Beginning A readable engaging and insightful account Chicago TribuneBreezy high spirited interesting New York NewsdayIn Beginning Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh charts the ups and downs of a life in
  • Title: Beginning
  • Author: Kenneth Branagh
  • ISBN: 9780312058227
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beginning
    A readable, engaging and insightful account Chicago TribuneBreezy, high spirited, interesting New York NewsdayIn Beginning, Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh charts the ups and downs of a life in acting a young career that has made him the most acclaimed actor of his generation Opening with his childhood in working class Belfast, in a neighborhood of drinkers anA readable, engaging and insightful account Chicago TribuneBreezy, high spirited, interesting New York NewsdayIn Beginning, Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh charts the ups and downs of a life in acting a young career that has made him the most acclaimed actor of his generation Opening with his childhood in working class Belfast, in a neighborhood of drinkers and dreamers, Branagh describes the fires of early ambition that drew him to the stage and to the plays of Shakespeare At age twenty four he founded his own actor s troupe with the goal of performing those plays at twenty eight, he directed and starred in the movie of Henry V, the role that won him international fame Beginning is crammed with colorful anecdotes and insights into the actor s and director s craft, including Stories about Olivier, Gielgud, Finney, Jacobi, and a private audience with Prince Charles to research the role of Henry VAd libbing Shakespeare when props are missingThe differences in performing on stage, television, and large screen filmsA near miss in landing the role of Mozart in the film Amadeus an actor s dream turned nightmareRaising millions from scratch and filming Henry V in seven weeksWritten with great humor and a natural storyteller s gift, Beginning is an intriguing book for anyone interested in theater and film.Kenneth Brannagh has received Academy Award nominations for both his acting in and direction of Henry V His
    Beginning By Kenneth Branagh,

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    • Unlimited Beginning - by Kenneth Branagh
      424 Kenneth Branagh

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  • Kenneth Branagh

    Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh is an Emmy Award winning, Academy Award nominated Northern Irish actor and film director.


  • I am a huge, unabashed fan of Ken I love him I have loved him for years And this extremely early biography simply made me love him I love him so much that if you ask me the question, Emma or Ken My answer is Ken though I love Emma too.Beginning took much heat for being precipitous It came out extremely early in Ken s career, just after his amazing triumph with Henry V, and everyone thought it was dreadfully narcissistic to write an autobiography when he was so damn young They re probably right [...]

  • Absolutely loved it Branagh writes in a steady, clear and detailed style leavened with a great deal of humour and honesty The book and Branagh himself are not only loveable but immensely likeable, too.This tells the tale of Branagh s early years, from his family background in Belfast, through his developing urge to act, to his hard won independent successes in acting and directing during 1988 89 And of course it s not just about him but about acting, actors, RADA, Shakespeare, London, and so on [...]

  • No actor should go without reading this, particularly if you ve ever been part of a theatrical production I knew I was going to love it when, in the prologue, he unabashedly admits that the only reason he went along with writing this book was to fund new office space for his fledgling production company because he couldn t imaging why a 20 something should be writing a biography The rest of the book follows that self depreciating vein and is candid and humorous.This is the third time I ve read i [...]

  • I m in love with Kenneth Branagh no Not that way I m in love with the talent and the drive And the love is mixed with equal parts envy and recrimination Oh, how I would like to be Branagh, aged 28, and directing himself in Henry V, or, even before that, just as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, filming a movie of the early life of D.H Lawrence in Australia Yes, I would like to be an actor, but for ever much a dream it may be in Britain, even so in America Here, there are only two place [...]

  • Enjoyed this memoir very much, although I m sorry that Branagh didn t hold off a few years it was published in 1989 so that it could have been even full of anecdotes and reflections on Branagh s remarkable and by no means concluded career It helps that even as a young man he was both self reflective and capable of being ironic about himself indeed, it s probably what made him in any way tolerable to those who dealt first hand with his precocity and ferocious drive in his early 20s What we lose [...]

  • A wonderful, entertaining look into Branagh s early personal and professional life up to the completion of Henry V 1989 I hope he writes a book soon called Middle.My favorite quote Henry V was a young man, and so was I He was faced with an enormous responsibility I didn t have to run the country and invade France, but I did have to control Brian Blessed and open the Stratford season.

  • I thought Branagh was the most talented writer, actor, director around before I read this book so I evaluate it with prior bias He says right out he wrote it for money so that he could mount the productions he choose with the actors he wanted He has a wonderful sense of humor and, at least at this point in his life, was very self effacing.

  • Did he write this at 28 or something I was twenty when I bought it and sort of had crush in Branagh, Firth and Linus Roache Jesus, this is not High litteraturen, Mr Branagh does better at the movies But I am sucker for biographies and out of nostalgia I just can t throw it away And of course, are you interested in the early life of Mr Branagh, this is first account Easy read.

  • As a great Branagh fan, I m finding this entertaining, fun seems to be a straightforward memoir, so far covers his earliest years, acting school, first jobs Oops, spoke too soon a bit too much me, me, me he was I think 26 when he wrote this, perhaps too early for a memoir I quit about halfway through.

  • Kenneth Branagh had the audacity to write an auto biography before he was 30 And thank you Ken This is a wonderful book about his early years with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, meeting his first wife, Emma Thompson and directing his first movie, the brilliant Henry IV He s open, honest, and a terrific read I highly recommend it and eagerly await his next auto biography

  • Such a brilliantly funny and totally fresh account of a young actor director growing up, training, and producing his own work Branagh is such a powerful and significant force in modern theatre and this book hilariously and transparently outlines his beginning Would so recommend.

  • I like Kenneth Branagh as an actor and as a director and I just recently heard him speak about Hamlet I look forward to reading this book.

  • Branagh has such a way with words I ve read book three times, and the story of the kangaroo still makes me laugh so hard I cry

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