The Home Ranch

The Home Ranch Ralph Moody turns again to Colorado the scene of those two delightful earlier books about his boyhood Little Britches and Man of the Family This is an extension of Mr Moody s recollections of his tw
  • Title: The Home Ranch
  • Author: Ralph Moody Tran Mawicke
  • ISBN: 9780803282100
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Home Ranch
    Ralph Moody turns again to Colorado, the scene of those two delightful earlier books about his boyhood, Little Britches and Man of the Family.This is an extension of Mr Moody s recollections of his twelfth year, and fits withing the framework of Man of the Family between chapters 25 and 26.The Home Ranch has all the warm and wonderful ingredients which made his first twoRalph Moody turns again to Colorado, the scene of those two delightful earlier books about his boyhood, Little Britches and Man of the Family.This is an extension of Mr Moody s recollections of his twelfth year, and fits withing the framework of Man of the Family between chapters 25 and 26.The Home Ranch has all the warm and wonderful ingredients which made his first two books such universal favorites with readers of all ages The book teems with exciting and poignant incidents and with memorable characters, most of them good, kindly, generous people though there is a villain Mr Moody is at his best in picturing a young boy s struggles with economic and other adversities, and having lived through them himself, he writes with such convincing honesty that the reader knows that this is the way things were.Highly recommended for all readers from nine to ninety.
    The Home Ranch By Ralph Moody Tran Mawicke,

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    Ralph Moody was an American author who wrote 17 novels and autobiographies about the American West He was born in East Rochester, New Hampshire, in 1898 but moved to Colorado with his family when he was eight in the hopes that a dry climate would improve his father Charles s tuberculosis Moody detailed his experiences in Colorado in the first book of the Little Britches series, Father and I Were Ranchers.After his father died, eleven year old Moody assumed the duties of the man of the house He and his sister Grace combined ingenuity with hard work in a variety of odd jobs to help their mother provide for their large family The Moody clan returned to the East Coast some time after Charles s death, but Moody had difficulty readjusting Following than one ill timed run in with local law enforcement, he left the family home near Boston to live on his grandfather s farm in Maine His later Little Britches books cover his time in Maine and subsequent travels through Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Kansas including stints as a bust sculptor and a horse rider doing horse falls for motion pictures as he worked his way back toward Colorado while continuing to support his family financially.Moody s formal education was limited, but he had a lifelong interest in learning and self education At age 50, he enrolled in a writing class, which eventually led to the publication of Father and I Were Ranchers In addition to the Little Britches series, Moody wrote a number of books detailing the development of the American West His books have been described as crude in the language of the times but are highly praised by Moody s readership and have been in continuous publication since 1950.After a period as livestock business owner in rural Kansas, Moody sent to Massachusetts for his former sweetheart, Edna They married and moved to Kansas City They had three children Source


  • I just finished reading this book to the boys 8 and 6 As a read aloud I really can t say enough about this series First and foremost, these are true stories, a fact that really seems to resonate with my boys Second, Ralph Moody lives according to a moral code that is impeccable Moody or Little Britches treasures hard work, honesty, integrity, and goodness And finally, these stories are just plain fun to read It is easy to become absorbed in the childhood of Little Britches Indeed it is a way of [...]

  • This is the third book, but chronologically it takes place about 3 4 through the 2nd book I thought it odd, while reading the second book, that his summer working for Batchlett only took a chapter I was right, it took a whole book We really enjoyed the lessons he learned I like to think of one of them as his Arbinger moment He saw he was doing the same things that Hank was doing, so he couldn t be mad at Hank any and made the appropriate personal changes.I love how he tries to hold to the values [...]

  • This was one of those truly excellent books Like its predecessors, the writing within it was incredible and the plot, though the story of a life a genre which I often don t enjoy all that much , was completely intriguing It must be said, though, that Ralph Moody had a life that was a bit eventful than the average person s.

  • I m on a roll continued with number 3I never did decide whether or not I had already read it Although the novelty has worn off a bit, Moody still brings his youth to life and relates, in a most charming way, the difficulties of a 12 year old, weighing 75 lbs and doing the work of an adult cow hand.

