The Lady Julia Grey Bundle

The Lady Julia Grey Bundle To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband s dead body is not entirely accurate Edward it should be noted was still twitching on the floor Starting with her husband s sudden death stubborn
  • Title: The Lady Julia Grey Bundle
  • Author: Deanna Raybourn
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  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Lady Julia Grey Bundle
    To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband s dead body is not entirely accurate Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching on the floor.Starting with her husband s sudden death, stubborn Lady Julia Grey is swept into a world of deceit, by following enigmatic attractive private investigator Nicholas Brisbane.From Victorian London society to a hectic family hoTo say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband s dead body is not entirely accurate Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching on the floor.Starting with her husband s sudden death, stubborn Lady Julia Grey is swept into a world of deceit, by following enigmatic attractive private investigator Nicholas Brisbane.From Victorian London society to a hectic family holiday to madness on the moors of Yorkshire 1 Silent in the Grave2 Silent in the Sanctuary3 Silent on the Moor
    The Lady Julia Grey Bundle By Deanna Raybourn,
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    A sixth generation native Texan, New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a double major in English and history and an emphasis on Shakespearean studies She taught high school English for three years in San Antonio before leaving education to pursue a career as a novelist Deanna makes her home in Virginia, where she lives with her husband and daughter.


  • Good value and fun stories very much enjoying this series.HowEVER, I did just discover after reading the 3rd book that I d been HOODWINKED These books are published by HARLEQUIN, the ROMANCE NOVEL PEOPLE THAT I VE MOCKED MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE Good grief I can only take this to mean that they have upgraded the quality of their writers and stories, as the characters in this series are enjoyable and the plot lines interesting and fun Huh Who knew.

  • I received this bundle for a very low price on my kindle I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did Historical Mystery is not always my thing I read them straight through and immediately got the next few Here is a review of each book as I read it SILENT IN THE GRAVE 3.75 stars I couldn t give it 4, but it is than 3.5.I m not really sure how I feel about this yet I definitely liked it enough to keep reading the series But I am a little torn It wasn t what I expected at all Not in a good or ba [...]

  • I m not sure what to say about these books.I m conflicted If I d bought the first one individually I may not have continued on in the series I believe in realism and don t mind a little dysfunctional in any family situation it can make things interesting This first book and this family well everything that could be wrong is A love triangle between men STDs, prostitution, lesbianism, racism, betrayal, adultery, all this in the family Then you have a man that not only can see what can happen but [...]

  • The series appeals to me on a number of levels Julia herself is a fantastic character and her growth throughout the novels is amazing She s a dormant little mouse to start with, but as she discovers her true self, she begins to blossom Her family she s one of nine siblings are all fantastic I love reading about her siblings and how they just literally waltz into her life Seriously, the beginning of the fourth book has Julia s meal in Europe interrupted when two of her siblings just randomly show [...]

  • Deanna Raybourn had me with the first line of the first book in the series If you ve read it you ll know what I mean I could hardly put my kindle down until I d finished the third, bowled over by the level of research and descriptions of life in late Victorian England The third book, Silent In The Grave is extraordinary Raybourn s hero, Nicholas Brisbane is a smoldering, flawed Heathcliffe, although blessed with finer qualities, in a Wuthering Heights, Yorkshire setting Add a touch of murder and [...]

  • There are now five books in the Lady Julia Grey series I suggest that the reader ignore the bodice buster art work of the covers and settle in for an excellent mystery with fascinating characters The author is a master of story telling Julia comes from an extended family of non conformists, all named for a Shakespearean character Nicholas Brisbane brings to the stories his role as a private investigator, given to horrendous attacks of migraines, and his own off the beaten track family members Se [...]

  • I ve loved mysteries, ever since starting out as a girl with Nancy Drew I eventually moved on to Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dorothy L Sayers I also love to read historical romance, especially Regency and Victorian.So how could I help loving the Lady Julia Grey books Simple I couldn t The three books in this very nicely priced ebook bundle were much mystery than romance, but that s okay They were engaging and well constructed The underlying romance which in these three books take J [...]

  • WonderfulI loved this series and look forward to continued reading adventures by Deanna Raybourn The characters captured my heart and brought me through many exciting mystery s.

  • Full of dysfunctional family fun, but a little too much descriptive fluff for my liking Can t wait for number book five as long as she leaves out the mummy babies.

  • Since this bundle encompassed three books, I will give you my opinion on each one.Book 1 Silent in the Grave This was the introductory book and I was sucked in quickly Although not normally a fan of first person books, I found myself liking Julia and fascinated by her thoughts and views of the world Although there were times when I did not completely follow her rationale or reasoning, I could see how her upbringing and place in society had shielded her from the seamier side of life Her husband d [...]

  • While I really enjoyed the first two books of the Lady Julia Grey mysteries, Silent on the Moor was far from giving me the same satisfaction.In the final pages of Silent in the Sanctuary, we learned that Lady Julia was going to visit Brisbane s mystery house, Grimsgrave Manor, with her sister, Portia The later was invited by the young man to help him set up a pleasant household on his recently acquired house in Yorkshire Of course, Brisbane isn t aware of this sisterly plan and when he sees Jul [...]

  • I normally don t go for novels that seem like they have a strong romantic component but I was intrigued by the historical context and the detective mystery aspect in the small passage I read at the bookstore I have since purchased all of the books 5 to date I believe and have never been disappointed The romance is certainly present, but it is not overpowering, and the mystery style is far prominent I like the main character because she is multi dimensional and adapts to the other characters I h [...]

