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The Short Stories Today F Scott Fitzgerald is known for his novels but in his lifetime his fame stemmed from his prolific achievement as one of America s most gifted and best paid writers of stories and novellas In
  • Title: The Short Stories
  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Matthew J. Bruccoli
  • ISBN: 9780684842509
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Short Stories
    Today, F Scott Fitzgerald is known for his novels, but in his lifetime, his fame stemmed from his prolific achievement as one of America s most gifted and best paid writers of stories and novellas In The Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald , Matthew J Bruccoli, the country s premier Fitzgerald scholar and biographer, assembles a sparkling collection that encompassesToday, F Scott Fitzgerald is known for his novels, but in his lifetime, his fame stemmed from his prolific achievement as one of America s most gifted and best paid writers of stories and novellas In The Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald , Matthew J Bruccoli, the country s premier Fitzgerald scholar and biographer, assembles a sparkling collection that encompasses the full scope of Fitzgerald s short fiction The forty three masterpieces range from early stories that capture the fashion of the times to later ones written after the author s fabled crack up, which are sober reflections on his own youthful excesses Included are classic novellas, such as The Rich Boy, May Day, and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, as well as a remarkable body of work he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post and its sister slicks These stories can be read as an autobiographical journal of a great writer s career, an experience deepened by the illuminating introductory headnotes that Matthew Bruccoli has written for each story, placing it in its literary and biographical context.Together, these forty three stories compose a vivid picture of a lost era, but their brilliance is timeless As Malcolm Cowley once wrote, Fitzgerald remains an exemplar and archetype, but not of the 1920s alone in the end he represents the human spirit in one of its permanent forms This essential collection is ample testament to that statement, and a monument
    The Short Stories By F. Scott Fitzgerald Matthew J. Bruccoli,

    The Short Stories Photo book site featuring interactive stories based on encounters The Short Stories The First Forty nine Stories with a The Short Stories, introduced here with a revealing preface by the author, chronicles Hemingway s development as a writer, from his earliest attempts in the chapbook Three Stories and Ten Poems, The Short Stories, Vol by Ernest Hemingway However, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber and The Snows of Kilimanjaro are two well developed stories that must be considered must reads I This is the first of three volumes from Simon and Schuster Audio of Stacy Keach reading all of Hemingway s published stories. Short Short Stories American Literature Short Short Stories Stories to enjoy when you have five minutes to spare, grouped by category to suit your mood Witty Stories, Introspective Stories, Morality Tales, Other Worldly Stories, Feel Good Love Stories, Dramatic Stories, and Political Farce Stories of the Best Short Stories Online Oprah Magazine Jul , If a novel is a marriage, then a short story is a love affair So said Lorrie Moore, one of the undisputed masters of the form There s an inherent intensity to really good short fiction, an every word matters fervor urging readers to a revelatory finish Below are thirteen of our favorite short stories short story Definition, Characteristics, Examples Short story, brief fictional prose narrative that is shorter than a novel and that usually deals with only a few characters The short story is usually concerned with a single effect conveyed in only one or a

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    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was an American writer of novels and short stories, whose works have been seen as evocative of the Jazz Age, a term he himself allegedly coined He is regarded as one of the greatest twentieth century writers Fitzgerald was of the self styled Lost Generation, Americans born in the 1890s who came of age during World War I He finished four novels, left a fifth unfinished, and wrote dozens of short stories that treat themes of youth, despair, and age He was married to Zelda Fitzgerald.


  • Everybody thinks Fitzgerald Gatsby, but his real talent lies in short fiction I will glove slap anyone who doesn t think that Babylon Revisited is the perfect short story I d even go so far as to say it s the best thing ever written Yeah, I said it Gatsby has nothing on Babylon.With few exceptions, the pieces in this collection it s not exhaustive, but it s still pretty robust range from charming to fucking incredible Plus it s edited by Matthew Bruccoli, who is THE MAN on all things Fitzgerald, [...]

