The Last of the Nomads

The Last of the Nomads Warri and Yatungka were believed to be the last of the Mandildjara tribe of desert nomads to live permanently in the traditional way Their deaths in the late s marked the end of a tribal lifestyle
  • Title: The Last of the Nomads
  • Author: W.J. Peasley
  • ISBN: 9780949206879
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Last of the Nomads
    Warri and Yatungka were believed to be the last of the Mandildjara tribe of desert nomads to live permanently in the traditional way Their deaths in the late 1970s marked the end of a tribal lifestyle that stretched back than 30,000 years The Last of the Nomads tells of an extraordinary journey in search of Warri and Yatungka.
    The Last of the Nomads By W.J. Peasley,
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      320 W.J. Peasley
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    W.J. Peasley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Last of the Nomads book, this is one of the most wanted W.J. Peasley author readers around the world.


  • Many years ago, Warri and Yatungka defied the laws of their tribe which said they could not marry, and disappeared together, preferring to leave the security of the Mandildjara tribe and all they had known so they could be together They roamed the Gibson Desert of Western Australia, bringing up their children and surviving in the traditional way while their children grew to adulthood.As the years passed, the varying tribes started to leave their way of life, and began learning the white man s wa [...]

  • How must you live your life For a thousand years this nomadic tribe in an Australian desert had lived day in and day out just doing these finding food and water, finding their mate, raising their children with all of them naked and communicating only via the basic rudiments of language Ultimately, however, civilisation caught up with them so they begin wearing clothes and becoming alcoholics and this is the story of the last of them a couple who tried to continue the old ways of their ancestors [...]

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Yatungka and her husband Warri, the last two Mandildjara people to live in the traditional way on the Western Gibson Desert of Australia William Peasley wrote their saga in The Last of the Nomads.Aborigines have one of the oldest continuous cultures on Earth They have lived in Australia for at least 40,000 years, some say 60,000 Nomads first inhabited the fertile regions, leaving the deserts for later Folks have lived in the Gibson for mayb [...]

  • A friend of mine lent me this truly remarkable book not long after we came back from travelling through the outback of Australia, on the dusty dirt roads, as she knew that I had been really struck by the different ways that people in our land are living the conditions are so vastly different to what people in the city are living in, and over here in the East of Australia, we live in a blissfully unaware state of this All of our encounters with the indigenous people who we met were incredibly enr [...]

  • Truly a remarkable book, from many points of view It is the story of what was probably the very last pair of Australian Aborigines to leave the desert environment in which they had been born and to which they had become so conditioned and accustomed, that only severe illness could cause them to leave it In fact, there may have been some other full blood Aborigines who continued to hunt and gather in the old ways even later than 1976, but for various reasons described in the book, this pair was s [...]

  • Picked up during my recent trip to Australia, this book is about a 1980s rescue mission that happened Warri and Yatungka of the Mandildjara tribe, for reasons of marrying outside of moiety group, were still living in the western deserts of Australia long after all the other Aboriginals had abandoned their traditional hunter gatherer lifestyle Elders of their tribe asked for a rescue mission to be held after a drought turned the desert from inhospitable to most to inhospitable to even Aboriginals [...]

  • A fascinating, moving love story of a remarkable Aboriginal couple who, due to having broken a certain tribal law regarding a clever system of marriage and to their deep love for their ancestral land, decided to run away from their tribe to pursue the traditional nomadic hunter gatherer way of life in the remote central deserts of Western Australia They lived alone for years in the one of the most inhospitable place on the earth, the Gibson desert Then, one day, after the worst drought in living [...]

  • A fascinating, readable book, and ultimately very sad.The story of Warri and Yatungka, the last of the Mandjildjara people to remain in the Gibson desert, and the rescue mission to find them after very bad drought conditions.Thought of as the last of the Aborigines living the traditional nomad lifestyle without having had contact with the white man, or the Aboriginal settlements which have replaced their previous way of life.

  • A really enjoyable tale and adventure It is sad to see the passing of such an old world but sadder is the loss of knowledge and culture Written with sensativity I very much enjoyed this journey with the author and would happily recommend this book.

  • A very readable and fascinating book Peasley s presentation of Warri and Yatungka s story informative and often very moving did great justice to the extraordinary events of their lives, he also deals well with the many sensitive issues that the book brings up.

  • This is a valuable document of a 30,000 year old way of life coming to an end as the last of the nomadic aborigines of the Gibson desert of Australia leave it for good during the worst drought in living memory In Australia you always hear how aborigines are so close to the land, but this shows you how truly true that was in the old days of nomadic existence You have to admire the survival abilities of the old nomads, then can live for years in areas where other people would quickly perish though [...]

  • I really enjoyed that narrative towards the end of the book and the story of Warri and Yatungka However, I felt the journey before they were found was quite long and boring As I am traveling to Australia next week, it gave me a sample of the history of the area that I will be living in, which I appreciated.

  • I loved this book It describes the search for the last two members of a tribe of Aborigine nomads that have remained in the nomadic life in Australia The time is during a great drought and their tribe members who have moved to towns are extremely concerned about their welfare It is a beautiful love story as well as a book about a rescue mission The wonderful descriptions of the Australian landscape and the finds along the way of the search party are beautiful There are also historic references t [...]

  • This book is a touching story about the last Aboriginal nomads who were brought in from the Gibson desert in 1978 Peasley handles the subject sympathetically and struggles with the decision to disturb the lives of Warri and Yatungka A fascinating read that gives a solid insight into the nomadic lifestyle led by the indigenous people of the desert near Wiluna WA.

  • I liked it but it wasn t what I expected I think I was expecting to learn about the Aboriginal ways But I did enjoy the book.

  • A great book, very touching at times, it was fascinating to read about the indigenous people of Australia as they once were.

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