Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within

Ordinary Genius A Guide for the Poet Within The creative process is just that maintains Kim Addonizio Not a means to an end but an ongoing participation A widely acclaimed poet and finalist for the National Book Award Addonizio meditates on
  • Title: Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within
  • Author: Kim Addonizio
  • ISBN: 9780393334166
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within
    The creative process is just that, maintains Kim Addonizio Not a means to an end, but an ongoing participation A widely acclaimed poet and finalist for the National Book Award, Addonizio meditates on her own process as she encourages writers to explore both their personal and political worlds, to seek inspiration from poets new and old, and to discover the rich poeti The creative process is just that, maintains Kim Addonizio Not a means to an end, but an ongoing participation A widely acclaimed poet and finalist for the National Book Award, Addonizio meditates on her own process as she encourages writers to explore both their personal and political worlds, to seek inspiration from poets new and old, and to discover the rich poetic resources of the Internet Lively, accessible, and informative, Ordinary Genius provides wisdom gleaned through personal experience and offers a heady variety of writing exercises Chapters on gender, addiction, race and class, metaphor and line invite each individual writer to find and to hone his or her unique voice This is the perfect book for both experienced writers and beginners eager to glimpse the angel of poetry.
    Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within By Kim Addonizio,
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      178 Kim Addonizio
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    Author of several poetry collections including Tell Me, a National Book Award Finalist My Black Angel is a book of blues poems with woodcuts by Charles D Jones, from SFA Press The Palace of Illusions is a story collection from Counterpoint Soft Skull A New Selected, Wild Nights, is out in the UK from Bloodaxe Books.2016 publications Mortal Trash, new poems, from W.W Norton, awarded the Paterson Poetry Prize A memoir, Bukowski in a Sundress Confessions from a Writing Life, from Penguin.Two instructional books on writing poetry The Poet s Companion with Dorianne Laux , and Ordinary Genius A Guide for the Poet Within.First novel, Little Beauties, was published by Simon Schuster and chosen as Best Book of the Month by Book of the Month Club My Dreams Out in the Street, second novel, released by Simon Schuster in 2007.A new word music CD, My Black Angel, is a collaboration with several musicians and contains all the poems in the book of that name That and an earlier word music CD with poet Susan Browne, Swearing, Smoking, Drinking, Kissing, available from cdbaby There s an earlier book of stories, In the Box Called Pleasure FC2 and the anthology Dorothy Parker s Elbow Tattoos on Writers, Writers on Tattoos,, co edited with Cheryl Dumesnil.I teach poetry workshops at conferences and online through my web site I also play blues harmonica, and I m learning jazz flute Music is a good place to focus when I m in a writing slump.


  • I want to get this and Ted Kooser s how to write poetry book and put them together on the shelf, just to make Ted really uncomfortable around Kim.

  • I really needed to read this book at this time in my life I was starting to become doubtful, restless, and frustrated with my poetry, and my future as a poet This is a rather organic book that doesn t rely on quick fix type solutions or ways to write poems Addonizio instead writes of poetry as a journey, a winding road that is unpredictable and always informed by the passion and discipline that the writer brings to it The writing exercises that she provides are excellent ways to begin those poem [...]

  • I ve read and loved all of Ms Addonizio s books and this is, by far, one of my favorites She does cover some of the basics of poetry writing, but also delves into the deeper side of poetry with some fabulous examples delicious tidbits thrown in by awesome poets like Sharon Olds, Billy Collins, Susan Browne, Lucille Clifton and Tony Hoagland to name just a few The book is also overflowing with shimmering, thought provoking quotes by other poets and writers I wrote several in my favorite quotes no [...]

  • There s a lot to like in this guide to writing poetry, and I took a lot of notes My lightbulb moment was when Addonizio explained something about meter that has always eluded me Being someone for whom the music of a poem is supremely important, I have always wanted to fully understand metrical conventions but never quite got it This book blew me away with the simple explanation of the role that meter plays in the meaning of a poem it contributes a compelling tension by the juxtaposition of how t [...]

  • I read this book to prepare for teaching poetry in an Intro to Creative Writing class The generative exercises and discussions of craft are somewhat useful, but best of all is the material on revision I read through a half dozen poetry craft books in a desperate search for craft essays that would convince students of the importance of revision Found it here Particularly helpful chapters for helping students learn how to undertake large scale revision of their poems such a difficult thing to teac [...]

  • Words as ToolsAddonizio, Kim 2009 Ordinary genius A guide for the poet within New York W.W.Norton.Poet Addonizio describes her process of creating poetry, supplemented with description of other possible methods, and plenty of fine examples of poetry There are good discussions of how to observe keenly, working with metaphor and humor, making use of fairy tales and myths, mastering meter, and the process of revision It s all solid, well articulated advice, none of it too simple for even the most e [...]

  • Parts of this book is basic, some well trained and or clever poets will probably find it too basic, but there is lots of very interesting stuff in between Addonizio has a direct and intimate voice, giving the reader writer useful and practical advices, and also at least in my case confidence A great workbook I like it omstreifer.wordpress 2013

  • Addonizio gives detailed examples with critique and explanation throughout this book She uses classic poetry as well as modern to illustrate her points.The writing exercises are plentiful She shares her own process for revision, and encourages poets to also read widely.

