An Honest President: The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland

An Honest President The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland A biography of the only president to be elected to non consecutive terms reveals a tough honest courageous leader who took responsibility for his actions and wasn t afraid to take on corruption wher
  • Title: An Honest President: The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland
  • Author: H. Paul Jeffers
  • ISBN: 9780380805716
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Honest President: The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland
    A biography of the only president to be elected to non consecutive terms reveals a tough, honest, courageous leader who took responsibility for his actions and wasn t afraid to take on corruption where he saw it.
    An Honest President: The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland By H. Paul Jeffers,
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  • H Paul Jeffers does not like footnotes, and he shares this opinion with Theodore Roosevelt, because footnotes ruin the narrative Well, I like footnotes, it makes looking up information that much easier, but I am willing to let the author have his preferences, after all, he does have a brilliant narrative Jeffers describes the life of President Grover Cleveland and the world in which he lived.One of the things that becomes very apparent when reading this book is what a nice an honest man Clevelan [...]

  • An excellent treatment of his life He was indeed a principled man So much so he lost re election to a second consecutive term He was re elected four years later and thus, both the 22nd and 24th president.

  • Grover Cleveland is portrayed in this book as an unbendingly honest and upright individual while many of the most significant compromises which he made during his two non consecutive terms in the Presidency as well as his overall inefficiency and inflexibility are overlooked Jeffers glides by the wholesale firing of tens of thousands of Republican office holders and replacement of them with good Democrats in a Spoils System run wild during 1885 and 1893, and also Cleveland s undiplomatic handlin [...]

  • This is the story of the President who was born in my old home town and the only one who managed to serve non consecutive terms I found it interesting to read about a President whom most high school and college textbooks tend to ignore, and about a time when the most important issue facing the nation was the increasingly complex relationship between labor and management There were no wars during Cleveland s tenure, and nobody tried to kill him But there was a fairly severe economic crisis that s [...]

  • In January of 1881, Stephen Grover Cleveland barely had political experience than you or I He had lost an election to be District Attorney and won one to be sheriff in Erie County, New York and that was the extent of it In one of the quickest rises in American political history, Cleveland would be President Elect by November of 1884 In An Honest President The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland, H Paul Jeffers attempts to document this prominent rise, presidencies, and life of America s 2 [...]

  • I knew pretty much nothing about Cleveland before I read this book I think that Jeffers had a point of view about Cleveland that he set out to support in this biography, that Cleveland was one of our most honest presidents, and that s what he mostly focused on I m sure Cleveland was complex than that but, for what is here, it was an interesting read and now I have at least a basic knowledge of his 2 presidencies.

  • bestpresidentialbios 2014 An Honest President The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland was written by H Paul Jeffers and published in 2000 Jeffers was an editor and producer at ABC, CBS and NBC and was the news director at two radio stations He was also a prolific author, having written about seventy books on a diverse range of topics fiction as well as non fiction He died in 2009 at the age of seventy five.Jeffers s biography of Cleveland is entertaining and moves quickly than the book s [...]

  • This is a good, well paced biography of Grover Cleveland, America s 22nd and 24th president in the years 1885 1889 and 1893 1897 President Cleveland is a refreshing character to read about from the Gilded Age he was a straight forward, honest man, who in his own words, always tried to do right His era was one filled with greed, selfishness, deceit, and rampant exploitation of the political system for personal gain Cleveland, though, set himself apart by his own personal moral code that included [...]

  • I suspect in life there are two types of biography, those that are thorough and exacting, and those that are not This, I suspect falls into the second category, if I m honest That is not meant to be disrespectful, it s just a statement of fact to my mind at least.The book itself does what it says on the tin It gives you the facts, and a bit of the colour of Grover Cleveland s life and 2 presidencies, but You know those textbooks you read in school as a kid that talked about Lincoln or Washingto [...]

  • A great biography of the 22nd 24th President of the United States As the first Democrat elected President since the Civil War, I really didn t know too much about him other than he was a big guy, used the veto a lot, was conservative in the modern political sense , married a 20 something during his first term, and had secret jaw surgery on a boat This book really explains about his life and presidency His time as mayor of Buffalo and governor of New York certainly shaped his presidency I also t [...]

  • This book in parts was maddeningly sketchy about some aspects of Cleveland s life, but detailed in others, especially his early years, which he spent mostly in Fayetteville, Clinton and Holland Patent, New York Cleveland was an honest but conservative president in an age of bought and paid for politicians who protected the interests of large corporate trusts hey, that part sounds kind of familiar Going from mayor of Buffalo in 1881 to Governor in 1883 and President of the United States in 1885, [...]

  • A well written and well rounded account of Grover Cleveland s life and politics I ve been curious about Grover Cleveland ever since my childhood obsession with the Disney movie The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band , which centers around Cleveland s second run for office, which he eventually lost to Benjamin Harrison To this day, when anyone mentions Cleveland s name it isn t often , I break out into his campaign song from the movie.It s really very sad that not much is widely known ab [...]

  • I must say, Grover Cleveland is one of, if not THE most favorite presidents of mine He was truly The last Jeffersonian When one compares Cleveland to Theodore Roosevelt, there are many differences and I have deemed both men incredible One of them was an incredible man in his personal achievements and actions, and lacking fidelity to the Constitution, the other pretty much sedentary in his personal life yet a stalwart regarding the Constitution I found so many similarities in our Cleveland and my [...]

