Does She or Doesn't She?

Does She or Doesn t She Passion The kind of tear your clothes off scream your lungs out crash into the furniture passion that changes lives It s what Delilah wants It s what she craves It s what she fantasizes about whenev
  • Title: Does She or Doesn't She?
  • Author: Alisa Kwitney
  • ISBN: 9780060512378
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • Does She or Doesn't She?
    Passion The kind of tear your clothes off, scream your lungs out, crash into the furniture passion that changes lives.It s what Delilah wants It s what she craves It s what she fantasizes about whenever her disinterested husband s not around Okay, so it occasionally makes her late for the school run and distracts her from the fact there s no food in the fridge, but anPassion The kind of tear your clothes off, scream your lungs out, crash into the furniture passion that changes lives.It s what Delilah wants It s what she craves It s what she fantasizes about whenever her disinterested husband s not around Okay, so it occasionally makes her late for the school run and distracts her from the fact there s no food in the fridge, but an elaborate fantasy life is a basic requirement for a fledgling soap opera writer.Lately, though, the oddest things have been happening in Delilah s real life First, she discovers a couple of skeletons rattling around in her husband s closet Then, she learns that the insolently sexy plumber who s been fixing her pipes and starring in her daydreams is really an undercover FBI agent And now all the clues seem to point to the conclusion that she s the only person in New York City not carrying on a torrid affair Which she intends to do something about Or does she Because there s nothing dangerous than acting on your secret desire.
    Does She or Doesn't She? By Alisa Kwitney,

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    I m the author of YA, graphic novels and novels for adults who still feel young, at least most of the time.My latest books are Cadaver Queen from Harlequin Teen, a Feminist Frankenstein meets Grey s Anatomy tale, and Mystik U from DC Comics, which features Zatanna and other magical characters in their first year at college My first novel, Till the Fat Lady Sings, is also about college and romance and eating disorders It was my thesis at Columbia University s MFA Program, where I felt like an outlier for liking comic books and romance as much as literature I was an editor at Vertigo, the mature dark fantasy branch of DC Comics, before going freelance I ve also written two hormonal werewolf books as Alisa Sheckley I live in an old house in Rhinebeck, NY with my husband, my cat, and the occasional visiting skunk.aka Alisa Sheckley


  • I found this book to be underwhelming The author has clearly studied literature, but their numerous references to famous literature do nothing to enhance the story While I assume she was trying to be smart and charming, the many I caught made me roll my eyes The story itself was not very compelling and the characters far from likable.I found myself slogging through each of Delilah s fantasies, waiting for them to be over Could have done without them, but the distinct change of style and tone for [...]

  • Book DescriptionPassion The kind of tear your clothes off, scream your lungs out, crash into the furniture passion that changes lives.It s what Delilah wants It s what she craves It s what she fantasizes about whenever her disinterested husband s not around Okay, so it occasionally makes her late for the school run and distracts her from the fact there s no food in the fridge, but an elaborate fantasy life is a basic requirement for a fledgling soap opera writer.Lately, though, the oddest things [...]

  • I loved Delilah s creativity and the twist in the end about her husband being a crossdresser and not a playboy In my opinion, it s something you d want to read when you feel so depressed with your life Read it to know that somewhere out there, someone s got it worse than you do The little thoughts about Delilah with the FBI agent whose name escapes me now is hot but seriously teasing It s like she never provides herself any form of intense pleasure or the world has an uncanny sense of timing tha [...]

  • A book with ridiculous story plot At first, after reading first few pages, i already struggle with it but as updated in my feed, i gave it a benefit doubt and intend to finish reading the book As i reach thru the third quarter of the book, i failed miserably in following thru the book and i decided to give up The story plot was so mixed up with Delilah s fantasy and the real story plot that as a reader, i find it very confusing and annoying This is definitely the worst book i ve read this year

  • I tried really hard to like this book In fact, I gave it a few chances The thing that bothered me was just how scatter brained and idiotic the main character was She wasn t funny and in fact she angered me.This was recommended to me because I love Sex and the City If someone tells you the same line, run away I stopped the torture on page 40.I gave this book away.

  • One thing I remember about this book is the Lord, forgive me, the sex scene VERY HOT all capitals, baby if you know what I mean This book is a guilty pleasure Like chocolate ice cream, you can t help yourself eating it until your spoon meet the cup s end.

  • Sbg wanita yg sdh berumahtangga, sah sah saja berfantasi bercinta dgn orang asing Apalagi obyek seksual di depan mata adalah tukang ledeng seksi Delilah menyadari rumah tangganya sedang terancam krisis dgn ketidakacuhan suaminya Maka Delilah melarikan diri dgn berkhayal erotis bersama si tukang ledeng yg eksotis tsb Di luar dugaan, ternyata si tukang ledeng ini adalah agen FBI yg sedang menyamar, dlm penyelidikan yg melibatkan kolega suami Delilah utk produk berbahaya Masalahnya ketertarikan sek [...]

  • This was a strange book I liked the writing style and would probably have liked the book if it had stuck with one plot line like maybe the one I thought the book was going to be about when I picked it up woman struggles with whether or not to have affair Instead, the book was all over the place with FBI agents, murder attempts, cross dressing and a strange aphrodisiac drug I finished the book and enjoyed some scenes, but overall it was too unbelievable for me to really like the book.