  • Breathe in, Breathe outAlot of writing books are heavy on pep talks or the physical act of sitting down and writing Or they have the best stuff in the first half.This isn t one those books.The book builds the reader with a host of excersizes and examples.I found new forms like the American Sentence Blues Poem, and Pantoum I have enough excersizes to keep busy all year I have new websites like postsecrets and addictionZ to bring out the pain.Addonizio save the hardest part meter for last, so I wa [...]

  • Books like these are pretty diffuse, where you hope somewhere along the way you get enough fizzy and fun ideas that a you put down the book to write something and b come back for This one had enough in it for me to read all the way through, even though some chapters didn t do much for me But in the end, I have a page of so of tightly spaced notes and an intention to go back to this and mine it for good stuff.

  • This book is a really great guide to writing poetry It has lots of great tools and exercises to help jump start your writing I enjoyed this book very much and know that I will go back to this book often when I need some inspiration.

  • I was interested, and then I was impressed that Kim Addonizio addressed identity pieces in poetry pointing out that sometimes our poetry is affected by the same prejudices we carry in real life.

  • I found this book to be very good Although I didn t do any of the many exercises, I took note of a few I liked This book is full of great advice and suggestions.

  • Great book Really enjoyed it Still enjoying it actually, I dip into random chapters over breakfast most mornings just to kick start my Juno I m forgetful and so need constant reminding about how to use line breaks, correct grammar, how to open doors in poems, how to use tricks like repetition and interruption Ordinary genius has all of this and and I love Addonizio s frank, straight talking approach poetry is a bitch she says it wants your energy, your intelligence, your spirit, your time It s [...]

  • Incredibly useful for both writers and teachers of creative writing There are lots of great prompts and lessons in this.

  • I ve read many books on the craft of writing, but thus far, encountered very few that dealt exclusively with poetry, particularly ones that manage to be both entertaining, instructive and inspiring, as Ordinary Genius does Addonizio, an award winning American poet, instructor, harmonica player and once trapeze artist, sets out a compelling thesis in her introduction, that the creative process is not a means to an end, but a continuous engagement with being alive Full of challenging writing exerc [...]

  • You can t please everyone, I know, but this book was instructive where I was looking for pep talk I assumed wrong that this was a sort of follow up to The Poet s Companion, Addonizio s first instructive book that is largely like an introductory poetry class and is the book I read in my first poetry class I assumed that this would be for the experienced writer, the writer who was wrestling with things complicated than line length But, no This would make a great workbook for creating a regular p [...]

  • For those looking to become poetry writers, it s a really good book It s not bad if all you want to do is dabble in poetry, play with words Even good for a teaching tool, as it is filled with tons of prompts and ideals to kick start any poem.Two out of 5 stars mainly because it didn t really tickle my fancy I had to read this for class It s not a bad book, but it is definitely geared towards those who are interested in becoming serious poets or even someone who actually likes to write poetry, u [...]

  • This is a must have for the serious poet It provides some phenomenal writing excercises for those who have found their voice and style, but are seeking an injection of inspiration.The tone is almost conversational definitely as far from pedantic as one can get in the how to genre It includes some great lines and full poems from several of the masters, yet not in a manner that discourages the reader or promotes an I ll never get this attitude.

  • Basically a big book of writing prompts Totally useful if that s what you re looking for I wished there d been nuanced discussion of the how of actually putting words and thoughts together a la parts of The Poetry Home Repair Manual , but I did like the other poems she included as examples.

  • For someone who doesn t know a lot about poetry, I thought this book very informative and helpful I liked that the tone of the book was conversational, making it easy for me to follow The exercises opened my eyes to new ways of looking at things and for which I feel will allow me to move to different levels in writing poetry There is so much in this book that encourages my creativity, I ll just have to keep coming back to it again and again.

  • This is an excellent book on poetry It has wonderful exercises to foster writing and interesting expositions on art and craft It is written in a lyrical style that draws one into its pages and keeps one coming back to learn The book is inspirational and helped me begin writing creatively after a long time in a blocked state.I highly recommend this book to poets looking to improve their writing and other writers looking for creative inspiration.

  • Kim Addonizio seems just quite cool indeed This book is full of encouragement that doesn t seem fake and is directed toward a broad audience I didn t hop out of bed and start writing after I read this, but that is probably my fault, and it may not be the book s intention Anyway, it made me feel good.

  • I am loving this book It offers not only practical advice to beginning writers, but also gives the seasoned poets a bit of inspiration The exercises included are applicable to all levels My favorite tidbit thus far is keeping a list of new words in my journal to expand my vocabulary Now I am determined to use hoick sobriquet and argosy in a future poem.

  • Poetry for the beginning writer who s looking to find the poet within or staking the claim of seriously writing poetry Great insight surrounding all things poetry, from writing exercises to the poet s life and the persistence one needs to better their craft Great read for anyone looking to spark or better their poetry writing.

  • This is a great poetry focused writing guide filled with Addonizio s energetic voice, great poems to learn from, compelling writing exercises, and lots of good solid advice on how to establish a writing practice and develop as you go I read a library copy, but I really need to buy my own, so I can keep it on hand for inspiration and reference.

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