  • I like the series well enough, but towards the end I found myself shaking my head a lot The mysteries were good, but the author just kept adding in and quirks about the family or the mystery to where I finally reached the point of ENOUGH ALREADY I get it the Marches are EXTREME good grief for the love of all I get it And seriously Julia was a ninny when it came to Nicholas I m going to leave you for being mean to me, I m going to leave you for making a fool of me, I m going to leave you BULL y [...]

  • I left stories one and three unread due to unfathomable boredom The first book takes forever to get anywhere, and the third quickly loses its interesting atmospheric almost Gothic vibe to continue to bore me But the real problem with this book is Brisbane Always rude, always condescending, always unpalatable, always disagreeable, Brisbane has no real redeeming qualities and always manages to ruin what I like about Julia and the plot He is such an utterly loathsome man who wallows in his issues, [...]

  • I was so surprised on learning this was a HARLEQUIN romance book I really liked the author, the pace, the characters and the descriptive way Ms Raybourn colored the scenery in the book so well I found myself waking up at 4 00 am to get a bit reading time Lady Julia Grey was a fascinating character and truly enjoyed the varied characters of her family The mysteries were plausible and in the very first book, I was stumped at who the true killer was That doesn t happen to me often I really liked N [...]

  • This series was on sale in the kindle store and I was in the mood for a good mystery, especially one set in Victorian England.The main reason I kept reading these books was that I loved the heroine She was smart, feisty, silly in love, and interesting The mysteries themselves are well developed and kept me guessing BUTere was way to much other stuff that seemed just thrown in there.s that did not fit with the time period or story Although there was nothing graphic, there were repeated themes of [...]

  • I continue my tour of escapist, not very serious minded literature with these first three books of this Victorian mystery romance series Here s the first line of the first book To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband s dead body is not entirely accurate Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor.Yeah, it s pretty great The characters, even the secondary ones, are wonderful if anachronistic in their attitudes and the writing is super fun I didn t realize until I go [...]

  • I have never read a series where I felt like the whole series could have been read all through as one huge, though it would be book The chemistry didn t falter and the characters didn t lose ANY of their appeal in this sequel, which so often happens in series.The mysteries are good sometimes the broader parts of the crimes aren t terribly hard to guess, but there are always smaller intrigues mixed in, and I don t think it would be possible to solve each and every one of them, so I think everyon [...]

  • Three stores in oneSilent in the Grave Silent in the Sanctuary and Silent on the Moor I loved this series all in one Lady Grey marries, her husband is killed in the first story She solves the mystery with Bisbane a handsome man The second and third story takes them to solve two mysteries There were a lot of surprises in about the time I thought I figured it out, there would be another twist I loved the easy read I did find these stories similar to the series written by Tasha Alexander.

  • I liked these Good mystery although the actual dead body in the third one didn t turn up until WAY into the book i thought I had started reading the wrong series But I just finished a Thursday Next book, so that s going to happen for a while I will probably read of these, right up until Lady Julia becomes as irritating as Lady Emily has lately Then I ll go to something else.Apparently there s a new Flavia De Luce novel coming in January, so there s that.But, if this is the kind of book you enjo [...]

  • Historical mystery Unlike anything I ve read before, I was entertained and intrigued through these three novels The right number of interesting characters, mysteries with a good level of complexity and a tumultuous relationship between the main two characters made for great reading The third novel is not as strong but bought together these books make for a great read and a bargain.

  • Wonderful Victorian mysteries Having loved good mysteries since my adolescent years with the likes of Nancy Drew et al, they still are my favorite go to escape books Her research and details of settings, speech and character makes these a delight to read The protagonist is feisty, amusing and fearless and even though some situations are a bit far fetched, you have to love her spirit and determination.

  • Hooked from the first sentance of the first book Silent in the Grave Love Victorian mystery and this series is well written Starts with the murder of her husband and I must say I had lots of ideas on who had done it but was surprised at the end The next book was Silent in the Sanctuary and was a better introduction to Julia s family and her upbringing The third book Silent in the Moor did not hold my interest as well but still a good mystery.

  • If you ve enjoyed Tasha Alexander s Lady Emily mystery series, Lady Julia Grey is Lady Emily if she let her hair down Both heroines are enjoyable reads, but I d rather hang out with Lady Julia in real life Some of Lady Julia s family eccentricities are a bit of a stretch but they re great characters so it didn t bother me However if you like your historical novels very authentic, you may need to skip this series.

  • Lady Julia is an intrepid, sometimes foolish, lady of means She is impulsive and overconfident but somehow remains likeable The surrounding characters of her family are varied enough to provide fodder for many mysteries, big and small The stories are light even as they touch on some rather dark motives for murder in the Victorian age.

  • This was a fun read Especially good deal having first three books of a series bundled in one ebook This was a good way to avoid withdrawal from my 20 Georgette Heyer binge Lady Julia Grey is an amateur sleuth with just a touch of romance during the Victorian age There is plenty of humor and the novels are fast paced Nothing deep here, just entertainment.

  • Finished Silent In The Grave 03 08 12 I enjoyed this, it put me in mind of the old Agatha Christie novels where so many little threads come together at the ends to reveal the culprit The writing was a bit dry, but well plotted The hero was enigmatic, dark and dashing The heroine was somewhat immature in parts.

  • This is light reading, but well written, engaging, and entertaining The three book series contains villains, heroes, a strong female lead, romance, mystery, the moors s just a rainy Saturday afternoon book

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