A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn The American classic about a young girl s coming of age at the turn of the century A profoundly moving novel and an honest and true one It cuts right to the heart of life If you miss A Tree Grows in
  • Title: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Author: BettySmith
  • ISBN: 9780060736262
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    The American classic about a young girl s coming of age at the turn of the century A profoundly moving novel, and an honest and true one It cuts right to the heart of life If you miss A Tree Grows in Brooklyn you will deny yourself a rich experience It is a poignant and deeply understanding story of childhood and family relationships The Nolans lived in the WilliaThe American classic about a young girl s coming of age at the turn of the century A profoundly moving novel, and an honest and true one It cuts right to the heart of life If you miss A Tree Grows in Brooklyn you will deny yourself a rich experience It is a poignant and deeply understanding story of childhood and family relationships The Nolans lived in the Williamsburg slums of Brooklyn from 1902 until 1919 Their daughter, Francie, and their son, Neely, know than their fair share of the privations and sufferings that are the lot of a great city s poor Primarily this is Francie s book She is a superb feat of characterization, an imaginative, alert, resourceful child And Francie s growing up and beginnings of wisdom are the substance of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Orville Prescott A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is that rare and enduring thing, a book in which, no matter our backgrounds, we recognize ourselves Anna Quindlen, from her ForewordThis P.S edition features an extra 16 pages of insights into the book, including author interviews, recommended reading, and .
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn By BettySmith,

    A Tree Still Grows American Thinker day agoMore than years ago, Betty Smith wrote A Tree Grows in Brooklyn The novel follows the life of Francie Nolan as she grows up in a poor immigrant family during the early s Published in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Aug , A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN th Century Fox, , directed by Elia Kazan, from the book by Betty Smith, is a nostalgic look back to the days when Hollywood used to produce moving family stories and true to life characters, at the same time recapturing the life and times of old New York, in this case, Brooklyn, as seen through the eyes of an adolescent Irish girl named Francie A Tree Grows in Brooklyn novel Overview of How Trees Grow and Develop A Tree Still Grows American Thinker Truly Times News More than years ago, Betty Smith wrote A Tree Grows in Brooklyn The novel follows the life of Francie Nolan as she grows up in a poor immigrant family during the early s Published in , A Tree Grows in Brooklyn film How to Grow Trees From Seed Garden Guides A Tree Grows Childdrama A Tree Grows Narrative Pantomime I use this lesson with Kindergarten and Jr Kindergarten classes, often as the first lesson in which we use our whole bodies to create drama I usually

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information Betty Smith AKA Sophina Elisabeth Wehner Born December 15, 1896 Died January 17, 1972Born in Brooklyn, New York to German immigrants, she grew up poor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn These experiences served as the framework to her first novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1943.After marrying George H E Smith, a fellow Brooklynite, she moved with him to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he pursued a law degree at the University of Michigan At this time, she gave birth to two girls and waited until they were in school so she could complete her higher education Although Smith had not finished high school, the university allowed her to enroll in classes There she honed her skills in journalism, literature, writing, and drama, winning a prestigious Hopwood Award She was a student in the classes of Professor Kenneth Thorpe Rowe.In 1938 she divorced her husband and moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina There she married Joseph Jones in 1943, the same year in which A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was published She teamed with George Abbott to write the book for the 1951 musical adaptation of the same name Throughout her life, Smith worked as a dramatist, receiving many awards and fellowships including the Rockefeller Fellowship and the Dramatists Guild Fellowship for her work in drama Her other novels include Tomorrow Will Be Better 1947 , Maggie Now 1958 and Joy in the Morning 1963.


  • Some books give young girls dreams of ponies, kittens, and visions of eternal love This book is not one of them.If I were to make a metaphor, this book would be the equivalent of the ice bucket challenge It offers no platitudes, it is harsh, realistic It slaps you in the face with reality, a reality that is very rarely pleasant.And it is also one of the best young adult books I have ever read.I first read this book as a young teen, perhaps when I was 13 or 14 The main lesson I learned from it Li [...]

  • Dear God, let me be something every minute of every hour of my life Let me be gay let me be sad Let me be cold let me be warm Let me be hungryhave too much to eat Let me be ragged or well dressed Let me be sincere be deceitful Let me be truthful let me be a liar Let me be honorable and let me sin Only let me be something every blessed minute And when I sleep, let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost Don t say that It s not better to die Who wants to die Every [...]

