Thud Koom Valley That was where the trolls ambushed the dwarfs or the dwarfs ambushed the trolls It was far away It was a long time ago But if he doesn t solve the murder of just one dwarf Commander Sam
  • Title: Thud!
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780552152679
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thud!
    Koom Valley That was where the trolls ambushed the dwarfs, or the dwarfs ambushed the trolls It was far away It was a long time ago.But if he doesn t solve the murder of just one dwarf, Commander Sam Vimes of Ankh Morpork City Watch is going to see it fought again, right outside his office.With his beloved Watch crumbling around him and war drums sounding, he must unravKoom Valley That was where the trolls ambushed the dwarfs, or the dwarfs ambushed the trolls It was far away It was a long time ago.But if he doesn t solve the murder of just one dwarf, Commander Sam Vimes of Ankh Morpork City Watch is going to see it fought again, right outside his office.With his beloved Watch crumbling around him and war drums sounding, he must unravel every clue, outwit every assassin and brave any darkness to find the solution And darkness is following him.Oh and at six o clock every day, without fail, with no excuses, he must go home to read Where s My Cow , with all the right farmyard noises, to his little boy.There are some things you have to do.
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    Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen, which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel, a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People, appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer, writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels, including his first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic, in 1983 In 1987, he turned to writing full time There are over 40 books in the Discworld series, of which four are written for children The first of these, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, won the Carnegie Medal A non Discworld book, Good Omens, his 1990 collaboration with Neil Gaiman, has been a longtime bestseller and was reissued in hardcover by William Morrow in early 2006 it is also available as a mass market paperback Harper Torch, 2006 and trade paperback Harper Paperbacks, 2006 In 2008, Harper Children s published Terry s standalone non Discworld YA novel, Nation Terry published Snuff in October 2011 Regarded as one of the most significant contemporary English language satirists, Pratchett has won numerous literary awards, was named an Officer of the British Empire for services to literature in 1998, and has received honorary doctorates from the University of Warwick in 1999, the University of Portsmouth in 2001, the University of Bath in 2003, the University of Bristol in 2004, Buckinghamshire New University in 2008, the University of Dublin in 2008, Bradford University in 2009, the University of Winchester in 2009, and The Open University in 2013 for his contribution to Public Service.In Dec of 2007, Pratchett disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease On 18 Feb, 2009, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.He was awarded the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award in 2010.Sir Terry Pratchett passed away on 12th March 2015.


  • 2016 edit On my reread 8 I still can t help but marvel at the heap of awesome this book is Undoubtedly the absolute high of Pratchett s writing This is the book that does not seem likely to lose its relevance in the world like ours, where, sadly, we see the thriving of the hatred and prejudice and insistence on fixating on what separates us from each other fueled by the waves of bigoted populism.Maybe it will get better one day What kind of creature defines itself by hatred That is the overarchi [...]

  • January 2018 re read Watch Commander Sam Vimes has had about enough of Koom Valley It has always been a controversial subject with both dwarves and trolls, but these days it has become downright suicidal Add in a suspicious murder, and the Commander of the City Watch is rightly expecting a full blown reenactment of legendary battle to take place any moment.Lord Vetinari on the other hand, seems concerned about the lack of vampire coppers Wasn t the City Watch the most diverse employer in all of [...]

  • The war between the dwarfs and the trolls was a battle of natural forces, like the war between the wind and the waves It had a momentum of its own.It s origins are hidden in the mists surrounding the mythical Koom Valley, a place where each side is accusing the other of treacherous ambush, but its recent manifestation has moved to Ankh Morpork, courtesy of the city s new policies of welcoming immigrants Pretty soon some people will be saying Who let all these dwarfs in here They undermine our ci [...]

  • Sam Vines is one of the greatest examples of leadership that can be found amongst any of the SF F protagonists in the past 50 years.Pratchett s main character of his City Watch sub series, Commander of the Watch Sam Vines, Duke of Ankh Morpork, who arose from the captain of the night watch, who used to give part of his monthly check to the widows and orphans of fallen watchmen, is again at center stage in this the 34th Discworld novel first published in 2006 and good enough to get a nomination f [...]

  • The fighting doesn t start until Koom Valley Day That s tomorrow Damn, I lost track Will it affect us down here Bashfullsson coughed politely I don t think so, Commander This area is too dangerous to fight in Well, yes, I can see it would be terrible if anyone got hurt, said Vimes, climbing over a long heap of rotting timber That would spoil the day for everyone While the main mystery of this one a dwarf is apparently murdered by a troll didn t interest me much, there are plenty of other shenani [...]

