One Step Behind

One Step Behind It is Midsummer s Eve Three young friends meet in a wood to act out an elaborate masque But unknown to them they are being watched With a bullet each all three are murdered Soon afterwards one of I
  • Title: One Step Behind
  • Author: Henning Mankell Ebba Segerberg
  • ISBN: 9780099448877
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Step Behind
    It is Midsummer s Eve Three young friends meet in a wood to act out an elaborate masque But unknown to them, they are being watched With a bullet each, all three are murdered Soon afterwards, one of Inspector Wallander s colleagues is found murdered Is this the same killer, and what could the connection be In this investigation, Wallander is always, tantalisingly, OnIt is Midsummer s Eve Three young friends meet in a wood to act out an elaborate masque But unknown to them, they are being watched With a bullet each, all three are murdered Soon afterwards, one of Inspector Wallander s colleagues is found murdered Is this the same killer, and what could the connection be In this investigation, Wallander is always, tantalisingly, One Step Behind.
    One Step Behind By Henning Mankell Ebba Segerberg,

    One Step Behind by Lauren North One Step Behind is about a mom with two children that has been stalked for awhile The stalker has been leaving her little gifts in front of her house and has been sending her emails and following her every move Jenna is a doctor and one day her stalker ends up in the hospital due to being hit by a bus and none other than Jenna is the doctor One Step Behind One Step Behind Photos Do you have any images for this title Cast A lonely artist brings a young, drifter woman back to his tiny apartment to live with him Between his obsessive Storyline A dangerous man awakes in the care of a mysterious woman Once One Step Behind Henning One Step Behind is set in the late s with Wallander approaching years old and still wondering if he wants to remain a policeman His erratic life style and over work are taking its toll and then yet another difficult case lands on him and his trusty colleagues. One Step Behind Kurt Wallander, by Henning Mankell One Step Behind concerns the investigation into the murder of a policeman, one of Wallander s colleagues, who was himself involved in a secret investigation of a crime that no one else believed had been committed How Wallander manages to catch the criminal despite constantly being one step behind forms the myst

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  • Henning Mankell Ebba Segerberg

    Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.


  • There s something to be said for knowing the answer to a mystery while you re reading a mystery I watched the first season of Wallander, of which One Step Behind was the last episode, before ever cracking a Wallander book, yet it didn t hurt my experience reading the book Henning Mankell did that quite well on his own but on that later.When the book opened, and Wallander s colleague, Svedberg, was found murdered in his flat, I was thrilled with knowing who the killer was and how the killer was [...]

  • When I read the works of one author, and emphatically when I read a series by one author, I feel that I almost go further than just the reciprocal relationship between text and reader outlined by Louise Rosenblatt in her transactional theory of literature With Mankell and also recently with the twelve volume Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell , it s as if I am in a dialogue with the author I know that s impossible the books have already been written But my reaction to the fifth and si [...]

  • 3,5 4 sao Th t ra tr 0.5 i m v thanh tra Wallander o t o m i m t l l t thi u ng k o t trang n y qua trang kh c ch th t s y l m t cu n s ch l nh l ng v en t i c a Henning Mankell T c l v n h t s c h p d n, t nh ti t an xen v gay c n nh vi c ng i c c tham gia v o qu tr nh i u tra m t c ch th c th v i m i th b y y l n tr n m t chi c b n l n ch p n i v i nhau.C nh ng o n vi t v x h i B c u n i ri ng, v x h i lo i ng i n i chung h t s c c bi t M t c i nh n th u su t v l nh l ng v nh ng con ng i tr t [...]

  • One Step Behind was my second Henning Mankell novel about Swedish policeman Kurt Wallander, and like Sidetracked, the first Wallander novel I read, I wanted to like it than I did One Step Behind concerns the investigation into the murder of a policeman, one of Wallander s colleagues, who was himself involved in a secret investigation of a crime that no one else believed had been committed How Wallander manages to catch the criminal despite constantly being one step behind forms the mystery here [...]

  • The tension and the depth of the plot from each book become and interesting In this we find Wallander looking for the killer of a fellow detective who was looking for three missing students Simple yet terribly complicated and dark Wallander s private life is the back bones of the series We see him struggling with health problems, his emotional ups and downs The plot keeps you reading but Wallander s personal turmoils makes you turn the pages faster.

  • Henning Mankel has proved himself to be a wonderful crime novelist His books create a wonderful sense of atmosphere along with razor sharp plotting The great pleasure in reading Mankell is the social commentary on Sweden s changing society His fiction is at least as much about evolving s in Swedish culture as it is about the classic who done its.

