Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart The shadow of doubt can destroy the most noble of men Can Sir Dalton rediscover his allegiance before it s too late Sir Dalton a knight in training seems to have everything going for him Young well
  • Title: Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart
  • Author: Chuck Black
  • ISBN: 9781601421265
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart
    The shadow of doubt can destroy the most noble of men Can Sir Dalton rediscover his allegiance before it s too late Sir Dalton, a knight in training, seems to have everything going for him Young, well liked, and a natural leader, he has earned the respect and admiration of his fellow knights, and especially the beautiful Lady Brynn.But something is amiss at the trainingThe shadow of doubt can destroy the most noble of men Can Sir Dalton rediscover his allegiance before it s too late Sir Dalton, a knight in training, seems to have everything going for him Young, well liked, and a natural leader, he has earned the respect and admiration of his fellow knights, and especially the beautiful Lady Brynn.But something is amiss at the training camp Their new trainer is popular but lacks the passion to inspire them to true service to the King and the Prince Besides this, the knights are too busy enjoying a season of good times to be concerned with a disturbing report that many of their fellow Knights have mysteriously vanished When Sir Dalton is sent on a mission, he encounters strange attacks, especially when he is alone As his commitment wanes, the attacks grow in intensity until he is captured by Lord Drox, a massive Shadow Warrior Bruised and beaten, Dalton refuses to submit to evil and initiates a daring escape with only one of two outcomes life or death But what will become of the hundreds of knights he ll leave behind In a kingdom of peril, Dalton thinks he is on his own, but two faithful friends have not abandoned him, and neither has a strange old hermit who seems to know much about the Prince But can Dalton face the evil Shadow Warrior again and survive
    Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart By Chuck Black,
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    Chuck Black first wrote Kingdom s Edge to inspire his children to read the Bible with renewed zeal This captivating expanded parable led him to write the Old Testament allegories, Kingdom s Dawn, Kingdom s Hope, Kingdom s Call, and Kingdom s Quest Chuck s currents works include the Knights of Arrethtrae series, Call to Arms, and his series in progress, Wars of the Realm.Chuck is a former F 16 fighter pilot and currently works as an engineer for a firm designing plastic consumer products and has coinvented eleven patented construction products now being sold internationally He has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and served eight years in the United States Air Force Chuck and his wife have six children and live in North Dakota.It is Chuck s desire to serve the Lord through his work and to inspire people of all ages to study the scriptures in order to discover the hope and love of a truly majestic King and His Son.


  • An intriguing journey of faith set in a non magical fantasy world and lived out by a young knight, Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart is a Christian allegorical novel not to be missed Eleven year olds and up should definitely check out THE KNIGHTS OF ARRETHTRAE by Chuck Black My older brother and I, adults, also really enjoyed it This book is the third in THE KNIGHTS OF ARRETHTRAE series, which follows the KINGDOM series The first series is an allegorical journey spanning Genesis to Revelation or s [...]

  • Excellent allegory about the results of doubt in the life of a Christian But while the allegory is well developed and hits on some great points, it can sometimes cause the story to drag a little This book s only other significant flaw is that the main character s survival and hence the entire plot does depend on an almost cringe worthy deus ex machina But honestly, the nature of the story smooths it out pretty well On the plus side, Dalton is definitely better developed than Kendrick or Bentley, [...]

  • Probably around my fifth time reading this, except this time I m reading it out loud to my 11 year old brother I love the allegories and that even though it has a little romance, it s not the focus of the book Even though I read a lot of romance novels and enjoy them, to be honest, I sometimes get plain sick of them, so it s nice that there s guys like Chuck Black writing great Christian fiction like this and Wars of the Realm This is one of my favorite Knights of Arrethtrae books.but then so is [...]

  • Sometimes you will stumble and have to get back up Sometimes you will fail and have to trust that The Lord forgives you and loves you This book is a wonderful read The road is not always straight, the path is not always clear He knows there is something missing, something others have but he doesn t, what is it he wanders This characters journey to finding a personal relationship with his Lord and not one shaped by others opinion is beautifully written and one I will enjoy for a long time to come [...]

  • This is the third of the Knights of Arrethtrae books that I ve read, and while the style isn t my favorite, I ve appreciated the lessons contained in them This one, though, touched me in a way that the others haven t even come close to I m sure a lot of it was due to the fact that I ve struggled with doubt and my inability to remember the answers I ve been taught when faced with questions in my own life Dalton s struggle felt absolutely real, as did the array of enemies and circumstances calcula [...]

  • Started book on July 22 Option One Last Book Fourth Book Sir Dalton And The Shadow Heart Dalton and Brynn were young and were training to become knights of The Prince But from their younger ages love steers them from the Prince and all they really care about is each other Now there are many knights that come to teach them how to fight with swords and how important the Prince really is from Dalton s younger age he has doubted the Prince a little like if he is real or if he really is all mighty or [...]

