Never Far From Nowhere

Never Far From Nowhere A passionate and perceptive story full of the pain and the humour of growing up from Andrea Levy author of the Orange Prize winning SMALL ISLAND and the Man Booker shortlisted THE LONG SONG NEVER FA
  • Title: Never Far From Nowhere
  • Author: Andrea Levy
  • ISBN: 9780747252139
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never Far From Nowhere
    A passionate and perceptive story full of the pain and the humour of growing up, from Andrea Levy, author of the Orange Prize winning SMALL ISLAND and the Man Booker shortlisted THE LONG SONG NEVER FAR FROM NOWHERE is the story of two sisters, Olive and Vivien, born in London to Jamaican parents and brought up on a council estate They go to the same grammar school, butA passionate and perceptive story full of the pain and the humour of growing up, from Andrea Levy, author of the Orange Prize winning SMALL ISLAND and the Man Booker shortlisted THE LONG SONG NEVER FAR FROM NOWHERE is the story of two sisters, Olive and Vivien, born in London to Jamaican parents and brought up on a council estate They go to the same grammar school, but while Vivien s life becomes a chaotic mix of friendships, youth clubs, skinhead violence, A levels, discos and college, Olive, three years older and a skin shade darker, has a very different tale to tell
    Never Far From Nowhere By Andrea Levy,

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    In 1948 Andrea Levy s father sailed from Jamaica to England on the Empire Windrush ship and her mother joined him soon after Andrea was born in London in 1956, growing up black in what was still a very white England This experience has given her a complex perspective on the country of her birth.Andrea Levy did not begin writing until she was in her mid thirties At that time there was little written about the black British experience in Britain After attending writing workshops Levy began to write the novels that she, as a young woman, had always wanted to read entertaining novels that reflect the experiences of black Britons, that look closely and perceptively at Britain and its changing population and at the intimacies that bind British history with that of the Caribbean In her first three novels she explored from different perspectives the problems faced by black British born children of Jamaican emigrants In her first novel, the semi autobiographical Every Light in the House Burnin 1994 , the story is of a Jamaican family living in London in the 1960s Never Far from Nowhere 1996 , her second, is set during the 1970s and tells the story of two very different sisters living on a London council estate In Fruit of the Lemon 1999 , Faith Jackson, a young black woman, visits Jamaica after suffering a nervous breakdown and discovers a previously unknown personal historyIn her fourth novel Small Island Levy examines the experiences of those of her father s generation who returned to Britain after being in the RAF during the Second World War But than just the story of the Jamaicans who came looking for a new life in the Mother Country, she explores the adjustments and problems faced by the English people whom those Jamaicans came to live amongst Immigration changes everyone s lives and in Small Island Levy examines not only the conflicts of two cultures thrown together after a terrible war, but also the kindness and strength people can show to each other The Second World War was a great catalyst that has led to the multi cultural society Britain has become For Andrea Levy acknowledging the role played by all sides in this change is an important part of understanding the process so we can go on to create a better future together.In her latest novel, The Long Song, Levy goes further back to the origins of that intimacy between Britain and the Caribbean The book is set in early 19th century Jamaica during the last years of slavery and the period immediately after emmancipation It is the story of July, a house slave on a sugar plantation named Amity The story is narrated by the character of July herself, now an old woman, looking back upon her eventful life.Andrea Levy is a Londoner She not only lives and works in the city she loves but has used London as the setting in many of her novels She has been a recipient of an Arts Council Award and her second novel Never Far from Nowhere was long listed for the Orange Prize Small Island was the winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction, the Whitbread Novel Award, the Whitbread Book of the Year award, the Orange Best of the Best, and the Commonwealth Writer s Prize Her latest novel The Long Song was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize, and was the winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction Besides novels she has also written short stories that have been read on radio, published in newspapers and anthologised She has been a judge for the Orange Prize for Fiction, Orange Futures and the Saga Prize.


  • The last read for BlackHistoryMonth was quite a bleak novel It follows two black Jamaican sister s living in London in the 60s and 70s both of whom struggle with their identity growing up They feel the need to conform, their is a constant need to find themselves Their father dies and they both live with their mother who feeds this struggle and adamantly refuses the girls are black, especially to the fair skinned sister, Vivien She would actually talk about black people in front of her but say no [...]

  • This is Andrea Levy s second book, written way back in 1996 and before the success of Small Island The themes are very similar immigrants from Jamaica trying to find their feet in an alien society, and yet also trying to maintain their own cultural identity amidst prejudice and the struggle to make a living This very insightful novel is set in 1970s London on a council estate, and revolves around the lives of two teenage sisters, Olive and Vivien The girls are first generation English born, of C [...]

  • This author always takes me to a place I don t necessarily want to go because of the anger and prejudice I find there but I still love the way she tells stories fiction maybe but truth none the less The characters are very real and the stories are no fairy tale It s in your face and refreshing.

  • this is the second book i ve read by this author i didn t enjoy this one as much as the other one small island , but i love her writing style, so i definitely want to read of her books this book alternates between two characters and i found it slightly boring at times, but maybe other people will enjoy it.

  • There are mixed ratings for this book For me, having lived my childhood in England during the 70s, I could remember people s attitudes towards people from other cultures The author captures the grittiness of people s behaviour and I love the way she shows how the two sisters are affected by this in their own way It is a Kes or Billy Elliot novel of the South.

  • Andrea Levy is a great writer and I ve really enjoyed her other books, especiallySmall Island and Fruit of the Lemon, but I didn t care as much for this book Partly I think because the chapters are so short that I never entered deep enough into the world of either sister Mostly because there is no subtlety here there s no love in this family or community there no let up in the racism and foul language the foul language at home is different at home than outside but it s all relentless.I skipped o [...]

