The Dogs of Riga

The Dogs of Riga Second in the Kurt Wallander series Sweden winter Inspector Kurt Wallander and his team receive an anonymous tip off A few days later a life raft is washed up on a beach In it are two men dres
  • Title: The Dogs of Riga
  • Author: Henning Mankell Laurie Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781400031528
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dogs of Riga
    Second in the Kurt Wallander series.Sweden, winter, 1991 Inspector Kurt Wallander and his team receive an anonymous tip off A few days later a life raft is washed up on a beach In it are two men, dressed in expensive suits, shot dead The dead men were criminals, victims of what seems to have been a gangland hit But what appears to be an open and shut case soon takes oSecond in the Kurt Wallander series.Sweden, winter, 1991 Inspector Kurt Wallander and his team receive an anonymous tip off A few days later a life raft is washed up on a beach In it are two men, dressed in expensive suits, shot dead The dead men were criminals, victims of what seems to have been a gangland hit But what appears to be an open and shut case soon takes on a far sinister aspect Wallander travels across the Baltic Sea, to Riga in Latvia, where he is plunged into a frozen, alien world of police surveillance, scarcely veiled threats, and lies Doomed always to be one step behind the shadowy figures he pursues, only Wallander s obstinate desire to see that justice is done brings the truth to light.
    The Dogs of Riga By Henning Mankell Laurie Thompson,

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      397 Henning Mankell Laurie Thompson

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  • Henning Mankell Laurie Thompson

    Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.


  • Have you ever been to Latvia Me neither Turns out Riga is the capital of this Baltic state Back in the olden days of 1991 and thereabouts, this evil empire called the Soviet Union once and again called Russia home of the Rooskies controlled a big chunk of the globe, especially the cold wintry parts.Including Riga, Latvia I was happily showed otherwise when I first posted this review, check out the comments below and the friendly reader from sunny and warm Riga Another cold and dark place, though [...]

  • Kurt Wallander, Swedish detective, is inexplicably sent to Latvia to investigate the death of a Latvian police officer who was killed Latvia.Wallander doesn t know why he s in Latvia Henning Mankell doesn t appear to know why Wallander is in Latvia I don t know why Wallander is in Latvia After 300 pages of Wallander being driven around Latvia, being cold, eating omelettes, drinking coffee, wandering around with a map, and sitting around asking himself why he s in Latvia, I don t actually care Th [...]

  • Poor old Kurt Wallander I just want to buy the guy a beer and tell him to quit being so hard on himself The Swedish police detective isn t faring much better in the second book of the series than he was in the first Still lonely after his divorce and worried about his flighty daughter and elderly father, Wallander has also lost his best friend on the police force to cancer The new breed of crime rising in the early 90s in Sweden continues to shock him and makes him uncertain whether he should ev [...]

  • I was looking forward to reading this one because it hadn t been adapted for Kenneth Branagh s Wallander TV series, which I ve been a fan of I suppose I should have wondered instead why they d skipped it This one starts off ok, with an intriguing mystery of suited men, dead of gunshot wounds, adrift in a dinghy There s some interesting hangovers from Faceless Killers, not least Wallander s former confidant, the deceased detective Rydberg haunting his decision making Mankell tries to establish tw [...]

  • Obviously if you have been paying attention to what I have been adding to my bookshelf lately I live in a world where nothing exists besides Henning Mankell Although sometimes I take small breaks to watch my Netflix versions of Brother Cadfael which are of course just for fun Shits and giggles aside, Mankell has got me hooked into his particular brand of literary detective story because he manages to combine the standard suspense driven narrative one might expect from that genre of books that ke [...]

  • Swedish detective Kurt Wallander is plunged into another depressing mystery when two bodies wash ashore on the Swedish coast in a life raft The two male victims have been shot to death and then wrapped in an embrace in the lifeboat and cast adrift They are carrying no identification, but their dental work suggests that they are from somewhere in Eastern Europe.The victims are finally traced to Latvia and a police official from Riga named Major Liepa comes to Sweden to participate in the investig [...]

  • Once upon a time I heard tell of a poet who always travelled with the same three books the Bible, Don Quixote and Kant s Critique of Pure Reason It was probably a symbolist poet now that I come to think of it view spoiler perhaps it was Alexander Blok, or Andrei Bely or just somebody like that hide spoiler Although I approve of travelling with a book or two I ll admit to being a bigamist reader as a rule I prefer a little variety even if this does require prolonged dithering in front of the boo [...]