  • Yup, I m reading it AGAIN I sob, and I mean sob, every time I read this book It s such a simple story Francie Nolan is a smart little girl who s trying to find beauty in her sometimes ugly, always poverty stricken life Her adored father is wonderful, but too plagued by his own demons to support his family Her mother loves her children fiercely but is often harsh because she thinks it s her job to keep them grounded in reality oh, and she seems to love Francie s brother Her aunt is a bit of a fl [...]

  • During my adolescent years a short run program on television was Brooklyn Bridge, a show about life in Brooklyn during the 1950s The last line of the show s theme song was that place just over the Brooklyn Bridge will always be home to me When I think of Brooklyn, my mind goes back to a wholesome time when city children could stay out late and parents did not have to worry about their well being, where children frequented the penny candy store and rode on paper routes after school This was the [...]

  • Well, the tree grows very slowly and with exhaustive detail.Couldn t get through this one Actually, that s not entirely true I could have And I don t mean that in the way of a mountain climber who just couldn t make it to the top and then warps reality by looking back at it No, it s like couldn t as in I couldn t eat another hashbrown from my McDonald s breakfast Sure, I COULD have It just didn t seem worth the pain.I get why this book is a classic, I think My brother and I argue about this all [...]

  • Loved it from page 1Slow paced and really descriptive but I loved it.I really enjoyed learning about life back then for the NolansHighs and lows of life and daily experience I was so emotionally attached to Francie She was a brillant character and I loved her to pieces

  • My story of this book I never read this back during my school days though I was probably given the opportunity I had two elective English classes where we were given a choice between three books, this was probably one but I chose another Sometime within the passing years I bought a copy and put it in the book shelf that is next to my television, where it has stared at me for years, subtly asking ng is it my turn yet When my friend Brina said she was reading this book and did anyone want to read [...]

  • Betty Smith s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn has been passed down through at least three or four generations and is highly regarded as a classic novel perfect for any young adult bent on entering adulthood and escaping from the gaping clutches of a complicated childhood While it was not for those reasons that I first picked up Brooklyn, I came to regard it as one of the finest books that I had ever read At first glance, it is a very deceitful book short words spaced nicely apart and, a largish font si [...]

  • I had heard of this book quite frequently, but for some reason or another never picked it up Then years ago, my book club decided to read it What a Joy What a Pleasure I loved reading about this young girl who loved to read as much as I did How I could relate to her love of going to the library and finding that special book that treasure Thus, this book became my treasure It holds a place on my favorite book list Francie Nolan is a very poor young girl living in the slums of Williamsburg Her fat [...]

  • Francie stood on tiptoe and stretched her arms wide Oh, I want to hold it all she cried I want to hold the way the night is cold without wind And the way the stars are so near and shiny I want to hold all of it tight until it hollers out, Let me go Let me go The title of this novel refers to a tree that grows persistently up through the concrete and harsh conditions of a poor tenement neighborhood in early 1900s Brooklyn But it is also a metaphor for the novel s protagonist, Francie Nolan She is [...]

  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a quiet, gentle, understated and yet at the same time unexpectedly scathing at times book that offers a window or a view from a fire escape, if you please into a little corner of the world a century ago, and yet still has the power to resonate with readers of today After all, the world has moved forward, yes, but the essential human soul remains the same, and the obstacles in human lives poverty, inequality, cruelty, and blind self righteousness are in no danger of di [...]

  • I felt like the last person in the world to have read this book, and based on what everyone has said about it over the years, I expected this to be the next best thing after the Crispy Potato Soft Taco at Taco Bell But as I read the first 200 pages, I thought everyone was out of their freaking minds This, I thought, is what everyone has been raving about for as long as I can remember I even did a quick peek at my GR friends list you people love this book I couldn t figure out why.It started comi [...]

  • It is a tribute to Jeanette Walls that I could not get through this book without comparing it dozens of times to The Glass Castle, with The Glass Castle coming off as its genius granddaughter or fashionable little sister I probably should have read this first, as a child or teenager, but it s too late for that now No regrets I could not help wondering why Betty Smith wrote this story as fiction rather than memoir, and the fact of it being fiction made me notice a lack of complexity in Francie s [...]

