Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood

Forever in Blue The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood With unraveled embroidery and fraying hems the Traveling Pants are back for one last glorious summer Lena Immerses herself in her painting and an intoxicating summer fling fearing that the moment s
  • Title: Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
  • Author: Ann Brashares
  • ISBN: 9780385729369
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
    With unraveled embroidery and fraying hems, the Traveling Pants are back for one last, glorious summer Lena Immerses herself in her painting and an intoxicating summer fling, fearing that the moment she forgets about Kostos will be the moment she sees him again Carmen Falls under the spell of a sophisticated college friend for whom a theatrical role means everything anWith unraveled embroidery and fraying hems, the Traveling Pants are back for one last, glorious summer Lena Immerses herself in her painting and an intoxicating summer fling, fearing that the moment she forgets about Kostos will be the moment she sees him again Carmen Falls under the spell of a sophisticated college friend for whom a theatrical role means everything and the heritage of the Pants means nothing Bridget Joins a dig for an ancient city on the coast of Turkey and discovers that her archaeology professor is available in every way except one Tibby Leaves behind someone she loves, wrongly believing he will stay where she has left him Join Ann Brashares s beloved sisterhood once again in a dazzling, fearless novel It s a summer that will forever change the lives of Lena, Carmen, Bee, and Tibby, here and now, past and future, together and apart.
    Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood By Ann Brashares,
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    Ann Brashares grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with three brothers and attended a Quaker school in the D.C area called Sidwell Friends She studied Philosophy at Barnard College, part of Columbia University in New York City Expecting to continue studying philosophy in graduate school, Ann took a year off after college to work as an editor, hoping to save money for school Loving her job, she never went to graduate school, and instead, remained in New York City and worked as an editor for many years Ann made the transition from editor to full time writer with her first novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Ann and her husband live with their three children in New York.


  • I did really enjoy the depth to the characters in this one I feel as though the writing has grown a lot since the first book I maybe connected with each character the most this time around BUT, I thought this book contained soooo many overdone tropes And they were so transparent and flimsy I was so irritated with Bridget s choices that seemed to stem from nothing than boredom view spoiler Teens getting involved with an older, married person is such an overused trope and it s especially frustrat [...]

  • I guess the Traveling Pants series couldn t go on forever, especially once the girls started growing up and starting college As a whole, I would rate the series 4 5 stars I liked each of the 4 girls for their unique merits weaknesses struggles, and the concept of a magical pair of jeans that fit each one of them was special The collection of memories in the way of scribbles, patches and whatnot on the pants seemed like a cool 3D scrapbook It reminded me of a journal that 3 other high school frie [...]

  • I enjoyed this last book in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series It wasn t quite as un put down able as the first three books, and it had a different sort of feel, which I think makes sense, because the four girls are older, in college, and pulling away from their joined at the hip friendships and younger lives.As with the other books, I recognized parts of myself in Carmen, Tibby, Bridget, and Lena especially Lena At times, it was annoying how many questions were asked in this book if [...]

  • My re read of the series continues this time on audio all so I can finally read the last book, Sisterhood Everlasting.Original Read May 2009Re Read Oct 26 Nov 1, 2016Lena After four books of Lena being either in love with or heartbroken over Kostos, I would ve thought that I would be sick to death of it And in some ways I was I mean, we get it already but the fact is, I always liked Kostos and felt bad for the position he found himself in While it was nice to see Lena finally make an effort to m [...]

  • Eeeh I quite liked the first book in this series, but it s been a downhill slope since then The characters felt like they never learnt ANYTHING over the course of the series and continued to make the same string of mistakes I don t understand why the hell Kostas was a recurring character He s the actual worst and having waded through four of these books, I STILL don t know why Lena liked him Tibby s relationship with Brian wasper weird, to be honest She never seemed particularly into it, and so [...]

  • Review written on June 2nd, 2014 I decided to leave adult books alone for a while I was getting tired of the same plot of the guy meets girl the guy treats her like shit the girl suffers promising to never love him Then for some reason they get together again uggh I decided to get back to YA for a while Well, I do not regret it I really enjoyed this series It was great for me because I could relate to it The writing was great, the stories were great, the plot was great, and the whole original id [...]

  • Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadTooFOREVER IN BLUE is truly a bittersweet book It has a truly amazing story but I m sad that this is the final book in the SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS series I never wanted this series to end It is a remarkable ending to such a great series, though Lena She is afraid that when she finally forgets about Kostos he will reappear At her college she is taking a summer painting class and maybe she will meet someone new there Carmen Shy Carmen, who thinks th [...]

  • Ehh.This is the fourth and last though at the end of the book, the author hints that she may at some future point revisit these girls of this series And to be honest, a lot of the book fell flat for me A lot of the plot lines are the same especially with Bee, who s storyline was very similar to book 1 which was kind of annoying to me and to be honest, some of the angst that the girls go through was overdone and rather tedious as well To me, the only storyline I rather enjoyed and related to was [...]

  • I read this one to finish out the series Knowing who the books are primarily written for, I would strongly recommend that mothers read the book first and then determine if they want their daughters to read it The conflicts for lack of a better word that the protagonists face in this book are rather mature for a young audience I would exercise much caution I think it could be the catalyst for some important conversations on morality and other coming of age topics, and if used in this context it m [...]

