The Adversary

The Adversary Until the arrival of Aiken Drum the humans who had fled backward in time to Pliocene exile on Earth knew little but slavery to the Tanu the humanoid aliens who came from another galaxy But K
  • Title: The Adversary
  • Author: Julian May
  • ISBN: 9780345352446
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Adversary
    Until the arrival of Aiken Drum, the 100,000 humans who had fled backward in time to Pliocene exile on Earth knew little but slavery to the Tanu, the humanoid aliens who came from another galaxy But King Aiken s rule is precarious, for the Tanu s twisted brethren are secretly maneuvering to bring about his downfall Worse, Aiken is about to confront a man of incredibly poUntil the arrival of Aiken Drum, the 100,000 humans who had fled backward in time to Pliocene exile on Earth knew little but slavery to the Tanu, the humanoid aliens who came from another galaxy But King Aiken s rule is precarious, for the Tanu s twisted brethren are secretly maneuvering to bring about his downfall Worse, Aiken is about to confront a man of incredibly powerful talents who nearly overthrew a galactic rule He is Marc Remillard Call himThe Adversary.
    The Adversary By Julian May,

    The Adversary A True Story of Monstrous Deception Emmanuel Carrre s true crime story The Adversary begins with one of the most arresting first lines I have ever read On the Saturday morning of January , , while Jean Claude Romand was killing his wife and children, I was with mine in a parent teacher meeting at The Adversary Jul , When year old campaign manager Alyssa Sullivan witnesses the murder of her high profile client, she finds herself in protective custody and on the run with a man from her past As they attempt to lay low, greed, kidnapping and crime continue to follow Plot Summary Add Synopsis The Adversary Thea Harrison The Adversary From The Elder Races The second of four interconnected novellas featuring Dragos and Pia Official blurb coming soon. The Adversary by Erin M Evans The Adversary is the third book in the multi author Sundering epic fantasy series Like the previous two books, this is the first I have read by this author and also like the first two books, it continues the story of characters from another series by the author As a result, it took me a The Adversary by Ronnie Scott Ronnie Scott s debut novel The Adversary Hamish Hamilton Penguin is a strangely compelling, esoteric, stream of consciousness contemporary story that reminded me in form and language of novels such as Normal People by Sally Rooney. The Adversary Carrre book The Adversary Forgotten Realms Wiki Fandom The Adversary by Erin M Evans is the third book in The Sundering series and the third in the Brimstone Angels series This story continues the trials of the young warlock, Farideh, following the events of Brimstone Angels Lesser Evils. The Adversary The Christian Versus Demon Activity The Adversary is very easy reading It clearly defines that we are not in a battle of feelings or emotions but a battle that is spiritually attacking I read this book when I endured my battles with child custory, singleness and doubt I recite certain passages daily that are recommended. The Adversary episode Memory Alpha Fandom Adversary Definition of Adversary by Merriam Webster If you ve ever had someone turn on you and become your adversary, you ve inadvertently lived out the etymology of adversary The word is from the Latin adjective adversarius turned toward or

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    Julian May was an American science fiction, fantasy, horror, science and children s writer who also used several pseudonyms including Ian Thorne, Lee N Falconer and many others.


  • My least favourite of the 4 Pliocene Exile books It took me a while to get into this one, although eventually I found myself back into the flow I have to admire the intricate nature of May s plot and how it all ties together eventually I did find that the sheer number of characters not all of whom I remembered well was part of the reason that it was slow going in the beginning Also, the involvement of Marc Remillard was tiring to me I was much interested in the other humans, the Tanu and the Fi [...]

  • George R.R Martin can suck it Ten years before Martin started his yet unfinished Song of Ice and Fire, May s four Pliocene Exile books were published at a rate of one every year between 1981 and 1984 And they are epic Dense and filled with grand world building concepts and vocabulary although tinged with a bit of anachronism in places, mostly in some out of date ethnic clich s , The Adversary was a solid ending to a science fiction story set six million years ago Rest in peace, Ms May your books [...]

  • This whole series is awesome I would love to see a movie, even an animated movie, of the many colored land and the galactic milieu.

  • The Firvulag are rising, while the children of the metapsychic rebels race to reopen the time gate, the sole escape route back into the Galactic Milieu.Now the adversary takes up his destined role in the power play Marc Remillard, defeated leader of the metapsychic rebellion determined to keep the time gate sealed and to create a new race from his own offspring Will he aid the Firvulag or bring succour to Aiken, when the day of the Grand Tourney comes, when the Tanu and the humans meet the Firvu [...]

