BodyWorld Web comic by Dash Shaw about an addicted botanist in the future that travels to a town called Boney Borough to examine a very rare plant and smoke it
  • Title: BodyWorld
  • Author: Dash Shaw
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  • Page: 459
  • Format: web
  • BodyWorld
    Web comic by Dash Shaw about an addicted botanist in the future that travels to a town called Boney Borough to examine a very rare plant and smoke it.
    BodyWorld By Dash Shaw,
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  • Dash Shaw

    Dash Shaw is a cartoonist and animator in Brooklyn, New York His latest graphic novel is New School , about two brothers on an island where an ambitious amusement park is under construction His other books include the telepathy comedy Bodyworld and the family comedy drama Bottomless Belly Button His animated works include the Sigur Ros video and Sundance selection Seraph , Wheel of Fortune , and the IFC series The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century AD.


  • Colour me fuchsia, red, teal, lemon, green, and impressed Dash Shaw alchemizes Fear Loathing in Las Vegas, Ed the Happy Clown, Acme Novelty Library, Gilbert Hernandez s Birdland, Frank Miller Lynn Varley s maligned The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Charles Burns, Harry Potter, and probably some sci fi thing I haven t read and turns them into something new and surprising in the world of comix BodyWorld experiments with form and technique on nearly every page, filters these experiments through Shaw s [...]

  • I have the feeling that from time to time I will need to look at all of the Dash Shaw books I have read and not appreciated and rethink my evaluations of them This one I think might be my favorite so far, though it may just be that I am starting to gain a greater appreciation for what he is doing I never know exactly what to think of him Is he bold and innovative or just doing crazy stuff for the sake of doing it This one is about, among other things, the representation of mind while on drugs It [...]

  • I m rather confused by all the middling reviews about this one This is exactly what I want in a graphic novel visceral, haunting, dark, grotesque, experimental, and with fold out maps I particularly loved his use different media oil paint in the erratic illustrations Sidebar I just Googled Dash Shaw and he s kind of a babe.

  • This was a really really good book Not something I would have imagined liking so much because I m not into futuristic sci fi ish drug trippy stuff This is futuristic, sci fi ish and drug trippy, but it s also funny and familiar The characters are all ordinary, trope worn folks in a story that is for the most part one I ve seen many times before I love that Shaw brings run of the mill high school drama into this very not run of the mill book, marries the all too mundane with the totally weird and [...]

  • A visionary book, not without some faults The plot with its drug induced mind melds and alien conspiracies is merely there to prop up Shaw s experiments with panels, color and representation of states of overlapping beings The pacing is brisk and the book is damn purty, though the dialogue is uninspired I was left wondering why bother setting a book so far into the future when the main character speaks in contemporary lingo The characters are only fun to look at when Shaw goes into full experime [...]

  • Roughly ten years ago, a little book by Chris Ware called Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Earth brough me back to comics after a nearly ten year hiatus It took some bold choices both in story and art, and really stretched the boundaries of comics Now Dash Shaw s Bodyworld has done it for me again, taking those next steps into the future of comics.Now that I ve tossed out the hyperbole, let me explain Set in year 2060, the US underwent a 2nd civil war that s never really explained The main sto [...]

  • I really want to like Shaw s work I feel like he and I have some comics interests in common I love the druggy weirdness of this premise and really enjoyed the way he visually played with the concept of identity, ego, shared experience, telepathy, etc He also did some unconventional and cool things with color I guess my issue with the work is that it feels very arbitrary It all felt like it was made up as he went along and was peopled with uninteresting characters that were puddle deep at best I [...]

  • Crazy crazy, literally trippy book.For one thing, it s challenging to read this book The content is sideways, so that the spine is at the top of the pages Also, you have to fold out a flap at the top and bottom of the book with a map of the community where the events take place.It s about a small planned community in a futuristic world A ne er do well comes to town and does research on a new plant found in the woods there The plant causes consciousness and identities of people to merge And much [...]

  • a slice from the 80 s as raw revisionism takes root in the mainstream taking equal parts panter and burns with another equal of archie comics, shaw spins botany conspiracy and robo controlled outerspace zombies and mixes them in a not so riveting soap opera read it once and you ve seen it if someone is going to pawn themselves off as a graphic novelist of merit, you gotta insist the work is readable than once it has that seen it been it done it quality if i were gary panter i d sue this moron f [...]

  • Gorgeous, hallucinogenic artwork, witty dialogue, and a cool science fiction premise put this extremely in my wheelhouse Shaw combines media and techniques for really expressive representations of characters states of mind and experiences It s super vivid and beautiful and funny I want to read of Shaw s work but I m afraid it couldn t live up to this.

  • Professor Panther s job is to update a guidebook to the mind altering effects of drugs When a new plant is discovered in the forest next to a school in Boney Borough, Panther is sent in to evaluate it Boney Borough is an experimental planned community, developed after an unexplained civil war this story takes place in 2060 Panther slowly discovers this new drug has some very strange effects when smoked in proximity to another person a strange sort of mind sharing telepathy develops Much totally [...]

  • Entertaining saga of high school, the near future, and psychotropic plants, innovatively designed and packaged Not so much in the panel layouts mostly a static 12 squares per page as in the odd spatial attention maps and map references , mixed media art style, and dense ly packed panels with chaotic overlays as a window to characters mental states In fact, the art style is beautiful despite often fairly perfunctory character drawings somehow the simple messy line drawings gain a kind of elegance [...]

  • This book is a fantastic experiment and a major contribution to the comic art form It should be in any collection of remarkable new work What I value and respect in this book is the astonishing use of colour aha you can see i am English and the overall palette, the design of the book itself especially the mirrored cover part of the new maturity of graphic novels is that the books are becoming artforms in their own right, not just fat comic books , the idea of creating grid references for the loc [...]