  • Volela bih da postoji Fakultet okultnih nauka, Odsek za nekromantiju, Smer za prizivanje mrtvih pisaca, pa da ga zavr im, dobijem diplomu uz odbranjen rad na temu Empirijski utvr ene razlike u ritualima prizivanja pisaca preminulih pre i nakon 1950 te godine , pa da mogu da otvorim SZUNR i legalno summonujem Terija Pra eta samo da ga pitam Brate za to Samostalna zanatsko ugostiteljska nekromantska radnja

  • Samuel Vimes, to me, is the most fascinating character in the discworld series to watch his growth from a disillusioned drunkard in Guards Guards up till the current book fatherhood I enjoyed it tremendously I also enjoyed the idea of having the next generation with young Sam and Tiffany Aching, and trying to imagine little half werewolf half human brought up as half dwarf babies i truly want to get a peek into the future and see what lies in store for the discworld and ankh morpork At the same [...]

  • 8 10Another sterling effort by Sir Pratchett and a solid entry into the Watch sub series I feel like I m being a bit like a broken record when reviewing these books they re all well written, filled with humour some than others , great characters and overall a great character development arc again, some than others Has Nobby really changed since the first novel, not really But the repetition doesn t impact the overall enjoyment, I ve found this series filled with great moments throughout and on [...]

  • Thud is the seventh book in the Watch subseries of Discworld Tensions have always been high between the dwarves and the trolls Now a dwarf has been murdered in Ankh Morpork, and it looks like a troll might have been responsible As with the previous Watch book, it focuses heavily on Vimes, but he continues to be far likeable than he was earlier in the series so I m continuing to warm up to him The story itself didn t really stand out from the previous books Yes, it does a good job of portraying [...]

  • Sometimes you gotta shut up and pay attention Sorry, but when you ve entertained, amused and jollied up an entire worldful of sapient entities, you have to be allowed every now and then to get a bit serious Depends on what makes you laugh, I suppose, but this is not meant to be a funny book Pratchett is doing really serious, relevant and overtly political stuff here The funny bits are no than the comic relief in the best Shakespearean tradition Parallels are everywhere here You don t need to lo [...]

  • One of the review quotes on the back of this book says something like, Terry Pratchett s books are almost always better than they need to be I think this is a pretty good assessment If Pratchett s books were nothing than humorous fluff, I would probably still read and enjoy them, but the added depth of character that he brings to his novels is what keeps me reading them over and over again.In this enstallment, we find Sam Vimes trying to once again bring a semblance of peace to the chaos that i [...]

  • November 17, 2005 Is that my cow I particularly like the side of Vimes who is such a good parent that regardless of what else he must contend with, he makes it a point to be there to read the bedtime book I m only sorry my Offspring are too old for the cow book.

  • 4.5 stars Great addition to the Discworld City Watch sub series books listed in order below THUD features Commander Sam Vimes, Corporal Carrot, and the whole City Watch humans, trolls, werewolves, dwarfs, etc Happy to say, the story includes several vivid and heartwarming scenes with Sam s wife Sybil, their one year old son Sam, and their resourceful butler, Willikins Throughout this book there s a theme of promise keeping Daddy Commander Sam Vimes never breaks his word to his child one mustn t [...]

  • 4.5 starsA terrific novel It s part of the City Watch sub series, and of course, Sam Vimes, the commander of Ankh Morpork City Watch, is the protagonist In this novel, he faces a serious crisis The city streets thrum with unrest The dwarves and trolls are ready to turn the entire city into a battlefield The anniversary of the Koom Valley is approaching What was Koom Valley As all of the Discworld know, it is the site of an historic battle between trolls and dwarves It happened hundreds of years [...]

  • I believe that this is my favorite Discworld novel that I ve read so far And I ve read quite a few of them This one transcends the one note satire that many of the Discworld books feature each one takes on a certain topic this one has a theme of racial tolerance This installment of the series also pokes gentle fun at the mystery genre but, while doing so, is itself a quite good mystery novel It actually kicks the crap out of any of the glut of paranormal investigation novels that have become qui [...]

  • Shoes, men, coffins never accept the first one you see This is my first true experience with Terry Pratchet, and I m left with the impression that he is and was to the fantasy genre what Douglas Adams was to sci fi That is to say expansively clever, decidedly British, and not prone to taking himself too seriously The man was a brilliant writer and masterful storyteller of that I m convinced The following review will reflect this particular Discworld book only Samuel Vimes, the no nonsense Comman [...]

  • Most recent Watch novel My very favorite Discworld arc, so I ve doled them out carefully to myself over the past few years This one lives up and then some Sam Vimes and his men coppers face civil unrest as racial tensions flare between the dwarves and the trolls Meanwhile a mysterious museum theft may have surprising consequences, there s been a murder, and Vimes must get home by six to read Where s My Cow to his son.It s a Watch novel either you know why it s awesome and you re already smiling, [...]

  • I always start off not really fully enjoying these books, but then by the halfway point I can barely stop.As always, Pratchett is hilarious, yet very poignant I didn t really like the Fred Nobby storyline in this one, it felt somewhat fragmented, and not fully present I realized the morning after I read the book, however, that this may be because of Terry s Alzheimer s Not to mention the plotline with Nobby s girlfriend was a little too cliche and not subversive enough.Better review later.

