Leviathan Not long ago Jackson Connor was an honest hardworking electrician Then came the opportunity of a lifetime financial security for life in exchange for three years work at a top secret research facili
  • Title: Leviathan
  • Author: James Byron Huggins
  • ISBN: 9780785272632
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Leviathan
    Not long ago, Jackson Connor was an honest, hardworking electrician Then came the opportunity of a lifetime financial security for life in exchange for three years work at a top secret research facility deep beneath desolate Grimwald Island The reality is awful than Connor s wildest imaginations It is Leviathan, a deadly beast and it s loose Now, only Connor andNot long ago, Jackson Connor was an honest, hardworking electrician Then came the opportunity of a lifetime financial security for life in exchange for three years work at a top secret research facility deep beneath desolate Grimwald Island The reality is awful than Connor s wildest imaginations It is Leviathan, a deadly beast and it s loose Now, only Connor and his mysterious friend Thor stands between it and the destruction of everyone on the island.
    Leviathan By James Byron Huggins,
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      255 James Byron Huggins
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  • James Byron Huggins

    A veteran novelist and best selling author, James Byron Huggins life story reads like fiction than fact His career as a writer began normally enough He received a bachelor s degree in journalism and English from Troy State University, and then worked as a reporter for the Hartselle Enquirer in Hartselle, Alabama Huggins won seven awards while with the newspaper before leaving journalism in 1985 With a desire to help persecuted Christians in eastern Europe, Huggins moved to Texas to work in conjunction with members of the Christian underground in that region From the Texas base, Huggins helped set up a system used to smuggle information in and out of Iron Curtain countries In 1987, Huggins was finally able to leave the United States to offer hands on assistance in Romania As a jack of all trades, Huggins photographed a secret police installation, took photos of people active in the Christian underground, and also continued his work as an orchestrator of smuggling routes Huggins was instrumental in smuggling out film and documentation that showed the plight of Christians in Romania He even found time to create a code that allowed communication with the United States As in Texas, Huggins life had few creature comforts To survive, he would often remain hidden in the woods or in secure basements for days at a time After his time in Romania, Huggins returned to the United States and took up journalism once He again worked for a small newspaper and won several awards as a reporter Later on, he worked at a nonprofit Christian magazine before becoming a patrolman with the Huntsville Police Department in Huntsville, Alabama After distinguished service as a decorated field officer, Huggins left the force to pursue writing novels His first three novels A Wolf Story, The Reckoning, and Leviathan achieved best seller status in the Christian marketplace From there, Huggins broke into mainstream science fiction with Cain and Hunter, both of which were optioned for film rights Huggins then released Rora, a historical novel depicting the harrowing life of a European martyr His following book, Nightbringer, was met with critical acclaim and is in production for a movie.


  • This book was incredibly exciting I could not put it down Huggins has a real knack for creating scary monsters and very despicable human villains This is a balls out winner.

  • This book is fast paced and action packed It has a mysterious hero, a mysterious evil monster villain, difficult choices and battle scenes It is one of the first Christian fiction books that I read and I read it a couple times in the space of a few months My gut feeling is that this is the kind of book that I would recommend to an adolescent or young adult looking for a good read in an author they re not familiar with.

  • This book is considered to be Christian literature, but personally it feels like it was written by a good works to get to heaven type That being said, this book is awesome It is a moral, exciting, and fresh take on the plot of ancient beast takes on the modern world I loved it

  • It s too bad about this book It s like the author had a good idea for a techno thriller sort of story, a clear vision for where he wanted to go with it and some great themes to work into it but his actual writing skills just weren t quite up to the task I m talking about the business of choosing the right word and crafting a great sentence Huggins s solution was just to try to make every scene epic , and every sentence as intense as possible, shooting his lines full of superlatives and over the [...]

  • I ve read a few other books by JBH Hunter, Cain If you like what I m calling Christian Thriller Sci Fi Horror, you will like this The religious sentiments don t resonate with me, but for interesting, enjoyable, techno thriller adventure, his books are a good choice.

  • Another Huggins thriller I first read years ago and have in Trade Paperback size on my shelf right That said, I still plan to get and read the e book version now that is available finally.A giant monster, tons of action, a count down to a nuclear explosion, family, love, redemption, and oh year, action I am reading Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson right now, and Nemesis harkens to the like of Leviathan If you love big monster books then you will love this one as well.I love all the characters [...]

