The Hellion

The Hellion Once they were high school sweethearts Now twenty four years later Tommy Lee can still excite Rachel like no other man
  • Title: The Hellion
  • Author: LaVyrle Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780515140835
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hellion
    Once they were high school sweethearts Now, twenty four years later, Tommy Lee can still excite Rachel like no other man.
    The Hellion By LaVyrle Spencer,
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      299 LaVyrle Spencer
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    LaVyrle Spencer is an American best selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988 Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focus on families rather than only the relationship between a man and woman These ordinary men and women are warm and vulnerable and are always portrayed sympathetically 1 Her heroines tend to be a mix of fire and warmth, strength, savvy and soft heartedness who must overcome some sort of adversity, such as pregnancy, divorce, a lengthy separation, the loss of a loved one, and then undergo a catharsis The stories center on themes of abiding love, family ties and strength in difficult times.In the 1980s and 1990s Spencer wrote 12 New York Times Bestsellers Her books have been sold to book clubs worldwide, and have been published around the world Condensed versions of many of her novels have appeared in Reader s Digest and Good Housekeeping.She retired from writing in 1997.


  • If you ever read the author before, you know Ms Spencer is was, since she doesn t write any a great storyteller versatile in both HRs and CRs Her characters are often unconventional None of her stories are alike She doesn t shy away from exploring difficult downright uncomfortable subject matters I loved liked pretty much all of her HRs I read, but CRs were of a hit and miss This story was a miss.Written in 1984, the book is dated with some cringe induced non PC moments which never less represe [...]

  • 3.5 StarsNot my favorite LaVyrle Spencer, but it had several exceptional elements, and a lot of heartrending moments The best aspect of The Hellion is definitely the backstory that sets up the plot Rachel and Tommy Lee quite literally grew up together, made inseparable by the bond of their parents friendship At seventeen they fell in love, but they were torn apartNow Tommy Lee is the town hellion See that Title He s been through three marriages, he drinks like a fish and drives like a man with a [...]

  • Tommy Lee Gentry and Rachel Talmadge share a past Twenty Four years ago, they were neighbors, best friends, and lovers But when Rachel finds out she is pregnant, her father sent her away to have the baby and give it up for adoption Tommy Lee and Rachel lived separate lives until now Rachel s husband has died and Tommy Lee starts visiting her He tells Rachel he has never stopped loving her But his reputation for wild women and booze stops her from getting involved with him again She warns him tha [...]

  • Not my favorite of Ms Spencer s books, but it is a really good story, I just don t really relate to this one The thing of all of Ms Spencer s books is that each book is so very different, not one story is the same as another If you are a fan of hers, you will like this one It is a easy, quick read.

  • The Hellion had an intriguing start with vivid description Unfortunately, the ending seemed pat and the resolution with Beth seemed too easy Plus, there wasn t any mention of the other kids, which I thought was odd.

  • I don t know if I should mark it off as contemporary or historical since the book refers to a lot of furniture and clothing style from the eighties I rate it as OK because it did help me pass the time but there were a lot of issues that I found disturbing SPOILERS SPOILER ALERT I did not like that the parents had so much power over the H h especially the h even as an adult The H h conceived a baby but put up for adoption per both sets of parents and neither of them searched for her even after th [...]

  • This is the lowest rating I have ever given a spencer book, although it unfortunately deserved it.I would say this book was a light read but I consider that a story that doesn t frustrate me or leave me with questions by the end of it The ending of The Hellion was idealistic and I have no problem with that except for the fact that the two main characters Rachel and Tommy Lee who lived in same town for twenty four years and have loved each other for twenty four years, were kept apart by interferi [...]

  • Tommy Lee and Rachel were raised together They lived next door to each other and their parents were good friends When they fall in love as teenagers it was no surprise to anyone What was a surprise to the teens was an unexpected pregnancy and a major push from their parents to keep them apart when they needed each other the most Now they are both 41 and there are no obstacles between them except the lives they ve lived while apart.If you enjoyed the first paragraph I included and would like to k [...]

  • I really wanted to like this book better but I just couldn t The story line was uninteresting, antiquated and rather thin the dialogues too repetitive.The characters were stereo typed and one dimensional I wanted to like Tommy Lee Gentry and Rachel Hollis, but to me, they were unappealing and unrealistic This story was too predictable for a romance story and indeed felt very much like a flimsy romance written in the eighties with no connection to today s way of thinking I may sound harsh but I m [...]

  • This was a good story, but at times unrealistic Rachel is forty something whose husband has just died from a battle of cancer She is wealthy, a prominant business owner, beautiful and has a cold, demanding father The family of course has their secrets Enter Tommy Lee, another 40 something rich,good looking man who is the talk of the community about his drinking, fast driving and women Rachel and Tommy Lee have a history that time and mistakes can t deny I don t want to spoil the story See how lo [...]

  • I enjoyed this romance, but not as much as I wanted to It was so obvious that Tommy Lee and Rachel would get back together, I kept waiting for them to get it over with Rachel s main hesitation was Tommy Lee s reputation which I can understand and worry about what everyone would think which I couldn t Rachel s dad comes off as such a jerk, I couldn t understand why she even cared about his opinion The story never quite built up the suspense or romantic tension it needed Not as good as some of her [...]

  • Just read this book again summer 2013 and it is still a great book 2 things I didn t like the hero was always, always smoking All I could think of was the smell and reuining their nice clothing and then she kissed him right after he lit up yuk It was the 80 s so maybe everyone smoked back then.I loved the connection beginning when they were just little ones and the romance that blossomed and the problems that arose from that parents interference, etc.Great book a little too graphic of sex for me [...]

  • In this romance world of new love being younger , this story is high school lovers who are now in their 40 s, living in the same town with their lives taking definitely different courses Loved it, couldn t put it down I bought this older story in a book with three novels Hellion, Separate Beds and Hummingbird Originally published in 1984 Now reading Separate Beds and it s just as good

  • I am not a big fan of romance novels but I read this on the recommendation of a friend The story line is a bit predictible but that is not a bad thing if you love romance What I was drawn to was the location setting The story takes place in Russellville, AL so all the references to locale was familiar I enjoyed that aspect I think most who have always loved Harlaquin Romances novels will enjoy this book, especially if you live in northwest Alabama.

  • I really liked all the LaVyrle Spencer books that I have read, but this oneI put it down for a month and when I picked it back up I just wasn t interested in finishing it Maybe I ll try it again sometime DNF.

  • Let me start by admitting that no one does romances like LaVyrle Spencer In this book two former high school sweethearts meet again in their forties Unfortunately, this book was not that good, and I had difficulty even getting into it.

  • Any book of LS is well worth the read the Hellion was a sweet story which followed most of LaVyrle s books, yet sucked me in just like the rest of them This is an author who I wish had never retired

  • Ha haI remember reading this book and thinking how corny and hokey it wasother of the modern day books of hers that i didn t enjoy.

  • Never liked this one much as a teenager, but as an adult I found it to be an enjoyable read Evil parents, unrequited teenage love, adoption Get em all here.

  • Not my favorite It was a quick read and okay for a cute love story You pretty much knew everything before it happened Probably won t be interested in reading this one again.

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