  • Oh, he s good He s very good Sam Vimes and the City Watch is the only Discworld arc that I don t think I ve ever tired of two thirds of the way through a book, and I m so glad I picked this one up It s a very well crafted whodunnit, with a rich and complicated backdrop and a well rounded and thoroughly interesting cast The pace is spot on The parallels to the real world, and the Serious Issues, while undeniably serious and difficult, are not particularly in your face or preachey Well, may be a t [...]

  • Where is my cow I loved Vimes determination and resolve to never miss reading to his little boy punctually at 6 o clock.

  • How pleasing is Thud Well, it depend what you re looking for.If you re looking for the next chapter in the story of our beloved characters in the Watch, it s pretty disappointing Far too much of what we are given here feels like repetition from earlier novels, and much of the rest is ultimately trivial and goes nowhere Neither the characters nor the themes here are substantially advanced from previous installments, and as a result I was deeply disappointed when I first read this I had been waiti [...]

  • I was hooked on these books in the late 1990 s and I had to have every book that came out without fail Unfortunately during the mists of time all the books have merged into one, but I still remember Death and Rincewind to this day and the over top adventures they had But I have to admit my favourite novels were the ones that contain the city watch and the adventures of Sam Vimes, these novels still to this day stick out as the best of the series, but I never really got on with the books that fea [...]

  • I really really love Douglas Adams, and Thud book came almost as close to my heart as the Hitchhiker s Guide series Like Douglas, Pratchett is insanely good at saying the most ridiculous things while sounding totally reasonable and stoically serious I especially liked the way Thud focused on Commander Vimes for the most part but went off on tangents with the characters surrounding him Tawnee, Angua, Brick, and Sybil were all awesome to hear from and kept the book from slipping into boring This i [...]

  • SniffiffNow I know why Anne Elisabeth Stengl says this author has the power to make you cry and laugh within sentences The storyline with Sam and little Samwowjust wow.

  • Iako vekovni neprijatelji trolovi i patuljci u Ank Morporku ive u miru i slozi Svako gleda svoja posla i ivi svoj ivot koje im multikulturalno dru tvo u najve em gradu na Disksvetu omogu ava Daleko su od svojih rodnih brda ili rudnika i vi e im je stalo da pro ive svoj ivot punim plu ima nego da se ugu e u mr nji prema drugima Ru nu pro lost su ostavili u pro losti, da bi se u punom kapacitetu posvetili ivotu u sada njosti.Me utim tu je grupa patuljaka koji nemaju svoj ivot Zatvoreni su duboko u [...]

  • I will try to refrain from asking you all, yet again, why you are not yet reading Terry Pratchett if indeed, you are not Whoops, too late Thud is a Discworld novel, focusing, as most of the recent books have, on Sam Vimes, the Commander of the Watch in the city of Ankh Morph, and the troubles that ensue when the ethnic tensions arise between the local Trolls and Dwarfs, who had been generally in peace, despite traditions of enmity between the two groups Basically, a group of fundamentalist deep [...]

  • dag er r s an a Terry Pratchett l st S an hef g h gt og r lega veri a lesa Discworld b kurnar N r n undantekningar hafa r veri betri en mig minnti essi er eitt enn d mi um a g tala i a eins um Pratchett tvarps tti sem var ger ur kj lfar andl ts hans g veit ekki hva enda i ttinum en g man g lag i herslu fj lmenningarhyggjuna sem birtist b kum Pratchett g hef alltaf t lka b kur hans lei a hann hafi veri gr arlegur fj lmenningarsinni.Hann var ekki essi str manns tg fa af fj lmenningarsinna sem telu [...]

  • Well, here s a no brainer A fantasy book with a grumpy and unwillingly badass policeman A comedy with underlying important race issues Yes please Thud was the first Pratchett that I read, and the first book I ever had which actually fitted in my handbag of the time I ve now got a decent book sized one As such, the gold is almost gone from the cover, the pages are falling out, and the covers themselves are battered beyond saving I must have read this book at least 25 times, if not So much so, th [...]

  • Uma nova hist ria no arco da Guarda da Cidade e, como Night Watch, mais sombria, tamb m.Sam Vimes provavelmente o personagem mais interessante e real do Disco Podemos sentir sua f ria transbordando, seu amor e preocupa o pela fam lia e pela Guarda, sua segunda fam lia , seu sendo de dever por Ankh, seu respeito afronta com o Patr cio, sua intelig ncia streetsmart.Como os outros livros da s rie, o g nero predominante o humor, mas as minhas cenas favoritas foram quando atacam a casa de Vimes e ele [...]

  • Another fantastic Discworld novel I feel like these books just keep getting better and better I reread the early ones and compare them with these later ones and am amazed at how much the writing and style and depth has increased while the humour is still constant throughout This story was focused on Samuel Vimes and the conflict between the Dwarves and Trolls As always, the events in the Discworld parody our own world both politically and personally.

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