Eternal Hunter

Eternal Hunter Cynthia Eden delves into the dark realms of the Others where desires and dangerous games await the unsuspecting in Baton Rouge Louisiana Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a secret Make that two One She s
  • Title: Eternal Hunter
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9780758234285
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eternal Hunter
    Cynthia Eden delves into the dark realms of the Others, where desires and dangerous games await the unsuspecting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a secret Make that two One She s not entirely human she s Other, desperately trying to keep her supernatural strength under wraps Two she s got a killer stalking her an Other rogue set on gifting herCynthia Eden delves into the dark realms of the Others, where desires and dangerous games await the unsuspecting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a secret Make that two One She s not entirely human she s Other, desperately trying to keep her supernatural strength under wraps Two she s got a killer stalking her an Other rogue set on gifting her bloody corpses, not to mention nights lying awake in terror Small wonder she s been having bad luck with men.But the bounty hunter on her new case isn t worried about any of that Jude Donovan is a shapeshifter himself, and the new DA s midnight hair and addictive scent tell him all he thinks he needs to know She s gorgeous, she s definitely not human, and she s bringing out the animal in him in a really good way He might have to track a psychotic Other stalker through half of Louisiana But he might also get the chance to watch Erin s wild side come out and play.
    Eternal Hunter By Cynthia Eden,

    Eternal Hunter Nightwatch Series Eden, Cynthia Eternal Hunter is one of those books Erin is new to Baton Rouge, working as a tenacious Assistant District Attorney and working AT hiding herself both her location from a violent, murderous stalker Eternal Hunter Night Watch, by Cynthia Eden Dec , Eternal Hunter book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers Cynthia Eden delves into the dark realms of the Others, where desir Eternal Hunter Cynthia Eden Eternal Hunter starts off with a powerful momentum that carries throughout the novel, keeping the reader hungry for . Steam Community Guide Honour Build Eternal Hunter Honour Build Eternal Hunter Archer By Lost Sinner Build made for any Elf, Human or Undead Human This build is meant for man party experience My other works Definitive Honour Builds link Eternal Hunter Night Watch Book Kindle edition by Eternal Hunter is one of those books Erin is new to Baton Rouge, working as a tenacious Assistant District Attorney and working AT hiding herself both her location from a violent, murderous stalker Eternal Hunter Night Watch read online free by Lauren Storyline Eternal Hunter Night Watch Cynthia Eden delves into the dark realms of the Others, where desires and dangerous games await the unsuspecting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Assistant DA Eternal Hunt Elder Scrolls Online Sets Eternal Hunt is a craftable set When you use Roll Dodge, you leave behind a rune that detonates when enemies come close, dealing Poison Damage and immobilizing them for . seconds Eternal Hunt Doom Hunter Base Secrets and Collectibles Doom Eternal Apr , Welcome to IGN s guide to Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Secrets and Collectibles. There are secrets and collectibles in the campaign s fourth mission You won t find every type of

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    Award winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best seller Cynthia is also a three time finalist for the prestigious RITA award Since she began writing full time in 2005, Cynthia has written over eighty novels and novellas.Cynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast She loves romance novels, horror movies, and chocolate Her favorite hobbies including hiking in the mountains searching for waterfalls and spelunking.


  • Welcome to the secret world of shifters, demons, vampires, witches, charmers, and djinns Cynthia Eden tells another enthralling paranormal romance story of a sexy bounty hunter, Jude Donovan, and an Assistant District Attorney, Erin Jerome This is what I was looking for an action packed story with a strong heroine, and a possessive and protective alpha hero While reading this, I was terrified by what this psycho villain had done He s totally a creepy stalker and the moment I knew who this bad gu [...]

  • I love the idea of a Shifter bounty hunter and the company he works for, Night Watch From the first page I had a hard time putting it down I like Cynthia Eden s easy writing style, and the flow of her characters thoughts and voices.Erin Jerome is the new ADA in Baton Rouge, LA She moved from her previous assignment in Lillian because small spoilers here she has a stalker and she thought she d lost him She is Other but she is very adept at hiding her Otherness from everybody, both human and Other [...]

  • This is free on Kindle right now I enjoyed this story, I really like the author s writing style The world she created is an interesting and fun take on the paranormal theme Her Midnight series is still my fav, especially the 1st and 3rd books so I also recommend trying that series.

  • Buddy read with Blacky 333 The suspense was ok, the heroes were good but forgettable, the world and relationship building were nonexistent I m not sure I ll continue with this series but I m sure going to try her Deadly series.

