The Prince of Nantucket

The Prince of Nantucket I could never be a good father because I turned my back on being your son Perhaps Teddy Mathison is right when he makes this heart wrenching confession to his dying mother but is it really too late T
  • Title: The Prince of Nantucket
  • Author: JanGoldstein
  • ISBN: 9780307345905
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Prince of Nantucket
    I could never be a good father because I turned my back on being your son Perhaps Teddy Mathison is right when he makes this heart wrenching confession to his dying mother, but is it really too late The touching and surprising answer unfolds in this richly layered, tender story of a man who is primed to go far in life, but first must find his way home.Teddy is a succes I could never be a good father because I turned my back on being your son Perhaps Teddy Mathison is right when he makes this heart wrenching confession to his dying mother, but is it really too late The touching and surprising answer unfolds in this richly layered, tender story of a man who is primed to go far in life, but first must find his way home.Teddy is a successful Los Angeles lawyer whose charm and formidable political skills have made him the leading candidate in the race to become the new U.S senator from California But behind the golden public persona lie some darker truths his teenage daughter, Zoe, has barely spoken to him since his divorce from her mother and he has long been bitterly estranged from his own mother, a world renowned painter So when his sister asks Teddy to come back to Nantucket to spend some time with their ailing mother before Alzheimer s steals her mind entirely, Teddy balks But his campaign manager sees the perfect opportunity for a mother son photo op that will jack up his weak family values poll numbers, and Teddy reluctantly agrees to the trip.Once on Nantucket, Teddy is forced to confront feelings he d long repressed As he struggles with his mother s illness and his daughter s disdain, he learns some stunning truths about the father he once idolized and the shocking extent of his daughter s pain And when he meets a woman who challenges everything he thought he understood about relationships, he unexpectedly finds the life he never knew he wanted.From the Hardcover edition.
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    There is than one author with this name in the database.Jan Goldstein is the author of two national fiction bestsellers, All That Matters and The Prince of Nantucket, recently optioned for film His work has been translated into than a dozen foreign languages and has been selected for the New York Times Hot List as well as by the Book of the Month Club, the Doubleday Book Club, and the Quality Paperback Club He is the recipient of a Presidential Award for Volunteer work in fostering arts in the inner city and was recently chosen as an international artist in residence at Ireland s famed Tyrone Guthrie Centre Jan is this year s closing keynote speaker at the National Conference on Family Literacy.He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Bonnie, a noted clinical psychologist, and their eight year old firecracker of a daughter, Shira.


  • Was heading out on the road and grabbed this from the library shelf Way too many issues being tackled in one book so that none were explored well and was so very predictable.

  • This book was not literary genius If you like books like the Notebook then you will like this one It is about a man who finds himself on a life path that turned him into something far from his childhood dreams He does lot of soul searching I found it to be a good beach novel.

  • Fun light summer read This book read just like, and would make a great, Lifetime Original Movie Good book to read on the beach.

  • How did you deal with all of it he asked quietly They both noticed the tenderness in his voice.Liza glanced over at him with a strong, determined grin You cry a lot There are unbearable pools of sadness You get angry You shut down I didn t want anything to do with anyone Practically starved myself for a while Eventually, you find you don t much like yourself like that, she explained, taking a deep breath When you get there you have a choice She paused Let it take you down, or allow the hurt to b [...]

  • A pompous Senatorial candidate living in CA grudgingly travels to see his ailing Mother in Nantucket A divorced ladies man with a 13 yr old daughter, Ted Mathieson is summoned by his older sister who has been caretaker of their mother for many years and needs to take a vacation Their mother is a great artist dubbed the Queen of Nantucket hence the book s title Ted s hatred for his mother along with his misconceptions based on childhood impressions lead him along a tortuous path that carries the [...]

  • Loved it His writing is so beautiful, almost lyrical He speaks to real issues, a teen having real probs w not having much connection w a father who is divorced from hr mother The protagonist is the father who is forced by his sister to reconnect w a mother who he hasn t had a relationship w for decades The mother is a renown artist living on Nantucket who hs alzheimer s, but hs lucid moments It s a real story of how we make choices in our lives and often have md the choice of ambition and later [...]

  • Another book I grabbed at the library, based on the description a man reluctantly returns to his childhood home to face his dying mother, with his estranged teenage daughter in tow Great potential It s not a bad book, and it s a quick read, but without the emotional heft of Drowning Ruth or Crow Lake or Patron Saint of Liars all books that I loved reading And all from the same genre my fav books about dysfunctional families And of course you want everything to work out, but this was so tidy, it [...]

  • This was another quick read Teddy is divorced, estranged from his daughter and his mother He is running for the U.S Senate in California However his mother is wasting away of Alzheimer s She is a world renownd artist that lives on Nantucket They have been enstranged for many years His campaign manager sees a photo opportunity, so Teddy goes to Nantucket to boost his ratings for family values At the same time his thirteen year old daughter is scheduled to visit for her annual two weeks The story [...]