  • My impending trip to Riga gave me the perfect pretext for reading this though it s actually the second in the Wallander series I haven t yet read the first Good job I wasn t relying on it as a guide to the city, as it was written prior to Latvia s emancipation from the Soviet Union in 1991, and portrays Riga as a depressing totalitarian wasteland in which every room is bugged and you re liable to get kidnapped by the Russian mafia at any point It certainly conjures up a very vivid image, just no [...]

  • N o gostei tanto como do primeiro livro desta s rie, mas ainda assim a hist ria prende e n o h vontade de interromper a leitura Gosto da personagem de Kurt Wallander e apreciei o entretenimento que o livro me proporcionou Uma s rie que pretendo continuar a conhecer.

  • Book ReviewDogs of Riga, the second in the Kurt Wallander series places Wallander outside of his comfort zone in Riga, capital of Latvia and without the presence of his familiar Swedish colleagues to whom we were introduced in the first of the series.Riga, LatviaAn oft rendered opinion of Americans by Europeans is that the average European appears to know about American politics than does the average American And so it is with slight amusement that I find Wallander cast adrift in the same boat [...]

  • You may have gathered from my other reviews such as here and here that the Scandinoir tsunami has broken on either side of me and left me largely unmoved I m tired of protagonists who are incompetent at the business of being human beings and stories full of characters who are all broken doves So it could be that my reaction to The Dogs of Riga author Mankell s second Wallander novel is one of relief in finding an entry in this genre that didn t make me want to open a vein.Inspector Kurt Wallande [...]

  • Detective Kurt Wallander of the Ystad police in Sweden has an unusual casea life raft washes ashore with 2 executed men in it where Who are they Why were they killed The investigation involves a detective from the Latvian police being sent over to liaise when its discovered the boat must ve originated in the Baltic region.The case is seemingly transferred to the Latvian authorities, and Wallander bids adieu to the detective and the case.A few days later, he s informed that the Latvian detective [...]

  • Ainda n o foi desta que me rendi ao policial n rdico Pode ter a desculpa de ter envelhecido mal Datado da Perestroika, na segunda d cada deste s culo perde o efeito novidade que disfar ava uma p ssima mediania.

  • I enjoyed the first Wallander book and this one starts off promising but it ultimately fizzles The set up rapidly takes us through some standard police procedural but after a few reveals it switches focus to a new, seemingly unrelated crime Wallander is promptly sent to Riga in Latvia and for much of the middle section he wanders mopes around Riga with little focus He can t seem to figure out why he s there and I couldn t either to be honest.After a lot of nothing very much he gets caught up in [...]

  • A serviceable read is that a good way to put it Kind of ordinary, but that s Mankell s writing style sparse, spare, and kind of ordinary Lots of detail Little details Like drinking coffee, shutting the door, taking a nap, taking a warm bath, taking a cold bath There are readers who eat this up.I eat it, too, but the same food night after night eventually gets a little dull On the other hand, I stuck with the book as I wanted to know what was going on And how would Kurt get out of this one After [...]

  • I wasn t sure I was going to keep reading the Wallander series, but I kept thinking about Wallander in that way you do if an author has done a great job with the character as if Wallander were a real person So I bought the 2nd in the series not available on Kindle ahem and jumped back into what feels like the unending Swedish winter In this book, which I enjoyed just as much as the first, the murder of two men, found tortured and shot, then set to sea in a lifeboat, quickly becomes secondary as [...]

  • This was an engaging mystery, with two dead bodies found drifting in an inflatable raft in the ocean and Wallander his usual charming glum self, until the setting moved from Sweden to Latvia I just couldn t get interested in the shadowy, dangerous, corrupt, gray, Soviet controlled landscape the way Mankell had written it And my image of a woman who would have the name Baiba Liepa is a fat housewife wearing a babushka, simmering pigs feet in a big cauldron in her yard next to her Lada up on cinde [...]

  • like a 3.5, really I rounded up.Even though the rating I give this book comes out like average, it s still a good story Not quite as good as the first in this series featuring Kurt Wallander Faceless Killers which I thought was excellent , but still an enjoyable read I d definitely recommend it to people who want to follow the series, and to mystery readers in general These mystery novels are very intense and may not appeal to people who would rather read cozy mysteries not that there s anything [...]

  • This second Kurt Wallander book was surpsingly different from the first My dissapointment after what I thought was the start of a very promising police procedural series makes me rate this lower than the book probably deserves.I was expecting another gloomy, realistic rendering of a murder case, and the first chapters offered me just that a mysterious boat is found in the Baltic with two unidentified corpses in it Wallander tries to unravel the mystery, but he has a hard time because there are v [...]