  • Oh Cynthia Eden, you do have a knack for creating some yummy heroes They have just the right mix of Alpha Male Protectiveness without coming off as either a bully or a stalker The writing style can seem a bitfluffy at times, but what the heck I like that every once in a while This was a very quick read As I have said in the past, the majority of Paranormal Romances are all about enjoymentgoing on a fun, sexy ride Unless of course your name happens to be J R Ward and then it s a COMPLETELY differ [...]

  • 4 Steamy Shifter Stars So, let me just say this first I don t typically like shifter books This one was awesome And here s one reason why You re in my head every minute I close my eyes, and I see you and I want you so much I can hardly breathe Doesn t that just make you want to hug someone No one here at the moment, so I ll hug myself Our main character is having a crappy year She s an assistant with the DA s office, and suddenly those around her are being attacked Then one day, she starts recei [...]

  • Cynthia Eden is a PNR master I just loved this book HOT romance, great suspense and a VERY sexy tiger A must read for all PNR lovers.

  • 4.5 Stars It s stating the obvious, but I read and review a lot of books, commenting on strength of plot, technical aspects of writing, character development, world building, etc I have to admit, I enjoy detailing why I like or dislike something Occasionally, though, I come across a book that hits all or most of my happy spots, not because the plot is so spectacular, or the writing is so technically impressive, or the characters stand out that brightly, but for some nebulous, purely emotional re [...]

  • Wow, so much better than some of the other books I ve been reading lately It was actually well fleshed out and had characters that weren t two dimensional Nice I guessed who the bad guy was well before the reveal but then I kept second guessing myself and thinking, no, that can t be right Therefore I m giving the mystery a thumbs up.The story Erin has been hiding her true nature from the world for most of her life and for the last year she s been trying to hide herself away from a deranged stalk [...]

  • Heavy on action and steam, this was a fun read, but got kind of samey after awhile every single character s thought patterns are identical, that ubiquitous ironic, slangy, terse paranormal speak ala J.R Ward The tiger shifter hero is very sexy, and I enjoyed the supernaturally strong heroine.

  • I did not read the prequel to this book and maybe it s why it seemed right into the action without introduction Cynthia Eden s writing style is pretty easy and her characters s voice clear I liked the idea of an organization working alongside the police even covertly to maintaining order Night Watch, a bounty hunter company also working toward containing the most violent Other community members Some humans know that Others exist but generally the public is ignorant of that fact This Other commun [...]

  • 4.5 Stars Outstanding, good old fashioned, exciting, steamy paranormal fun These are all the things I have been thinking lately on my Cynthia Eden reading kick This lady knows how to write a good story, and I enjoyed Eternal Hunter than any of her others.Full length book, Eternal Hunter, did a good job of keeping my interest with all the different twists and turns Also the story building and character introductions have me panting for from this new series Love the bounty hunter team and I am r [...]

  • 3.5Overall I did really like itThere were just a few things that took away from my enjoyment1 Erin was killing me in the beginning It took me a while to not want to slap the shit out her, I don t understand why people can t just be honest Just fucking tell the guy what he needs to know, especially since he is putting his life at riskl this hiding and keeping secrets crap is annoying.2 Sometimes there was repetition to the point where I was like, I know, I just read that two paragraphs ago I like [...]

  • ErinI liked it Vampires, demons, shifters of all kinds and paranormal beings The book was a bit slow in some moments, but not a bad read at all.

  • Anyone who enjoys paranormal romance will most certainly enjoy this first book in the Night Watch series It contained all the paranormal elements you love, in additional to a strong, doesn t need a man to save her, heroine and a alpha shifter who is determined to do just that As with most Eden novels, this story contained a very unique plot that wasn t just full of passionate moments between the couple but contained an intriguing subplot that kept the reader guessing right up until the very end [...]

  • This book was about ADA Erin Jerome On her way inside the police dept she almost trips over Jude Donovan, a tiger shifter He smells that she s a shifter too but can t figure it out Smelling here, smelling there, nostrils flaring These books crack me up But it wasn t as disturbing as some authors describe it.Erin s running from a killer who has been leaving her presents dead bodies and blood since her last job She hires Jude s employer to help her and they fall in love Some surprises, but I prett [...]

