The Golden City

The Golden City A riveting blend of high tech thriller and fast paced adventure Packed with knife edge tension intriguing characters and startling plot twists that will keep you turning the pages In the Fourth Real
  • Title: The Golden City
  • Author: John Twelve Hawks
  • ISBN: 9780385664257
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Golden City
    A riveting blend of high tech thriller and fast paced adventure Packed with knife edge tension, intriguing characters, and startling plot twists that will keep you turning the pages In the Fourth Realm trilogy, John Twelve Hawks introduces readers to a dangerous fantasy world inspired by modern technology that monitors our lives The suspense series concludes in this powA riveting blend of high tech thriller and fast paced adventure Packed with knife edge tension, intriguing characters, and startling plot twists that will keep you turning the pages In the Fourth Realm trilogy, John Twelve Hawks introduces readers to a dangerous fantasy world inspired by modern technology that monitors our lives The suspense series concludes in this powerful third novel, following the entire cast of this mesmerizing world that exists in the shadows of our own Maya, the Harlequin who has pledged to protect Gabriel with her life, will face a situation from which there is no escape Nathan Boone, the cold and calculating executive of the Brethren, will face Michael, a man who has gone over the edge for power Hollis, living in grief and becoming a Harlequin himself, will have to choose whether to stay with Gabriel as he embarks on a journey that may lead to his own death Publishers Weekly hailed the series as a saga that s part A Wrinkle in Time, part The Matrix and part Kurosawa epic.
    The Golden City By John Twelve Hawks,

    The Golden City Book Three of the Fourth The Golden City is the third and final book in the Fourth Realm series by John Twelve Hawks I devoured The Traveler soon after its hardcover release and thought it showed great promise for a modern take on , but with Fantasy elements. Golden City Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Fandom The Golden City, also known as Birnin Zana, is the capital city of the Kingdom of Wakanda The Golden City was founded by the Golden Tribe as the main city of Wakanda Located at the heart of Wakandan civilization, the city displays incredibly advanced pieces Jaisalmer Golden City Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Fandom The Golden City Photos From Jailsamer Streets By Ashraful Sep , The incredible golden architectures, colors, sand dunes, the famous Gadisar lake this small city in the middle of the Thar desert has so much to offer But what made the experience real and unique for me is its people. The Golden City Henry Hope Reed Jr Books The Golden City Hardcover January , by Henry Hope Reed Jr Author . out of stars ratings See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price New from Used from Hardcover Please retry . . . Hardcover, January , . . . Paperback Please retry the Golden City YouTube May , For those who were wondering who this song is by and how to buy their album, these links should help you and The Golden City with lyrics YouTube May , The City of Gold CITY OF GOLD THE GOLDEN CITY LYRICS We will meet in the Golden city in the New Jerusalem All our pain and all our tears will be no We will stand with the host of heaven And cry holy is the lamp We will worship and adore you forever Never can the powers of darkness Niether death or ever life Let nothing ever separate us.

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    John Twelve Hawks aka J12H JXIIH.His real identity is unknown He communicates using the internet and an untraceable phone and has never met his editor.Several guesses have been made regarding his identity that he was Thomas Pynchon, Dan Brown, or Steve Hawking among others


  • The first part The Traveller is truly a masterpiece I had mixed feelings about the second part, but there is hardly a novel I ve been eager to recieve than this one with the probable exception of Harry Potter 7, I guess Anyway there are enough good reviews about the content I waswell maybe I ve read it too fast, rushed on too much, but I had the feeling that everything was just too easy in the end, things fell to easily in place John Twelve Hawks wanted to make a point, and he makes an excellen [...]

  • If this hadn t been a library book, I would have thrown it against a wall very hard I was so disappointed by the end of this trilogy The Traveler was great, a truly wonderful book The Dark River was a logical carry on of The Traveler, and from the beginning of The Traveler, the reader is told that it s a trilogy so you kind of expect a red headed stepchild of a book as the 2nd in the trilogy, which is what The Dark River was Some parts were heartbreaking, captivating.but bottom line, The Golden [...]