  • This might be my favorite in the original series Each of the girl s went on a fantastic journey and learned so much about themselves Pants Love

  • How I Came To Read This Book I read the first three The Plot The Sisterhood is back one last time as the girls regroup following their freshman year at college Although they ve all moved forward with their own lives, the girls still share their magic pants year round in fact, since they no longer attend the same school Carmen has retreated into her shell under the shadow of her new friend Julia the two girls decide to go to a theatre production for the summer as interns where Julia reveals her t [...]

  • I m finished with the Sisterhood series Reading these books has been like rereading my high school journals pathetic and sometimes painful They tell the stories of somewhat typical teenage girls making somewhat typical teenage girl mistakes albeit in atypical places and therein lies the problem we usually do not read books to find characters just like us We ve already lived through the mundane high school years where everything is drama, drama, drama until it s over and and a week later we re on [...]

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this book I always told myself eh, I ll just put the book down after this chapter ends and wash the dishes, but it s SO GOOD it ends up being an hour before I move from the spot from where I was reading standing up, of course I didn t cry at the end, but everything came together and ended quite wonderfully.This series I ll definitely read again I have the 1st movie and love it, but have yet to watch the second because I watched the first 20 min and realized it was a combo of the l [...]

  • A deeply satisfying conclusion but not to the series I love these characters and how their imperfections make them endearing and relateable.

  • Loved this series One to go I thinkThe only true paradise is paradise lost Marcel ProustOne s real life is so often the life that one does not lead Oscar Wilded down they forgot as up they grew e.e cummingsOh, life is a glorious cycle of song A medley of extemporanea And love is a thing that can never go wrong And I am Marie of Roumania Dorothy ParkerPain is inevitable suffering is optional Greta RandolphMake friends with your sweat this summer She had a kind of boot camp mentality Bridget deci [...]

  • From Bridget s point of view Thursday, February 16, 2012 As their lives take them in different directions, Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Bridget discover many things about themselves and the importance of their relationship with each other.I loved the whole series, I read the first 3 books but I wanted to read other things so I took a break and now I am back and I want to finish the last book in the series.

  • Forever in Blue will leave you feeling miserable and heartbroken That much could even be suggested in the title I really enjoyed the journey with these girls and although this one was much depressing I still reckon this book was worth reading I would ve liked the characters introduced previously to stick around but they were so easily forgotten that I questioned why they were introduced to begin with view spoiler Billy Win Paul C mon hide spoiler Forever in Blue delivered a bittersweet conclusi [...]

  • Out of all four of these books, this one is my least favorite, mostly because of the lack of interaction between the main characters Some of the characters were rather annoying throughout the book, but I do like the ending.

  • This was my least favorite of the series While you could probably read this one on its own, it would make sense to read the others beforehand For those not familiar with the series, it revolves around four friends and a special pair of pants that fit all of them With these pants they experience life and all it has to offer.In this book the girls have been in college and are doing their different summer activities but they run into snags as usual Carmen has found a friend who likes her only when [...]

  • Nine months have passed since the previous summer and the girls find themselves once again apart and meeting new people and in some cases leaving people behind I ve grown to care about these girls so much but this book was so painful to read It felt like book 3 didn t even happen at all and the girls learnt nothing from past experiences view spoiler What happened to Win What was with the hopeful hints of Paul and Lena as a couple Why did Lena continue obsessing about Kostos in this book Bee is s [...]

  • I m not going to lie this book I think almost took me a year to read It wasn t that I didn t want to read it though, it was that last summer was distracting, and then I find it almost impossible to read anything when I am back at school for the year When I picked this back up over spring break I will admit I had to reread what I had already read but I am glad to say I finally finished it after being home for the summer for about a week okay onto the actual book review This installment of the Sis [...]

  • THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS This is an all right sequel If it hadn t had the third book before it, I might give it a better rating P I do like what Brashares does with the concept of trying to stay together with your friends after all going your separate ways you really do have to work at it While as a whole, perhaps, the book wasn t stunning, it really has some memorable scenes I absolutely love when Bee goes home and fixes up her family and they cook together And the depth of Tibby s e [...]

  • This book was alright, but it could have been so much better I really liked some parts of it, but overall it just wasn t as good as the other ones have been It was really predictable and dumb in some places A lot of the things we had actually already been through in previous books, so I was underwhelmed This book dealt with a lot, but it didn t really give conclusions to anything I did like all of the storylines at times, but they weren t as coherent as in the earlier books I don t think I will [...]

  • Man this one put me through the ringer.Can t believe it took me till book 4, to realise each prologue is written by a different girl This book was left the the lively Bridget.For this one I think the theme is love Family, each other, parteners and themselves.I had a bit of trouble with Tibbys view of Brian, she seemed to keep changing her mind set on whether he was pressuring her for sex or not I m not sure if it was Tibbys thinking, or confusing writing.Personally this one hits home a lot as t [...]

  • I listened to this on audio This was my least favorite of the 4 books Please note that there is mature content in this book sexual content The author continues with the quotes that aren t even related to the story at each chapter and the changing of POV s without warning continues to be an issue confusing the reader.

  • So concludes the summer of the sisterhood does my summer soon But I was left with so many questionswill Lena end up with Kostos will Tibby ever do anything will Carmen ever get over herself who cares about the last one d most importantly will I ever find a great book Oh well.

  • Well, it was another enjoyable read from Ann Brashared I really enjoyed The Sisterhood s adventure in their four summers Though some stories were a little bit unrealistic and exaggerated, it was fun and entertaining as a whole story.

  • I loved this book as much as the previous ones Although there is one little thing that I don t like, that moral lesson every time one of the girls has sex for the first time or is thinking of it There was the same thing on the other books.

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