After Dark

After Dark The first woman ever hired by legendary defense lawyer Matthew Reynolds Tracy Cavanaugh cuts her teeth on a horrifying crime the car bomb murder of Oregon Supreme Court Justice Robert Griffen Reynold
  • Title: After Dark
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780553569087
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • After Dark
    The first woman ever hired by legendary defense lawyer Matthew Reynolds, Tracy Cavanaugh cuts her teeth on a horrifying crime the car bomb murder of Oregon Supreme Court Justice Robert Griffen Reynold s client and the chief suspect is none other than the icy but celebrated prosecutor Abigail Griffen, the Justice s estranged wife Tracy s research plunges her into a wThe first woman ever hired by legendary defense lawyer Matthew Reynolds, Tracy Cavanaugh cuts her teeth on a horrifying crime the car bomb murder of Oregon Supreme Court Justice Robert Griffen Reynold s client and the chief suspect is none other than the icy but celebrated prosecutor Abigail Griffen, the Justice s estranged wife Tracy s research plunges her into a web of betrayal and revenge, of secret deals and hidden passions At the heart of the case lies a twisted truth and when the verdict comes in, she will discover that nothing is as it seemster dark.
    After Dark By Phillip Margolin,

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    Phillip Margolin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the After Dark book, this is one of the most wanted Phillip Margolin author readers around the world.


  • This book was great, however After my husband and kids were in bed And I was a bit stressed and unable to sleep I read it straight in one night Managed to get less than 2 hrs of sleep that night, the book was that good Be sure to read the descriptions of the characters in this book, and imagine them in your head For me, this book played out in my mind like a Crime Show on TV And the ending made me gasp It was so wrong, it was so good I highly recommend this book.

  • Margolin knows a thing or two about criminal defense And with After Dark , he demonstrates that he also knows a bit about writing a legal thriller I ve read Margolin before, but this is one of his best books It really keeps you guessing till the very end For someone who enjoys trying to figure out endings early on, this one stymied me Margolin created several very intriguing characters, all with flaws of one kind or another The plot was original and flowed smoothly, with settings and dialog that [...]

  • An interesting narrative but too many characters with short lives,I fell in love with Tracy Cavanaugh and Abigail Griffen.The narrative was smooth and there are lots of interesting legal arguments over the suspense is spread through every chapter till the end.It is worth the price I paid in buying it and I believe you will not regret reading it.

  • I just had to give this book a 5 star It was so good.Why aren t I reading Phillip Margolin This bookwas fascinating, kept my interest, and really fooled mewhen I thought I had it figured out Excellent

  • Author Phillip Margolin is a criminal defense lawyer in Portland, Oregon, where this novel is set The book reflects its knowledgeable creator Descriptions set a well thought out series of locations, so the reader has a real sense of place and relationship of one to the others The characters stand up and become real, well modulated individuals The novel takes on current trends to bring back and expand the death penalty But while it is clear where the author stands on the issue, this is not a shri [...]

  • It s an okay read, nothing spectacular The author likes to introduce lots and lots of characters, not all of whom have anything significant to contribute The plot is convoluted with an interesting ending but the main characters are pretty stereotypicale brilliant female law associate, the ice maiden wife, the hot private investigator, the unbeatable defense attorney and his foil, the dumbass ADA All in all this is a readable courtroom drama, but I won t be rushing out to find Margolin s other wo [...]

  • Pretty good legal mystery until the ending which was just stupid Author trying to be clever almost totally ruined the book The 3 star rating is for the first 95% of the book which is very good Not recommended to anyone unless they like stupid endings Bah

  • I found the book slow to start, but I was rewarded for my patience I like to try to figure out the crimes as I go along so some things did not shock me Of course the known violent psychopath is going to be a violent psychopath , but I will say the very ending was a pretty big twist Possibly that is because I am a romantic at heart and so chose to ignore the clues leading up to that conclusion In any event I was a tad disappointed because I really wanted to believe the best of that person It is n [...]

  • A law clerk is found murdered and her office ransacked, but nothing seems to be missing A month later her boss, a Supreme Court Judge, is murdered, again not many clues or suspects, expect for the Judges wife The wife hire a high profile attorney who specializes in death row cases to defend her However it is his assistant who is the one to solve the murders.There are way too many characters in the book and much to much technical detail, neither of which is necessary to the story This is definite [...]

  • After Dark Phillip Margolin 1995 Bantam 354 pages ISBN 0553569082.After Dark is Phillip Margolin s fourth novel written in the courtroom drama style Margolin has perfected since its release in 1995.Tracy Cavanaugh is a smart, successful up and coming law clark who lands a position working under the prestigious Matthew Reynolds, a legendary defense lawyer Tracy finds herself involved in the middle of a massive plot and case involving the murder of a judge by his accused ex wife named Abbie Griffe [...]

  • I became a fan of Phillip Margolin after reading Gone but not Forgotten That only continued with what I call his branches of government trilogy and has carried through to his independent novels, like this one, After Dark Tracy Cavanaugh has just finished clerking with the Supreme Court of Oregon and accepts a job with the brilliant and enigmatic defense attorney Matthew Reynolds She immediately finds herself embroiled in a high profile death penalty case when Reynolds is retained to defend a dep [...]

  • Formidable prosecutor Abbie Griffen is used to winning and being in control She s wealthy, attractive, highly respected and, except for her obnoxious ex husband, Robert, is enjoying a great life But Abbie s world begins to unravel when a psychopathic murderer she helped put on death row is now free due to her ex who is a Supreme Court Justice When Abbie is arrested for Robert s murder, she hires famous defense attorney, Matthew Reynolds Reynolds assistant, Tracy Cavanaugh, however, worries that [...]

