Horror Story and Other Horror Stories

Horror Story and Other Horror Stories The first published work of acclaimed Canadian author Robert Boyczuk
  • Title: Horror Story and Other Horror Stories
  • Author: Robert Boyczuk
  • ISBN: 9780980941036
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Horror Story and Other Horror Stories
    The first published work of acclaimed Canadian author Robert Boyczuk.
    Horror Story and Other Horror Stories By Robert Boyczuk,
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      298 Robert Boyczuk
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    The Book of Thomas, Volume 1 HeavenForthcoming, Nov, 2012Horror Story and Other Horror StoriesRobert Boyczuk is a supremely talented short story writer Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing Boyczuk s memorable debut offers 19 horror stories that accentuate the emotional and often horrid upheavals men and women suffer from while searching for love.Boyczuk s stories are uniformly excellent Publisher s Weekly Boyczuk has a real knack for creepy His stories all have a twist a turn of the screw that breathes new life into some of the old forms and results in fiction as clever as it is entertaining Alex Good, Quill and QuireNexus Ascension Certain to outrage snowboarders and pro lifers of all stripes Infantovores, however, will find a powerful and articulate advocate in Robert Boyczuk Peter Watts, author of the Rifters Trilogy and Blindsight Well punctuated with dramatic set pieces and thrills that are often sharp and bloody, the whole thing culminates in a spectacularly messy, and thoroughly satisfying, finaleis is an ambitious novel that delivers on all its promises Alex Good, GoodReports The stuff of an epic nihilistic hangover Pulbisher s WeeklyAll my books may be found in both print and e book formats at all the finer online and brick and mortar bookstores, as well as at ChiZine Publications website chizine chizinepub books


  • i guess i am someone who reads short stories it s what i do now so, to celebrate the short, i am going to make this review a series of pithy one sentence summaries commentaries of on each story this is not me being lazy it is actually quite difficult especially with stories like these, which frequently have little twists in them that i want to avoid destroying so some of these sentences might even be misleading, a little who knows, i haven t written it yet come with me on my tiny journey.queryso [...]

  • A friend bought this for me, I think because of the hours we devoted in our misspent youth to discussing horror films Since having kids, I m not as enthusiastic about horror as I once was I seem to be easily scared than I used to be , but I still enjoy the genre and the tingle of being frightened every once in a while And I was pleased to find that Boyczuk isn t going for the easy scare with the stories in this collection The stories touch on very basic and universal human issues which is a goo [...]

  • Wonderful set of stories A mix of classic horror stories monsters, supernatural beings, serial killers , sci fi with a thriller horror twist , and just some great thrillers As the back cover says, the primary themes of the stories are love and loss Many of them go in directions you don t expect, and it keeps you guessing what the next story is going to bring There are so many rehashes of the same old themes in modern literature, especially in the horror genre, that this book was wonderfully refr [...]

  • A collection that calls itself Horror Story better have at least one damn good horror story, lest you think it a parody of the genre such as Scary Movie Plus, it better be better than Scary Movie No problem here Robert Boyczuk whose novels Nexus Ascension and The Book of Thomas prove him a master of both the short and long form has put together a collection that rivets you to your seat even as it pulls the rug out from under you Cure for Cancer is a nightmare of twisted love, and Query is a mast [...]

  • I was disappointed with the stories I read in this collection There were some stories that were good, some that had potential, and others that were boring or confusing Confusion was something I felt often when reading some of these stories, and I feel like it may have been to do with what it tried to accomplish than what I didn t understand I didn t get anything out of most of the stories, and I didn t like the confusion if I didn t understand it would be my own fault, but some stories ended t [...]

  • Some of the stories in here aren t very scary and I put it down, though I noted that the writing is quite good I picked it up again and was quite impressed by a story I read at random Tabula Rasa that I m upgrading my rating and reconsidering my first impressions of the other stories It s got some real silly and surreal moments and the first couple while I would have loved if I was in a Don B mood disappointed me from what I thought I was getting I m always hoping to be scared shitless I picked [...]

  • I picked this up at Ad Astra, with slight hesitation on my part as I m very easily scared and that fear generally lingers for ages I delved into this collection of short stories expecting classic horror and that sure isn t what I got These stories feature a fear that slowly insinuates itself into your thoughts, grows, and refuses to leave They all seem to deal with love and or obsession in some form, and quite a few of them feature the supernatural or have a sci fi setting There were times when [...]

  • Horror Story and Other Horror Stories is a misleading title, as there s than your standard horror stories There s a lot of dark science fiction in here too and I would probably label the collection as a whole as weird fiction Anyway, since I like horror and sci fi this was a perfect book for me as I had the best of both worlds.Robert Boyczuk does a good job here, and I would have to say I liked pretty much everything in this collection of short stories Although I will admit there is nothing mem [...]

  • Overall, this was a good collection of horror stories Body horror, grotesque imagery, and psychological horror are a few of the types you will find in this book Boyczuk s use of language is skillful he says a lot in only a few words, just enough to give the reader an unsettling feeling Gay and straight pairings are treated with the same approach Boyczuk never meanders over his gay bisexual characters or tokenizes them, which I appreciate I gave this book three stars because I felt some of the st [...]

  • It s better than three stars, but that would mean I really liked it, and I admired it than I liked it It s very subtle, off kilter horror rather than in your face horror, which I appreciate, but a lot of it is just too abstruse for me Also, the typesetting of the story titles couples with the lack of finality in the endings made it hard to tell when a new story was beginning When it s good it s very very good When it s bad it feels like it s trying too hard to be sophisticated.

  • I didn t find many of the stories in this book to be compelling, entertaining or scary Many of them were weird and for some I could see what the author was trying to convey, but I did not love the execution of the final product.

  • This is an odd collection of short stories Not exactly what I call horror, this collection was definitely on the creepy side Lots of sci fi elements I liked it.

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