A Cidade das Estrelas

A Cidade das Estrelas Uma vez mais se abre diante de n s a passagem para o mundo fant stico de Stravaganza com este segundo volume da s rie com o mesmo nome e que se intitula A Cidade das Estrelas Entramos na maravilhosa
  • Title: A Cidade das Estrelas
  • Author: Mary Hoffman Isabel Nunes
  • ISBN: 9789722336123
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • A Cidade das Estrelas
    Uma vez mais se abre diante de n s a passagem para o mundo fant stico de Stravaganza, com este segundo volume da s rie com o mesmo nome e que se intitula A Cidade das Estrelas Entramos na maravilhosa It lia paralela do s culo XVI, T lia, na companhia de Georgia, uma jovem inglesa do nosso tempo, apaixonada por cavalos e pela equita o Um dia, compra uma pequena estatuetaUma vez mais se abre diante de n s a passagem para o mundo fant stico de Stravaganza, com este segundo volume da s rie com o mesmo nome e que se intitula A Cidade das Estrelas Entramos na maravilhosa It lia paralela do s culo XVI, T lia, na companhia de Georgia, uma jovem inglesa do nosso tempo, apaixonada por cavalos e pela equita o Um dia, compra uma pequena estatueta etrusca de um cavalo alado e, encantada com a sua beleza, adormece abra ada a ela ent o que o inesperado acontece O cavalinho , na verdade, um talism que permite viajar entre dimens es diferentes, e assim que a jovem se v transportada para Remora, a cidade mais importante de T lia A descoberta deste mundo fabuloso, repleto de mist rios, de magia e de personagens fascinantes, onde os cavalos alados s o reais e onde descobre novas paix es e habilidades, para a jovem motivo de grande alegria, mas os perigos tamb m a espreitam e as aventuras v o suceder se a um ritmo vertiginoso As surpresas tamb m n o se fazem esperar, e a maior delas o encontro com Lucien, o protagonista do primeiro volume, A Cidade das M scaras.
    A Cidade das Estrelas By Mary Hoffman Isabel Nunes,
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      220 Mary Hoffman Isabel Nunes
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    Mary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and reviewer, born in 1945 She is a true enthusiast of Italy and spends a lot of her time there, which shows in her Stravaganza novels a series currently in publication In total, she has written over 80 books, including the aforementioned Stravaganza series and the bestselling picture book, Amazing Grace Mary is also the editor of a review magazine Armadillo for kids.Watch the book trailer for David, Mary Hoffman s most recent novel


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  • It s not like I didn t REALLY enjoy the first book in the Stravaganza series I did But City Of Stars, the second, very welcome installment, is a marvel It expands on the universe introduced in the first novel In scope, of course, as a new Stravangante Georgia escapes her unhappy real life tortured as she is by her brother Russell and her lack of self confidence and friends and lands in another Talian city state this time the intoxicating city of Remora, on the brink of its annual horse race that [...]

  • At first I didn t think I would like this as much as the first book, as the description didn t sound as interesting However, I really ended up enjoying it and couldn t put it down, just like the first This book was set in Remora Siena in our world and most of the book was about the Stellata, a great horse race held once a year but celebrated all year A whole new set of characters, in addition to Luciano, Ariana, Rodolfo, Dr Dethridge, Silvia and the Di Chimici family Georgia, a classmate of Luci [...]

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  • A very sweet, but also realistic book, highly recommendable for girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 15 16 Georgia O Grady is a teenaged girl who likes horses, but is a bit of an outcast at school and has a terrible stepbrother who likes to torment her when she s at home When she buys a little statue of a winged horse in an antique shop, she discovers a whole new world, with a different Italy and a horserace that will change her life While there are some times strange jumps in the story and [...]

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  • City of Stars revolves primarily around Georgia O Grady, who buys a wooden horse with wings and thus stravagates is that the right English term to Remora Like in the first book, the story is not told from the protagonist s POV I have no problems with that, but I do with it the number of characters that are introduced, and there for are also told from their point of view It can be said that Georgia, Cesare and Falco are the most important new characters Cesare is the boy whose family Georgia ente [...]

  • What to say about this book It was freaking amazing I loved it.Can we just take a moment to wonder at how well Mary Hoffman worked the two worlds They re just enough different to be interesting, but not so much that it goes overboard I love it Sadly though I have mixed views about Georgia, in some ways I loved her, but the stupid mistakes she made where horrible In some ways I wished Lucien was still the main characters, but in other ways I was glad he wasn t, there would have been far too much [...]

  • My most favorite from the first trilogy City of Stars focuses on a new protagonist named Georgia O Grady, a 21st London girl who is being bullied by her step brother A who with low self esteem but with a love for horses, Georgia fell asleep holding a miniature figurine of a horse and found herself teleported through time and space to Remora, an alternate version of Renaissance Siena, a city divided into 12 factions based on the western zodiacs Aries, Saggitarius, etc Georgia meets her master Str [...]

  • Top notch Renaissance Italy style imagery, world building and style plus a great fantasy rendition of the real life famous horse race in Italy.

  • This is the second book in the Stravaganza series Though some familiar faces do pop up, this book has a new protagonist, Georgia O Grady, and is set in a different city in the land of Talia, Remora If you like horses then you will love this book Though the story follows the same vein as the first, showing the struggles between the brotherhood of the Stravangi and the powerful di Chimici family, the main theme of the book and the climatic events of the plot all centre around horses Georgia is an [...]