  • So different from Gatsby and This Side of Paradise, but exceedingly clever and often funny Of course, this is where Fitzgerald made his money, so the stories tend to lean toward entertainment than does his serious work There s even a film based on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett If kids were forced to read that and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz , perhaps people would be Fitzgerald fans Or perhaps not.So as I continue to read, and stories echo or for [...]

  • I have read this book countless times If you only ever buy one F Scott book, buy this one His development as an author unfolds before your eyes as you read his early stories of ambitious youth and eventually wander into his later tales of reflection on human frailty From Bernice and her Bob to Emotional Bankruptcy and everything in between, this is a collection of short stories to keep on your bedside table for a lifetime.

  • 5 4 May Day, The diamond as big as the Ritz, The Rich Boy, Gretchen s Forty Winks, Babylon revisited, Winter Dreams, The baby party, A short trip home 3 The cut glass bowl, An Alcoholic case, The lees of happiness, The last of the belles, Pat Hobby s Christmas Wish, Teamed with genius, Pat Hobby s secret, Pat Hobby putative father, The homes of the stars, Pat Hobby does his bit, Pat Hobby s preview, No harm trying, On the trail of Patt Hobby, Fun is an artist s Studio, Two old timers, Mightier t [...]

  • We all know I m giving this as many stars as I can possibly give, so let s just go ahead and take care of that right now A constellation and a galaxy of Gatsby s silver peppered stars Also, in case you re wondering, The Ice Palace and The Offshore Pirate are two of my favorite stories of all time.

  • This book of short stories novellas really, as each story is an hour or so long are very much of their time People don t live like that any Its a three and a half star book, the boring stories, Benediction and the Camel s Back getting two stars each and the really good ones, Bernice and Benjamin Button getting four The Lees of Happiness is right in the middle with three.Bernice Bobs her Hair is a lovely story of how the makeover of an unpopular cousin rebounds on the one generous enough to help [...]

  • There are times when Fitzgerald can quite literally make me gasp, sigh, laugh, become teary eyed, or even place a hand over my heart as I am reading he is just one of those authors with the beautiful ability to transcend the page and put the story s very breath right into me Then there are times when I just could not care less about yet another flapper girl, emotionally desolate American, broken dream, etc, etc There are stories in here that are pure beauty, there are those that are mediocre, an [...]

  • My friend recommended this book, and I really wanted to like it While Fitzgerald s pedigree cannot be debated, this anthology is a good example of drinking from a fire hose How many stories of Ivy League socialites or bored Southern heiresses does one need For me the answer is about 300 pages fewer than the 750 contained in this volume.Skip around and skim there s plenty to enjoy here, but no need to take in everything Special mention must be made of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fitzgera [...]

  • fitzgerald is my favorite short story author of all time he is one of the few writers including even the great flannery, herself that can hold my attention throughout an entire book of short stories most authors seem to delve into formulaic patterns of how they write stories fitzgerald stand firm, funny, witty, a little sad round the edges, attempting to keep the sparkle in the eyes, knowing that the lights gone out

  • I read the short stories for a class in college when I was an English major The stories that are The Gatsby Cluster are really my favorites because I really liked The Great Gatsby so much The short stories really show the genius that was F Scott Fitzgerald.

  • Somewhat uneven, but the good ones are dang good Bernice Bobs Her Hair, The Ice Palace, and The Swimmers were my favorites.

  • Una raccolta di racconti abbastanza omogenea dal punto di vista dei contenuti, che va a rappresentare fedelmente tutte le tematiche e le atmosfere normalmente ritrovabili anche negli altri lavori di questo autore Abbiamo l a, visto attraverso una lente a tratti romantica, a tratti decadente, i rapporti d amicizia, il senso di smarrimento della giovent americana degli anni 20, che cerca di ritrovare in Europa quei valori che la terra d origine sembra aver perduto, la morte, l alcol, lo splendore [...]