  • A very quick read This has many flaws, it s not a masterpiece, but parts of it are very interesting and show promise As many others here have said, the humans come out looking uncomfortable and stiff and cramped A big part of this is just the grid format the panels are NOT big enough to comfortably fit 3 characters plus props in a wide shot, so of course things end up looking awkward and it seems as though the characters have no room to move The artist isn t untalented, but he hasn t quite figur [...]

  • Are you a drug addict botanist with above average writing ability Get paid to travel the world trying to get high off of new botanical species and reporting on their effects This is an experimental graphic novel, with character shape shifting and interesting visual effects, as the author tries to impart the experience of a new drug, a leaf, that causes a person to feel the memories and bodily sensations of other people in their immediate physical proximity This new kind of leaf has been found in [...]

  • literally the best comic graphic novel i have ever read, highly recommend to anyone, seriously funny and dark, interestingly stylized.

  • This was a quick read two days Thought it was alright and related with the smoking experiments.The main character was a little to sleazy but tolerable And there was the eroticism of the work,that soaked though the pages Even though the story takes place in 2060 it felt like 1999.

  • This was fucking nuts and I loved it File under Weird Graphic Novels found in Small Town SC Library Sale, who d ve thunk it

  • BodyWorld is a very unusual graphic novel As soon as one picks it up one realizes there is something different about it A rectangular book in shape, it is to be read not from left to right horizontally, but to be turned ninety degrees and read vertically from top to bottom like a spiral bound notepad The inside front and back covers feature a fold out character list to help the reader, as well as a grid work detailed map of oranges, browns, greens and whites revealing where key locations are as [...]

  • Gui n Tremendo protagonista mezcla de Ignatius Reilly y Hunter S Thompson con el f sico de Trevor Philips Carism tico a m s no poder Una historia corta llena de momentos memorables en apenas cuatro escenarios, golpes que recuerdan a Kurt Vonnegut o David Foster Wallace, y una historia coral que no te permite despistarte ni un segundo para no perderte Creo que hay un par de cap tulos que acaban de manera abrupta y alg n personaje se l a un poco, porque todos personajes hacen el amago de ser redon [...]

  • Sometimes really beautifully expressive a mix of photoshopped drawing and smeared paint but otherwise, like Bottomless Belly Button, an apparently rushed graphic novel entertainment Unlike other leading brands in the genre that pretty much work on the same level as non pictorial fiction, Shaw s stuff seems way less concerned with getting all philosophical and profound and poignant and thereby also all interesting and awesome Instead, this story and the characters seemed not so developed, semi ex [...]

  • BodyWorld is a pretty amazing achievement from Dash Shaw, one of the interesting comics artists on the scene today His narrative this time around has echoes of Philip K Dick, featuring experiments with drugs, altered states, and a futuristic setting that has mild elements of science fiction, although as with Dick s best works the sci fi angle is not a huge part of story return return The physical design of BodyWorld is rewarding by itself, with a vertical orientation to the pages and fold out c [...]

  • What I began reading as a web comic, I finally finished as a published graphic novel Or whatever you call comics in print The story doesn t sound all too incredible, about an outsider man testing drugs in a small town filled with people who hope and dream for something better The way the story is told is the incredible part Characters develop, perspectives merge together then separate, sexually active everybody, and a minimally added sci fi twist This is a fun read for me The perfect material fo [...]

  • Dash Shaw s strange Body World oscillates between a scientific, dispassionate approach to its story and a messy, blotchy, heaving tale told with fast brush strokes and blotches of color The graphic novel follows the adventures of Paul, a man who embodies much of the mythical Hunter S Thompson s persona, including traveling from place to place trying new artificial stimulants When the professor, as he s called, arrives in Bony Borough, he finds a chaotic hot mess of teachers and students, each sc [...]

  • I think I mostly like this book for it s originality The book design is unique reader is forced to read it sideways cover is shiny, with orange and coper tones the title is not just on the cover, but also along the edge of the pages in flourescent orange.As for the story, it seems to ramble a bit in the beginning until the author finds his focus Narrative shifts between four different characters, but is mainly focused on that of Professor Paulie Panther In fact, none of the other characters are [...]

  • Shaw does some interesting things with the form here, some of which is very rigorous and well thought out and some of which strikes me as completely arbitrary I don t have a problem with arbitrary, per se, but the two in combination irritate me a bit For example, the changes in how he uses the page as the community becomes like a superorganism is subtle, but eventually striking segmentation and schematics decay and the page becomes freer Ties in beautifully with the story But then take somethin [...]

  • For his fourth graphic novel, Dash Shaw has created a graphic novel whose reading experience is genre blending and participatory Bodyworld endeavors to absorb the reader in its disorienting tale by its very design the book is laid out to be read vertically, turning pages from bottom to top, rather than right to left Chapter beginnings refer to maps on both inside covers The plot and story devices are just as demanding of the reader s attention The story involves several characters in an idyllic [...]

  • This is a simple story with a complicated philosophically behinds itWe are living in a world full of individuals But what if we can know and feel someone else s experiences Sounds very interesting, huh Seriously, when you think about it, it is actually very scary We will be just like the little Green Men from Toy Story We ll look the same, feel and talk in the same way.I didn t really this book at first because I did not find the drawing attractive Of course, when I kept reading, the plot totall [...]

  • So, there s this sex, drugs, and rock n roll botanist who is doing research in Boney Borough, a kind of future utopia community This botanist is basically just Professor Drug Addict, looking for the next crazy high via plant life And this utopia, this Boney Borough, iswell, it s a strange place And Professor Drug Addict discovers this new plant drug which allows the drug user to experience true empathy, as they briefly become who ever they encounter while high Butwell, I don t want to reveal too [...]

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