappoint When I saw that it was in Sunny s view, I wasn t sure I was going to like it because I was so used to reading Rayne s POV However, I did like Sunny s view because it was nice to see a human s POV in a vampire series that doesn t want to be a vampire, but feels in some situations that she was when s [...]

  • Before moving on to my thoughts, I want to say that I have NOT read the previous Blood Coven novels, and due to that, I probably missed some character development that happened in the previous novels On the other hand, I can say first hand that Mari Mancusi skillfully introduced me to the world of the Blood Coven and I was able to quickly grasp the concepts This review will also be solely focused on Bad Blood without any influence from previous books.Bad Blood was my first time reading any book [...]

  • Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookThese twinsey barely get out of one problem when they re already getting sucked into the next Bad cases of mistaken identity seem to be a theme in this series.This next problem though, is for Sunny Everything was going peachy with Sunny and Magnusuntil a bomb was dropped on us all in the last book Magnus is getting a blood mate YES, A FREAKIN BLOOD MATE Oh my vamp But there is something off about Magnus s soon to be blood mated Sunny is smart enough to notice it Bu [...]

  • I looked at a lot of other reviews and, surprisingly, very few people preferred Jayden to Magnus in this particular book Magnus actually called Sunny jealous and childish when she was right And then he s like Oh no, will you ever forgive me I ve been such an idiot If you can t tell, I m paraphrasing Really, I just don t know what to sayJayden is so sweat and attentive and selfless and totally the opposite of Magnus in a good way that I just want to scream Jayden is hot too he s described as the [...]

  • Review I am getting close to the end of the series Ok halfway through anyways Another good one is check off my list This installment takes place in Vegas and is a lot of fun, we have jealousy, surprises, and of course some funny business going on and Sunny and Rayne s life just keeps getting and complicated.Long Story Short Magnus heads to Vegas to a vampire convention teehee and his new candidate for co ruler, Jane, tags along, things get a little complicated Sunny has a jealous side that she [...]

  • Jane,who is to Magnus blood mate is not who she say she is Sunny tried to warned Magnus thinking that sunny might be a little jealous Magnus went to Las vegas for the ceremony which he and Jane will be bonded Sunny also goes to Las Vegas without Magnus knowing but he found out anyway to investigate Jane for being evil Since their dad lives in Vegas, Rayne and Sunny stayed with their step family Eventually the girls began to to like them but Rayne had a hard time adjusting at first They have a ha [...]

  • 2.5 Yes, I didn t read the other three books That could be the possibility as to way the stars are low and why I don t really know the characters and how they normally act I actually heard they weren t themselves in this one, but I can t really judge I just wasn t feeling it in this one.Magnus doesn t seem like a very understanding character, but who am I to know I found Sunny to be very likable but I found her sister to be interesting I could completely understand her feelings toward the subje [...]

  • Bonito En si el libro me gusto, le el primero de la saga y este Obvie completamente el segundo y el tercero ya que estaba escrito desde la perspectiva de Rayne, la otra gemela, y sinceramente me intereso poco y nada.La historia es corta, f cil de leer, divertida y con unos dejes de drama y acci n muy pocos o no lo suficientemente buenos Es una historia bonita, para pasar el tiempo pero absolutamente intrascendente Si bien no le el segundo ni el tercero, no me perd de nada La historia va r pido y [...]

  • I love Mari Mancusi s Blood Coven series so it came as no surprise that I liked this one just as much as the others They are all so light and funny and I adore the sisters It is great that Mancusi goes back and forth between the sisters points of view for each book I enjoy getting to read their hilarious adventures They have a strong bond with one another and I delight in seeing them work together in every book to help solve the others problems If you haven t yet tried the Blood Coven series, I [...]

  • Since coincidence makes the world go round, a friend bought me the first three Blood Coven novels as a Christmas present a few weeks before I received BAD BLOOD I m happy that the series has been recovered, since the original covers were cute but lacked homogeniety As for BAD BLOOD itself, I m glad it focuses on Sunny rather than Rayne.I m not gonna lie Rayne annoys me I ve always been a member of at least one subculture, but I have loyalties to a variety of groups This usually leads to people c [...]

  • Sunny and Rayne have finally got things back to normal nearly , Rayne is a vampire vampire slayer and has a hot Vampire boyfriend Jareth and the perk is they can walk in the sun , Sunny is now back to normal as a mortal after her and Magnus found the cure to her vampire curse and she is now the girlfriend of Magnus who is the leader of the Blood Coven, all is set to be well and life back on track till it is discovered that Magnus has to take a new blood mate now that Sunny has been turned back t [...]

  • Though this is the fourth book in a series, the author does a great job of summarizing the major events of the past three books for new readers When Sunny s vampire boyfriend is assigned a gorgeous soon to be vampire as his blood mate, Sunny and her twin sister, Rayne, follow the vampires to Las Vegas, where they proceed to dig up dirt that proves the beauty isn t who she says she is, all the while getting to know family members they haven t met before.There was a great mix of fun and excitement [...]

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