  • The overall series deserves four stars, even though I ve given the third and fourth book three stars I enjoyed the continuity, the exquisite world building, enhanced by the cool geological descriptions The detail of the survival of the humans in the Pliocene and their various trades and specialties was also rendered than believable I sometimes felt I was there, with them, in the Pliocene Exile However, the telepathic powers plot device overshadowed all of the good things, pushing my overall enj [...]

  • S lo me ha costado UN A O terminarme el ltimo de esta saga porque era del todo necesario escribir un PUTO LIBRO M S del asunto este Y mira que el final ha sido bastante satisfactorio pero la paja hasta llegar ah , dios m o, LA PAJA El ltimo y el pen ltimo libro podr an haberse fusionado en uno y habr a sido fant stico y no este chicle gastado y repartido por las suelas de todos los zapatos de Plioceno.Me enfada que los autores no sepan terminar sus sagas, pero me enfada todav a m s que intenten [...]

  • The conclusion of the saga Felice has been zapped, but she seems to have d jumped to fry Marc in the final milliseconds of her life As Marc recovers he tries the obscure manoeuvre himself Aiken faces and subsumes Mercy and then Nodonn, leaving himself in a vulnerable state as the grand tourney approaches and the Firvulag plan for Nightfall Elizabeth tries to help but doesn t know what her destiny should be A fantastic finale I can t recommend this series enough, the writing is immense, character [...]

  • The weakest of the four books, but still enjoyable enough I guess I just don t like Marc s character as much as most of the others.

  • Love this series Thrilling series like all Julian books Great characters doing lots of fun, scary stuff Read the whole set of Galactic Pliocene stories

  • Originally published on my blog here in October 1998.In the final book of the Saga of the Exiles series, the rebel metapsychic Marc Remeillard plays a large part the title of the novel itself is one of his nicknames His children, and the others of their generation, inhabiting the small settlement set up by the rebels, have gone to Europe, with the intention of setting up a copy of the time gate at the Pleistocene end so that they can return to the future They were too young to have been involved [...]

  • The scope of this saga spanning eight novels is staggering A gate is opened to the past, specifically the Pliocene era But it is a one way trip Adventurous souls travel back, and find a world unlike any they could imagine Epic conflict rages between ancient races, and the future destiny of man is decided The initial four books make up The Saga of Pliocene Exile The Many Coloured Land The Golden Torc The Nonborn King The AdversaryThese can be read as a standalone series, but who would want to sto [...]

  • Storyline 2 5Characters 2 5Writing Style 2 5World 2 5This series has the distinction of making every subsequent volume worse than the one before Despite having 1,748 pages in which to develop the Pliocene, I never felt that I got to know the Many Colored Land We were immersed in politics and war, distracted with minor romances and side quests, and pelted with PK technobabble, Latin and French, but the only feeling I got for the land was that the mountains were taller and the fauna saurian I don [...]

  • I have re read these for the first time in 20 years and am still in love with them Now I know where those half remembered characters that have haunted me for years came from.May is a brilliant story spinner and devotes her entire talent to dialogue and tension, while the action seems to take a second place At times May uses a very few words to leave a blistering image in your mind for all time Be prepared re read some passages many times to pick out all the detail and implications Marc s attack [...]

  • I enjoyed this book, and thought the Pliocene Series was wonderful overall, but I definitely thought this book was the weakest of the four In addition to losing so many interesting characters, I really wanted the book to end a different way In fact, I had the ending I wanted to read all worked out in my head half way through the second book The Golden Torc , based on something early on in the first book The Many Coloured Land KIND OF A SPOILER BELOWKIND OF A SPOILER BELOWKIND OF A SPOILER BELOWD [...]

  • Julian May is a genius.A genius with words every other page has me reaching for a dictionary Caracoles, anyone Taboret Gimcrack Breechclout What education produced such a voluminous vocabulary A genius at world building I gave up on the first book in the series after some flowery medieval sounding language that sounded a little too fantasy for me I ve always thought myself the hard sci fi fan and yet here I am a couple of months after picking it up again in desperation, just finished with the fo [...]