  • There was so much to Assistant DA Erin Jerome Her secrets may very well get a lot of people killed and open her world up to new possibilities Jude Donovan knows one of Erin s secrets but he does not know the full extent of that secret But he was certainly about to find out The Louisiana bayou was in for a certain amount of change I enjoyed this read and look forward to experiencing from the Night Watch team I found a few doors I want to open and peek in side.

  • The writing was interesting the carnal scenes made me laugh not the reaction the author was looking for probably but still, it was amusing The revelation at the end seemed like a cop out It wasn t that it was unexpected, it was that it seemed too neat I don t think it worked The characters were fine, justt really memorable.

  • More of a 3.5 star read I really enjoyed this book Cynthia is a good writer and I like the suspense mixed in with paranormal There is just enough of both to keep me entertained.

  • Ok, this was yet ANOTHER book that I was happily surprised that I liked I really went into it thinking, Hopefully, it will at least be a quick read and I got so much than that We meet Erin Jerome She s an Assistant District Attorney and she s great at her job But she has a few secrets and they re all about to catch up with her First of all, she s not really human She s part psychic human and part shifter But she can t fully shift into her animal form In the shifter world, that is a sign of weak [...]

  • Ok so I grabbed this because I read the introduction to the series and it just grabbed me, well this book wow definitely delivered it wasn t a dissapointment at all I loved reading it so much so that I couldn t put it down The story was full of twists and turns and definitely paranormal but I love the paranormal world that Cynthia Eden shed light on I loved the characters in this book all of them but especially Erin, she was very much a strong beautiful powerful female and I loved the power she [...]

  • Eternal Hunger by Cynthia EdenParanormal Romance Dec 29th, 20094 1 2 stars In Eternal Hunger Cynthia Eden returns to her super sexy shifters I love her shifter romances and this book did not disappoint It grabbed me from the first page and did not stop Cynthia Eden s paranormal world is complex and absorbing If you are already a fan of her books you will have to purchase this book to add to your collection If you are a new reader, be prepared for a fun, smooth read This story starts with Jude Do [...]

  • My Summary Jude Donavan is a bounty hunter for Night Watch, a shifter who always catches his prey When dragging a catch out of the Louisiana swamps Jude encounters the new Assistant DA, Erin Jerome Jude can smell Other on her but what species of Other, that is an intriguing mystery that Jude is determined to solve Erin is starting fresh, trying to live a normal life as a human and staying away from Others, especially shifters She thinks she has escaped her psychotic stalker who claims her as his [...]

  • This review was posted at Under The CoversShifter bounty hunter What an awesome combination This is the first book in the Night Watch series, but it s still set in the same world as the Midnight series The Night Watch agency basically is a group of bounty hunters There s hot shifter dude Jude, Dee who is a full human, and hot stuff Zane In this story Jude happens to pick up a skip who is then brutally killed after getting locked up again And he is brought in to help figure out who the killer is [...]

  • Another great read by Eden I just love shape shifters, especially when they are hot dangers white tigers, yummy I really like the bounty hunter storyline, it was really refreshing to me This one has action, fast hot sex, shape shifter fighting, and a great mystery.SpoilersBefore I start I have to say, Erin has a huge problem, she has a sick psychopath that thinks he s is her mate and he either hurts or kills anyone who even breath wrong towards her Erin even moved hopping he wouldn t find her Th [...]

  • Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden is the first book in her Night Watch series This book was seriously steamy Jude Donavan is a sexy shifter working as a bounty hunter for an agency called Night Watch One of his cases brings him up close and personal to Assistant DA Erin Jerome Jude knows Erin is Other but what kind is a mystery even to him Their first meeting doesn t go well and tempers flare Soon Erin finds herself being pursued by a stalker she thought she left behind when she moved from the smal [...]

  • This is the first in Eden s Night Watch series which features vampires, weres shifters, demons and other miscellaneous creatures What a way to start off a new series I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced, action packed romance novel filled with lots of chemistry and hot sex.Our sexy hero, Jude, is a shape shifting bounty hunter pulled into a new case that will change his life forever when he meets the new Assistant District Attorney who is not quite human not sure what she is but is intrigued whe [...]

  • This was a great books that seems like it is set with the same set of rules and people that are in the other series, but with one new fun factor the Bounty Hunter company.Erin is a tough as nails lawyer that does not put up with any shit from anyone She runs into bounty hunter Jude and sparks fly, especially as Jude who is an other senses that Erin is too Erin keeps what exactly she is close to herself and manages to blend in and pass as human and is not happy when Jude outs her Along the way of [...]

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