An Echo in the Darkness

An Echo in the Darkness A prosperous trader Marcus Lucianus Valerian has made a fortune providing sand and slaves for the Roman games But Hadassah a slave in his family s household has enchanted him with her quiet beauty
  • Title: An Echo in the Darkness
  • Author: Francine Rivers
  • ISBN: 9780842313070
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Echo in the Darkness
    A prosperous trader, Marcus Lucianus Valerian has made a fortune providing sand and slaves for the Roman games But Hadassah, a slave in his family s household, has enchanted him with her quiet beauty and her staunch faith in Christ When Marcus sister sends Hadassah to almost certain death in the games, Marcus feels that his life has been ripped apart Now he is on his wA prosperous trader, Marcus Lucianus Valerian has made a fortune providing sand and slaves for the Roman games But Hadassah, a slave in his family s household, has enchanted him with her quiet beauty and her staunch faith in Christ When Marcus sister sends Hadassah to almost certain death in the games, Marcus feels that his life has been ripped apart Now he is on his way to Jerusalem to find out about Hadassah s god, unaware that a miracle awaits him back in Rome.The political intrigue of the imperial city provides a dramatic backdrop for Marcus spiritual quest This rich and unforgettable work achieves even greater impact through Richard Ferrone s dramatic narration.
    An Echo in the Darkness By Francine Rivers,

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    New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers continues to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe Her numerous bestsellers include Redeeming Love, A Voice in the Wind, and Bridge to Haven, and her work has been translated into than thirty different languages She is a member of Romance Writers of America s coveted Hall of Fame as well as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers ACFW francineriversfacebook FrancineRivers Twitter FrancineRivers


  • AUDIO On Sale for 3.99 normally 42.00 amzn 1EXBPrmFOUR POINT FIVE STARSAn Echo in the Darkness is a continuation of the biblical principles from book one One of the main things that drives the story is the transformation that Hadassah, Marcus and Julia must face both in the physical realm but also in spiritual realm Their past transgressions bond them to their inner selves while not allowing them to be truly free Life choices have come to collect their dues and left in the wake is regret and emp [...]

  • I LOVED THIS STORY There were so many life lessons in this book, like the first one, that I wanted to highlight I read it in two days HONEST I couldn t put it down, I was hassling my friend for the 2nd book I love the changes of each character, though I wanted to back hand Julia I loved the journey that Marcus went through, I loved the fact that Phoebe became a Christian and did everything in her power to do the Lord s will I loved how the memory verses in this story, tied so strongly with the s [...]

  • Second in the series I bought the first book not realizing it was part of a series I finished it while my husband and I were out I made him turn around and drive to the closest bookstore You must have the second book in hand before you finish the first Just so you know.The prologue will take you by the throat and threaten to stop your heart It s that gripping What tangled webs we weave.Marcus Valerian has bottomed out Hadassah, now horrifically disfigured, is brought into the life of a local phy [...]

  • The only reason why I got as far into this book before quiting is because I was listening to the audio version during my commute Even then I could only stand the first 4 of 12 cd s before it was ejected out of my stereo I didn t know that this was the 2nd in a series, but I don t think that had anything to do with me not liking the book There was than enough exposition to get a handle on the people their interconnections I knew 1 2 way through the first chapter that the woman Marcus pined for w [...]

  • What do you want of God, Roman It was an imperious question from so small a boy, and was said with a curious blend of humility and demand I ll know when I face him Perhaps the answers you seek can t be found in something you can see and touch Amused, Marcus smiled You have big thoughts for a small boy The boy grinned A shepherd has time to think Then, my little philosopher, what would you advise The boys s smile faded When you face God, remember he is God I ll remember what he s done, Marcus sai [...]

  • Be still my heart I finished listening to this book last night with a glow of utter satisfaction, but also an ache of regret at needing to bid farewell to the characters I d come to love so well.Are you the impatient type Do you pray and chaff for God s answer I know I do There are people I love who don t know they Lord, and I want their salvation sooner rather than later More often than not, I give up hope that they ll ever turn to Christ This book gave me encouragement It reminded me of God s [...]

  • Let me start by saying, WOW, This is one of the best, most moving books I have ever read in my entire life An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers is an absolute masterpiece The story picks directly at the ending of the first book Hadassah, now very disfigured, covers herself from head to toe in veils and does God s work as a healer, working tirelessly with Alexander, the physician who helped God save her from the arena She sees patient after patient, day after day And all the while, she trie [...]

  • This book continues and ends the saga of Hadassah, but focuses on the struggles of the people she s comes into contact with The Valerian family are all in different places in their lives, some of them desperate, and they are searching for a real God who lives, not the pagan gods they are used to worshipping.The hard part about reading this story is that Haddassah is perfect She forgives the woman who sent her to the arena to be eaten by lions and serves her again She always has the perfect answ [...]

  • Oh my, I wasn t ready for this book I am so happy and thankful I read this series This book showcased Marcus s struggle beautifully He truly struggled and found his faith and it was beautiful to watch Seeing the miracles, the faith, it was amazing I highly highly recommend this trilogy.

  • wow These are so wonderful and I couldn t express all my love in one simple review just read these please.

  • After reading the first book in this series, I was excited to continue the series to find out what happens to Hassadah I believe she is the best character in the first two books, and I was driven by my desire to know how her story unfolded to finish this book I loved her story saved by the doctor, called the Healer, devoted to Julia even after all that had happened but I still found some of it over emphasized and preachy While reading, I noticed that I found myself thinking, Yeah, yeah, you said [...]

