Teen Titans, Vol. 1: A Kid's Game

Teen Titans Vol A Kid s Game Witness the dawn of a new era in TEEN TITANS A KID S GAME a page trade paperback collecting the best selling TEEN TITANS written by the fan favorite Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone and M
  • Title: Teen Titans, Vol. 1: A Kid's Game
  • Author: Geoff Johns Mike McKone Tom Grummett Marlo Alquiza Nelson
  • ISBN: 9781401203085
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teen Titans, Vol. 1: A Kid's Game
    Witness the dawn of a new era in TEEN TITANS A KID S GAME, a 192 page trade paperback collecting the best selling TEEN TITANS 1 7, written by the fan favorite Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza, additional art by Tom Grummett, Nelson DeCastro and Kevin Conrad, and a cover by Michael Turner Witness the gathering of a new team of Teen Titans and their iWitness the dawn of a new era in TEEN TITANS A KID S GAME, a 192 page trade paperback collecting the best selling TEEN TITANS 1 7, written by the fan favorite Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone and Marlo Alquiza, additional art by Tom Grummett, Nelson DeCastro and Kevin Conrad, and a cover by Michael Turner Witness the gathering of a new team of Teen Titans and their initial battle against an old, familiar foe Deathstroke The reasons behind his actions prove shocking to the team, and before the teen heroes can even get their feet on the ground, they must reencounter the cult of Brother Blood Plus, an introduction by Johns and Profile Pages from TEEN TITANS OUTSIDERS SECRET FILES 1
    Teen Titans, Vol. 1: A Kid's Game By Geoff Johns Mike McKone Tom Grummett Marlo Alquiza Nelson,
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      454 Geoff Johns Mike McKone Tom Grummett Marlo Alquiza Nelson
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  • Geoff Johns Mike McKone Tom Grummett Marlo Alquiza Nelson

    Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit, Michigan He attended Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s in search of work within the film industry Through perseverance, Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner, working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon 4 During that time, he also began his comics career writing Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E and JSA co written with David S Goyer for DC Comics He worked with Richard Donner for four years, leaving the company to pursue writing full time.His first comics assignments led to a critically acclaimed five year run on the The Flash Since then, he has quickly become one of the most popular and prolific comics writers today, working on such titles including a highly successful re imagining of Green Lantern, Action Comics co written with Richard Donner , Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, Infinite Crisis and the experimental breakout hit series 52 for DC with Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid Geoff received the Wizard Fan Award for Breakout Talent of 2002 and Writer of the Year for 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 as well as the CBG Writer of the Year 2003 thru 2005, 2007 and CBG Best Comic Book Series for JSA 2001 thru 2005 Geoff also developed BLADE THE SERIES with David S Goyer, as well as penned the acclaimed Legion episode of SMALLVILLE He also served as staff writer for the fourth season of ROBOT CHICKEN.Geoff recently became a New York Times Bestselling author with the graphic novel Superman Brainiac with art by Gary Frank.


  • I loved A Kid s Game Who knew the Teen Titans were so cool Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg have decided to mentor and train the next generation of Titans, but of course, it s not quite that simple Not only are they faced with a crazy villain from their past, but some of the new recruits are less than enthusiastic about being there and or following their rules Add that to the fact that not all of their previous mentors are ready to cut the cord, and you have the makings of an excellent start to a [...]

  • I remember reading this trade when it was first released, and I really liked it at the time I really like it now, too, though it does kind of bother me that I don t really know what happened at the end of Young Justice This is, of course, entirely my own fault for not having read Young Justice I will fix this Back to the topic at hand I love Teen Titans as a concept, and I love many of the characters that end up in the roster I m especially attached to a Robin Starfire Beast Boy Cyborg Raven tea [...]

  • OKAY FIRST OF ALL I M PISSED This is a 5 star novel with a 4 star rating temporarily, of course because I M PISSED OFF AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT OR THE SETTING OR THE CHARACTERS IT HAS TO DO WITH MY FREAKING PET PEEVE OF THE KIND OF PAPER IT S PRINTED ON The reason I buy graphic novels and not comics is because I have a vendetta against the kind of paper that is all rough and it doesn t read as well as the glossy paper like the ones in say Batman and Robin, Vol 1 Born to Kill or Fan [...]