  • City of stars takes us to sixteenth century Talia again, but this time we visit Remora, a city similar to Siena Georgia loves horses, but she is unhappy because her stepbrother persecutes her The day she saves up enough money and manages to buy the model of a winged horse, she cannot imagine that it will transport her to another world which reminds her of Italy, but has evolved in quite a different way There, in a city full of intrigues and dangers, she must find what her mission as a Stravagant [...]

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  • I read this when I was probably around 12which was a while ago, but for the benefit of any young adult readers looking for a good read, I figured I would throw in my thoughts on some of my favorite books from that time I loved this series, waited for the newest edition to the series, and devoured the whole book a few hours after buying it They are all, especially the first three, a perfect blend of fantasy and slightly backwards Italian Renaissance history, as well as a good dose of lessons on t [...]

  • It s safe to say that the Stravaganza series is my favorite book series Granted I m really not one for series but this is just so good I love how this book tied in with City of Masks but was it s own thing entirely with completely different characters I just loved it from beginning to end.City of Stars is a special book I ve heard people say that it was a really great sequel and just held a special place in everyone s heart and I completely agree What I loved was how I got to know every characte [...]

  • Oooooooh that was just marvellous D Although it has been far too long since I have read City of Masks so there were a few small moments of confusion, but they were soon cleared up At first, I wasn t as sure of this one as I was the last but by midway I just didn t want to put it down and ended up loving it SO much, maybe even I really loved Georgia, she was a great character to follow, but for the start of the book I found myself enjoying the parts set just in England, rather than those in Tal [...]

  • The second novel in the trilogy that moves in a slower gear than the first Continuing the series, City of Stars did not grip me as much as the first instalment to this trilogy Whether this was because the action has moved away from Bellezza or because it had the theme of a horse racing running through it, this novel took me longer than I expected and I found at times that I was a little bored.Don t get me wrong, Hoffman uses the same formula as the previous story and whilst the story is set in a [...]

  • Zum Inhalt Georgia findet sich ber Nacht pl tzlich in einer fremden Stadt im 16 Jahrhundert wieder namens Remora Remora ist die m chtigste Stadt in Talia und es finden gerade die Vorbereitungen f r die j hrliche Stellata statt, einem Rennen, in dem jede der zw lf Bezirke benannt nach den Tierkreiszeichen einen Reiter stellt Sie gelangt in den Bezirk des Widders, der die Herzogin von Belezza unterst tzt, und ist pl tzlich inmitten von Intrigen, Politik und Pferden gefangen, wobei sie auch jemande [...]

  • The second book in the Stravaganza series is about a girl named Georgia who lives in a home with an abusive stepbrother and parents who refuse to acknowledge his abuse Georgia loves horses, and after saving up her money, buys the small glass winged horse she has been eyeing in a shop Clutching the horse in her hands that night, she falls into another world, where a dangerous horse race will soon be taking place Mistaken for a boy, she soon learns that the little horse has the ability to transpor [...]

  • This is book number two in the series The Stravagante welcome a new member in their midst A girl named Georgia or Georgio will be nxt to travel back to Talia Di Chemichi family members, flying horses and amazing races will initiate the new time travelers.Get ready to get sucked into the fantastical fictional world that Mary Hoffman waived It s not about Lucian this time, though we do see him into this story as well, but about a young girl named Georgia Her adventures are marvelous This story is [...]

  • I ll be the first to admit I was skeptical about this book before I read it Not that I was judging by the cover I happen to like it but I was judging by the summary.My thoughts Horses Hmm Scary I don t like horses A bully of a brother Sounds like a spoiled girl who can t handle it.But then I read it, and my first realization was thus Russell is seriously a piece of work It s not at all that Georgia is weak, but that her step brother is seriously a jerk, and really messed up It was really a littl [...]

  • This book is about a girl named Georgia who lives in present day England She buys a tiny marble horse and falls asleep with it in her hand, transporting her to another dimension which looks a lot like Italy in the 1700 s, but everyone there calls it Talia She makes all kinds of friends there, and re meets a boy who died from Cancer that used to go to her school She finds a horse like her statuette, except it s real, and has wings.The connection for this book is a text to text connection In Hercu [...]

  • I gave it a 3,5 star I really like Hoffman s historical view and her alternate reality It is very brave of her to create another book and in the same setting, but with new main characters.Although I would have liked to have the story mainly about Arianna and Lucien Luciano, it is easy to think that would have been a bit of the same.In this case a new character and as far as I can tell so far, the only female in the series is introduced But she looks so much like a boy that it doesn t matter.Any [...]

  • Through a great deal of this book I was completely lost because the character point of view switched so often, the amount of character names that needed learning, and the amount of character names that needed learning, and the amount of Italian words that needed definitions I was also greatly confused as to where this book fit into the Stravaganza series The connection between books wasn t revealed until much later in the story Most book give this information sooner so the reader is either remin [...]

  • Un leggero e gradevole romanzio fantasy, in cui persone della nostra dimensione finiscono in una realt alternativa simile all Italia del rinascimento.Questo capitolo ambientato nella citt di Remora Siena , e racconta della Corsa delle Stelle, in cui le dodici contrade si sfidano in una corsa equestre.E abbastanza piacevole, anche se forse gli Italiani non sentono gli effetti dell aura di magia e di meraviglia attraverso la quale gli abitanti delle altre nazioni guardano al nostro paese.Questa tr [...]

  • I liked the first book of the series better for a few reasons I will elaborate on later The plot was just ok, the characters were good, and the setting was pretty good I wish the author would have gone into exploring the city than she did I also don t always like how the author starts her books It s kinda hard to follow There are also some parts of the book where her stepbrother is being mean ans saying inappropriate things I did like Georgia since I can relate with her liking horses, having fe [...]

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