  • Wow This is a must read for all Wallander philes The plot is very good Even better though, Wallander is a mess He has health problems, his father died in the last book, he doesn t have a girlfriend, his ex wife is getting remarried, and his confidence is completely shot It s classic, wonderful Wallander Ups and downs and dog tired through a difficult case, it s just a lot of fun to follow along.One of my favorite scenes is when Wallander learns that one of his coworkers considers Wallander to be [...]

  • Au ergew hnlichMankell ist mit diesem Buch ein ganz gro er Wurf gelungen Einerseits steht Kurt Wallander, der irgendwie liebenswerte und gleichzeitig unertr gliche aber immer 100% einsatzbereite Polizist Fast ist man versucht zu sagen, wie blich steckt Wallander in seiner Midlife Crisis Und wie blich steht er einem Verbrechen gegen ber, das eigentlich ber Wallanders Grenzen hinausgeht.Wer Mankells Wallanderreihe kennt, wei dass dieses Strickmuster zwar immer wiederkehrt, dass die B cher dennoch [...]

  • A movie was made based on this book.From Shortly after police discovers the murder of three friends, police inspector Wallander finds his friend and colleague Svedberg dead At first believing that Svedberg killed himself, Wallander soon discovers links between Svedberg, the three friends and a fourth person, a young woman at a mental institution.

  • Kurt Wallander He works tirelessly, eats badly and drinks the nights away in a lonely, neglected flat Still, he tackles some pretty incredible cases Here are the titles in the series with a few extras Faceless KillersDogs Of RigaWhite LionessThe Man Who SmiledSidetrackedThe Fifth WomanOne Step BehindFirewallReturn Of The Dancing Master a Stefan Lindman mystery Before The Frost actually a Linda Wallander mystery An old man has been tortured and beaten to death, his wife lies barely alive beside h [...]

  • my first foray into the world of Wallander Mankell takes the writer into the heart of the man whilst at the same time keeping the reader on the edge of the seat as the mystery unfolds Mankell presents the human side of the detective living alone, onset of chronic illness, failed marriage, connection with his daughter, his career, colleagues and an unwavering sense of searching for justice in the hope that he will find and redeem himself in the process

  • This isn t the same Wallander that I ve come to expect in this series Sure, he is still depressed and depressing But this one takes place in the summer, and when the weather s good, you don t have the moodiness bad weather causes piling on to the issues faced by the detective To make up for the good weather, Mankell kills off a peer of Wallander s, and gives Wallander some bigger health problems to deal with In this one, bloodwork finds an issue that nags at Wallander every few pages throughout [...]

  • In this edition, Wallander is ill but can t won t stop to take care of himself This installment brings out some secrets about one of Wallander s co workers and a serial killer with little to no reason for his actions is caughteventually The recurring thought that I had while reading this was that, while this was written in the 90s, the social issues reflected in Sweden then seem to be coming to pass here in the States A man killing serially for no other reason than he didn t want to see happy pe [...]

  • A couple of years have passed since the events in Book 6, which means it s time for another heinous crime in Ystad and for Wallander to once again bemoan the horrific state of Sweden It s a good mystery, with all kinds of twists ands turns although I, and probably most mystery readers, figured out quickly what was up with the picture of Louise way before Kurt did The darkness of the murders this time contrasted sharply with the beautiful summer weather a theme that echoes throughout the book hap [...]

  • The characters come to life, and most important, I like them One does not think of Sweden in terms of a serial killer, but this is what Wallander and his team were up against Good suspense and enough interest to keep me hooked.

  • No falla Kurt Buena novela, gran caso y somos testigos de c mo el inspector Wallander duda y ya le cuesta gobernar su cuerpo que comienza a mostrar m s achaques que antes Empatizo a morir con el personaje Porque tenemos edades parecidas, pensamos cosas parecidas y vivimos experiencias similares guardando las obvias diferencias.Aunque a ratos se hace algo extenso, lo recomiendo mucho M s a n si eres fan y seguidor de la serie.

  • Mankell blijft voor mij toch de onbetwiste nummer 1 Dan maakt het ook niet uit dat je tot drie uur hebt liggen lezen

  • Henning Mankell is a excellent writer so much so that this is the seventh book in the Kurt Wallander series that I ve read His series are a wonderful blend of plot and character The detective Kurt Wallander is a character who I ve really come to know and look forward reading about in every new book to find out how he is doing and what current case he is working on Wallander is an altruistic and flawed character a detective committed to his work, considered by his peers to be the best of the best [...]