  • Another great installment This kid had a fascinating life This one focuses on the summer he worked as a cowhand away at a ranch, for a cattle trader I think he was 12 years old, among all these older cowhands, and he really held his own He went through some pretty scary moments getting lost and almost starving to death, stuck in a dust storm, flash flood, witnessing a pretty bad brawl, and then riding all night for 70 miles, part of it on his own, in search of his employer What 12 year old kid t [...]

  • I do enjoy seeing things from Little Britches point of view Some of the phrases make me laugh out loud I can see a young man with the desire to make his parents proud at every turn and feeling real shame when he doesn t measure up It is a real shame that our youth of today do not have these qualities What a better place the world would be if we all had principles to live by like they did then.My wish is that every family would read these books together and discuss them There is no discussion on [...]

  • I really have loved the Little Britches series This one was not one of my favorites I love Ralph and I love the characters However, I really missed his family and his mother in particular This book is solely about his summer working on a ranch when he was 12 There was way too much information about horses and dealing with horses That doesn t really interest me much The story just wasn t as fun as the others in the series I will still read the rest though Still great writing Still great character [...]

  • This was a beautifully written story I have enjoyed all the books in this series and would definitely read it again.

  • May 1911 Denver Ralph Moody narrates his twelfth year as hand on ranch of cow trader Mr Blatchlett Chapter titles are themes Drawings add reality Much of first A Boy needs a man s hand sounds familiar, explaining why Ma lets her eldest work away for a prime salary of a dollar a day under a good mentor Ornery milk cows p 19 introduces the home ranch outfit Mr Brendt bosses when Blatchlett when telegram from wife bearing son already born Gray mustached Hank constantly harps back By dogies I recoll [...]

  • Another excellent book This whole series is a great family read, but if you have kids interested in cowboys or the west give this series a go You won t be disappointed.

  • I m reading the entire Ralph Moody anthology of his childhood and growing up years These books were my favorites as an adolescent and they hold just as much action, poignancy and honesty as they did in the past Little Britches , as he is commonly called by the men he works for and with gets a new job offer that pays 1.00 a day However, since his Father has passed away and his mother is always cognizant of danger, he expects her to say no Ralph is about twelve at the time and already a trick ride [...]

  • Supposedly, this is the third in the series, but actually it picks up a chapter in the middle of Man of the House and expands it So, you don t really move any further in Ralph s life and don t yet get passed the small cliffhanger at the end of House However, I actually liked it better than House because it tells of Ralph s time working on a cattle ranch with Mr Batchlett He goes on all sorts of adventures and does some trick riding However, it is almost all new characters so you don t get to se [...]

  • August 2016 I appreciated it much this time October 2014 While I hated the fact that Man of the Family ended in the middle of a crisis and that this was the next book in the series and it goes backward in time to the last 1 3rd of Man of the Family the book itself is part of Ralph Moody s fascinating and moral childhood I was as impressed with this book as I was with the first or second I think that Mary Emma and Company is probably the very best of the series closely followed by The Fields of [...]

  • I loved this book even than the first one in the series, although it s definitely a 5 start too Maybe I loved it so much because of my obsessive love of horses when I was growing up, I can relate to many of Ralph s feelings Ralph is a little older 11 or 12 I think in this book and takes a summer job earning a man s pay It s the kind of book you want your kids to read because it s not just a fun, adventurous story, but the underlying moral, what makes a boy a man a good man, is so well intertwin [...]

  • This is book 3 in the series, but chronologically it fits about 3 4 of the way through book 2, which is odd I suppose there was less of a market for long memoirs when this first came out, and it makes some sense to split the ranching job part into its own book, but since the ending of book 2 is sort of a cliff hanger, it s disconcerting to pick up this one and find yourself going back in time.I do love this series Moody s insights and integrity are stellar The anecdotes are understated but illus [...]

  • We loved this read aloud Having grown up around horses it was very nice to read about a summer immersed on a ranch I even once tried to learn stunts on my cousin s ponies as Ralph and Hazel did I have family in the area where this book is set so that also added a familiar feel as well as a sense of awe Times were sure different when an 11 year old boy would ride his horse in the middle of the night from Littleton to Colorado Springs by himself The characters are fun and good and decent The writi [...]