  • The book started out with lots of promise, but I felt it got a little long winded and should have ended about 40 pages earlier because it gets overly predictable, cliched and unbelievable.Scientists create a Leviathan basically a dragon, which is also biologically enhanced with computer AI because, well, why not Thus making it the perfect and ahem indestructible killing machine Of course the smarty scientist who invented the science didn t want anything bad to happen and the military only wants [...]

  • 7 10Monstrously fun It has all the signature Huggins traits a soulful soldier actually two , mythic battles, excitement and it s imaginative in portrayal and word The mood builds steadily in the first third Sometimes here, however, some of the interesting background information is too expositional It could have done with keen editing Then it unleashes the plot without mercy and there s no going back Also working in the plot s favour were several well brushed supporting characters who had their [...]

  • There are many similarities between this book and Huggins Hunter A bio experiment that goes horribly wrong Messing with ancient DNA and adding unknown elements to create something new The storyline is that in a Top Secret facility an animal has been created that is nearly unstoppable When it gets out of control, it s up to a small group of survivors to end the monster I really liked the fact that the main person fighting the monster was basicly a handyman electrician He was so much , but he main [...]

  • I have read this book three times myself and have read it to all four of my children to boot It remains among my top five favorite books Huggins is a very effective and knowledgeable novelist and he has crafted a monster tale that will have the reader hopelessly enthralled until the very end This book, it could be said, is everything Jurassic Park should have been in some ways.If this is any indicationI only read Jurassic Park once and Michael Crichton is one of my all time favorite writer.

  • This books was riveting to read, and it held my interest throughout It was a battle of good vs evil, love vs hate and right vs wrong It takes you through a gamut of emotions, and it leads you down a path of making moral choices over selfish ones It is an entertaining read too, and lends itself to the fanciful at times however, I do believe that it is worth your time to read, as are most of the books by James Byron Huggins.

  • Things get out of hand when scientific research creates a creature that must be destroyed On a arctic island the creature Leviathan from the Book of Job the first book in the Old Testament is recreated and Connor an electrician and Thor Magnusson a scholarly giant and priest in hiding from the forces of evil fight the good fight This is the second book by Christian Author James Byron Huggins that I have read both of which I gave five stars Looking forward to .

  • In retrospect, this book will never change your life In fact, it s a bit like a mcdonalds meal you realise you re not really reading top quality material but at the same time it s very readable I was at home with a cold and couldn t face anything on my kindle, and found this Was very easy to read and helped me to pass an afternoon

  • Not a bad follow up to The Reckoning but I didn t enjoy it as much as his prior work It had some good if not a bit cliche moments of heroism and played with the science fiction idea of humanity being bitten by its own foray into bio technology fairly well It won t go down in history as a terribly memorable novel, but I enjoyed it enough.

  • This book started fairly strong, but then it seemed to really slow down and drag out It was kind of like reading about Godzilla and Jurassic Park combined with a christian twist It was good, but not amazing Also, I read some other reviews that complained about the characters being a little unbelievable I will agree with that, but it wasn t so bad that I couldn t overlook it.

  • Read this back in the 90s, picked it back up again to see how I d handle it today.The language is simplistic and repetitive, some of the Christian themes seem goofy now, and the technical jargon is laughable at best.Despite all that it s good fun monster hunt, and in some ways the technical bits are just fun to read because of the cheese.

  • The writing of James Byron Huggins is very exciting, but he continuously paints himself into a corner in which each challenge or fight has to be an even greater and amazing physical and emotional accomplishment than the one before, and that can get to be a bit tiresome.

  • Fast paced, interesting twist on Norse mythology and modern science Typical greedy bad guys, military involvement, and heroics, and thoroughly enjoyed getting through it.

  • Reminiscent of books like Jurassic Park, however this book includes a Giant,Battle ax wielding Norseman, looking as if he descended from the Halls of Odin to do battle.

  • I love this book It has action, a heroic end, and moments that just stop your heart If Hollywood could capture the force behind this book, they would break box office records.

  • It s no masterwork of literary fiction Plot holes, cheesy dialogue, and unnecessary complications weaken the book But it s still somewhat enjoyable.

  • I had great hopes for this book, but it never really grabbed me Christian fiction writers often lack believable original interesting characters for some reason.

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