  • Actual Rating 4.8 StarsSoundtrack To Be Decided Normal people have nightmares in their sleep We have our nightmares when we re awake A charmingly realistic portrait of the struggles of policemen, One Step Behind follows the steps of a brusque detective and his colleagues, while begging the question who or what can we truly put our faith into Detective Kurt Wallander returns as engaging as ever, with detectives Magnus Martinsson and Ann Britt Hoglund strong, worthy companions and confidantes Thei [...]

  • An excellent Kurt Wallander mystery with deep underlying themes questioning the fall of democracy in Sweden due in part to the brutal and senseless crimes The Ystad police force seems unable to cope with the growing crime rate nor do they have the staff or advance technology to quickly track down the killers Swedish society is changing but not in a good way Wallander once again doggedly pursues a killer who carefully selects victims But how does he pick his victims and what are their connections [...]

  • I was thinking about this book last night for some reason it s been a little while since I finished it It struck me that the plot relies on a lot of strange details I don t read a lot of murder mysteries, so maybe this is common Of all the characters, Inspector Kurt Wallander is perhaps the most normal He s overweight, lonely, and intelligent but sometimes unable to connect with others All the other characters have sordid secrets The murdered policeman, the circle of unusual teenagers, and of co [...]

  • This turned out to be one of my favorite Kurt Wallander books It had an intricate plot, lots of murder, lots of talk of how violent Sweden is becoming compared to the US, it s laughable , angst on the part of Wallander and murder oh, did I mention that I like it when Wallander travels all over Sweden to look for clues Trouble usually follows him, like when he went to the island to find a witness and she got murdered while he was upstairs asleep Poor Wallander, he just couldn t seem to catch a br [...]

  • Kurt Wallender finally turns a corner in this book It feels like he has worked through the anger and bewilderment of the societal changes in Sweden and come out on the other side accepting of the changes and turning his attention to the practical aspects of tackling what is before him now He looks at some changes, notably women integrating into the police force in detective and managing roles, and sees all that has been gained, not what has been lost It is a better time in his life the other s [...]

  • Mankell just makes it seem easy And this time out Kurt Wallander will drive you crazy with his lack of self respect Ailing in a big way with the onset of diabetes, caught up in a deeply perplexing serial killer spree with no clear clues to grab onto, Wallander stumbles around for a way to begin Not being in good health he is not clear of mind too much of the time he s over tired, not even making a pretense of taking care of himself, and he lets important, screamingly obvious clues slip by him, t [...]

  • Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes This was the first book by Henning Mankell I read, or actually listened to I know it was a little weird to start in the middle of the Wallander series, but still I enjoyed it a lot since it was during the time the Scandinavian detective books were hugely popular in the Netherlands and I also read a lot of them I was intrigued by the story, but since it was my first encounter with the characters, I at first missed some of the important things that are [...]

  • Of the first seven books starring Swedish police detective Kurt Wallender, this one especially captures what makes the character so memorable The plot is that he s chasing a serial killer who targets happy people Through it all, Wallender is short tempered, self pitying, jealous and forgetful but he s also good hearted, generous, romantic at heart and hard working In short, he s human through and through, a fact that s made especially clear when he trips and falls during the big finale And I lov [...]

  • April s book club selection While I thought the plot was fairly interesting, I had a difficult time liking Wallander, the protagonist I realize that he was in the midst of a huge murder investigation, but I found myself wanting him to take better care of himself, ask better questions, take fewer unnecessary risks, etc I know he s supposed to be flawed, but I wanted him to be flawed and likeable, not flawed and irritating Perhaps if I had read previous books in the series and not jumped in at 7, [...]

  • Konuya gelirsek Yaz D n m gecesinde ormanda piknik yapan, asl nda kendilerince bir yeniden canland rma yapan gen ba lar ndan vurularak katledilir Ancak olaylar n Kurt Wallander ve ekibine ula mas bununla ba lam olsa da sebep kay p gen ler olarak ortaya kar ilk Pe inden ise daha nceki kitaplardan hat rlayaca n z bir karakter, bir polis arkada lar da bir cinayete kurban gidiyor ve hikaye ba l yor Devam , ara t rma s reci, gen lerin ba na neyin neden geldi i gibi polisiyenin tad n n sakl oldu u as [...]

  • Deuxi me contact avec le polar su dois pour moi, apr s avoir t tr s d u par la s rie Millenium beaucoup de mal finir le deuxi me, le troisi me m est tomb des mains je me suis risqu de nouveau apr s avoir d couvert les islandais Arnaldur Indridason.J avoue aimer de plus en plus les crivains nordiques Il y a chez eux de v ritables p pites Contrairement la production am ricaine, et si on excepte Larson on ne sent pas le besoin de tirer la ligne pour faire du volume, mais plut t l envie d crire quel [...]

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