  • I would rate this 4 stars if there was heart and humor That s what I enjoyed about Marv Wolfman s early 80s New Teen Titans it was a balance of action, humor, in fighting, and villainy that tested and refined their abilities But here the new Titans are kind of bitchy, angsty, arrogant teens, and they pay for their folly With sarcasm than heart or humor, it sort of bums me out, disallows me to care for them Even the old Titans apart from Garfield, one of the funnier characters are lacking in hu [...]

  • A good volume of the Titans, reminding me at least a little of the Wolfman Perez run.We get to see a new team launched, and all of the problems that come with it Deathstroke shows up although all is not what it seems We even get to see the Titans throwdown with the Justice League The Mike McKone art is nice as well Overall it s a strong volume introducing a new team of Titans Not on the level of the Titan classic stories, but much better than when the series was in decline.

  • I typically don t like Geoff Johns too much, but this series is surprisingly well done, both the writing and the art It still stands strong after a decade later re read.

  • Edith Hamilton s classic book and Harry Hamlin s hairy chest ignited my passion for mythology Joseph Campbell, Alan Moore, Tim Burton, and JJ Abrams keep tending the fire.Mythology often gets a bum rap in today s rational approach to understand the world It is often seen as contradictory to reason rather than as a creative supplemental Case in point I know that Perseus defeated the Gorgon with a shield, and I also know that he defeated Medusa by relying on the faculties and talents he had been g [...]

  • Teen Titans as a concept is solid a younger group of superheroes, a different perspective from the triumvirate of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and their contemporaries, and different challenges for them to overcome Despite this, this volume did not connect with me and I found myself only finishing it due to how easy it was to read.I will admit to being a Marvel than a DC fan, and perhaps this explains some of my ignorance about the necessary backstory into this volume Some of the individua [...]

  • Ok so I was a little leary to start reading these I saw Starfire the yellow chick with the metal thong and though come on What woman in her right mind would wear that it looks too uncomfortable But then I started to read these and I really got into them It was a wonderful escape for me The idea of the sidekicks creating their own world and support system was great I had not read that much about the superhero s at this point and it was an easy place to jump in and really get into their lives and [...]

  • The series was the introductory of the new batch of Teen Titans It is a mix of Young Justice and the old Teen Titans We see old mentors warring with the new and the young heroes just wanting to have a little freedom Overall, a good first series that sets up mini plot lines that are sure to excite

  • woWWWWWWWWi m a trash sign me upand let me tell you somethingtim drake is anything but straight dc better make it canon ffs

  • I read this when I was 12 but bought the copy of this recently The art is wonderful and I cannot wait to get the rest of the series.

  • A Kid s Game collects the first seven issues of the third volume of Teen Titans comics published by DC Less than preferable for a collection, and all too common for comic compilations, the title pretends that it isn t a copy paste of existing material and removes the covers from between issues This causes the individual comics to melt together into one long story, and it can be difficult to determine where one issue has ended and the next has begun Because of this, I m not sure if I ll be review [...]

  • The drawings were amazing, the colors so vibrant the pictures jumped off the page The story line was right on, and I loved seeing these kids brought together and mixing up with the justice league I wish I d known a little backstory, but it didn t stop me from enjoying the book.

  • Can I AFFORD to get invested in another comic series NOPE.But Rose Wilson is here, and I m a sucker for Rose Wilson.

  • Pretty good Most of my complaints are how different the characters look from the Young Justice series which is or less follows directly on from

  • I bought this book I m a huge fan of the cartoon series, as well as a huge fan of the superhero genre in general I expected some changes, even major changes, between other series and this one and wasn t disappointed So let s start there If you, too began with the popular cartoon series then you ll find that this graphic novel is a sort of sopho class version of your starting place Except that Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg weren t actually the first class either, but a reboot of th [...]

  • Forgot how good almost every iteration of the Teen Titans is at the beginning that fresh sense of formation, getting a team together, watching personalities mesh and sometimes interestingly fail to mesh A particularly good group here, even though Raven in this volume is really just a tease she s in it for like, a second Tim Drake Robin has nothing to prove, and Impulse makes his transition into Kid Flash, Cassie s brooding and pissed in the wake of Donna s death, and Connor Superboy may have a [...]