  • Patrons kept telling me how great this book was and how I just had to read it IMHO it was not a valuable use of my time I didn t care for the author s style His writing reminds me a little of Mary Higgins Clark or Robin Cook in that I am drawn in by the story they are going to tell but I just don t particularly care for the way they use language The message was about as subtle as a gorilla on your lap The themes interested me teen aged daughters, parents with Alzheimer s, redemption, second chan [...]

  • A senatorial candidate from CA is summoned home to spend time with his mother who is suffering from Alzheimers He and his belligerent teenaged daughter go to Nantucket to find his mother, an acclaimed artist, is much worse than he realized While spending the time with her, which is difficult because they ve been estranged for than 20 years, he realized how much he didn t know, how she protected him even as an adult, and how desperately his own daughter is hurting and suffering His mother s last [...]

  • There was so much emotion within this story Even though at some points the writing seemed trivial I learned to read it with an open mind Sometimes I think I judge books to harshly by how they were written when what really matters is the story itself that the author wants to share.I think Jan Goldstein did a wonderful job at reaching out to his audience, letting them know that they aren t the only people who are dealing with heaviness in their lives I look forward to reading other books written b [...]

  • This was a very quick read I liked the Nantucket setting live in MA Yes, it touched upon many, many issues illness, miscommunication, betrayal, immaturity and loss of love all at the same time, and for some readers it bogged down the story, but most families rarely deal with just one issue at the same time, so I did not find this distracting Agree that Goldstein s style of writing is similar to Nicholas Sparks sny would consider that a compliment to be in such successful company.

  • No, Jan Goldstein, you had me in The Bride Will Keep Her Name, but why was The Prince of Nantucket such a drag The same accessible writing style is still here, but the plot of Prince was really nothing to write home about A callous politician goes back to his home in Nantucket, discovers a family secret, and suddenly goes from hating his Alzheimer inflicted mother to loving and reconciling with her Soooo realistic Very inconsistent and not fully fleshed out characters, though the ending did have [...]

  • Very good book A bit different from my normal family dramas This one centers around a son who turned his back on his mother only to return as she approaches the last days of her life He realizes all his ideas about his mother were incorrect and he learns that he is not ready to let her go Also, there is the side story of the main characters trouble relationship with his own daughter Nice story.

  • I had no idea this story would affect me so profoundly I too am going through a similar scenario with my own mother although we have always been close This is a deeply moving, passionate story of courage in the midst of struggle, of finding one s way back and of undying love I highly recommend this book.

  • Very fast, easy read The story was just ok family son, father daughter, ex husband,ex wife really nothing unique He is a politician who finally puts his family first, um ok I liked the writing style and enjoyed it because after my last painful, horrible book I needed a easy read.

  • The writing in this book is not great it lacks the colorful phrases and descriptors of some of the other books I ve read recently and the dialogue is flat, but the story is compelling nonetheless I cared about the characters and found the relationships and issues poignant, even if at points I wondered about the realism Overall, enjoyed this book a lot.

  • This was the story about a man Ted in a calif politial race, that comes to visit his ailing mother on Nantucket His sister is the primary caretaker, and she guilts Ted into helping while she goes on vacation Ted brings his estranged teenage daughter along a publicist thinks it will be a great story.

  • I only read the whole thing because the story itself had potential and the book wasn t completely unreadable However, the characters were cookie cutter, the dialogue was clunky and totally unrealistic and it read like a college sopho living out on paper his fantasies of what he wanted his life to be like when he reached his 40s The whole thing was about a subtle as an anvil.

  • Three stars this was a beach Book read it in an afternoon and consider it a love story Teddy, an L.A lawyer has to learn to re love his estranged 13 year old daughter and his estranged mother who is fading away with Alzheimer s I enjoyed a fast read after plowing through Susan Vreeland s Luncheon of the Boating Party.

  • Somewhat predictable But a beautiful, tear jerker in the line of The Notebook.California Senate hopeful reluctantly spends a week in Nantucket with his mother, a brilliant artist disappearing into the haze of Alzheimer s, and his troubled teenage daughter.

  • I can t tell you how close I came to not continuing with the book In the end, I m glad I didn t as it made for a touching story During the first third of the book, the protagonist s attitude and that of his daughter s, made me just plain angry.

  • A good quick read that has the main character, Teddy Mathison, regaining his focus on family over the climb up the social and political ladder The character development is simple, the storyline easy to follow, making for a good read at the beach or travels to spring break.

  • I read this book so I could discuss it with my Book Club This book had emotions in it then I expected The characters were believable I enjoyed the ending because it fit with the story I enjoyed this quote from the book, Never give up on who or what you love.

  • very predictable and contrived a politician returning to his childhood home to help his mother with alzheimers not even good beach reading.

  • I loved this book It was about a family lost but eventually came back together as they realize what was really important It stick to you kind of book that gives you that warm cozy feeling.

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