  • The conclusion to a BRILLIANT trilogy, The Golden City was my least favourite of the series The first two were breathtakingly brilliant and this one was just okay There are two and a half reason why this one did not match up to the first two 1 The story was not told from Maya s perspective nearly as much The first two were told almost 90% from Maya s perspective and this one takes Maya almost out of the narrative and it is told from the perspective of the two brothers Why this was done makes log [...]

  • What a disappointment this third book in the Fourth Realm series was The Traveler, the first in the series was a great thriller It had a quick paced plot, intriguing characters and a story line that drew me in While the second book, The Dark River, wasn t as great as the first, I find that is often true for the second in a trilogy and had hopes that the third book would cement this series as a favorite Alas, it was not to be.The Golden City finds our characters scattered around the globe, stuck [...]

  • I was a little torn on how to rate this bookI liked the first 2 volumes of this trilogy The ideas in it are relevant to the world we live in and their discussion appealed to me Like many I see individual liberties being eroded as we individuals give our freedom away so we can be protected and taken care of They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety Benjamin Franklin I am someone who believes strongly in every right listed in the [...]

  • This book is the ending of a trilogy that began with The Traveler 4 stars and continued with The Dark River 3 stars Obviously, I feel this series began much better than it finished I m already having difficulty remembering the entire thing, it was so forgettable I hadn t liked the characters since the beginning, even those who I sympathized with This series is tell it like it is material, which means everything is explained to the reader and to make it worse, it s explained in overly simplistic [...]

  • Well, I can say I ve finished a trilogy that I started reading five years ago Some of what happened was satisfying, but there was a lot of over explanations, irrevelance and distasteful stuff going on here It s really too bad, because the whole idea of government s overcontrolling its citizens and the invasion of privacy, preserving freedom, dystopic societies and everything else this book talks about is very interesting The book didn t feel as dark to me as the first or the second, although it [...]

  • This is a review of the series as a whole I really wanted to love these books I like a good liberal rant against the erosion of civil liberties and the corporate takeover of the world as much as the next person, actually probably quite a lot But when the author writes nonsense comparing something to a chrysalis emerging from it s cocoon, it s pretty indicative of the level of the writing an the quality of the research in the books For those not up on their butterfly science, that s like compari [...]

  • John Twelve Hawks ultra paranoid thriller trilogy finally loses some of its steam in part three It s still enjoyable but Hawks replaces some of the breathless action scenes with events that are needed to put the story to an end This includes lots and lots of speeches and long scenes in another conscious realm The actual writing is probably better in this than the other two books but since it s less action focused, it doesn t have the same page turning quality the others had Maybe I m just super [...]

  • Great Book for me Exciting,albeit a little bit violent, but a very thought provoking book.Favorite Quote from book Freedom is the ability to think, act, and express our views IN a free society, our rights are respected as long as they don t harm others A political system that allows freedom has validity no matter how you view mankind If you believe that humanity is greedy, violent, and intolerant, then free thought challenges bad leaders and corrupt institutions If you have a positive view on hu [...]

  • I was at Barnes and Noble this weekend, and spotted this on the shelf, much to my surprise considering it wasn t supposed to be released until today don t know how I managed to get an advanced copy Anyway, the book is very similar to the other two in pace and theme, but it didn t feel like the completion of a trilogy It didn t tie up many loose ends and ended on something of a question I suppose the nature of the struggle against the Vast Machine means that there can t ever really be an end, but [...]

  • The concluding book to a trilogy that was weaker that the first two books In fact it did not feel like a conclusion at all so perhaps there will be The plot and characters did not feel very developed in this book at all It was like an episode in an ongoing TV show Still entertaining but not very satisfying.

  • This final volume in the third realm series winds down somewhat, does not have the level of closure you would have hoped no spoilers So, who is John Twelve Hawks My vote is Dean Koontz.

  • Aside from being a bit pedantic and obvious with the messages it was still a good, fast, un put downable book I recommend the trilogy and the first of the series was the best for me but after that you must read the final two I really enjoyed it.