  • What a fantastic book Geoff Johns and Mike McKone take on the next iteration of the Teen Titans, as returning members Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy mentor new inductees Superboy, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark , Robin Tim Drake and Kid Flash Bart Allen.I got into Teen Titans thanks to the phenomenal TV series, and this book gave me a wonderful fix for the show Each character is clearly defined, having their own personal drama while sharing wonderful chemistry, with each other and their Justice Le [...]

  • The next generation of the Teen Titans has arrived Each youth was sent by their mentor to learn to be a better person and hero They barely get along with each other, and the past of the Titans weighs heavily on them The art does not hold back on the damage it causes to things or people, and makes sure to get across that there are real consequences to getting injured even for heroes these ones can die The villain, Deathstroke actually wants to prevent kids from getting hurt, and will stop them u [...]

  • What s it about The Teen Titans are back, the team reforming with the newest sidekicks of the DC Universe, in the aims of giving them a place to be kids and learn to be themselves without the Justice League looking over their shoulders But this isn t the first group of Titans and the team s past comes back to haunt the new members, forcing them to stand up and fight as the team they hope to become.ReviewI have always been a fan of the DC Universe of comics, with a special love for Batman and Rob [...]

  • Wow What a great beginning to a series I have always overlooked Whenever you get a junior version of the Justice League you get a basic premise that you have each of these heroes banding together with limited regard to their eventual nemesis Most often I think of them taking on something the Justice League is too busy to take on their own.While that is the case here, you do at least get something better as well Understanding of the characters I ve come to really like Conner Kent ever since he i [...]

  • This is a great introduction for the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans Cyborg and Starfire decide, after the death of Donna Troy, to reinstate the Titans on the west coast They are joined by Beast Boy, and ask SuperBoy, the new Robin Tim Drake and Wonder Girl to join them I was unfamiliar with SuperBoy and Wonder Girl, so it was a nice introduction for them This compilation begins with Deathstroke coming after them because of the death in the previous incarnation of the Titans of his son.It [...]

  • I love Teen Titans.I was first a fan of the TV series, but it ended a little while ago and I was itching for new material so I thought I might give the books a try.And I must say I was surprised, it s quite a bit different than the TV series, well it is for this book anyway Theres a couple of characters that are in the book and not the TV series, which I kind of wish they where cause they are really cool and interesting It was also different because the five titans in the TV series are all older [...]

  • Ahhh, the Teen Titans I loved these guys growing up so I HAD to read this And it was awesome Raven, Beastboy, and Cyborg were all minor characters in this one, which is fine I guess, but hopefully there are of them in the next issue I absolutely LOVED Cassie and Starfire I think they had great chemistry as allies and friends This Starfire was AWESOME She was an awesome femme fatale I didn t really care for Robin or Superboy And Bart was cool too I wish Dick had a bigger part, but oh well For wh [...]

  • By Geoff Johns and Mike Mckone, this rendition of the Teen Titans is amazing After the founding members and others have grown up, Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy Raven does not join the team, only appearing briefly to warn them of a new conflict set out to help a new generation Robin III Tim Drake, Wonder Girl II Cassandra Sandsmark, Superboy Conner Kent, Kid Flash II Bart Allen, the former members of YOUNG JUSTICE This first volume sets up the team s conflicts brilliantly, and each Titan has the [...]

  • This was a collection of comics that my friend got me as a gift I ve been a fan of superhero cartoons but have not gotten a chance to read many of the comic books This was one that she could get me that was at least the start of a storyline It was hard for me to get used to the new Teen Titans after I d seen the Teen Titans cartoon They re different characters with different back stories I enjoyed the artwork in it as well as the story There are volumes of this in my future I imagine.

  • I have always enjoyed the Teen Titans roster but never really gave their storyline much of a chance For the start of a new run for me granted this title has been out for a long time , I was happy to see characters that were familiar to me The art is good but nothing over the top and the story line was fun but didn t carry much depth That being said, I was surprised by the amount of violence this being a DC title and bloodshed I will continue to keep reading John s run on Teen Titans, at least fo [...]

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