  • Dalton turned to look at the hermit again Is it that simple The only way to have a complete heart for the Prince is to know it is true A man who doesn t is like a wave of the sea being tossed by the wind Sir Dalton has pledged his life to the Prince, yet he feels he still is lacking and not the knight he desires to be When a new leader enters the haven of knights to train them, new doubts enter his mind Blinded, too, by the beauty of Lady Brynn who mysteriously doesn t like the new kids Koen and [...]

  • Sir Dalton is a knight serving the Prince, Son of the King who rules the great Kingdom across the Sea Sir Dalton s early training is conducted by a knight who plants seeds of doubt in his mind with his endless discussions of theory and very little practical training in combat When Sir Dalton is captured by a powerful dark lord, he faces his own doubts and weakness.In this thinly veiled allegory of the Christian faith, the author presents many thought provoking issues that Christians face today W [...]

  • I m not really into tales of knights and such, but I ended up liking this one anyway The story is about Sir Dalton who is a Knight of the Prince The story deals with the basic struggles of good and evil The Knights of the Prince fight in honor of the King and his son the Prince Lord Drox is a fallen knight, who now fights against the Knights of the Prince and tries to gain allegiance from Knights of the Prince who falter in their loyalty The story is fast paced, and it is also a quick read The w [...]

  • Unlike the previous books, Dalton doesn t face an outside temptation or foe He must battle and struggle with something far dangerous It s within himself What happens when you don t really feel your vow to the King Are you just going through the motions instead of doing that which you are called to do These are the things Black tackles in this book and this is when I truly became a fan of this series When I finished this book, I handed it directly to my husband and told him to read it It was sim [...]

  • Sir Dalton s life is going very well He is young and handsome, respected among his fellow knights and admired by the beautiful Lady Brynn But a shadow of doubt grows in his heart Is that enough to destroy him The powerful Lord Drox seems to be intent on killing Sir Dalton at all costs Is there nothing Sir Dalton can do to escape the evil lord This book was clever I like the way Chuck Black uses knights and allegory to write deep stories Having not read the first two books in the series, it took [...]

  • Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart was so far my favorite over the previous two Chuck Black opened up with a great introduction to the story with immediate action, then back tracked to explain how we got there I thought the story very engaging, and his vocabulary and wording seemed to improve with this third installment I was very pleased, and the ending had piqued my enthusiasm for the next by merging them together The tale of a half hearted knight experiencing the dangers of doubt, only to be rai [...]

  • Sir Dalton is a knight of the Prince, but his faith is not grounded and soon he finds himself a captive to fear and doubt This book was so good It is hard to write good reviews for books in a series, but these books deserve a better review than I am capable of writing Each one is so unique and touches on different areas of life and your relationship with The King and His Son Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart was amazing I was challenged by the message of this book, as I think anyone with an honest [...]

  • Sir Dalton s character and adventures are memorable When I read this book, I traveled to a land of good and evil where darkness and light contrast is glorious metaphysical battles It was also pleasant how this book smoothly transitioned into Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue.

  • In a tradition started a family dear to me, I ve been reading these books with my wife So far, Sir Dalton may be my favorite of the series It s tale of the challenges facing those that go into ministry with a na ve faith and shows how the Lord can rebuild them after their own strength falters Be strong

  • Dalton wants to follow the Prince, but his skills tell a different story His heart is filled with doubts, and teachings of crooked teachers Can Dalton find his true purpose, even in the depths of a dungeon This was a good book I think he s written better though, I am looking forward to the next book that is based a girl for the first time

  • Sir Dalton meets Mister Master Sejus and his life is transformed from one of doubt and complacency to one of zeal for the Prince Life by the sword and the Code is not void of danger, but the King reignsd the Son

  • this is one of my favorites of the series this series is really good i tend to stay away from christian authors and books but this series and the kingdom series are amazing and i highly recommend them chuck black does a fabulous job with them.

  • I give this book 3.5 I really do think these books should be longer Even though the books are short, they are well written Chuck Black s writing is quick and it cuts to the chase This makes fast scenes that are full of action and are interesting.

  • My favorite Knights of Arrethtrae book so far I love the way Chuck Black brings out the apathy of young people and inspires them to be true Knights of the Prince and not be ashamed of being thought of as too serious when it comes to serving our King.The King reigns and His Son

  • The prison of the dark lord is similar to the imprisonment one can feel when posesed with greed and doubt.

  • Very interesting I have felt some of Dalton s doubt at times, and just what happens and the way he handles it is inspiring I think I need to do some rethinking in my walk with God.

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