The Program

The Program The series that started it all In this powerful follow up to his action packed thriller The Kill Clause Gregg Hurwitz the new maestro of pulse pounding suspense ratchets up the excitement with anot
  • Title: The Program
  • Author: Gregg Hurwitz
  • ISBN: 9780060530419
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Program
    The series that started it all In this powerful follow up to his action packed thriller The Kill Clause, Gregg Hurwitz, the new maestro of pulse pounding suspense, ratchets up the excitement with another sensational page turner featuring Tim Rackley, a driven lawman motivated by honor, morality, and a deep sense of justice.Called back into the fold of the U.S Marshals SerThe series that started it all In this powerful follow up to his action packed thriller The Kill Clause, Gregg Hurwitz, the new maestro of pulse pounding suspense, ratchets up the excitement with another sensational page turner featuring Tim Rackley, a driven lawman motivated by honor, morality, and a deep sense of justice.Called back into the fold of the U.S Marshals Service, Tim is tasked with retrieving Leah Henning, the daughter of a powerful Hollywood producer, from a mind control cult As Tim wends his way deep undercover into an insidious operation called The Program, he confronts a brand of mind warping manipulation beyond his worst expectations.Tim becomes enmeshed with a diverse band of characters from the charismatic, messianic leader T D Betters to a cult reject burnout to the intelligent yet highly vulnerable Leah herself and finds himself caught in a shadowy landscape of lies, manipulation, and terror At stake innocent minds maybe even his own.
    The Program By Gregg Hurwitz,
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    AKA Gregg Andrew HurwitzGregg Hurwitz is the critically acclaimed, New York Times and internationally bestselling author of 19 novels, including HELLBENT 2018 His novels have been shortlisted for numerous literary awards, graced top ten lists, and have been published in 30 languages.He is also a New York Times Bestselling comic book writer, having penned stories for Marvel Wolverine, Punisher and DC Batman, Penguin Additionally, he s written screenplays for or sold spec scripts to many of the major studios, and written, developed, and produced television for various networks Gregg resides in Los Angeles.


  • 3.5 stars if I could do half stars.I read this yesterday, and now for the life of me, I can t remember what exactly it was that kept this from being 4 stars Getting old is not for the faint of heart This is the second book in the Tim Rackley series I didn t read the first one, and thankfully, this book didn t make me feel like I was missing significant back story in order to understand.This was a look into cult life The author painted a vivid picture of the mind control The conflict was well dev [...]

  • Rackley, who s been ex communicated from the Justice Dept, is asked by a well to do couple to look for their young daughter She s been absorbed into a self help cult, who has isolated her from the world, insinuated itself into her finances and does her thinking for her.Tim, along with his deputy wife, is still coming to terms with the death of his young daughter, and this may be a bit of redemption.I was enthralled by the cunning of the cultists, who use a mind shattering agenda to make their pr [...]

  • Hurwitz writes very satisfying thrillers This one is about a cult, how they recruit and keep members While his good guy characters are rather mythic and very macho, he books are great to listen to during the daily commute.

  • If you love intense thrillers, you ll enjoy the Progrmam by Gregg Hurwitz Tim Rackley have been recruited by Will Henning to extradite his step daughter Leah from a cult, once he gets his badge back from the US Marshals With no information to go on, he looks for clues, past cult members, and members, to get his ticket in Under a new persona, he goes to the Program, a mind control colloquium, when he sees Leah From there, he finds his way to talk to her and to get her out, while now winds up with [...]

  • Extraordinary and explosive, author Gregg Hurwitz , The Program , is far superior to the first book in his Tim Rackley series, The Kill Clause I was a bit worried getting into second book of this series after first book really didn t sit very well with me However, Gregg Hurwitz is an intense story teller and his other books have been really good The Program has Tim Rackley trying to bring back the daughter of a major Hollywood producer from a mind control cult Terrance Donald TD Betters, consumm [...]

  • The Program tells the story of a disgraced cop who redeems himself by infiltrating a dangerous cult to rescue a vulnerable young woman Hurwitz has done his research and writes with convincing detail about the methodology behind aggressive recruitment techniques, offshore financial shenanigans, and some of the insidious kinds of mind control At the same time, however, the cult he writes about is so extreme as to border on caricature Most of the members of his group are very one dimensional, and [...]