  • Over 30 of his best, favorite, and most telling short stories quote by F Scott My whole theory of writing I can sum up in one sentence An author ought to write for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmasters of ever afterward My favorites of these stories Head and Shoulders for it s irony and certain parallels in my own life The Offshore Pirate just because it was entertaining The Curious Case of Benjamin Button due to the perspective if sheds on our life cycl [...]

  • First of all, I really appreciated Bruccoli s collection The introduction is personable and informative and the small explanations before each story help to place the writer within his context.Some might say that so many stories might become drab How much rich whining and poor in spirit can one take I think this is something we take for granted now Then, before and after the Crash and The Great Depression, when the national identity and arrogance was wrapped up in the frivolity of day to day vac [...]

  • Very enjoyable read Fitzgerald has a way with words that is unlike anyone else I ve read I stand his work up well with Hemingway s, and of course he has his own post war flavor and a unique gift for phrasing I definitely want to check into some of his longer works as well Some of the stories in the later portion of the book deserve a mention, as I ve mentioned others along the wayThe Swimmers was cool how the swimming actually became the thing that leveraged the rights to the character s child a [...]

  • Loved this collection I am a huge fan of The Great Gatsby but haven t read anything else s of Fitzgerald s until now I usually have a hard time reading an entire collection of a writer s work, and though this took me awhile, it was because of the length than the content I impressed but he breadth of situations Fitzgerald covered, from childhood to teenage years, relationships, engagements, and marriage, personal issues like alcoholism, and even a bit of fantasy The Diamond as Big as the Ritz My [...]

  • The only other book of short stories I have ever read had been Barrel Fever by David Sedaris, and having also read Gatsby , I expected this to be very different I was right My two favorite stories had to be The Offshore Pirate and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, ironically the first and last stories in the book The Offshore Pirate was about Ardita, a young, spunky woman who found herself being swept away by an unlikely pirate Benjamin Button was the story of a man who aged backwards you may [...]

  • Although Fitzgerald is best remembered for his novels, particularly The Great Gatsby, a perenniel of high school curriculae, he was like his sometime friend, Ernest Hemingway, a master of the short story Perhaps because he wasn t burdened with the need to write the great American novel, he let his sense of whimsy, play and pathos have full play Bernice Bobs her Hair and the Diamond as Big as the Ritz were particularly memorable and both captured the exurbance and hope, not to mention the frantic [...]

  • Wow, I had no idea that F Scott Fitzgerald practiced writing The Great Gatsby by writing a ton of short stories with the same theme Poor boy, rich girlh Don t get me wrong I love The Great Gatsby and I LOVE the way Fitzgerald writes, but I got hung up so long on that string of Gatsby Stories I didn t finish the book before the library said I had too many renewalsaning I had the book for over 2 months and had to turn it in I will come back and finish it someday There are a few real gems in there [...]

  • Masterful short story writer For me, the greatest American writer ever It s little quotes like the ones below that always stun me Dexter stood perfectly still, his mouth slightly ajar He knew that if he moved forward a step his stare would be in her line of vision if he moved backward he would lose his full view of her face Well, let it pass, he thought April is over, April is over There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.

  • I love them all I reread them for the lyricsm of his writing I m reminded of the scene in Good Will Hunting when Will is describing how he cannot play the piano it s a bunch of keys , but that he can see a math equation and it makes sense Words made sense to Fitzgerald like no one before or after.

  • Not every story is a five star story, but when a great author writes for booze money, you still get quality stuff I recommend The Off Shore Pirate as a starting point It doesn t get much better than that.

  • this book kept close, on my library shelf is one I grab every time I need a bit of cheering up The early stories are my favorite as I ve always been interested in the 20 s and Fitzgerald seems to tell it all Makes my day.

  • Do yourself a favor and read short stories, especially old serials by the masters I was intrigued by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but was delighted to find that there were many of that quality and higher in FSF s arsenal.

  • I did not know that FSF wrote The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or that it was even a short story Interesting, but I can t imagine a full length movie of it.

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