  • Initially I was 3 stars out of loyalty for the series, and because compared to some of the 2s I ve awarded, at least Dogs of Riga is a stylistically painless read But the bad news is that the whole story is utterly implausible irritatingly so.Shortly after the initial discovery of the bodies it is absolutely clear that the murders weren t committed in his jurisdiction, let alone his country and the victims not Swedish Nonetheless after the death not in Sweden of a non Swedish detective, Wallande [...]

  • Chief Inspector Kurt Wallander leaves the comforts of his home turf in this second entry in this stellar series Two bullett riddled corpses in a life raft wash up on the coast near Ystad, and it soon becomes clear to Wallander s team that they are not Swedes Latvian seems to be their nationality, and a detective from that country, Major Liepa, is sent in to consult Kurt and his guys are relieved who wants to tangle with the Russian Mafia when Liepa takes full responsibility, returning to Latvia [...]

  • Somewhere along the line, the idea of picking up the Wallander books was planted in my head months later, this seedling sprouted as a full on impulse to buy a used copy of the second book What about the first Who needs it, I figured, let s get on with starting this series I was immediately attracted to Wallander s moodiness and Mankell s fantastic prose yes in translation, but until I learn Swedish, translations are what I ve got I was surprised when this story jumped out of Sweden into an entir [...]

  • This is another fine addition to the Nordic Noir genre by a talented author The only thing that prevented me from giving it a five star rating was the rather incredulous plot decision to take Wallander out of his familiar Swedish locales and endeavors and thrust him rather impulsively back into the bowels of Latvia, complete with cold war like characters and double, no make that triple, crosses in the story line Be assured, the plot and characters are well drawn and entertaining It s just that t [...]

  • I understand that there s so little crime in Sweden that a mystery writer has to look to redder fields, but the whole Latvian plot is so incredibly unbelievable Why on Earth would Wallander agree to help a bunch of people who repeatedly refuse to tell him what s going on How could he ever trust them I ll stick to Brannagh s Wallander, thanks.

  • This is the first by Henning Mankell I read It won t be the last He creates a cutting edge tension based on an appreciation of real to life cold war interactions.

  • Desde que le La Quinta Mujer decid leer TODOS los libros de Henning Mankell adem s estoy obsesionada con Suecia desde siempreentonces xd empezando por la serie Wallander, empec en el orden incorrecto jaja y segu con ese error pero fue porque el primer libro de la serie estaba agotado LIBRER A BUAP, YO CONFI EN TI Y ME TRAICIONASTE XD La cuesti n es que este gran escritor sabe lo que hace Ahora tengo much simas ganas de empezar con el primero Asesinos sin rostro, pero ser en un par de semanas por [...]

  • Hasta el momento, el libro que m s me ha gustado de la saga Wallander.Con el trasfondo del fin de la era sovi tica, Mankell construye una historia bien cerrada y cre ble sobre el asesinato de un polic a en Letonia Por momentos todos los tejes y manejes y las maniobras evasivas me recordaron a las novelas de esp as de John Le Carr Atrapante.Por suerte hab a visto la versi n televisiva pero no recordaba nada de ella por lo que pude disfrutar el libro de principio a fin.

  • Henning Mankell believes that a mystery involves than merely intriguing plots but must function as a social critique of society and a deepening of the existential questions At least that is what he has written in his official website henningmankell Author Many of the themes of The Dogs of Riga are applicable to most countries going through social transition there are dogs in every instance Dogs as recurrent symbols in the book are emblematic of the collective, blind forces of those in power who [...]

  • This is the first Kurt Wallander and Mankell book I ve read, as far as I remember Winter 1992 Two bodies are found on the wintery coasts of Sweden in a life raft They turn out to be East Europeans, dressed in expensive clothing, and both having been shot No witnesses, no motives, no crime scene, but Wallander does a great job tracking these anonymous men to Latvia The Latvian police sends an interesting police officer, major Liepa, to invetigate The case seems closed for Sweden when Liepa return [...]

  • I picked this up while on the waiting list for A Girl Who Played with Fire I heard 1 in a BBC radio play I ve also since seen a few of the Swedish TV episodes and the Brannaugh BBC TV series The stories are 80% interior dialogue I think that s what my high school Lit teacher called it where most of the action takes place in the hero s mind IMHO, TV can capture Sweden s beautiful summers desolate winters, but the famous Wallander compassion and political commentary evaporates.This book is mostly [...]

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