  • Excellent book A really chilling depiction of a psychological cult I like to read my serial books in order and didn t realize this was a follow up to Kill Clause with the Tim Rackley character I ll definitely look for that as well as any additional books in the Rackley series Having just finished Hurwitz s Minutes to Burn and being less than impressed, I was thrilled to enjoy this one as much as I did Great character development across the board Really hard to put down in fact I awoke at 4 this [...]

  • No sopho slump here in his second Tim Rackley suspense thriller.When he goes under cover looking for an eighteen year old that has decided The Program is for her, he never imagined the power one man can have over a large group of people With Hurwitz s description and painting a good picture of what was going on, it s a disturbing revelation Hard to fathom what people will do under mind control of a greedy, sick SOB Recommend this series, and I have two to go.

  • Marshall Tim Rackley is reinstated from a suspension when a rich and powerful Hollywood producer and his wife want Tim to find and extract their daughter from a cult Tim goes undercover and is subjected to the mind control that the Teacher employs to recruit new members Moves along with suspense but long passages of the Teacher s teachings.

  • Tim Rackley is back with the US Marshals service after having been suspended in The Kill Clause In The Program he has been asked to find the daughter of a famed Hollywood producer She is believed to be involved in a cult.This novel caused me a great deal of anxiety The workings of a cult The Program are dealt with in graphic detail It is obvious Gregg Hurwitz had done a lot of research on these groups It is disturbing and almost unbelievable the control cult leaders have of their followers It is [...]

  • Tim Rackley, who has been mind controlled in killing people in the previous instalment of the series, mentions that he s had military training to not subdue to mind control I was like What Seriously The arrogance of the character was so frustrating.Then I read the rest of the book It made up for the arrogance Even though the novel is kind of predictable, I was glad with the outcome and happy to have read it.Read the full review at my blog.

  • A Genuinely Fantastic Read I must admit, this book was a difficult read in the middle Mr Hurwitz composed it in such a way that it was hard to envision how the bad guys were going to get their just desserts If you find your stomach roiling with acid toward the middle, take some Pepto and persevere because the last several chapters are far and away the best of the book The way the ending plays out is nothing short of masterful Gave it five starsy because I couldn t give .

  • This is a pretty good book I like the characters and the pacing is great I did not give it four stars however because the sessions of the mind control meetings were endless and did not add that much to the story They could ve been considerably shorter to have made the point of how insidious the methods were and to convince you that this stuff is possible.Don t let that deter you from reading this book Just flip through the pages that can be easily skipped

  • This was a wonderfully told David and Goliath story In addition to a great suspense story, gave lots of insights to brainwashing and mind control FascinatingThis was my second book by Hurwitz I almost didn t try a second book, because the first one I read, You re Next was just too depressing and gory Nothing like this book.

  • I almost gave up on this novel even at 80%, I considered dropping the book If it was my first book by this author, it would have been the last I am not sure if it was the subject or the writing, but I really struggled I have placed several of Gregg Hurwitz books in the four star class, but this one is a two star.

  • I liked the plot and enjoyed the storyline Well, it was pretty disturbing and scary to think about cults played out in real life but it was an engaging story and a good page turner I m not sure if I will read any of his books though as it had quite a bit of swearing that I d rather do without Disappointing because other than some of the language I think I would enjoy his other books.

  • Riveting, can t stop readingCould not stop on the ending Literally reading fast as I can and an amazing rush to the conclusion Love it and recommend highly Most hated bad guy of many as he is do real and prevalent today from megachurches begging money to political figures Wanted him taken down Try it out Hurwitz is always a great read

  • Couldn t put it down Loved this book It had me from the beginning and I took a ride that was thrilling I came across Gregg Hurwitz by accident and now he s become my favorite author Looking forward to many great books from him.

  • Great Addition To The Rackley StoriesSlow at times It got going at the end with a great finish Many twists and turns along the way.

  • Started slower than his other books but really got interesting halfway through when he dove deep into cult culture and mind control.

  • Tim Rackley is a no nonsense crime disrupter Another showcase story for honor and integrity Great plotting and pacing.

  • A bit scary but gripping The cult mind control concept is a bit creepy scary but that makes the book all the gripping right to the end

  • Ok bookDrags on too much with unimportant details Not a bad book to pass the time with if there is nothing else to read

  • This one should get 3.5 stars Although a bit long, it was one of the best books I ve read about cults and their inner workings.The greed, the calculated mind manipulation, the sneaky way the get people to sign over their assets, the constant put downs, and the all around deliberate imprisonment of the members, makes you cringe and hope you d be smarter and stronger and not get sucked in.Well worth reading.

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