  • Phillip Margolin may never be accused of being the most detailed or atmospheric writer, but he does provide the reader with just the right amount of legalese in his law thrillers, a few nasty bad guys and a couple of good twists too to keep you engaged I did feel, however, that he added one twist too many in this novel, and was satisfied when it seemed like the novel ended at the 320 page mark Margolin then added another turn in the plot, and I felt it didn t really fit with the character that [...]

  • Somewhat mixed feelings I started out being put off by the author s amateurish habit of giving a physical description of everything and everybody when they are introduced That gave way a bit as things progressed, and I became engaged with the characters and the plot The twists and turns were pretty good And the ending was pretty satisfying not predictable, not terribly easy or saccharine And, given my interest in the law, Margolin s use of those details were fun maybe for me than for others I h [...]

  • One of the best Phillip Margolin books I ve read to date I could not put this book down Margolin does an outstanding job of character development, so much so, that it made my skin crawl to read any page that had Charlie Deems on it, fearing that he knew I knew what he did in the past, and was doing now, and that I would become one of his victims because of my knowledge I read a lot of mysteries and have never felt that way before This is a real page turner, with twists and turns that kept me rea [...]

  • My rating system does not follow the traditional 5 or 4 star model.I either like a book, or I think it s earth shattering and everyone would be better off for having read it, or it s meh or I dislike it.There s no sort of disliking a book for me Antipathy or nothing, I say.Off with its head And when I was younger I expressed my disdain suchly when rating My time would have been better spent getting an enema.Remembering this book Time would have been better spent.Yep.Check.

  • I liked After Dark because it was well written and it kept me guessing until the end of the book.The story centers around a Abigail Griffen, a prosecuting lawyer, who is charged with the murder of her ex husband a Supreme Court Judge Griffen hires the best defense lawyer Matthew Reynolds whose office has just hired a new associate named Tracy Cavanaugh Cavanaugh s research unwraps the truth which consists of deals and lies as well as hidden secrets Cavanaugh also becomes involved with Reynolds P [...]

  • Another gripping legal thriller by my favorite of the genre When Tracy Cavanaugh is hired on by legendary defense attorney, Matthew Reynolds, her first big case involves the murder of a State Supreme Court Justice and the primary suspect is his wife a celebrated defense lawyer whom Mr Reynolds is very fond of, both professionally and personally.This one twists and turns right to the very end a clever, suspenseful tale

  • I was really enjoying the twists and turns of the book until one of the female characters became involved with one of the male characters Given her history of unluckiness in matters of the heart and her icy demeanor I m not buying that she would suddenly fall in love and jump in the sack So, I dropped a star in overall ranking for that inconsistency Other than that, I did enjoy all the legal wrangling and detective work that took place.

  • Another excellent trial mystery novel from Margolin.As well as an interesting story dealing with a released from prison psychopath, the Oregon State Supreme Court and some of its Justices, a revered defense lawyer and his pretty young new associate, the book gives a detailed account of how to build a pipe bomb, attach it to the underside of a car and rig it to explode when you are far away from the site.

  • A state of Oregon legal thrillerrders at the State Supreme Court and suspects galoreokay Margolin thrillerhe has better was like the twists of its only a dream or the evil twin were all used up by the soaps , so he developed the you gotta be kiddin me plot devices of this book

  • Not one of Margolin s better efforts The mystery was pretty good, but the ending sucked The overly dramatic narration didn t do anything to help either, and I ll never understand why audiobook producers insist on adding music for transitions Do they think listeners are incapable of recognizing what s going on without it

  • Burning Man Heartstone Gone But Not Forgotten not found on a list so far Got these books the night Philip Margolin spoke in St Helens about the Maltese Falcon and then about his writing career I liked these books OK The best part about them is that his stories are based on actual legal cases I liked listening to the author speak than I liked reading his books.

  • Pretty enjoyable to a point and a very easy read Would be a respectable legal thriller but there comes a point where there are too many twists in a story, and this book may just cross that line I stayed pretty engaged and was curious about how certain things would turn out, but the continual surprises at the end became tiresome and detracted from the evolution of the story.

  • Decent murder trial novel I figured it out too early though, quite predictable, even though he tried to throw a few twists and turns in there I didn t like that it wasn t focused who was supposed to be the main character It seemed to switch throughout the book, Tracy, Matthew, Abbie, hey even Charlie Deems at times He should have stuck to one of them and made it flow better.

  • Law clerk, Laura Rizzati working for Supreme Court Justice Robert Griffen in Oregon has been killed with no suspects and no clues When Griffen is also killed there is a surprise suspect Abigail Griffen, a prosecutor in that County s District Attorney s office and also the estranged wife of Justice Griffen, is being charged Welcome to a great read by an amazing author.

  • Fantastic and interesting to read of Portland, this author is coming up with information that I didn t know about Pdx It also is a book that keeps me on my toes, some suspense and I usually read in bed before I go to sleep not very conducive for that Ha, ha, ha The story line took awhile for me to figure out What a GREAT ending

  • Good story Margolin s work is easy to read How far should a lawyer go to defend his client Should the lawyer bend break the rules to ensure an acquittal if the client is innocent What if the lawyer is emotionally attached to the client There are probably obvious answers to these, but human frailties can get in the way.

  • I read this book because the author lives in Portland and the novel is set in Oregon.It s just a typical murder mystery, nothing special about it Readable with a pretty predictable plot line complete with a twist at the end that is anticipated.

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