  • Good book but not as good as the first two Seems to set us up for a new trilogy due to the lack of resolution for some characters.

  • The ending to this trilogy the last chapter was so disappointing It didn t feel like a real conclusion and the author seemed rushed at the end Maybe he left it open for a fourth book

  • This was a fun read but not a powerful conclusion to the trilogy Based on the author it appears that our best hope when dealing with the struggle between the vast machine also know as big brother and privacy or free will is a stasis agreement No good or evil just trade off between fear and free will This was a good opportunity to create reflective thought but that was sacrificed of an action adventure conclusion I was disappointed because characters evolve but I wasn t sure to what end the auth [...]

  • Conspiracy theories are often very popular Who killed Kennedy Who killed Marilyn Monroe Who was behind 9 11 The list goes on and on John Twelve Hawks see the way the world is progressing towards a and surveillance dominated society with no privacy, as one big conspiracy theory A group of people are trying to achieve world domination by creating a virtual prison where everyone is constantly being watched and nobody steps out of line Everything is controlled with no room for individuality or any [...]

  • Twelve Hawks , John 2005 The Traveller London Corgi Books 2006 ISBN 9781407071886 Pagine 498 12,86 Twelve Hawks , John 2007 The Dark River London Corgi Books 2008 ISBN 9781407038032 Pagine 515 11,55 Twelve Hawks , John 2009 The Golden City London Transworld 2010 ISBN 9781407056746 Pagine 370 17,69 The Fourth Realm TrilogyUn altra recensione tardiva Sono 3 libri che ho letto nell estate del 2010, dopo essermi imbattuto nel primo della serie perch incuriosito da una citazione di Albert L szl Barab [...]

  • The word that best encapsulates my feelings about this book would have to be disappointment It s not that it s bad, per se, in fact it s still one of the better books I ve ever read, but it s just that The Traveler was such an unprecedented masterpiece The Dark River took the series in a direction I didn t expect, focusing on the personal development of the characters and starting to bring in the romance angle, but it still felt like it brought back most of the things I liked about the first bo [...]

  • This is the 3rd book in the Fourth Realm Trilogy The trilogy is about the vast machine of personal electronic data, collected by everything we do these days, and the problems of privacy and security that can arise if the wrong people get control of this information But it s told in a bit of a science fictiony fantasy mode, in that there are certain people Travelers who, throughout history, have been the ones to move humanity forward and speak up for peace and justice think Da Vinci or Gandhi The [...]

  • Update Just re read this series after a few years, and now that I ve completed this book once I think I can appreciate it differently now It s still not perfect, and the empty plot holes are still there, but if you take the time to read the fine print ie all of those lengthy speeches from the main characters which exhausted me too much the first time, then you might get what JTHawks was trying to tell usChanging the world isn t about huge battles, violence, or one person claiming to fix everyth [...]

  • I didn t find The Golden City nearly as embarrassing to read as The Dark River, and that s a relief It still had its problems, from small cicadas don t live in California they should have been hearing crickets to big Gabriel s speech was really boring how is that supposed to inspire the world , but overall, nothing was big enough to make me give up on it The Matthew Corrigan story is weak In the end, he served very little purpose, and what purpose he did serve could have been handled if he had d [...]

  • The final novel in a trilogy thriller, the forces of good and evil are preparing for the final battle which occurs where How Ironically, that final battle is not what this reader expected, and yet, it made perfect sense in the context of the story The forces of good used one of the methods used by the evil forces, although it could be argued that the forces of good used all the methods used by the evil forces I thought this a far interesting lesson than the one John Twelve Hawks was preaching a [...]

  • Although The Golden City is listed as a fiction book, in truth, it has multiple genres fantasy with religious tones, science fiction, adventure, and thriller elements The story involves a complex plot and setting with intriguing plot twists Gabriel Corrigan, a Traveler, has opted out of the government system that keeps tabs on him by working with the Resistance His vulnerability lies in Maya, the Harlequin, who has sworn to protect him His twin, Michael Corrigan, has joined the Bretheren, whose [...]

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