  • I didn t really like this book, but I finished itWHY I think I m always thinking that the book will get better if I don t like it Well it didn t The main character has fantasies and the story goes back and forth from real life to her fantasies Her real life at time seemed like a fantasy Just whacky I m sorry I wasted time reading the whole book

  • I like Alisa Kwitney s writing style, humor and the literature and pop culture references I liked the protaganist But the fantasies that started EVERY chapter became tiresome except the Bewitched themed one and the ending was disappointing I wish some of the time spent on sexual interludes and fantasies had been alotted for a better paced and detailed resolution In the end, all of the characters went flat Even with all of the sudden revelations that were thrown in The only character who became [...]

  • It wasn t so bad that I put the book down but not good enough to recommend to a friend The fantasies at the beginning of each chapter were tedious to read through and I thought took away from the actual story line The author spent so much time on these she didn t really develop the plot Events just kind of occurred with little build up and almost made no sense I felt like I was missing pages I also found at one point in the book the character Sadie s name turned to Sophie The story itself was a [...]

  • In my opinion this could have been a good story if it wasn t so confusing.The lead character kept imagining scenarios that interfered with the overall plot.So much so, that it was difficult to see what s imagination and what s really happening Then, the things that did happen was completely absurd.If you like books with a featherbrained female, hunky male, possible assassination,and lots and lots of marital problems this book is for you

  • Mostly a light read, albeit far fetched with a sloppy plot, IMO, about a stay at home mom who can t seem to get anything right around the house Her husband is distant and disapproving and she finds herself fantasizing about the plumber sent to repair a leak Soon her real life is as outlandish as her fantasies most of which I just skipped over because I didn t really find them all that interesting.

  • Significantly entertaining than I thought it would be Kept waiting for it all to make sense and realized far too late that nothing was going to make sense and that was the silly truth of it all Truly ridiculousbut in a good way Also the description from the back of the book, as is often the case, thoroughly failed to capture the essence of the book It was not what I was expecting in a good way A goofy way to spend a few spare hours

  • I think i got this book as a gift and I put it off for a while, but decided to pick it up when i ran out of things to read This is a really easy read, but a little too extreme for me The story line is a little out there and for it to have such a crazy plot, the ending was subpar and a little outrageous Not to mention, it was nothing but a woman and her fantasies

  • The main character creates fantasy scenarios that were fun for a while but then I found myself skipping through them too Thankfully the further into the story the shorter that they are And the story doesn t lean on them so you re not feeling at a loss when you do skip them Essentially though a fun and quick read.

  • If you want to read a book about a woman who fantisizes about sex all of the time, this book is for you Every other chapter was her fantasy s about the plumber who was really an FBI agent who was investigating her cross dressing gasp husband.I generally like these types of books because they are easy to read, but this one was cooky and I was really tired of the main characters fantasy s.

  • Chick lit I m sorry I wasted the time to read this, since while the trope of writing out all the main character s fantasies about the not plumber was interesting, ultimately there was no there there, and I was incredibly irritated that she considered immediate divorce the right response to her discovery that her husband is a cross dresser Avoid.

  • EH is about as good as I can give this one The dream sequences at the beginning of each chapter are completely unnecessary and they detract from the actual story Then again, the actual story started out so slowly that by the time it built up enough momentum to keep me reading, it became so absurd that I didn t really care.

  • This is my first chick lit book I really liked the sarcasm I actually felt a little irritated because I accidentally spoiled the whole story by reading a review Well, maybe the ending was kind of disappointing but it was funny to read, I ve enjoyed it despite all these bad ratings I m seeing here.

  • Wasn t sure what to think of this book It s the first book I ve read from Alisa Kwitney It was a quick, easy read I didn t care for the dream sequences at the beginning of each chapter and skipped over most of them The end caught me a bit off guard and not really expecting it Just really out there But I will definitely give her other books a try.

  • I m really not sure how I made it through this book The dream sequences at the beginning of each chapter were awkward and unnecessary in my opinion I found the main character a bit annoying The plot was too far fetched The only redeeming qualities were the few funny bits.

  • alisa kwittney adds just the right amount of fiction so it doesn t seem so out of this world I like how the blurb just pulls you in with the FBI part im at tha part where delilah has a dream as ford the plumber is a vampire and she is the widow who lost her husband and child to another vampire.

  • I really struggled through the first half of this book I thought that the little fantasies at the beginning of each chapter were annoying and disrupted the flow of the story I guess that they actually were important to the story but I just found them distracting.

  • I thought this would be a good book, the blurb had me hooked The first two fantasies were okay, but then they became longer and drawn out When I got to the middle of the book, I just skipped over reading that part altogether The plot seemed rushed, but the sex scenes wereting.

  • Love it a script writer, NYC mom, absorbed w her script can t seem to clean up or dress tidy to bring her daughter to schooltakes you through her script writing journey and saucey secrets that are revealed from her marriage

  • Gaaarrrhhhh.Not my cup of tea The fantasies that began most of the chapters were distracting and oh, sooooo unneccessary The plot was ridiculous, and oyyyy, where was the funny Heck Give this one a miss.

  • Jujur, dari sinopsisnya sih kayaknya seru, tapi begitu baca saya merasa bosan Kayaknya sih lebih karena faktor terjemahan ya Terbiasa dengan chicklit terjemahannya GPU, jadi berasa aneh.

  • DNF Page 47 This is an o.k book its not horrible I am just not ready for this book right now, maybe later when I m older will I better connect with it.

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