  • 2.5 stars This book is loved by so many people that I think I expected too much from it It s a good coming of age story that follows Francie Nolan as she grows up in Brooklyn during the early 1900 s I think most of the novelty of the story is how different our world is 100 years later The writing didn t really do much for me so much of it felt like things happening to Francie as opposed to her actually doing things And that held me at a distance I felt like Betty Smith was just telling me all of [...]

  • Coffee stains form tiny trails across the cover of my copy, which goes to show how long I stayed with this book Although written with lucid simplicity, as one would expect from a bildungsroman, I read it slowly I savored each moment with Francie, a girl with whom I found so much in common to say how is to tell a meandering story, for our childhoods are so different and yet so similar Perhaps this is the appeal of this American classic, its transcendence into the psyche of each reader s childhood [...]

  • This may well be one of the top 5 books I have ever read It is an amazing piece of fiction one of those books that stays with you long after you ve read it This was Betty Smith s first novel and it is an American classic it was an immediate bestseller when it was published in 1943 Smith drew from her own experience growing up in Brooklyn at the turn of the twentieth century to create the character of Francie Nolan It s story of a young girl learning to persevere like the tree of the book s title [...]

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  • A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is the story of Francie Frances Nolan growing up in the slums of Brooklyn in 1912 Over the years, it has been called a timeless classic, a description which will undoubtedly remain steadfast Francie s mother is small and pretty but steely and tough but her father is warm and charming and, above all, a prisoner of his need for drink Kate, the mother, is the breadwinner of the family, clean houses for the money, which feeds, clothes and keep the family warm when the money [...]

  • Perfect Absolutely perfect The only thing that could have improved my experience with this book would have been finding it fifteen years sooner I wish twelve year old me had known this book existed, and had been able to experience the life of Francie Nolan when we were closer to the same age But even as an adult, I ve found a kindred spirit in this scrappy little girl from Brooklyn, and watching her grow up and experience both heartaches and triumph was one of the most wonderful reading journeys [...]

  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my absolute favorite book of all time.While the story is set at the turn of the century 1902 1919 and contains many historical elements that may feel alien to the modern reader, the message that is subtly and intricately woven into the fabric of the story is one that I feel not only transcends the ages, but also one with which many of us can identify.The protagonist, Francie, and her family represent the sort of wonderfully complex characters who come alive in the rea [...]

  • No words can express the love I have for this book Pure Perfection for this reader It will be added to the favorite shelf.

  • OH WHAT A WONDERFUL COMING OF AGE STORY In Betty Smith s classic, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, she re creates the challenging world of extreme poverty, starvation and hardship that she grew up in as a girl and teen in the Williamsburg slums from 1902 1919.As an avid reader, it is hard not to fall in love with Francie, her love of books and the explosive excitement she feels from learning and attaining her goals The I became acquainted with the Nolan family, I just did not want the story to end.e d [...]

  • This post is part of the 2015 Classics Challenge.WHEN I Discovered This ClassicI was watching a video by Priscilla at The Readables when I came across it Priscilla gave it an amazing review and so I asked for it for Christmas over 3 years ago WHY I Chose to Read It I chose to read it because I ve had it for so long that it was about time And this year I discovered that it was one of the most popular books on my TBR, much to my surprise.WHAT Makes It A ClassicA Tree Grows in Brooklyn probably doe [...]

  • Why, oh why, did I wait until I was 30 to read this I ve been missing out, all these years, relishing in the indelible mark this story will forever have left on me I think I let the fact that the main character was a child lead me to believe the story was childish but boy was I wrong I actually appreciate a read that helps me to decipher my own childhood and ponder my own experiences and how they shaped me into who I am today Both the good things and the bad It s so sad to have to say goodbye to [...]

  • Laurie s going to have a mighty easy life all right Annie Laurie McShane She ll never have the hard times we had, will she No And she ll never have the fun we had, either Gosh We did have fun, didn t we, Neeley Yeah Poor Laurie, said Francie pityingly God bless the Francie Nolans of the world those who find beauty in the rundown Brooklyn tenements, hold onto hope in the darkest of times, appreciate the little things, and find the meaning of life in an intro to chemistry class God bless the Katie [...]

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