  • This book provokes a lot of thought, it is brutally honest Not an easy read as it touches on many difficult subjects,violence, racism, police corruption, teenage mothers, high rise flats etc, etc I felt it should be made into a TV series for teenagers, it would be good to discuss the contrast between Olive s life chances and her sister Vivien s.

  • Difficult to review in depth mostly enjoyed it, but wouldn t say I raved over it Don t think I fully engaged with either sister and cared enough about their lives fates, for some reason Enjoyed the descriptive of the period in time in London.

  • Very good sad when it finished as want to know what happened next Enjoyed that Vivian was growing up in the 70s as I did with the references to the songs that were being played However of course her opportunities were so much limited than mine and hers and Olive s experiences much harsher

  • Never Far From NowhereI have just inaugurated a new bookshelf, abandoned I got to page 90 and decided that that was enough.It s the story of two sisters, one slightly darker skinned, and the choices they make, how they fight to be accepted The language put me off from the very start I suppose it could be called realistic, but I just found it downright depressing A little foul language will take you a long way, but here you never seem to get beyond it Never Far From Nowhere, the title says it all [...]

  • There are many books out there described as coming of age novels, but of all the ones I have read this does the best job of conjuring up that feeling of anticipation and slight tinge of danger as you approach adulthood It took me back to my teens hanging out at the youth club, going to rough pubs Except that the events in this book are that bit rougher, and the streets that bit meaner Following two sisters, the daughters of Jamaican immigrants, as they grow up on a London council estate, this no [...]

  • Two sisters born in Britain of Jamaican parents one lighter skinned than the other This affects how they are treated in life, each sister on a separate path but eventually both wondering who they are and where they belong A story of hurt, rejection and prejudice and while society has moved on from those terrible days this was set mainly in the 70 s in other ways we haven t and that s sad This took me back to my time of growing up, the music, the culture, skinheads and black verses white Race was [...]

  • Well, I read it in a day and a half have temporarily put Hedgehog down I don t know if that s any real indication of how much I liked it, but it was a page turner I really liked Levy s language, which was very sharp and the structure of the book itself was really reflective of what I think Levy was trying to accomplish One tale of two sisters, a coin with two very different faces and the chapters Olive, Vivien, Olive, Vivien really reflected that The story of how these two girls lived in one hou [...]

  • The writing in this book is very vivid, and the two voices of Vivien and Olive, difficult and captivating.I found the book hard to get into in the beginning, with all the social intricacies of British society and its immigrants, but what kept me reading was the immediacy of the two girls I like how the author makes both of them so real in their failings and so human, and the observations about life are poignant, yet straight as an arrow Their alternating voices also show us what Vivien says at t [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the story of two sisters whose lives turn out completely different, partially due to their different characters but also due to their skin color The difference that their skin color caused was very well shown and the chapters were very fast paced and enjoyable to read However, I finished this book with an uncomfortable feeling Maybe it s meant to make me uncomfortable, since people live situations like these every day, but it felt like there was no ray of hope for either Oli [...]

  • Definitely nowhere as good a read as Small Island was The book examines the very different experiences of two British sisters born to Jamaican parents and living in London in the 1950 s and 60 s The chapters alternate between the voices of the two, as they describe London from their unique point of view.Racism, the effect of ones attitude on ones success, the definition of success and the impact of personal choices are key issues in this novel Some may find the alternating voice technique that t [...]

  • Having been a big fan of Small Island I thought I would try some other books by the same author I read this in a day and it did keep my attention but did feel like it was a bit rushed in places The story of 2 sisters brought up in the same environment but with very different experiences based on skin colour was interesting and certainly the description of starting University and it being a big change from home rang true I did feel like the parents story could have been fleshed out a little parti [...]

  • andrea levy is long listed for the booker this year this book is one of her early ones it is very easy to read, if you re in that sort of mood two sisters, born to jamaican parents, growing up in london, early 70s one is darker than the other, and so has very different experiences from her lighter sister levy never tries to answer any questions, which is refreshing i ve also read a small island very strong writer.

  • Read all of it on plane journey home and thought it was great I did find the language pretty rough at times, but I found it very realistic, particularly some of the characters and descriptions of London, the story very readable and the part about when she went to art college really reminded me of starting university

  • There were parts of this book I enjoyed and got into, but overall didn t find it that satisfying a read I felt there was something missing The bits that stood out when Vivien goes to college and her boyfriend from back home no longer fits , and the depressing trajectory of Olive s life that seems without hope of change.

  • I think I was somewhat spoilt by how wonderful Small Island is I am not enjoying Never Far From Nowhere anywhere near as much so far It s not that the book is bad, it s just that I found Small Island so wonderful and so accomplished I will continue and see how it goes.

  • I enjoyed this book but it s no Small Island An interesting book about growing up, race, family relationships, the different paths life can take, and moving on, but I felt like it ended rather abruptly and without really going anywhere.

  • Very intense You learn quite a lot about the situation problems of the 1950s immigrants to England.It s hard though to find a character to identify yourself with since there are two perspectives from which the story is told.

  • Following two sisters, the daughters of Jamaican immigrants, as they grow up on a London council estate, this novel demonstrates the way in which our prospects in life are shaped and limited by our environment and our own expectations of ourselves.

  • Dealt with two very likeable but different sisters, there relationship with each other and there Mum Also deals with the prejudices that they faced Andrea Levy writes well Still prefer Fruit of the Lemon

  • Different cover on my edition Powerful, absorbing, only sorry I didn t read it when I bought it maybe 5 years ago

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