The Uprising

The Uprising Part two of Linna s trilogy Under the North Star entitled The Uprising is the most powerful novel ever about the Civil War of Finland which erupted only a month and a half after Finland s Decl
  • Title: The Uprising
  • Author: Väinö Linna Richard Impola
  • ISBN: 9780968588178
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Uprising
    Part two of Linna s trilogy Under the North Star, entitled The Uprising, is the most powerful novel ever about the 1918 Civil War of Finland, which erupted only a month and a half after Finland s Declaration of Independence.This part focuses largely upon the fiery eldest of the Koskela sons, Akseli Koskela, who has grown up to become a leader The social unrest, the classPart two of Linna s trilogy Under the North Star, entitled The Uprising, is the most powerful novel ever about the 1918 Civil War of Finland, which erupted only a month and a half after Finland s Declaration of Independence.This part focuses largely upon the fiery eldest of the Koskela sons, Akseli Koskela, who has grown up to become a leader The social unrest, the class conflict, erupts into a war between Finns, between the haves and the have nots, even between neighbors The voices of reason and the voices of hatred are heard clearly in Pentinkulma The inhumane events of Finland s Civil War affect Pentinkulma and the Koskelas in dramatic fashion With deep insight and a strong commitment to truth Linna describes how the victors handled the aftermath of the three month war, the pseudo trials, the executions, and the prison camps This most famous and penetrating novel dealing with the Civil War in Finland is also the centerpiece of Linna s trilogy Under the North Star I III.
    The Uprising By Väinö Linna Richard Impola,
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  • Väinö Linna Richard Impola

    V in Linna was one of the most influential Finnish authors of the 20th century He shot to immediate literary fame with his third novel, Tuntematon sotilas The Unknown Soldier, published in 1954 , and consolidated his position with the trilogy T ll Pohjant hden alla Under the North Star, published in 1959 1963 and translated into English by Richard Impola.V in Linna was born in Urjala in the Pirkanmaa region He was the seventh child of Viktor Vihtori Linna 1874 1927 and Johanna Maria Maija Linna 1888 1972 However, Linna s father, a butcher, died when V in Linna was only eight years old Thus his mother had to support the entire family by working at a nearby manor Despite his background, Linna s interest in literature began early on As a child, Linna loved adventure novels which he borrowed from the local library The author s education was, however, limited to six years at a public school which he finished in the mid 1930s After working as a lumberjack and a farm hand at the same manor where his mother had worked, Linna moved to Tampere in 1938 Typical of his generation, the adolescent author to be moved from the countryside to a developing city in search of industrial labour which he found at the Finlayson textile mills.In 1940, Linna was conscripted into the army The Second World War had broken out, and for Linna s part it meant participation in the Continuation War 1941 44 He fought on the eastern front In addition to being a squad leader, he wrote notes and observations about his and his unit s experiences Already at this point Linna knew that writing would be his preferred occupation However, failure to get the notes published led him to burn them In spite of rejection, the idea of a novel, which would depict ordinary soldiers views on war, would later lead him to write The Unknown Soldier.After the war, Linna got married and started writing whilst working at the mills during the day Throughout his time at Finlayson, V in Linna read avidly Such authors as Schopenhauer, Dostoyevsky, and Nietzsche gained Linna s respect Linna later said that Erich Maria Remarque s All Quiet on the Western Front had also had a great influence on him However, Linna s first two novels P m r and Musta rakkaus sold poorly he also wrote poetry but did not enjoy success with that either Not until the release of The Unknown Soldier 1954 did he rise to fame It is evident that at the time there was a distinct social need for a novel that would deal with the war and ordinary people s role in it A decade after the peace treaty with the Soviet Union many Finns were ready to reminisce, some even in a critical manner The Unknown Soldier satisfied that need completely, as its characters were unarguably diverse, realistic yet heroic, than those of earlier Finnish war novels The book soon became something of a best seller, as it sold 175,000 copies in only six months quite a lot for a Finnish novel in the 1950s Yet, the reception of the book was harsh In Finland s biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, the critic Toini Havu argued in her infamous review that Linna did not present his characters in a grand historical and ethical context, which she thought was crucial Also modernists treated The Unknown Soldier with contempt At the time Tuomas Anhava referred to The Unknown Soldier as a boy s book because of its action packed storyline The acceptance of the general public and Linna s determination were, however, enough to outdo the criticism in the end.In the mid 50s, Linna moved to H meenkyr and began to cultivate crops In 1959, the first part of Under the North Star was released The book was a success and other parts were to follow The second part was published in 1960 and the final part in 1963 In 1964, Linna sold the farm and moved back to Tampere This time he did not return to Finlayson, as he now could dedicate his life entirely to literature due to the financial success hi