  • Historical I love Little Britches He s always trying to remember the lessons his dad gave him, and he s trying to be a man, but he only weighs 72 pounds He s always learning, working, trying new things, and getting into trouble It s not because he s ornery, but because he s so curious and daring He s proud at first, but getting lost in the Rockies teaches him the wisdom he needs to keep his job and win all the loves of his life a blue outlaw horse, praise from his boss, experience of a lifetime, [...]

  • Same as with the others in the Little Britches series, this is a fun, easy story with good lessons and plenty of horses and old fashioned fun This one in particular had lots of neat information about riding horses, and really got me wishing I could take off at a gallop one of these days like Ralph and Blue Boy And take an adventurous trip or two on horseback into the wilderness But preferably not get caught in a dust storm or lost on the plains or nearly swept away by a cloud burst like Ralph Bu [...]

  • More complex life issues than previous books, probably because he is growing up into a young man This results in a slower pace and greater detail to fully develop the conflict and resolution Family sticks by family, strives to find the deeper issue, and the permanent solution Good lesson for our society that would medicate the surface issue in spite of lingering side effects, and possibly file a lawsuit to blame others for their problems.I also reflected on the purity of Ralph s courtship, not b [...]

  • Although this is the third book in the Ralph Moody series, chronologically it takes place toward the end of Man of the Family, when Ralph spends his summer working for Mr Batchlett It too is a great book, and I definitely need to read it to my kids I think my boys especially would love it I was intrigued by the different personalities and group dynamics of those at the ranch, but I m looking forward to getting back to the story with the rest of his family members as well.

  • These are the best books for young men The young men in my house don t like the cowboy thing though so it s not flying here But my daughter Olivia absolutely loves these books and has reread some of them.These books are especially great to teach about hard work and responsibility.They move a little slow sometimes but they are full of little gems and funny situations Mr Moody had quite a life I m so grateful he took the time to share it with all of us.

  • I just think these books are amazing At first I really looked up the father for how he treated his children with such respect yet expected a lot out of them Then through this book, I was so impressed with the mother and how she was so great through so much adversity Really good books for anyone who is a parent or just loves a great story These are all non fiction I should add All of this really happened.

  • This is the third book in a series often considered the boy s equivalent of the Little House on the Prairie series A beautifully presented edition of the account of a boy growing up, with real life hardships and challenges, a very personal account of family and people making it through despite tough circumstances, yet always with the bracing expectation that boys were expected to act like men in the face of adversity.

  • Another great sequel in the Little Britches series There are some very heart warming parts in this story as Ralph experiences real life situations that teach him powerful lessons I highly recommend this series We haven t read them aloud to our children yet, but I hope to someday I think it would be a great family read for kids ages 10 and up because by then they would be old enough to understand and relate to the main character.

  • I am a big fan of the Little Britches series Ralph Moody s true life adventures as a ranch hand receiving a man s wages the summer he was 12 years old are heartwarming This story is a wholesome read with enough action to keep the story going Ralph s friendship with Hazel is a fun part of the story Very charming

  • This delves into Ralph s relationships with other people who made a difference in his life Thatgoes for horses too.Zeb She wore a yellow Ribbon, Sid short red head, Hank ole codger, Mr Batchlett the Boss, Mr Bendt Hazel dad who allowed trick rideing,Hazel friend who is a girl and trick rides.I loved it and read it camping.Anything in life worth having takes time.

  • This was our most recent family read aloud I LOVE this Ralph Moody series, as does my entire family While we enjoyed this book, we really yearned to get to the next book where the story continues This one just went back and was about a time period during the second book that Ralph spent on a cattle ranch We liked the book, but are way excited to get to the next one

  • This book is NOT in chronological order and doesn t pick up where the last book ends, which was so annoying we almost didn t keep going So glad we did, because otherwise we would have missed Hazel What a GREAT female character in these mostly male books that proves she can do anything Ralph can do We loved reading about their friendship

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