  • I believe I liked An a Echo in the Darkness better than A Voice in the Wind Both are awesome and incredible but everything came together in this one.This story is about Marcus s journey But never fear Hadassah is definitely in it This series is so incredible And the ending is Umph Awesome Read it Or miss out

  • This booked was very frustrating and ridiculous I actually liked book 1 but when everything gets tied up in a neat bow at the end it made me crazy When Julia is baptized and the mother comes out of a coma Then Hadassah has 10 children Please The woman could barely walk a block yet she bears ten kids.

  • Francine Rivers did it again with this sequel The only negative comment I have concerns the journey of Marcus being baptized The Lord had spoken to two random characters in their dreams and told them to give specific instructions to Marcus and were also given specific instructions One thing I find valuable in a Christian story is realness I m not saying the Lord can t won t or hasn t spoken to people in dreams before and maybe me being unimpressed is just a flaw in my own faith I just wish that [...]

  • Another interesting read by Francine RiversAgain many lessons learned A few thoughts from things I readI ll try not to use names so I don t give away plots There is a discussion between two characters, about why God would allow a servant of His to be killed while being faithful to Him If a centurion ordered a legionnaire to go into battle, would he not go The other character relpies x wasn t a soldier , and here it is the line that struck me Wasn t she Rome builds armies to take land and people [...]

  • Goodness, I am so happy right now And the ending sigh it was everything I wanted Just lovely The first book had me captured to an extent that I couldn t hardly put it down This book was very, very good however, I didn t feel that tension that was making me want to explode with anger at Julia and certain of the other characters It was calm and didn t give me that I can t possibly go start my school day, I need to know what s going to happen feeling However, that didn t affect how quickly I read [...]

  • This is the second book in the Mark of the Lion trilogy by Francine Rivers Books 1 and 2 are much closely related Book 3 expands on the story of a minor character from Book 1 I absolutely loved this book, and Marcus s journey and struggle in finding his faith is both frustrating and beautiful I won t give away any spoilers, but I distinctly remember reading this on the T in Boston and missing my stop because I was so enthralled and wrapped up in the story of Marcus s journey This is definitely [...]

  • I read the entire Mark of the Lion Series I give book 1 2 a big fat 10 I actually wished I had stopped there and let the story simmer before continuing to book 3 Book 3 is really about other characters that were not as endearing to me This was the most spiritually moving story I ve ever read I didn t get much sleep between reading and not being able to sleep because I was so engrossed in the story I would dream about it These two books can actually be life changing These are not preachy books ye [...]

  • I think I like this book than the first It shared the gospel and the struggles of receiving the gospel I also was encouraged by the teaching of this book Reading this book, you get than you would a year of church in some cases It plainly showed how in life what surrending to God s will looks like The characters were not cheesey but with real struggles, looking for real answers And as always, I enjoyed the history behind it as well I would encourage anyone looking for answers to read this book [...]

  • I loved this second book in the Mark of the Lion series It started off with a surprise and kept me absolutely captivated through the entire book I m really fascinated by the cultures in this time period and really enjoyed the journey through this book I also thought the author handled the various issues very realistically without being too heavy handed After my horror at the way the first book ended, I got my HEA with this one

  • Did not dissapoint I feel like I come away a better person after reading Francine s books For this second book, I was reminded of God s command to love a love not spurred on by our feelings but by obedience to the Lord I was reminded that all things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose Highly recommend the Mark of the Lion series

  • 1st read 20102nd read June 20123rd read July 2016If you need me, I ll just be hereweeping So, so beautiful Full review HERE

  • Loved it I love the story of Marcus and Hadassah and how far they ve come and what they have overcome with Christ This series is definitely one of my all time favorites

  • Wow Looooved this book This is book 2 in the Voice of the Wind series It picks up exactly where book 1 left off.First off, this was much better than book 1 The first book was grim whereas this book is positive Still some heavy stuff but not like in the first book.The story of Marcus and Hadassah is what I loved most I love that he goes on this journey to find God and to experience life the way she didsiting where she grew up, paths she walked, etc I couldn t get enough I wanted to read this boo [...]

  • Again I enjoyed the book on the whole, but again there were definitely elements that I disliked.On the positive side, it brings all of the main characters plot lines to a satisfying ending and I d be lying if I said I wasn t a sucker for the boy gets girl ending And while many of the characters come across as stereotypes, Hadassah remains a strong enough character to hold the book together The combination of a few strong characters that I really cared about, with the sense of catharsis which com [...]

  • Okay, let me just say that I had a lot of mixed emotions about the first book But this one I have one LOVE It is SO GOOD I loved reading about each of the characters and didn t want this book to end It s going on my faves list Phenomenol Marcus has never forgotten Hadassah He can t, he loved her too much How is he ever going to forget her The world has lost what it once held for him Things that he used to love now does nothing for him, except irritate him Maybe if he can find the God Hadassah l [...]

  • The first book left off on something of a cliffhanger, and since it was so well written, of course I JUST HAD to get the second book I borrowed it from the same friend I borrowed the first from, and I was not disappointed The fact that Marcus and Hadassah didn t have it easy makes the story interesting.Like the first book, this one is very well researched and written, and I enjoyed reading about the life of the gladiators and Roman life in general I was actually surprised to learn about what hap [...]

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