  • Jeffers book falls woefully short on providing requisite information to put into context the behavior of Grover Cleveland While historians know of the events that Jeffers fails to describe, students reading this book will find themselves baffled by the narrative, or they will have to do further research That is the chief failing of this book and why I rank it among the weakest presidential biographies I ve ever read.History has been kind to Grover Cleveland perhaps kinder than it should He ranks [...]

  • A good, basic biography Jeffers compiles lots of facts You get a good sense of his presidential priorities and what his administration accomplished I wanted a little bit less meandering into side stories do we need life stories of Samuel Gompers and others and a little analysis interpretation Like so many biographers, he is far interested in marshalling facts than in helping readers to understand what those facts tell us about how this person was For example, the title of the book and much of [...]

  • A fine, somewhat brief, and almost certainly hagiographic biography of Cleveland Jeffers makes a very good case for why he was one of our greater if less well known presidents, though, again, it comes off at times a bit too praising The arguments against some of Cleveland s policies, such as the removal or reduction of the tariff, the freeing up of silver coinage, and the choice to use Federal resources in disputes between capital and labor, are not hashed out to any great extent And, while Clev [...]

  • I am a big fan of the biographies of American presidents Paul Jeffer s bio of Grover Cleveland is a very good one Maybe not in the class of Doris Goodwin s Lincoln or Roosevelt Taft but solid His not being ranked as a great president may have to do with when he was President than anything else No civil war or slavery No trust busting or war with Spain But his rise to the Presidency has only two parallels that I know about in Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama Mayor of Buffalo Jan Nov 1882, Governo [...]

  • This was a fast paced run through of the life of president 22 and 24 Unfortunately, due to the length of the book and the dearth of resources that Big Will left behind, the book does not go deep enough However, the book does contain the following An out of wedlock birthAn insane asylumA White House WeddingFishingA secret offshore surgeryRailroadsMore fishingTeddy RooseveltReferences to weightMore fishingMore TeddyA May Decemberish romanceThe origin of a candy barGambling and saloonsAn assassinat [...]

  • I never knew my great grandfather, but I was curious why his name was Grover Cleveland Brantley Finally decided to do something about it and picked up this book Gotta say I dig Grover Cleveland He had convictions and stuck by them, which endeared him to normal folks and made a few political enemies Now if we can just convince politicians to have a Grover Cleveland sized backbone.And while I never knew my great grandfather, I will forever picture him as a larger than life truth seeking fellow mu [...]

  • H Paul Jeffers does an excellent job of describing who Grover Cleveland was, how he governed as a Mayor, Governor, and President His book, An Honest President doesn t seem to be intended to make the reader like or dislike Cleveland s Presidential policies, but rather to introduce the reader to the type of man Cleveland was He s presented as being an open and honest individual, and one who stood for doing the right thing for the Country while in office It was also interesting to read about presid [...]

  • Jeffers does an outstanding job bringing Grover Cleveland, a.k.a the guy who shows up twice on the President timeline , to life What an amazing historical figure By the time I finished, Cleveland was right up there in my top 10 favorite President list Who knew he was in politics a little than 4 years before he made it to the White House He was fiercely honest and stuck by his guns even when those around him told him it would be political suicide Give this book a try

  • It is interesting to read about some of the less well know presidents and Grover Cleveland is one of them All I knew about the man was that he is the only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms and he fathered an illegetimate child, though both he and the mother were unmarried at the time I think the title is appropriate He may not have been the brightest president, but he was probably one of the most honest and as doctors are sworn, he tried to do no harm.

  • An enjoyable read that helped clearly explain the politics of the late 19th Century, and why voters seemed to insist on electing presidents outside the normal political establishment Cleveland s honesty does stand out as unusual in political history I do wish Jeffers had spent time on Cleveland s troubling attitudes towards race it s difficult to write him off as a man of his time when the 5 consecutive Republican presidents before him were pretty progressive on civil rights.

  • I came into this biography with no preconceived notions of President Cleveland, positive or negative It was an engaging biography I can t really speak to whether it was balanced in terms of its treatment of Cleveland, as I don t have a lot of other information to compare it to It did leave me with an overall high level of respect for President Cleveland s character and his efforts to make decisions, often unpopular ones, as he believed would truly be best for the American people.

  • This is a good book and it is easy to read It seems balanced President Cleveland was one who stood on his principles and as he said on his deathbed, I always tried so hard to do right He had some tough problems to deal with and didn t let party politics get in the way of trying to do what was right for the people.

  • An interesting short biography on Grover Cleveland though quite sparse in areas for instance time is dedicated on short background on George Pullman and Eugene Debs to give background on the Pullman strike, than on the 1888 or 1892 elections Very good treatment of his relationship with teddy Roosevelt though.

  • Grover Cleveland was the Bill Clinton of his day He rose from Buffalo NY to sky rocket to the Presidency, and was our only non consecutive termed president For those of us who don t know much about him or that period, it is a good introduction.

  • The role of a president was to see that government was not an obstacle and that those who governed understood that they were servants, not masters, and that the public office is a public trust Though the people support the Government, the Government should not support the people.

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