  • Toisessa osassa on paljon sellaista mik elokuvassa vilahtaa vain ohitse Mielenkiintoinen ja ehk viel pys ytt v mpi kuin ykk sosa joten kai tuo kolmas pit samaan hy myyn lukea.

  • Niiin hyv Itse pid n juuri sis llissotaa yhten kiinnostavimmista Suomen historian k nnekohdista, ja t ss se nousi hyvin esiin vaikkakin hiukan puolueellisesti Enimm kseen eritt in surullinen teos, mutta ilon hetki kin l ytyi Kolmannen osan aloitan v h n haikein mielin.

  • Upea, massiivinen kirja, joka opetti minulle enemm n sis llissodasta kuin yksik n historian tunti N k kulma on tavallisen kansan, p osin punakaartilaisen ja herraa pelk m tt m n torppari Akselin, joka onkin suosikkihahmoni koko tarinassa Paljon synkempi ja raaempi kuin edellinen osa, mutta my skin hitaampi ja vaikeampi kuunnella nikirjana 4,5 t hte yl sp in py rist en.

  • A historical novel that covers a bleak period in Finnish history Russia gets rid of the Tsar, Finland declares independence and at the grassroots the tenant farmers have had enough A short and brutal civil war erupts The Whites representing the gentry and farm owners , backed by Sweden and Germany, defeated the Reds the workers with few rights , backed by Russia which was wracked by its own civil war The Reds were no match and at the end of the Civil War, revenge and retribution was swift, many [...]

  • The second book in the Linna s trilogy follows the course of the Finnish civil war, which raged after the Russian Revolution In Finland the Whites, backed by Sweden and Germany, defeated the Reds, backed by Russia However the story revealed in the book roots this civil war, not in national politics and ideology, but in the outraged sense of justice of ordinary people in Finland The battle cry Shoemakers advance reflects precisely the prosaic reality of ordinary people, feeling oppressed, angry, [...]

  • Continue reading from the first book, I had no expectation for book two The title, The Uprising describes nothing for me, or else, it s me who cared not.As I mentioned in my review for the first book, the characters weren t capturing my interest and this could be the reason of my difficulty to continue the book in the early chapters I was pretty sure this book worthed a three star.Nonetheless, the twist, which the first book was lacked of, gave a fresh air to the story The pain of the characters [...]

  • V in Linnan Pohjant htitrilogia muistetaan usein nimenomaan sen toisesta, kansalaissotaa kuvaavasta osasta Romaani aiheutti aikanaan suuren kohun ensimm isen suurteoksena, joka kertoi konfliktista h vi jien n k kulmasta.Ensimm iseen kirjaan verrattuna kerronnan tempo nopeutuu ja hahmot kohtaavat entist synkempi aikoja Romaanin ensimm inen puolisko on erityisen kiinnostava Siin Linna jatkaa jo aikaisemmassa osassa kiehtonutta kansalaissodan syiden luotaamista Itse konfliktin kuvaus on raportoivam [...]

  • As a rule I don t like novels about war but this one showed it without pathos It was also really moving because I have got to know the characters and to like many of them and then had to see the civil war claim the lives of so many of them And even though I should be used to it by now, the cruelty of people described by Linna still shook me.

  • The understated emotions of the Finns are poignant and heart wrenching It made the ending of this second volume all the moving.

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