  • view spoiler I thought this book was pretty average It felt too long, but in spite of its length it left a couple of plot strings dangling badly One was that she took a major character, Felice, out of thestory but rather than killing her left her in sort of limbo There was also this subplot about two infants that apparently were destined to do something but never did These were dwelled on in book 3 at considerable length but never mentioned at all in book 4 The author may have been trying to tie [...]

  • I was surprised at how much I had forgotten about this book I have to admit that the lengthy subplots involving the misadventures of Tony Wayland and the climb up Monte Rosa were probably the least interesting part of the series for me, which may have contributed to its forgettableness But this also may have made it even enjoyable as a reread for example, I didn t remember what happened to Basil when he reached the top of the mountain, so that was a nice surprise And to be honest I didn t recal [...]

  • The series epic conclusion, everything takes on a grander scale Characters enjoy power, and near their goals I was left with questions, intentionally I believe, that make me want to continue to the sub series that prequels this one.My favorite part of this book, and the series to be honest, is the characters May s genius seems most apparent in the plot and the fantastic science fictional ideas, but as the series progressed I found myself loving the diversity among and within the characters It s [...]

  • Everything comes to a head in this book Aiken is consolidating his power as King, bringing together the Howlers, Lowlives and surviving Tanu The Firvulag are keen to bring about the Nightfall war, but on their own terms, and the North American children only want to return to the future But Marc is a threat to them all and with powerful machines on his side, he may get exactly what he wants This is the last book in the Saga and almost as enjoyable as the others I was slightly let down by the endi [...]

  • Oh, I am so pleased I didn t chuck these books out The Marc Remillard Elizabeth Aiken Creyn relationships were written fantastically, the tension between Marc and Cloud and Hagan provided an interesting backdrop to the rebuilding of the Guderian device, the urbane calmness of Basil, the anachronistic Native American charm of Burke, the tragic love story of Tony Wayland and Rowane well, I say tragic , magic, science, language where did Julian May get Anatoly s phrases from A rollicking good read [...]

  • Product Description The fourth and final volume of The Saga of Pliocene Exile.Until the arrival of Aiken Drum, the 100,000 humans who had fled backward in time to Pliocene exile on Earth knew little but slavery to the Tanu the humanoid aliens who came from another galaxy But King Aiken s rule is precarious, for the Tanu s twisted bretheren are secretly maneuvering to bring about his downfall Worse Aiken is about to confront a man of incredibly powerful Talents who nearly overthrew a galactic rul [...]

  • When I don t like a series, I quit reading it So the fact that I finished this series should say something the writing and the pace were strong enough to keep my interest Having said that, my optimism for the last book was only partially rewarded There were some twists and turns at the end, and most plot lines were wrapped up nicelybut the epic scale had me anticipating bigger reveals, bigger conflicts, etc The denouement felt calculated and efficient rather than grandiose and meaningful.

  • This is the fourth in the Saga of the Exiles Do not try to read them out of order The whole saga is an enormous work, four large volumes, and there are four that form a sequel The Intervention.It would not be appropriate to review this separately without inserting spoilers so I shall refrain Since it is essential that readers start with volume 1, go read my review of volume 1 here Enjoy

  • The book almost fails as a story with the tie in to the Intervention Remillard Family Chronicles with the appearance of Marc.May is juggling several themes and several get away from him and I have always felt that this book leaves the reader in an unfinished place.I am a huge fan of a handful of Julian Mays works this is not one that I find anywhere near as satisfying as an engrossing tale nor as as good read.

  • Simply the best space opera, and the best series of novels I ve ever read This is the first of the nine, and while the last three show signs of fatigue, these novels capture a cast of characters, and one in Marc Remillard, that are truly memorable From the worlds and milieu May imagines to her evocative themes, the novels capture humanity with all its foibles and promise, and if you stick around for 6, you ll get the best plot twist in all of bookdom.

  • Sad to finish this saga, but it was so awesome for me I really really enjoyed this series The book was excellent Although, there were things not so clear for me, I liked it so much.I would even dare to say, that similar to what I will do with The Lord of the Rings, I will continue reading this series after some years, and then again and again.I recommend these books so much It is sad that it is not so known But I will spread the word.

  • Very good writing, I wish I d started with the first book in the series not long after I started, but I couldn t put it down The characters really grow on you, the storyline is very nicely handled, and the author uses enough words I didn t know that I got into the habit of writing them down so I could look them up This is a very interesting and imaginative story.

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